Top 15 Former TNA Wrestlers That Should Be In The WWE

Total Non-stop Action, or Impact Wrestling has been in existence since 2002. Since then many different people have predicted the company's impending demise. These predictions have been made by writers, other promoters and even fans, but TNA has managed to tread the stormy waters and move through the high seas. Following the recent additions of TNA alumni such as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Austin Aries, we explore other wrestlers that could be a great fit for the WWE. These wrestlers offer size, strength and/or skill. A number of them they are just as impressive on the microphone as they are in the ring. When we look at the number of performers that have passed through TNA, we must consider them just as deserving of being in the WWE as anyone else. These particular fifteen have either been rumored to be joining the company, been a part of the WWE in the past, or have had speculation run rampant about their arrival to the company.

Will they ever join the WWE? Only time will tell for sure. What is certain is they haven't allowed their time away from TNA to be unproductive in any way shape or form. A number of these athletes are a prominent part of the Ring of Honor roster, or have actively competed for New Japan Pro Wrestling. They are continuing to provide fans with a high-level of entertainment each and every time they are in the ring. Whether or not having them in the WWE is best for the wrestlers themselves is another discussion altogether. A number of different wrestlers have come through TNA and not offered what these men and women could. Here are the Top 15 Former TNA Wrestlers That Should Should Should Be in the WWE today.

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15 Alex Shelley

via pwmania.com

This talented yet underrated wrestler has performed all over the world. He was one half of the successful Motor City Machine Guns tag team, and captured tag team championships during his run with the company. He was also one half of the Time Splitters in New Japan Pro Wrestling, alongside Kushida. Shelley recently returned to Ring of Honor, the place he first received notoriety, competing at Final Battle 2015. Shelley's articulate nature and captivating ring style would be a perfect fit in the WWE. He's a naturally cocky heel, either as part of a tag team or on his own.

14 Chris Sabin

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Sabin is easily as convincing a heel as he is like a face. During his time in TNA, Sabin captured the tag team titles alongside Alex Shelley, and the TNA World Championship as well. Sabin was revealed as being the man behind the Knights of the Rising Dawn in Ring of Honor, and recently returned to the ring as part of a six-man tag match during Final Battle 2015. Although small in stature, Sabin's moveset makes him among the most creative in ring talents in wrestling. He is someone that would provide a reason to look forward to WWE programming again.

13 Frankie Kazarian 

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Kazarian was once a part of the WWE in the earlier part of the millennium. During his run with the company, Kazarian just didn't feel it was the right fit for him, so he asked to leave. Since being away, Kazarian has captured the TNA tag team titles, and the X Division title as well. Kazarian has long been known throughout wrestling for being able to change with the times, making him a mature talent that has achieved success outside the WWE, but would certainly offer a lot to the company if they gave him a shot.

12 Christopher Daniels

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The oldest member on this list is widely recognized, and yet continues to strive to be better in the ring. The master of the Best Moonsault Ever has done so much over the years that it's a shame he hasn't been called upon to be a part of the WWE on a regular basis. While he once competed for the WWE under a mask, it didn't truly showcase how effective he can be in the ring and on the microphone. As one half of The Addiction, Daniels continues to shine, someone who is just as good at helping develop other talent as his own character.

11 Gunner

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The Modern Day Viking is articulate and strong. His time in TNA was spent getting more and more steam. One of the things Gunner had said he wanted to do was have that Wrestlemania moment before his career was over. He has competed actively on the independent circuit, along with working on his acting career, developing his skills in all areas of entertainment. Among his most notable feuds in TNA was when he faced off against Samuel Shaw, one of his closest friends. His size and shape are keys of a character that would succeed if he was in the WWE.

10 Roderick Strong

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He wasn't there a long time, but Roderick Strong's time in TNA certainly was impactful. During that time, Strong helped build the X-Division into a highly competitive place, as countless men went through and carved their niche there. Right now, Strong is the current ROH Television champion. Although he is small in stature, fans shouldn't be swayed by this in the least. He has a highly intense and explosive offense that is sure to put any competitor in their place. Whether he is like a face or a heel, Strong will put on the best match possible.

