Top 15 Former Divas Who Would Make Great Cast Members on Total Divas

In 2013, the WWE continued to break down the fourth wall, this time with a reality show titled Total Divas. The Divas even used their real names. Fans became privy to see what goes on before and after matches as well as what happens in their day to day lives. Nikki and Brie Bella have been the stars of the show and fans have witnessed their significant others, John Cena and Daniel Bryan in a different light.

Since day one, WWE fans have always wanted to know the inside scoop. They want to know what goes on behind the curtain, who is dating who, and how do wrestlers really feel about each other. From Nikki Bella’s love triangle with John Cena and Dolph Ziggler to the weddings of Brie and Daniel or Naomi and Jimmy Uso, Total Divas has some of the WWE Universe sharing their most intimate moments with the world. Fans have also been privy to the many conflicts backstage. For years fans have heard the stories of Andre the Giant and Bad News Brown’s argument on the bus or read the story of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels' fight backstage. Now with cameras rolling, fans can see a lot more. The cameras were certainly rolling during Naomi and Alicia Fox' dispute as well as the conflict betwwen Nattie and Summer Rae.

For years, the WWE women have been some of the most watched on television. Sunny, was once the most downloaded woman on the internet. Here is the top 15 WWE Divas from the past who fans would have loved to watch on Total Divas.

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15 Melina

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Melina was one of the most beautiful women inside the ring and she will always known for her split-legged entrance into the ring. One of the things everyone would have wanted to see was the relationship between her and former WWE Superstar Mike Knox. After they broke up she began her relationship with John Morrison. This would have been a prominent storyline on Total Divas, considering their relationship was on and off for 11 years. Total Divas would have also addressed the recently denied rumors that spread about her and former WWE Champion Batista.

14 Molly Holly

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With every dramatic television show, there needs to be a “good girl.” Molly Holly debuted part of the Holly Cousins. Throughout her career she held the WWE Women’s Championship twice and the Hardcore Championship once. What makes her interesting for Total Divas is the fact that she could indeed wrestle in the women’s division while also competing for the Hardcore Championship. The fact that no one likes the good girl, she would certainly be the outcast when she declined the invitations to go out and party.

13 Kristal Marshall

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Former Diva Search contestant Kristal Marshall entered the WWE after appearing in a music video and as a game show model. Marshall made the transition from a backstage correspondent to in ring competitor. With her wedding storyline with SmackDown general manager Teddy Long, this would have been the perfect story for Total Divas especially to show fans how WWE weddings almost never happen. The wedding in the ring ceremony has never (with the exception of Macho Man and Elizabeth) ended well.

12 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson came to WWE when Vince McMahon purchased WCW. Arguably she is the most successful. While she did not have the best in-ring skills, she had a major crossover appeal with her appearances in Playboy magazine as well as her appearance on MTV Cribs. Certainly she would have been a great cast member for Total Divas. Not to mention, the show could have covered her marriage to former WCW and WWE Superstar, Billy Kidman.

11 Miss Elizabeth

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Miss Elizabeth would have been the perfect person to start the Total Divas reality series. Aside from her being the first WWE bombshell, fans would have been able to see live and up close, her roller coaster relationship with Randy Savage. Hulk Hogan has said that Savage blamed him for he and Elizabeth’s problems. Elizabeth went to visit Linda, Hogan’s wife and when she came back she told Savage that she wanted a divorce. Imagine the cameras rolling in that locker room. While Total Divas is a WWE show, it would have been great to follow Elizabeth to WCW to witness her and Savage chronicles continue.

10 Mickie James

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When Mickie James was introduced to the WWE audience, she was brought in as a stalker of Trish Stratus. While that was a storyline, there were plenty of times where she blurred the lines, do not forget WrestleMania 22. What fans would really love to see is the drama with James and her former fiancé; former WWE Superstar Kenny Dykstra. Dykstra claimed on Twitter he was moved to SmackDown, allowing James to cheat on him with John Cena. Considering the Total Divas star Cena has become, he would have gotten his big break on the show a lot sooner.

9  9. Maria

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Maria’s character was very interesting in the WWE. After participating in the Diva Search, she was hired as a backstage interviewer. However, her job was to irritate whoever she was interviewing. Eventually, she would become an in ring competitor. She would soon engage in an on screen relationship with Santino Morella. But the relationship that Total Divas would have loved would have been that with CM Punk. During this time, Punk was someone who the company did not fully believe in, so it would have been interesting to see how she would have supported him.

