Top 15 Epic McMahon Family Feuds

Say the words "Montreal Screwjob" to a wrestling fan and they'll immediately know what you're talking about. But that fateful night also gave birth to Mr. McMahon and the character has been a fixture

Say the words "Montreal Screwjob" to a wrestling fan and they'll immediately know what you're talking about. But that fateful night also gave birth to Mr. McMahon and the character has been a fixture in WWE storylines ever since. All throughout television, be it the Hatfields, McCoys, Ewings, even the Bundys; there has been no greater dysfunctional family than the McMahons. For almost twenty years, we have seen just how crazy the wrestling dynasty is.

Just like Dynasty, The Young and the Restless, and Soap, the WWE has played out like the ultimate male soap opera for years now. A megalomaniacal, egomaniacal business owner, his ungrateful son known for taking insane risks, his daughter, equally as megalomaniacal as daddy is, the wife who steps into things when it is absolutely necessary and finally the son-in-law who "drugged" daddy's little girl into marrying her. Combine their own family drama and multiply it to the tenth degree when you toss in all the Superstars that the McMahons have used for their own devices over the years and the high levels of drama is what has kept Raw the longest running episodic series on TV.

Generally speaking, whenever a McMahon is involved, whether they're going over or not, the feud is always a memorable one. Here are the top 15 McMahon family feuds.

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15 Chris Jericho and Stephanie


When the countdown to the Millennium revealed the debuting Chris Jericho in August '99, he came in like a house of fire and was treated the way he should have been in WCW. Then, for whatever reason, Y2J tapered off huge, like the way Dolph Ziggler is seen now–just a good worker with no real potential to headline. Then along came a certain Billion Dollar Princess, who Y2J not-so-affectionately referred to as a "filthy, dirty, disgusting, brutal, nasty, bottom-feeding, trash bag ho." Along with his war of words with the Stephanie and his brief championship victory over her then storyline husband, the "best in the world at what he does" finally gained traction in the WWE.

14 A McMahon in Every Corner


The main event of every WrestleMania should aim to be the biggest and most important match on the card, if not the year. For WrestleMania 2000, the main event was billed as a "McMahon in Every Corner." The entire family was at war with one another (what else is new) and each had a Superstar to proxy for them. Shane would side with the Big Show, Linda with sentimental favorite Mick Foley, Vince backed "The People's Champ" The Rock, and, of course with the McMahon-Helmsley Era in full swing, Stephanie backed her man Triple H. The match itself was your normal Fatal 4-Way, peppered with the McMahon drama we've all become accustomed to. At the time, it was the first time all four McMahons were involved in the proceedings and for that reason history was made.

13 Kane and Shane


After Kane was forced to remove his mask, he went from being a scarred freak to a full-blown psychopath. The easiest way to get him over in his new form would be to have the Devil's Favorite Demon first set J.R. on fire and then attack Linda on Raw. Cue momma Mac's lil' avenger, Shane-O-Mac, who would try to combat Kane in a few crazy brawls that only Shane could deliver. Their war went from your basic wrestling vendetta to full-fledged criminal activity when on Raw, The Big Red Machine would chain Shane up to the ring post and fry the boy wonder's little money bags on live television. Luckily, fans knew it was part of the show and no one tried to actually arrest Kane.

12 Donald Trump and Vince


It was almost ten years ago that Vince feuded with possible future president, Donald Trump. The two Billionaires engaged in a feud over inflated egos, that led to the Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23, where Umaga repped The Chairman and Bobby Lashley repped The Donald. With Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee, the two behemoths demolished one another. Depending on who won, either Vince or Trump would actually have their scalp shaved on the Pay-Per-View. As fun as Vince's facial expressions were at having his head shaved, at this point we probably should have all rooted for Umaga to destroy the then-ECW Champion.

11 Hulk Hogan and Vince


To the outside world, Hulk Hogan is generally seen as the reason wrestling became huge in the '80s. But none of that would have ever happened if not for Vince McMahon's vision and booking Hulk to be the man. Their topsy-turvy relationship over the years was the catalyst for their battle at WrestleMania XIX, which nostalgic fans did actually want to see and they popped when Roddy Piper shocked the WWE Universe and attacked Hogan. Later in the feud, we were introduced to one-legged warrior Zack Gowen, as well as Mr. America - who may or may not have been Hulk Hogan under a mask. Vince, of course, won in the end since all he had to do was fire The Hulkster, which is exactly what he did.

10 Randy Orton and The McMahon Family


Usually it is the sins of the father that will be visited upon the children. With Randy Orton, it was the sins of the son-in-law. Triple H brought Randy Orton up as part of Evolution, but when he would become one of the youngest World Champions ever, The Game couldn't handle not being the man and destroyed the young Viper. Orton would spend several years plotting his vengeance, which he enacted in 2009. He won the Royal Rumble that year and was headed for a collision with Triple H at WrestleMania XXV. But it wouldn't be enough for Orton to simply beat Triple H. Now he wanted to destroy The Cerebral Assassin at his own game, first attacking and punting the heads of Vince and Shane, all leading up to Triple H revealing himself on-screen for the first time as Steph's husband, as he watched in horror as Orton delivered an RKO to Mrs. Game and planting one right on her lips.

9 Bret Hart and Vince


It started in early 1997, when Bret Hart declared bull$#!+ on national television for getting screwed out of his title so many times. But then he got screwed for real and spent the rest of his career in WCW. Luckily, he patched up his real life animosity with Vince, leading to one of the most anticipated returns in WWE history. Even though Bret would be unable to perform anywhere near the level he used to, the WWE Universe still wanted to see The Hitman finally get his hands on The Chairman. The stage was set for a feel good moment at WrestleMania XXVI, which despite an awful match, we got to enjoy Bret's cathartic thrashing of the Boss as his family, united for the first time in years watched and celebrated with the Hall of Famer.

