Top 15 Facts Wrestling Fans Refuse To Face

It’s pretty rough being a wrestling fan in 2015, especially an adult fan for that matter. We are a committed community who usually stick close together in ideals and opinions. Sometimes we are so headstrong in our opinions, that we refuse to acknowledge the actual reality of a situation.

The most common reality that wrestling fans refuse to acknowledge is that wrestling is fake. We have tons of excuses as to how it’s staged, choreographed or predetermined when called out on this point, but at the end of the day...it’s fake. I know such blasphemy shouldn’t be uttered in a public place, but it’s not like the tons of shoot interviews and wrestling podcasts haven’t already exposed the business.

What is it about a wrestling fan that makes them so steadfast in their beliefs and opinions, that they would actively ignore the facts in place of injecting their own reality? The answer is passion. Wrestling has some of the most passionate die hard fans in any genre of entertainment, with a fanbase that stretches from infant to elderly.

Wrestling unites us and when we believe something, we want to believe it until the end. For example most people who are reading this are probably lifelong fans and it’s reasonable to assume that every single one of you believe CM Punk will eventually make his way back to wrestling. Although Punk has gone on record in multiple outlets, professing his disdain for pro wrestling, you still believe. Heck we all still believe, because we think that there is a chance that our collective passion may force it to happen; it worked for Sting, right?

Needless to say Punk is not on this list, but this is article is here to highlight 15 of the other facts that we as wrestling fans refuse to face. As always feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

16 Stone Cold is Not Coming Back

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Despite all of the allegations, you can be sure that Stone Cold Steve Austin will never wrestle again. The iconic superstar stirred up rumors of a possible return to action after cutting a promo on Brock Lesnar during his interview with Paul Heyman on the WWE Network back in June of this year. The interview ended on a note where Austin declared if there were a match, that he would beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 and stop his momentum.

As much as it hurts to say, The Rattlesnake is done, having said on multiple occasions that he doesn’t feel he could go put on the match he thinks the fans deserve. With that being said, WrestleMania 32 is in Austin’s home state, and we can all hope that he will at least deliver a few Stunners to remind the crowd that he is still around.

15 The Royal Rumble Match Will Suck... But You’ll Still Watch

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It doesn’t matter which year, it doesn’t matter who is champ, it doesn't even matter who wins, because every year the Royal Rumble match will be terrible somehow. Sure there will be a few pops from returns, maybe even a series of finishes that make the crowd stand on their feet but that won't save it. Between the lackluster entrants and the predictable finishes, fans haven't been treated to a good Rumble in years. The sad truth though, is that no matter how bad the match is, you will keep watching year after year, hoping for the perfect Rumble.

14 The Attitude Era Was Overrated

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Yes, the glorious Attitude Era was overrated and we all know it. In fact earlier this year we wrote an article giving the top 10 reasons why it was overrated. To save time and effort, let’s rundown the most important reasons here again.

The entire era was repetitive, with fans so preconditioned to unpredictability that they came to expect it. The fans knew that the title was going to change hands 25 times a year and that the show would end in a brawl. In addition, WWE programming didn’t actually feature that much wrestling on Raw and when it did, the matches never ended clean. These are all things that many fans today claim they can't stand. So why was it okay then?

13 John Cena Will Go Down as Number One

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At the young age of 38, John Cena is barely past his prime in the world of professional wrestling. Even if he doesn’t continue at the same pace he started with, the man is already one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the sport. In the end he will have sold more merchandise than Steve Austin, packed as many stadiums as Hulk Hogan, and been in more title matches than Ric Flair. Whether you like him or hate him, Cena is a legit icon, who has never taken a true break from professional wrestling and probably never will.

If all that fails, at least he inspired the best meme on the internet.

12 Triple H is Good For Business

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So let’s start this by saying, put aside his victory over Punk at Night of Champions in 2011, and his win over Booker T at WrestleMania 19. Got those out of your mind? Good.

As a wrestler, Triple H has never been afraid to do a job in the WWE, and has consistently put the business of professional wrestling over his own ego. The Grand Slam Champion has tapped out at WrestleMania on two separate occasions. In fact, his overall WrestleMania record is 8-9.

As the COO Triple H has reinvigorated the WWE farm system with NXT and has signed talents that were only a dream booking less than three years ago.

11 The Undertaker Needs to Retire

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The Undertaker is one of, if not the greatest performer of all time; he also is 50, and still hasn’t had a sharp decline in his in-ring ability yet. While he can’t do everything he once could, Taker can still deliver the greatest hits like it’s nobody's business. With that being said, The Deadman needs to hang up his boots while fans can still watch him in awe. Since the streak is over, his legacy will be determined by his last program on television, and with age catching up to him, five star matches will be less likely to occur. WrestleMania 32 in his home state would make for a great farewell for The Phenom.

