Top 15 Female Celebrities We Wish Would Join WWE

Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte . These are just some of the women who have been stealing the scene lately in WWE and the fans love them! But.. and stay with me here. What if some new female talent, with these familiar faces, were thrown into the ring. Like, say, the celebrity crush that you've been dreaming of over the years.

Sounds good, right? Well now it's time to paint those fantasies and make them seem even more real.

With this list, you will (hopefully) get to picture some of your favorite and most desirable celebs as competitors in WWE. Some of these lovely ladies are singers, some are actresses, and well, some are just famous for being famous. Either way there are all a bunch of hotties and certified 10s. So, what's not to love?! I mean, who knows, maybe someone on this list will eventually turn into a WWE Superstar and I will be able to say I called it! Either way, it's hard to go wrong with the one's mentioned on the list. All of them have spectacular bodies, amazing smiles, and of course, perfectly gorgeous faces.

So, what are you waiting for! Scroll through. If there is anyone I missed, feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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15 Mila Kunis

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When discussing the hottest female actresses in the world, Mila Kunis a name that is bound to come up at one point or another. Cute, slim, with a great smile. Mila Kunis is the type of girl guys dream of wifing up. She's cute, but also sexy at the same time. She's really the perfect combo and it would be awesome if she went into the ring and revealed a totally different side to her that we've never seen before. Nothing would better than a cute looking actresses turned wrestler.

14 Rihanna

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We've all seen the moves Rihanna has. We've seen that body, that voice, and eyes that can have you in a trance. And be honest with yourself, you loved it. She is dead sexy in nearly every way possible.

Imagine if she could translate that into a WWE ring. Imagine the entrances she would have. She'd have the crowd going ballistic in a hot second. Drake might not enjoy her getting all the attention in a wrestling outfit, but I don't think any of us care.

13 Katy Perry

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I gotta be honest, this one I could not see happening. But that doesn't mean we can't dream. Because even if it's not realistic, it is pretty great to think about.

Quite simply, Katy Perry is drop dead gorgeous all around. And who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Perry really does have the "Eye of the Tiger?" Maybe she could knock a few ladies around. I wouldn't hate it. Prove me wrong.

12 Eva Mendes

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Eva Mendes is a straight up 10 and we'd love to see her fight in the squared circle. She is a beautiful lady with a body that could send a man into cardiac arrest at any given moment.

Just imagine her strutting around the ring a tight little outfit. Yeah, just picturing that has us convinced we should make this a thing.

11 Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey certainly looks like she belongs as in WWE under the old "Diva" moniker, and it would definitely be enjoyable to watch.

Clearly, we're not being overly realistic with this one.

I'm going to be cheesy here, but all I want for Christmas is Carey in WWE. Just felt like the right thing to say.

10 Kim Kardashian

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Yes, I went there. I had to do it.

You can hate her, or her show, all you want, but there's no denying that Kim is attractive. I think social media might erupt if this happened, so maybe it's best we keep this one a secret. After all, she has been a celebrity guest on Raw.

There's one problem with this, Kanye West might not let it happen. That would make for entertaining TV...

9 Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle, known for her role on the hit show Suits, is incredible easy on the eyes. When you think of what a man would want in a wife, looks wise, she fits the bill to a tee.

While Markle is in her bonafide prime, we'd love to see her in WWE. We know she can pull off the stunning professional look, so maybe she can fit into an Authority role? That smile is to die for, but I could see her having a fierce side, especially considering her television background.

8 Margot Robbie

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There's no doubt that Margot Robbie is an absolute dime. Now if only we can get that perfection onto the WWE scene. Her accent is really what drives her sex appeal. It's perfect and fans would love it whenever she'd cut a promo. She also has that don't mess with me attitude that would work wonders for her in WWE. She is one fine woman.

7 Jennifer Lopez

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Like a fine wine, Jennifer Lopez gets better with age. She may not seem like someone who can fit the WWE, because really, she doesn't. But that doesn't matter.. Most fans would take her any day of the week, in any capacity. That includes as a member of the WWE roster.

Like a lot of names on this list, she is simply too famous to even be considered. But by that same token, it is fun to imagine what it would be like.

6 Melanie Iglesias

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Melanie Iglesias is absolutely gorgeous and seeing her throw on the ring gear might be too much for the WWE Universe to handle.

But are we kidding? We'd take this smokeshow in a heartbeat. Iglesias has a gorgeous face to go a long with her killer body, and is most definitely blessed in the chest. Iglesias, the world of WWE is ready for you whenever you'd like to join.

5 Nina Dobrev

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You may remember her from the older hit TV show Degrassi. Now staring on Vampire Diaries, model Nina Dobrev is hotter than ever and has the "look." She's the girl next door who every boy in the neighborhood loves.

Honestly, she's got everything WWE could possibly ask for in woman. I guess the only question is, why hasn't this happened yet? We'll have to put in a word with the Vampire Diaries directors and get her contract rights, or just have her part time. Anything would be great.

4 Beyoncé

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Beyonce has been desired by men and woman all over ever since she burst onto the scene, and she's only gotten better. Looks and talent wise.

Watching her on stage at the Super Bowl halftime shows is always a pleasure. She's fierce, sexy, and knows how to move her body. I mean, it would be breathtaking to watch her step into the ring. Can we please make this happen?

3 Minka Kelly

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Derek Jeter's ex and a former star of TV's beloved Friday Night Lights, actress Minka Kelly would fit in pretty perfectly in WWE.

Anyone who watched Friday Night Lights (and if you didn't... like what the hell are you doing? Finish this list and go watch it) knows how inviting this smokeshow is. Like Mila Kunis, Kelly has that cute yet sexy look, which would work in her favor big time. Not to mention a killer body.

2 Miley Cyrus

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Let's be honest with ourselves here: Miley Cyrus would be a great fit in WWE. Imagine her crazy outrageous personality (let's call it that) coming out in full force in front of thousands of screaming fans. Maybe a little twerk entrance. Maybe a different and ridiculous outfit every time. How could that not be fun?

The WWE could use someone like her wreaking havoc. Imagine the mic battles she could be a part of. All the love and hate she would receive. Yeah, this one could be a thing.

1 Megan Fox

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This a no brainer to me. Could you imagine if we got to see this stone cold fox inbetween the ropes. She's been a stunner ever since she came on the scene and the WWE could certainly benefit from having the former Transformers jaw dropper on the scene. Talk about a way to get fans in the stands.

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