Top 15 Forgotten WWE Divas: Where Are They Now?

It’s extremely difficult to build a quick following within the WWE Universe. With so much competition to showcase talents in the ring and on the microphone, it can be one of the most challenging tasks

It’s extremely difficult to build a quick following within the WWE Universe. With so much competition to showcase talents in the ring and on the microphone, it can be one of the most challenging tasks for any professional athlete. While male superstars have a challenge of maintaining a position in the WWE, women arguably have a tougher job in staying in the WWE.

WWE has been known to recruit a variety of female talents. While the recent acquisitions have focused on bringing in some of the best female wrestlers through the international independent circuit, WWE has also been known to bring in models and actresses who can be trained to be a WWE Superstar. That type of recruiting was especially noticeable during the original brand split in the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Many first-time wrestlers in the WWE didn’t last long on the main roster or failed to accomplish anything above their stint in developmental. They have often gone forgotten to many WWE fans. Even some of the best female wrestlers in the last 15 years have faded away from memory. They may have accomplished championship wins and memorable rivalries, but haven’t been seen for so long.

The following are 15 former WWE Divas who have been forgotten by many WWE fans, but they’ve found life after the world of professional wrestling.

15 Amy Weber


Amy Weber was certainly a natural for being on television before entering the WWE Diva Search in 2004. She was on a number of television programs like CSI: Las Vegas and Andy Richter Controls the Universe, but she wasn’t able to last long on WWE television. Weber first debuted in November 2004 working for John “Bradshaw” Layfield and had a feud with fellow Diva Search contestant Joy Giovanni.

But she claimed she wasn’t happy working in WWE and retired in 2005. Since leaving the WWE, Weber has returned to her previous career as an actress and model. She even had a dance album in 2012, but she’s found more success in the acting world. Her last appearance as an actress was in the film Steps of Faith in 2014.

14 Joy Giovanni


The WWE Diva Search didn’t really give us the best female wrestlers. It was essentially a modeling contest with a combination of those who have been published models and undiscovered talent. Joy Giovanni didn’t win in 2004, but she was signed to a contract shortly after her elimination. Giovanni was quickly thrown into a story line wherein Big Show would save her and become her friend as part of a feud against John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

But outside of that and winning the WWE Rookie Diva of the Year for 2005, Giovanni would leave the WWE in 2006. She did not pursue wrestling after leaving WWE. Instead, she became an intern for a California chiropractor. Since then, she earned the certification to go into massage therapy for her new career outside of modeling and professional wrestling.

13 Aksana


Not every fitness model that the WWE brings in can be turned into a great wrestler. While the WWE certainly had a lot of patience in trying to develop the Lithuanian beauty, she was never able to win any championships outside of the WWE developmental territory that was Florida Championship Wrestling. There was a somewhat memorable storyline in which she married Goldust to avoid deportation, but that was about it for Aksana.

Then there was the whole romantic storyline with SmackDown general manager Teddy Long that really didn’t end well. She was eventually released from the WWE in 2014 after five total years with the company.

She has since put more of a focus on being a personal trainer in Tampa, Florida. It was certainly a big part of her life before entering the world of professional wrestling.

12 Rochelle Loewen


Rochelle Loewen was someone who came into WWE with plenty of modeling experience, but not so much in terms of athleticism. However, she was still offered a contract to work on Monday Night RAW in 2004. She is most famous for what happened behind the scenes for an incident with Randy Orton. The Viper apparently took offense to her not knowing who he was and she was a victim of bullying. But she also wasn’t very successful in the WWE as a groin injury led to her termination in 2005.

She seems to have gone quiet after playing four seasons with the Los Angeles Temptation in the Lingerie Football League until the 2008 season. Since then, she hasn’t appeared in any television or movies. It’s a shame considering she was heavily involved in broadcasting in her native country of Canada before coming into the WWE.

11 Ariel


WWE fans might better remember Shelly Martinez as someone who was the vampire valet of Kevin Thorn. The two were members of the New Breed in the ECW brand of WWE in 2006. While the ECW brand in WWE ended up being a bit of a flop overall, Ariel was remembered for being very suggestive in her movements. Fans certainly took notice when she hung on the ropes like a vampire bat. However, her career with the WWE ended in 2007.

After she’s had brief stint with various promotions like TNA Wrestling and Dragon Gate USA, she’s mostly found some work in smaller budgeted films -- not just pornographic films that can easily be found online. Martinez actually completed three films recently that include a short film called The Eliminadora, in which she is listed as “Day of the Dead Challenge Wrestler” on the Internet Movie Database.

10 Nidia


While Heath Slater winning the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship with Rhyno allowed him to get that double-wide, he’s not the first “trailer-park” character in the WWE. Jamie Noble was one of the top cruiserweights in the WWE early in the Ruthless Aggression era and he was accompanied by his on-screen girlfriend Nidia. She was the first season winner of Tough Enough with Maven and earned a contract with the WWE in 2001. But in the three years she spent with the WWE, Nidia wasn’t able to do more during in-ring competition.

After leaving WWE, she wrestled a few shows here and there before retiring from wrestling overall. In 2010, she entered the Culinary Institute LeNôtre in Texas. Now, she’s married and raising two children.

9 Cherry


Kara Drew was mostly known by the WWE Universe as Cherry Pie, the valet for the old 1950s tag team gimmick of Deuce and Domino. She would wear a skirt while moving around the ring in roller skates, similar to a car hop at a lot of 50s-themed diners. She was part of a team that defeated Brian Kendrick and Paul London for the WWE Tag Team Championship, which was one of the longest in modern-day WWE.

