Top 15 Fascinating Things We Love About The Rock

The Rock is without a doubt the most famous wrestler in the world and the things he has done for the wrestling business as a whole has changed the dynamic of wrestling forever. Before The Rock beca

The Rock is without a doubt the most famous wrestler in the world and the things he has done for the wrestling business as a whole has changed the dynamic of wrestling forever.

Before The Rock became the biggest wrestling superstar in the world, there was only Hulk Hogan who was flying the flag for the sports entertainment based company. John Cena is climbing the ranks in a way so that he can become a superstar that will rival The Rock, but there will never be another superstar who can electrify a live crowd like The Rock. The People’s Champion was perhaps the most popular superstar in the company at one point and his switch over to movies has only seen his popularity rise.

The Rock has even continued to return to WWE in a way that helps the company continue to reach new fans because the reach The Rock has really doesn’t know any bounds. He is now known as Dwayne Johnson instead, but some people within the wrestling business will always know him as The Rock because of the excitement that he would convey when he stepped between those ropes.

The following is a list of the 15 best things that WWE fans love about The Rock and why these are some of The People’s Champions best traits.

15 He Tried To Help Put His Cousin Over


It is no secret that The Rock and Roman Reigns are related, in fact it's a huge reason why WWE are so keen to push Roman to the top of their industry. Well, that and the fact that he looks like the kind of wrestler that Vince loves putting over. Sadly for WWE, Roman Reigns is not receiving the same reaction that his cousin did in the early 2000s and so they thought it was a good idea to bring The Rock back to help him put him over at the 2015 Royal Rumble, which failed. The crowd didn’t much care for The Rock because of his association to his cousin and WWE knew at that point, they were screwed.

14 He’s A Family Man


The Rock has always been about his family and he has proved many times how much he loves his mother. Despite growing older, he still maintains the same amount of respect for the woman that gave birth to him and often updates his social media to this effect.

It is a testament to the way he was raised that show through in the way he is now raising his two children, The Rock is a doting father to his eldest daughter Simone who was born in 2001. It was announced in late 2015 that The Rock and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian had their first child.

13 He Can Sing (And Dance)


The Rock is a talented entertainer, as shown from his many years in the ring when he took on many different personas. But since he has left the ring, he has had further success in Hollywood and has been able to truly show off his skills.

On an episode of Raw during a shock return, The Rock sang a funny ballad to Vickie Guerrero before he then appeared on an episode of Lip Sync Battle where he was up against Jimmy Fallon and he sang and danced to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. The Rock did in fact win the contest.

12 He Broke The Selfie World Record


Coming from a wrestling family, The Rock has always been a man that seems to be fuelled by breaking records and completing things that have never been done before. He managed this often in his wrestling career, but since then he has gone into the Guinness World Records for a very different reason. In May of 2015, The Rock decided to attempt the record for the number of selfies that could be taken in three minutes and he managed to take 105 at the premier of San Andreas in London. This has remained the world record for almost a year and still waits to be broken.

11 Record Breaker


As noted above, The Rock holds the record for the number of selfies taken in three minutes, but he also holds a recent record that will keep him in WWE’s history books for a very long time. The Rock returned at WrestleMania 32 and announced that WWE had broken the attendance record at the AT&T Stadium, but he was then attacked by The Wyatt Family and a match between himself and Erick Rowan was initiated. This match lasted just six seconds and became the shortest match in WrestleMania history, beating Daniel Bryan and Sheamus’ 18 second match at WrestleMania XXVIII.

10 SmackDown Was Named After The Rock’s Catchphrase


It comes as no surprise that The Rock was considered to have been one of the most popular wrestlers of his generation. This was mostly because of his incredible catchphrases, the eye raise and his great personality that he managed to connect with so well. His famous catchphrase “Lay the smackSown” actually gave WWE the name for their second show which made its debut in 1999. The Rock appeared many times on Smackdown before it became WWE’s second rate show.

