Top 15 Female Wrestlers We Only Watched Because Of Their Twins

It’s tough to say but the fact remains that women in wrestling have always been judged by looks first. It’s been that way for years, with ladies being given pushes with less focus on their talent and more on how beautiful they can be. Even if WWE is trying to push it with NXT and their Revolution, it remains easy for a very hot lady to get a good push off their looks. It’s not just WWE as other companies have been doing the same for years. That includes ladies who are, shall we say, blessed in the chest.

Now, they’re not all like that. Trish Stratus, for example, had great assets but turned into a fantastic female worker. Stacy Keibler was far better known for her legs than the rest of her body and other stacked ladies can be good in the ring. But others aren’t as lucky. Ladies in wrestling who bring little more to the table than a great look and that includes the chest area. Not helping is WWE’s reliance on antics like costume battles, bikini contests and more to cheapen them up a bit. There are slews of examples but here are the 15 best cases of women in wrestling that men only watched for two very special reasons.

15 Rosa Mendes

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It’s a shame Rosa hasn’t gotten as many shots in WWE for a variety of issues. She is an absolute knockout and got a start in WWE feuding with Melina. She had decent skills but of course, her looks got her the big push with a very nice chest, lush hair and the usual aura of a hot Latina. She had time in a variety of contests, skimpy outfits and some programs like valet to Primo and Epico and a nutty angle of her as the paramour of Hornswoggle. She got another push as the dancing partner for Fandango to show her legs as nice as her chest.

However, Mendes announced in 2016 she was having her first child and taking a break from the company. It turned to be permanent, retiring after her kid was born and she's more remembered for some hot looks than anything notable.

14 Shelly Martinez

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No matter her name or her company, Shelly is sadly best known for her great body than anything in the ring. After time on the indies, she was signed to WWE and put in OVW. She then moved to ECW as Ariel, a vampire character with Kevin Thorn. That involved Martinez in a variety of corsets pushing up her ample chest and flaunting her very sexy side off majorly. She did get some rough stuff backstage including what sounds like a brief affair with Batista that went badly, leading to her leaving the company.

In TNA, she joined LAX, once more showing off in a variety of hot and sexy outfits. She recently found “fame” with her match against Rebel that the Wrestling Observer named the Worst Match of 2016. Now working in movies, Martinez sadly shows that character makeovers can’t make up for your beauty overwhelming your ring work.

13 Kimberly Page

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After years as an aerobics instructor and swim coach, Page got a break in wrestling when her real-life husband, Diamond Dallas Page, began working as a manager and then worker in WCW. First, she was the Diamond Doll for Scott Hall then for Page himself. That led to Ed Leslie (then known as “The Booty Man”) winning her services so she became “The Booty Babe.” She also helped form the Nitro Girls, leading them to a successful part of the show.

Kimberly really hit it big in 1997 when she did a spread in “Playboy” showing her nice chest off. Randy Savage mocked it, kick-starting his epic feud with Page that made DDP a star. Kimberly kept up with WCW, a true knockout in tight outfits that became even sexier with a heel turn. While she and DDP eventually divorced, Kimberly was still known as one of the hottest women in WCW history although it’s more for how tight she could push a shirt than for any ring work.

12 So Cal Val

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Paige Mayo may not have had the face of a supermodel but she sure had the curves. She broke out on the independent circuit in 2002 and even a very brief bit with WWE that led nowhere. She moved onto TNA, mostly just an on-air personality shilling merchandise and showing off in nice dresses. She got some in-ring stuff like attacked by Kurt Angle although it was clear her acting skills weren’t that great. The height of it was when Jay Lethal began imitating Randy Savage and Val basically became his Elizabeth before turning on him as a gold digger for Sonjay Dutt.

She was released in 2013 as part of the mass firing of TNA workers, now back on the indies and showcases how a lady with a nice rack can get far despite a lack of other real skills.