8 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle entered the WWE after modeling and acting. She joined the company through the Diva Search competition. She became the first Diva Search contestant to win the WWE Women’s Championship. Fans of Total Divas would have loved to see the development of her storyline as Vince McMahon’s sex-slave. During her time in the WWE she posed for Playboy, but one of her most successful ventures was becoming the official Go-Daddy girl. Whenever you think of Go-Daddy you think of Candice Michelle.

7 Stacy Keibler

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Before wrestling Stacy Keibler was a former cheerleader for her hometown team, the Baltimore Ravens. Stacy Keibler joined WWE after Vince McMahon purchased WCW. The reason she would be perfect for Total Divas is everything that she is involved with in and out of the ring. She was involved in storylines with Vince McMahon as his secretary, and she had a few on screen romances with Test and Scott Steiner. Fans would have been intrigued with her personal life as they would have been privy to explanations why she denied Playboy invitations twice.

6  6. Lita

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Lita entered the WWE as the manager of Essa Rios. She eventually left Rios to join The Hardy Boyz. During her time with Matt and Jeff, she fell in love with Matt and the two were set to spend the rest of their lives together. She later suffered a neck injury and during that time, fellow Superstar Edge was also sidelined. One thing to led to another with her and Edge and the two became romantically involved. During that time, Matt was released from the company. Matt would get his job back and he and Edge would have the feud of the year over Lita. During this time, fans saw Lita evolve from a tomboy to a vixen. During this time, social media was in its infancy. Fans were only reading things from the dirt sheets. But if there were a Total Divas during this time, this would have been the highest rated show on television.

5 Sunny

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Total Divas would have loved to have had some “Sunny Days.” Sunny was the most downloaded woman on the internet in the late '90s. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels had the hottest rivalry in 1997, and during that time, Shawn Michaels accused Bret of having an affair with Sunny. If there were Total Divas, it would have been great to see her reaction when Michaels made that comment. She has also said that when she was in the airport, she would persuade the airlines to give some of the midcard talent an upgrade to first class.

4 Sable

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Sable broke so many barriers in the world of professional wrestling. Vince Russo said there were nights that she received the loudest pop of the evening She was the first Diva to pose for Playboy and if the internet was what it is today, she would have definitely broken it. Without a doubt, Sable would have been the face of the show. Fans already could not get enough of Sable, build a show around her and the rating would go through the roof. Not to mention, the coverage of her relationship with Brock Lesnar upon her return to the company.

3 Trish Stratus

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Trish Status is arguably the most complete WWE Diva ever. She entered the WWE after being a successful fitness model. The reason Total Divas would have been perfect for her is because fans would have witnessed her journey from being just a manager to WWE Women’s Champion. Her storyline with Vince McMahon in 2001 would have had everyone tuning in. From seeing how she reacted to kissing him, to something as low as barking like a dog. Inside the ring, fans would have been intrigued to see her and Victoria plan their Hardcore match. Last but not least, her feud with Lita and seeing exactly how Total Divas would have sent her off into retirement. Trish Status quite frankly would have been best for business.

2 Chyna

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Now many may not consider Chyna a WWE Diva, but in 2000, she started turning the corner. She went from being the female bodyguard to letting the world see her sexy side. When her and Eddie Guerrero became a couple she became known as “Mamcita.” Chyna would eventually cure the world of their curiosities and pose for Playboy. She held the WWE Women’s Championship until she vacated the title and left the company.

Total Divas would have loved to capture the drama with her and Triple H. As his on screen relationship with Stephanie McMahon started to unfold, real feelings started to develop, causing friction between Chyna and Triple H. With Chyna being one of the most polarizing women ever to step foot in the ring, there is no doubt that she would have been on Total Divas.

1 Terri Runnels

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She may not be the most talented Diva and she may not be a Hall of Famer, but Total Divas has Terri Runnels written all over it. She began her career in the WWE with her then husband Goldust. The storylines they participated in blurred so many lines; including Terri being used a prize in a match between Goldust and her ex-boyfriend Brian Pillman. Her real life marriage to Goldust ended in 1999. While divorces are ugly, the television audience loves to see it. With her and Goldust having a child, it would have also been interesting to see how she balanced being a mother and a WWE Diva.

After the Goldust drama, she instituted the Terri Invitational. This was a best of 5 series in which the winners would receive $100,000 and her services. The rivalry between Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz was born. Seeing her transition into something less dramatic would have been great television.

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