Top 15 Favors Vince McMahon Can Ask From Dana White In Return For Brock Lesnar

On June 4th, 2016 it was announced that current WWE wrestler and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar was returning to the UFC. "The Beast" Brock Lesnar had a decent run in his first stint in the UFC. Lesnar picked up wins over Heath Herring, Randy Couture, and Frank Mir before suffering a devastating case of diverticulitis which required him to have surgery.

After the diverticulitis illness Brock Lesnar was not the same fighter. He defended his UFC Heavyweight title against Shane Carwin but only because Carwin gassed out and Brock was able to take advantage in a fight Shane was winning. Since then he lost to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem before he retired from the sport and headed back to the WWE.

In the WWE Brock Lesnar has again been at the top of the industry. He won the WWE World Heavyweight title from John Cena, defended it numerous times and even ended The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania. As you can tell, Brock is one of the top guys in the WWE. So why would the WWE let one of their biggest stars risk losing his mystique by going to fight in the UFC? Dana White wouldn't let Rousey wrestle at the last WrestleMania so what gives?

Vince has to have a plan and here I speculate on 15 things that Vince could have asked for in return for letting Brock Lesnar fight at UFC 200. Of course some of these have no chance in hell of ever happening but seeing Vince's ego is even bigger than Dana White's it is plausible he could ask for the following. As always let us know what you think in the comments.

15 WWE Logos In The UFC 200 Cage

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This is probably the easiest for the UFC to put together. It makes sense for the WWE as well. UFC 200 is guaranteed to have the biggest buy rate in UFC history. That is a lot of eyes on the WWE if there is a logo in the cage. It might take some massaging to make it work as the UFC has its primary sponsors already but if anyone can make this happen it is Dana White. Can you imagine how huge it would be for the WWE to have a big WWE logo inside the cage at UFC 200?

14 Vince McMahon Gets Stock In Zuffa

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Vince McMahon is all about those benjamins and adding Brock Lesnar to the UFC 200 card is going to make the UFC a boat load of money so why not ask for some of it. Vince McMahon is at the end of the day a business man, so are the Fertitta brothers. Pretty simple to throw Vinnie Mac a couple of percentage points for doing them a favor. Is this one likely? Probably not as the long-term money isn't worth it for the UFC but that doesn't mean it's not something Vince would ask for.

13 MMA Bout Held At WrestleMania

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We have had boxing bouts, sumo matches and everything else under the sun so why not an MMA fight? This is the longest of long shots but can you imagine an MMA bout in a UFC cage at WrestleMania 33? I am sure the athletic commissions would have a fit over this but it would just be an exhibition match (kind of like how TUF fights don't count towards a fighter's record) The WWE held a Brawl For All tournament back in the 90s featuring former wrestlers who were in no way trained for real fighting, so getting trained MMA fighters to put on an exhibition isn't anywhere near as bad.

12 Shane McMahon Makes His MMA Debut

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During the build up to his WrestleMania match versus The Undertaker a lot of hype was put behind Shane McMahon's MMA training for the fight. Renzo Gracie was heavily featured in hyping up Shane's martial arts skills. Vince McMahon could use Brock going to fight at UFC 200 as a way of getting his son a fight in the UFC. Hell if CM Punk can make his MMA debut in the UFC why can't Shane? This is extremely unlikely (0.000000000000001%) but i know I would watch it if it ever happened.

11 Dana White Guest Hosts Raw

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Over the years the WWE has had some truly ridiculous guest hosts of Raw (looking right at you Jeremy Piven!!) Dana White has an exciting public persona that would lend itself well to being a host of Raw. Dana could come on the show and "make a few matches" maybe get into a physical confrontation with someone like HHH which could lead to some of the options that you see later on this list.

10 Vince McMahon vs. Dana White

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No way in a million years this happens, so don't worry this writer hasn't lost his mind. Still, Vince McMahon is always looking to make a buck and don't think millions wouldn't pay to see a Dana White/Vince McMahon match at WrestleMania. McMahon would want this money matchup taking place at his creation, and there's no way McMahon could hang with Dana White in an MMA battle. Besides, the most entertaining avenue would be that of a scripted match. Imagine Dana White being accompanied to the ring by UFC legends, while McMahon had his own stooges escorting him to the ring. Would this be a circus? Definitely. But it would also encompass what WrestleMania was built on; seeing stuff you thought you'd never see.