9 He Managed To Overcome Depression


Looking at The Rock he seems to be the most together person in the world. He has it all,: fame, money, family, but he also struggled with depression. The Rock admitted  that when he was much younger he began to battle mental illness due to devastating injuries he sustained in college. Not being picked in the NFL Draft further damaged his mental health. Eventually, he found his way into the wrestling industry and became the energetic entertainer we all know and love.

8 He Is From The Most Famous Wrestling Family


It is a well known fact that The Rock comes from the most famous wrestling family in the world; it is a family that has come through the ranks of WWE for many years and even has many popular faces on their main roster now. The likes of Yokozuna, The Wild Samoans, Umaga, Rikishi, The Usos, Tamina Snuka and Roman Reigns all come from the Anoa'i wrestling family, a family that has dominated the world of wrestling for many generations. The Rock is still thought to be the most famous and successful member.

7 He Owns The Rights To His Own Name


The Rock has earned many huge pay checks since he made the switch to Hollywood, but for the first few years he was still using The Rock as his name. Even though it was a name that WWE had made famous and some of the movies he appeared in were not made by WWE, The Rock was allowed to do this because he actually bought the rights to the name so he could use it in whatever way he saw fit. Howecer, it seems that he has begun referring back to his given name of Dwayne Johnson in many of his recent films.

6 The People’s Eyebrow


It is perhaps the most well known mannerism that any WWE superstar has ever created, but The Rock’s eyebrow has become a move that has defined The Rock over the past few decades and along with his “If you smell....What The Rock is cooking” catchphrase. Many of the WWE Universe enjoyed attempting the eyebrow that was first made famous by Star Trek’s Spock character before The Rock then adapted it to his gimmick back in the early 2000s. Fans around the world still recognize the eyebrow as one of the most known wrestling mannerisms in WWE history to this day.

5 His Various WWE Returns


The Rock has returned to WWE many times over the past decade since he left the company to pursue a career in movies. He has returned most famously at WWE’s annual WrestleMania event where he faced John Cena for two successive years. One year he actually won the WWE Championship in the match. The Rock then returned at WrestleMania XXX when he celebrated in the ring with Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin and again the following year when he was a part of a historic in-ring segment with Ronda Rousey, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

4 He has a Wax Model


When Madame Tussauds asks to make your likeness into a wax figure, then it is made apparent that you are one of the most famous people in the world. The Rock’s figure was unveiled early in his movie career and sees him looking much smaller than he does currently, while pulling of his famous People's Eyebrow that has become well known. Many fans have called for the famous wax company to update the figure since it is now almost 10 years old. The model can be seen at the Hollywood version of the world known chain of Merlin entertainments.

3 The Fact That He Will Never Forget Where He Comes From


It would be easy for a man who has enjoyed the fame and fortune that The Rock has over the past decade to have completely disconnected himself from the wrestling world and continued to improve on his film career. Because of the love that The Rock has for the business and the fact that it is literally in his blood, The Rock will never stop loving WWE and will never forget that wrestling took him away from a football career that was plagued with depression.

2 His Connection To His Fans

The Rock loves his fans, as he is the kind of superstar that is aware that without his fans he is nothing and he never takes them for granted. There are so many stories about The Rock when he has taken time out of his schedule to visit fans in hospital or to help any of his fans in need. This is further proved by the fact that The Rock recently became an ordained minister in order to perform the wedding of one of his biggest fans. The Rock values his fans and this is one of the main reasons that his fans will always be by his side.

1 His Charity Work


WWE has many charity organisations that The Rock was a part of when he was still contracted with the company, but in 2006 The Rock set up the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, a charity that helps many at-risk and terminally ill children.

The Rock also donated $1 Million to his former University in Miami in 2007 as a way of helping their athletics department to continue to flourish. The University then renamed their locker room in his honor, even though The Rock has never been someone who has donated money in order to gain a reaction. He just loves what he does and likes that he has the money to help change the world.

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Top 15 Fascinating Things We Love About The Rock