11 Trinity

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Stephanie Finochio actually had a lot of promise. Rising up in the independents in the early 2000s, she had some good ring skills and had she entered TNA when they began the Knockouts, she’d have done great. As it was, she came off on screen as a poor man’s Lita in flashy outfits and memorable moments few and far between (although her moonsault off a cage got fans going).

Leaving in 2005, she moved to WWE and seemed ready for a push but in ECW, was best known for coming out with police tape across her chest and then busted up her knee during a moonsault. She was never quite the same after that, eventually retiring from wrestling for a career as a stuntwoman. It’s a shame all fans remember of her run is that…unique outfit as the woman might have become something great with the right push.

10 Debra

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The wife of former Chicago Bears star Steve McMichael, Debra followed him to WCW. She took on the idea of a pageant queen, complete with crown and dress although got into issues with the Four Horsemen, especially Nancy Benoit (Woman). The McMichaels would divorce with Debra then going to WWE and then got involved with Steve Austin. That led to a push where she flaunted her very nice chest in a variety of great outfits. But there were bad points like her “winning” the Women’s title simply because she looked great when she stripped to her underwear. She had a good bit managing Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett and with Austin during the Invasion storyline.

But Debra could rub fans the wrong way and if not for that very nice chest and great sexy style, she might have been kicked out even sooner and her reputation today not as great as her twins were.

9 Sunny

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Technically, Sunny wasn’t a wrestler but she had a few in-ring bits here and there. Tammy Sytch was a knockout when she debuted in 1995 as the fitness trainer for Skip. In her tight outfits, lush hair and bouncy attitude, fans took to her fast. Sunny was the first Diva of the modern era, the one who got attention thanks to the Internet and used that fame well. She was managing various wrestlers to tag titles, getting major attention as a co-host and broadcaster of WWE TV shows and any photo of her in a bikini was guaranteed to get guys going.

But Sunny was also known for a bad backstage reputation of sleeping around (including with Shawn Michaels) that majorly hurt her standing. Since leaving the company, Sytch has become a sadly infamous figure for her issues of drugs, a sex tape and more and a shame a lady of such amazing beauty fell so hard.

8 Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall actually had potential, having spent years in the indies and when she joined OVW, got a breast enhancement, figuring it would help her career. That paid off with her hired as MNM’s “fashion consultant” although she was stuck with the idiotic idea of a horrible “growth” on her face. She was showing off in tight outfits as she became JBL’s assistant and the nutty bit of the Boogeyman eating the growth off her face. That led to the angle of Jillian as a horrible singer driving everyone nuts with her high-pitched screeching. This actually got her oddly over but it was also clear her nice chest helped lead to a push even with this crazy angle.

She hit her height with a reign as Divas champion that lasted all of three minutes before losing it right to Melina. Now on the indies, Jillian is getting a bit more respect for her ring work yet her looks (and that bad voice) were the reason WWE fans remembered her.

7 Torrie Wilson

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She’s probably the first to admit that her looks were the reason for her success in the business. She started off in WCW as a valet for Randy Savage and involved in a variety of rather nutty angles and such. Moving to WWE, Torrie soon became famous for stuff like bra-and-panties matches, showing off her very nice body off, great legs and a fun chest. That included the nutty angle of her and Dawn Marie feuding over Torrie’s “father” Al.

In 2003, Wilson did “Playboy” which got her into a feud with a returning Sable and then doing a dual pictorial. She later did a stint as one of “Vince’s Devils” and some wild feuds but it was always her body that got fans going, especially in a variety of wild costumes. Finally leaving in 2009, Wilson would be the first to say she wasn’t good in the ring but that nice chest sure got her far in WWE.