8 D-Generation X and Vince/Shane


Sometimes, Vince is a dummy. In 2006, he picked fights with both Triple H and Shawn Michaels separately. He would order The Spirit Squad and Umaga to dismantle The Game while he turned his attentions to Shawn Michaels and God (yeah, he did that). He wasn't struck by lighting, but much to Vince's dismay the mortal enemies remembered they were once friends and faction mates. D-Generation X was reborn, now with Triple H and HBK older, wiser, and angrier. Still fun loving goons, the duo turned their pranks onto Vince, Shane, and anyone who sided with them. The tandem taught the McMahon men a lesson: never go up against them, as you'll wind up with a defaced plane, office building, and car.

7 Triple H  and Vince


In late '99, Triple H was just beginning to find his footing as a badass heel. Stephanie McMahon was still a sweet and innocent girl and Vince was still Vince. He watched in horror as it was revealed that The Game essentially roofied his only daughter, not to mention married her to gain control of the company. The stage was set for a brawl between in-laws at Armageddon - if Triple H won, he would get a WWE title shot. But if Vince won, the forced marriage would be annulled. Little did The Chairman realize that while he was fighting for his daughter's honor, she was conspiring and conniving to turn this entry from Triple H vs. Vince to Vince vs. Triple H and Stephanie, as she turned on her own father, signalling the beginning of the McMahon-Helmsley Era.

6 Stephanie and Vince


In 2003, Stephanie, much to Vince's dismay, was rocking and rolling as GM of SmackDown. Vince, much to Stephanie's dismay, was cavorting around with Sable. This all came to a head in the build up to No Mercy, where Stephanie announced The Undertaker would challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. Vince wanted her to retract that edict and when she refused, he announced the first (and only) Father-Daughter I Quit match. The stakes: Steph would be removed as GM or Vince would be removed as Chairman. The match was as decent as you'd expect between these two, until Linda McMahon, unable to see her little girl suffer anymore threw in the towel, allowing her dog of a husband to reign supreme.

5 Shane and Vince


Sometimes in life, the son is trying to outdo the father. In wresting, on more than one occasion, Shane has done his best to remove himself from Vince's ginormous shadow. Sometimes, by trying to beat him at his own game. The first real time The Money sought to best The Chairman was in 2001, during the now infamous Raw/Nitro simulcast. The weeks leading up to their match at WrestleMania X-Seven saw Shane defending his mother's honor. But the icing on the cake would be when the Shane bought WCW right under daddy's nose. Their match was exactly the kind of brawl you'd expect to see between the two, complete with Shane going coast to coast and whomping Vince in the face with a garbage can.

4 Kurt Angle and Shane


If someone told you that even now, 15 years later, we'd still be talking about an Olympic Hero and a non-wrestler having one of the best and brutal matches of all time, would you believe it? Then owner of WCW, Shane decided it would be a good idea to mock The Wrestling Machine as he celebrated getting back his Olympic medals. Shane even hit Angle with his own Angle Slam on Raw. The match itself saw Angle, who had been through several other matches that night as part of the King of the Ring tournament, look spent. It was the only believable way for Shane-O to have a fighting chance. These two destroyed each other, most memorably when Angle sent McMahon through the glass stage set up. We had seen Shane do crazy things before, but this match showed he could actually wrestle too.

3 Eric Bischoff and Vince


This one was a real life feud. The Monday Night War saw Vince McMahon with the company and its livelihood on the line against Eric Bischoff with Ted Turner’s money and company on the line in a weekly battle for ratings supremacy and dominance. Early shots like Madusa and Lex Luger defecting, along with the nWo saw a constant 84 week dominance of Nitro over Raw. But Vince had a young and hungry roster, along with his own indomitable will to aid the WWE in its eventual victory and purchase of WCW. A little over a year later, Bischoff was hired by his mortal enemy to run Raw. The eventual glee the Boss must have gotten from getting to fire Bischoff’s derriere on live TV must have been massive.

2 Daniel Bryan and The Authority


The newest entry on this list also had one of the greatest emotional pay offs of all time. Daniel Bryan was constantly screwed out of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by Triple H and Stephanie, The Authority, for months. Backstage, it was Vince doing the screwing. But the fans never let up and the "Yes Movement" began and gained more and more traction. The fans hijacked the 2014 Royal Rumble and Raw as they demanded for them to at least give Bryan a chance with the belt. It all came to a head at WrestleMania XXX, where, in one night The Yes Man did something no one else had ever done and most likely ever will - defeat the three non-Nature Boy members of Evolution in one night. Finally, the American Dragon was breathing fire atop the WWE.

1 Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince 


It's not number one just because it was the hottest angle and driving force of The Attitude Era and minted both Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon as two of the greatest stars ever. It's number one more so because it was one of a kind feud and inspired many face vs. corporate oppressors afterwards. The ornery Texas Rattlesnake represented the common man, while Vince of course was the head of the evil corporation not allowing Austin to raise hell. Meanwhile, in trying to keep Austin from raising hell, that's exactly what he did - the Stunner at MSG, the kidnapping, total vehicular destruction, and even the destruction of the old Titantron. Stone Cold opened up dozens upon dozens of cans of whoop ass on his way to Hall of Fame glory and becoming the biggest star in wrestling history.

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Top 15 Epic McMahon Family Feuds