10 Cena Has More Moves Than The Rock & Steve Austin

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Every time a fan complains about John Cena only having “five moves”, politely tell them that so did The Rock and Stone Cold. Well okay, maybe they had six or seven, but the principal is still the same. The icons of the Attitude Era, as well as Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and Jake Roberts all relied on just a few signature moves that they would perform in a match.

Not counting his signature punches, The Rock only had clotheslines, a DDT, a Suplex, The Rock Bottom, and The People's Elbow. Your challenge is to count how many moves Austin actually had and compare it with John Cena's 2015 move set.

9 PG Hasn’t Ruined WWE

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Don’t get me wrong, the WWE had a rough patch in the early 2010s, but since then the product has improved tremendously. Having a PG rating hasn’t really affected the athletic ability of a Cesaro or Seth Rollins in delivering a great match. It also hasn’t changed the fact that Kevin Owens plays a really good heel, despite not using any swear words or getting color during matches. In truth with a revitalized tag team division, a women’s wrestling revolution, and the creation of new stars, WWE is in great shape for the future even with a PG rating.

8 Vince McMahon is a Genius

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Despite what you think about Vince McMahon and how out of touch he is with the current audience, it can’t be denied that the man is a genius. He solely created the empire that we all complain about today, and has had a hand in every single aspect of your favorite WWE wrestler. Even if your favorite promotion isn’t WWE, they are all influenced by the company that McMahon created. At the end of the day for better or worse, Vince was the one who pulled the trigger on Austin, The Rock, NXT, the WWE Network, Hulk Hogan, WrestleMania, The Royal Rumble, and the list goes on and on.

6 6.The nWo was Overrated

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Let me tell you brother, when the nWo was created, it took the world by storm and changed the way that the mainstream viewed professional wrestling. Sadly after the shine of Hulk Hogan as a bad guy wore off and the rest of WCW joined the stable, the group was dead in the water.

The nWo had so many off shoots and split factions that they had to create the nWo Elite just to get the main event guys back on the team, and even that incarnation had guys like Disco Inferno in the ranks.

5 Seth Rollins is Not the Next Shawn Michaels

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Despite being a similar build, and similar height as Shawn Michaels, Seth Rollins is still leagues away from the Hall of Famer. WWE is forcing this reincarnation down fans' throats, with Rollins wearing HBK-esque gear and using Superkicks in his arsenal.

While the two Superstars have careers that parallel each other, with both winning the Heavyweight Title 10 years into their career, from a performance standpoint, Rollins just doesn’t have the charisma that Michaels had. The Heartbreak Kid oozed a showmanship that Rollins hasn’t grasped yet, and if his recent injury is serious enough, may never grasp.

4 WWE is a Business

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At the end of the day, WWE cares about its fans, especially the ones who hit their target demographic. A few years ago the WWE’s highest target demographic was under the age of 17, if you haven’t noticed the product has gotten edgier since then to reflect the aging audience.

WWE recognizes that their bread and butter is to appeal to the audience who will generate the most revenue. If that audience is the group of kids who purchases toys then we are going to see more colorful kid friendly characters, adversely if that group is buying a ton adult oriented merchandise, maybe we will see a change in WWE programming. WWE is invested in surviving, not listening to fans about what they think should happen to their company.

3 You Will Not Stop Watching Wrestling

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Every week after a bad episode of Raw, or a horrible episode of Impact, you all have said that you're done; you’re not. They have got you in the palms of their hands, and truthfully it entertains you just as much to see them screw things up, as it does to see them do things right. That is why you watch Botchamania, heck that is why you are reading articles on this website, because you are a fan, and you will never stop watching the product.

2 Chris Benoit will Never be in the HOF

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Yes, Chris Benoit was one of the greatest in ring workers of all time, but he will never be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Benoit has been blackballed by most of the wrestling industry since the gruesome murder of his family in 2007, followed by his own suicide. A lot of fans have come to grips with this fact, but it can't be denied that many fans refuse to believe it and are still lobbying for him to go into the HOF.

Some may argue that his personal actions shouldn’t affect his professional accolades, but Jim Ross said it best when asked about whether or not Benoit should be inducted into the Hall of Fame:

“if Benoit could communicate right now he’d say no, I’d be a distraction.”

1 TNA Is Doomed

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The theme song for any TNA program should be The Undertaker's entrance music, because man are they dead... man (bad pun sorry).

If I could be serious for a moment, TNA has made so many bad moves, that it makes WCW look stable.. From hiring Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, to using Dixie Carter as the main antagonist on television, TNA has been screwed for the past few years. Since leaving Spike TV and moving to Destination America, TNA has barely cracked a 1.0 in the ratings and rumors of cancellation have swirled for years in regards to the dying brand. They are now on their way to the POP TV channel, but that doesn't instill confidence in their long-term survival.

They have great talent in the company, and awesome matches, but unfortunately that isn’t enough to save a ship that has been damaged beyond repair. Sorry TNA fans, it's over and the sooner you let it die, the faster you get your favorites on a better show. 

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