6 Ashley Massaro

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Another would be star of the ill-fated Diva Search, Massaro won the second version thanks to her wild attitude. With her nice body, offbeat actions and look of piercings and tattoos, Massaro had a good edge to her. She got a push after her win where it was clear she just wasn’t that good in the ring despite feuding with “Vince’s Devils” and later as a valet for Paul London and Brian Kendrick as tag team champions. She even had a run on “Survivor” famous for showing up in ten pound metal boots.

While she had a great look and a “Playboy” spread to show her assets, Ashley just didn’t have the goods in the ring, leaving WWE in 2008. She’s been out of wrestling since and another case of a lady great to watch but not in the ring.

5 Christy Hemme

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The Diva Search was a huge deal for WWE, convinced they were going to find the next major female star. Instead, they got weeks of fans complaining over time wasted on stupid competition bits that just enhanced the looks of the ladies. The winner was Christy Hemme, a true knockout with her lush long red hair and very nice chest. Hemme got a push with a “Playboy” spread but it didn’t take long for folks to realize she had almost no ring skills whatsoever.

Even Trish Stratus couldn’t make her look good in the ring and her stock in the company fell. Moving to TNA, Hemme was tried out as a manager to little effect before finally getting a shot as a ring announcer. She did her best and her body was her calling card to why fans enjoyed looking at her but not much else.

4 Maria

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One of the first stars of the Diva Search, Maria got a break with WWE thanks to her funny charisma and hot looks. She was soon pushed as a backstage reporter with the fun motif of being a total idiot but every now and then breaking out with a brilliant response. She got more attention with a Playboy spread showing off her nice assets but wasn’t known much for decent ring work despite some pushes. She left WWE for ROH, remaking herself into more of a wicked vixen in hot outfits and that led to far more success.

Maria found her niche as this bossy redhead and fans loved to watch and hate her. This led to a run in TNA, including a run as Knockouts champion although the payoff to her major angle with Allie was marred by Maria leaving almost immediately after it hit its climax. The lady knows what her strengths are in her body and has used it to prove she’s smarter than she looks.

3 Kelly Kelly

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True, her legs were her better feature but Kelly Kelly’s chest also added to her push. She enjoyed showing her chest off a bit as a Hawaiian Tropic model and that landed her a job with WWE as part of the ECW revival. There, a “wardrobe malfunction” led to her being pushed as an exhibitionist, complete with stripteases for fans. She would get more of a push in the ring, complete with a run as Divas champion. But Kelly was mostly used for costume matches, gimmick stuff and connected to various male wrestlers. Her ring work was never that good so Kelly was best known for her looks and a pair of legs that were nice but her “twins” also added to the perfect package of a living Barbie doll.

2 Eva Marie

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WWE was intent on shoving Eva Marie down the throat of fans and have her be a big name. The fans would never take to it at all despite her looks. There’s no denying how hot she is with her nice chest and fiery red hair. But Eva Marie has also earned a reputation as one of the worst female workers ever. Her non-stop botches of the simplest moves are fodder for fans and her bad promos are just as terrible. She seems to have a bad attitude as well as if expecting a push despite all her flaws. It’s really her looks and push of “Total Divas” that’s let her keep her job as fans just are not buying her. Again, in terms of looks, the woman is fantastic but that’s all she can bring to the table as a nice chest isn’t enough to make it alone in today’s WWE.

1 Sable

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Rena Mero was a fantastic beauty. The wife of Marc Mero, she broke out fast when her husband’s WWE career faltered, soon known for showcasing her amazing body off in a variety of hot dresses. She also rose up fast as the leader of the revived Divas division, boosting them to major success. But Rena was never what one would call a good worker although her power bomb could be impressive. She was known for her looks first off, especially after her “Playboy” spread made her a major name. But it also led to a swelled head and behind the scenes, Mero could be a handful. She left in a huff in 1999, suing WWE majorly which was settled. She surprised everyone by having a brief return in 2003 but still remained known for body more than anything. At least she admits her bad turns and seems content to be out of the spotlight as wife to Brock Lesnar to remain a hot lady still.

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