But in 2008, the WWE had her break up from the team and move into a singles career that didn’t go anywhere before her eventual release later that year.

Drew would go back to school after retiring from wrestling about a year later. There are some fans reporting online that she now works for Sea World down in Orlando, Florida.

8 Jackie Gayda


In the first few seasons of WWE’s Tough Enough, there were a number of superstars who were discovered. While some like Maven were considered winners, there were a few additional roster acquisitions who found their own niche in the WWE. Jackie Gayda was never a top name in the women’s division, but she did make a memorable mark as a manager for a few WWE superstars. While she wasn’t able to help the Basham Brothers, she did get something out of managing Rico and Charlie Haas.

Gayda was released from her WWE contract in 2005 and has since been mostly found here and there on the independent circuit. But her big gain was that she formed a relationship with fellow WWE alum Haas and the two were married. They’ve since had four children and now run a nutrition and smoothie store in Frisco, Texas.

7 Ashley Massaro


It had been about eight years since the WWE Universe had last heard the name Ashley Massaro, but the former WWE Diva Search winner joined a class action lawsuit less than a month ago. A big part of her claims in the lawsuit is that she was sexually assaulted while the WWE was visiting a U.S. military base during a Tribute to the Troops tour in Iraq. Massaro did spend a few years with the WWE as one of their more popular divas.

Massaro earned a lot of votes for the Diva Search in 2005 after giving out her phone number live on Monday Night RAW. But Massaro asked for her release due to the health of her daughter. Since leaving wrestling, Massaro now lives in Long Island, NY, but is dealing with the effects of concussions and brain injuries she claims were from her time in WWE.

6 Ryan Shamrock


Alicia Webb is probably better known as the on-screen sister of Ken Shamrock during a very brief stint in the WWE between 1998 and 1999. Her only significant storylines in the WWE included a fling with Val Venis in early 1999 and being “sacrificed” by The Undertaker during the Deadman’s feud with her “brother.” There was also a very short-lived women’s faction with Terri Runnels and Jacqueline called “Pretty Mean Sisters.”

Since finishing her wrestling career in Mexico in 2009, Webb has been more focused with health expos around the country. Webb is also still active as a fitness model. She is also heavily involved with the One Step Closer Foundation that helps people who are trying to live normal lives despite suffering from cerebral palsy.

5 Terri Runnels


Terri Runnels might be known best for her time in the WWE that involved her pretty much doing everything one could think of in the WWE. She was a manager and a wrestler through the Attitude Era, but she was also involved as a backstage interview talent into the Ruthless Aggression era. Her career in the WWE did come to an end in 2004 and she spent some time working on the independent circuit. Runnels is still somewhat involved at select events like WrestleCade.

Since she finished her active wrestling career, Runnels has become a philanthropist involved with a number of different charities. She’s worked with a number of well-known organizations, including the Children’s Miracle Network. She’s also formed a writing contest called “Make the World Write,” wherein contestants are asked to write about how they want to improve the world.

4 Molly Holly


Whether she was a crime-fighting sidekick for The Hurricane or one of the more serious competitors in the WWE women’s division, Molly Holly had some success from 2001 until her eventual departure in 2005. To her credit, she did win the WWE Women’s Championship twice and enjoyed a brief reign as the Hardcore Champion, but Molly Holly’s success had a limit in a very competitive women’s division in the WWE.

After finishing her wrestling career around 2007, she focused more on the properties she actually owned as a real estate investor. She was also involved with charities and a number of Christian-based programs. In 2010, she was married to Geno Benshoof. Her husband was once involved in drugs, but was able to turn his life around before meeting her.

3 Candice Michelle


During parts of the WWE’s Ruthless Aggression Era, the WWE brought in a number of attractive models for wrestling training. While Candice Michelle will never be considered one of the best female wrestlers, she was certainly good at being a “sports-entertainer” in the WWE from 2004 to 2009. Her WWE career of five years still had a respectable amount of success for someone who wasn’t trained before her WWE debut. Overall, she was a WWE Women’s Champion and was named the Woman of the Year in 2007 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

After the WWE, Michelle has since focused more on starting a family with her husband Ken Gee Ehrilch, a chiropractor. They have three daughters and she has remained focused on being a mom first and a model second. Since leaving the WWE in 2009, her career has been mostly quiet.

2 Ivory


During the Attitude Era of WWE, Ivory was someone who was often forgotten thanks to the talented Trish Stratus and Lita taking over the women’s division. While maybe not considered one of the best females in WWE history, she certainly found a respectable level of success that included winning the WWE Women’s Championship within her first year in the company. It was the first of three championship reigns during her six years with WWE.

With professional wrestling behind her, Ivory would focus more on animal care that involved her opening up an animal daycare facility in Friday Harbor, Wash. This has allowed her to be involved with grooming and caring for animals. She’s actually had a passion for this line of work that started when she was a volunteer for a no-kill shelter in Utah.

1 Victoria


Victoria, real-life name is Lisa Marie Varon, has certainly made her own mark in the world of WWE when she started training under the company in 2000. For almost a decade with the WWE, Victoria was considered one of the top 10 female wrestlers in the entire professional wrestling industry. Some would say she deserved more than just two runs with the WWE Women’s Championship, but she was in a competitive women’s division during that time with the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita and Mickie James.

When she left the WWE in 2009, she spent a few years wrestling for TNA, during which time she was a five-time Knockouts Champion. However, she’s been off of wrestling television since about 2013.

While still wrestling on the independent circuit, she’s become an entrepreneur. Varon has run The Squared Circle restaurant in Chicago for a few years, but left the restaurant with a friend when she moved to California last year for additional business ventures.

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