9 Make CM Punk Fight A Top Welterweight

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Unless you have lived under a rock for the past few years you know that Phil Brooks (CM Punk) had a rough ending to his WWE tenure. Unhappy with his spot on the card and the mistreatment of many superstars, Punk walked out on the company. Vince McMahon could ask Dana to exact some revenge for him by forcing him into deep waters against a top 10 welterweight instead of his bout versus Mickey Gall. Vince is vindictive enough to request this, but no athletic commission would sanction it.

8 Ask Dana White To Cut CM Punk

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For the reasons listed above, Vince could just want to go for the jugular of his rival and demand the UFC cut CM Punk in exchange for getting to use Brock Lesnar. This is about as likely as pigs flying but you know someone with as big a grudge as Vince carries he would try this. Dana would tell him to go to hell, CM Punk is a potential huge money-maker for the UFC and of course it must violate Punk's UFC contract. The negative press Punk would surely bring the UFC just wouldn't be worth it.

7 Cross Promoted UFC/WWE Event at Fan Axxess

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This is definitely the most intriguing option of all the ones posted. This could do big business for the WWE and the UFC. Combining UFC's Fan Expo with WWE's Fan Axxess could bring unprecedented eyes to both brands. The Fan Expo is a relatively new concept for the UFC so taking part in Fan Axxess could provide them insight in how the WWE does things while the WWE would be happy with the increased traffic at their premier event. This is a win-win for both parties.

6 A WWE PPV at Mandalay Bay

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I'm not saying the UFC runs Mandalay Bay but they have held enough events there to have a good relationship with MGM that they could hold some sway. Can you imagine a future Royal Rumble at the "home" of the UFC. Or imagine the brand extension draft being done there? WWE has held some Raws there but nothing at a high level like a PPV. Dana and the Fertittas could make this a reality. Vegas would make a perfect home for an event like SummerSlam once WWE's agreement with the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn comes to an end.

5 UFC Hypes WWE Events During PPVs

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This is simple and the most likely to be done to be honest. It won't take much for the UFC to throw a couple of plugs in for WWE events during their broadcast, at least at UFC 200. Heck, they'll have one of WWE's biggest stars fighting for them, so it's the least they could do.. It would help bring eyes to the WWE that may not have looked at the product otherwise. At the very least it will get people talking about the WWE and that is never a bad thing!

4 The Diaz Brothers Wrestle At A Major WWE PPV

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Here is the start of the big time possible requests from Vinnie Mac. Nick and Nate Diaz are two of the most charismatic and controversial fighters in MMA history. They embraced being hated before being a villain was cool. I could see them coming into the WWE for an appearance and get interrupted by "Mr. Hollywood" The Miz and another heel (possibly Kevin Owens) saying they are bigger stars then either of them and to get out of their ring. The Diaz brothers throw bombs and we have a Tag Team match all set up for a WWE PPV. Maybe making it a six man tag to help cover possible deficiency for the Diaz brothers could help it as well.

3 Paige VanZant WWE Match

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Paige is quickly becoming the UFC's next mainstream star which would make her very appealing to Vince McMahon and the WWE. Paige recently finished 2nd on the latest season of the hit show Dancing With The Stars so her star is as high as it has ever been. Imagine a match between her and WWE Women's Champion Charlotte? Or maybe to protect the champion a battle with super bully heel Dana Brooke? I think it would bring a lot of viewers to the WWE.

2 Ronda Rousey Wrestles At WrestleMania

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This has to be one of the first things that came to WWE fans minds when they thought of what could be coming to WWE in return for Brock. Rousey is a huge WWE fan, frequently appearing in the first row at events. She called her group of fighter friends "The Four Horsewomen" in honor of the Four Horsemen. She appeared at WrestleMania before but had little physical interaction.

This time Vince would ask for a full-fledged match likely pitting Rousey against his daughter Stephanie McMahon or possible a mixed tag match featuring The Rock and Rousey vs. HHH and Stephanie.

1 Connor McGregor Wrestles At WrestleMania

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Is there anyone better in the UFC at hyping fights? I don't think so. Conor McGregor has a way of making his fans love him yet his detractors hate him even more whenever he opens his mouth. He is a natural heel that seems to love getting under the skin of his opponents. He would be the perfect guy to come in and play a prominent role in whatever show he wants to be on. Conor has hinted at having a WWE career in his future and a one-off appearance here could be a huge start.

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