9 Lance Hoyt

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While Hoyt has been with the WWE in the past, his growth and development since leaving them stand out. His career has seen him compete in both North America and Japan, and he has become quite successful alongside Davey Boy Smith Jr as the Killer Elite Squad. At 38 years old, Hoyt would be an asset to any locker room, whether competing on the main roster or as a part of NXT. Hoyt carries with him a mentor quality that isn't often found today. Given Hoyt's size and strength, it isn't hard to see why he would become a success on the WWE roster.

8 Samuel Shaw

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Samuel Shaw has been adept at portraying a character of complexity and depth. Shaw's character evolution as part of the TNA roster saw a mild-mannered athlete become what Ken Anderson described as a ‘creepy b***tard'. It's not hard to see why when watching his promos and vignettes. His character was inspired by the film American Psycho starring Christian Bale. Shaw's style in the ring with men can work with men both bigger and smaller than him. He has prided himself on being versatile, and is unquestionably someone that the WWE could use as he capable of delivering depth in his character.

7 Sonjay Dutt

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As talented as Dutt is in the ring, he is equally talented behind the scenes. Dutt was one of the men that made the X-Division stand out during his time in TNA. What has also made Dutt so valuable is his vast knowledge regarding the growth and development of talent in India. Being aware of the market's potential for growth, Dutt has helped Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling to expand the possibilities of the promotion in that country. He has a keen mind for the business side of wrestling, and it's hard to argue the value he could bring to the WWE.

6 Homicide

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

One of the most talented wrestlers that has ever competed in Ring of Honor or TNA is Homicide. His character has typically been a thug. It is difficult to argue his impact on the X division during TNA's rise. He is without question someone that could help develop talent on the NXT roster, or work within a faction on the main roster. When Homicide is in the ring, people can't help, but notice. He could easily take on the role of thug for hire to Mr. McMahon, which would only scratch the surface on what he can do when he is on his own.

5 Kenny King

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King's time in TNA featured various roles and feuds. Currently, a member of the Ring of Honor roster, it is difficult to turn away when King is in the ring. His high flying ring style and cocky demeanor truly showcase his talents. King is one half of the tag team ‘The All Night Express,' alongside Rhett Titus. Both are just as convincing as faces as they are heels. It's a testament to King's abilities that he can pull both off so effortlessly. It would be interesting to see how he would do in the WWE. It would unquestionably be a win-win for all involved.

4 Low Ki

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Low has appeared in ROH, TNA and WWE, and if there was ever someone who could intimidate and excel it is him. While he did briefly compete as Kaval with WWE, it didn't really highlight what he could do in the ring. His combination of martial arts and technical wrestling has made him sought after worldwide. He was recently in TNA as part of the Beat Down Clan. While he can play the role of face, he is more convincing as a heel. In today's day and age it's difficult for heels to sustain heat, but there is no question that Low Ki could.

3 Mickie James

via fanpop.com

The former WWE Women's champion and TNA Knockouts champion is currently achieving success with Global Force Wrestling. Don't be fooled by her girl next door nature: James is among the best women's wrestlers in the world. She has experience and knowledge, and an ability to adapt and change regardless of her environment. Fans will be pleased to know that James' success isn't relegated to wrestling alone, but to music as well. James would be a welcome addition to the WWE, and would certainly offer fans another talented female to put to the forefront.

2 2.Nick 'Magnus' Aldis

via wrestlingnews.co

Magnus' growth and development has certainly proceeded by leaps and bounds. A former American Gladiator, he has progressed in all facets of his character. He has worked with Sting and Samoa Joe, and held the TNA world championship. Now known as Nick Aldis he is the current Global Force Wrestling Champion, working for Jeff Jarrett's promotion. Aldis is a former tag team champion and have been aligned with everyone from Doug Williams to Dixie Carter. His strength, size and character would certainly offer a different nuance to the WWE roster.

1 Jay Lethal

via prowrestling.wikia.com

My how times have changed since Jay Lethal left TNA. He was a talented performer who rose to prominence as the man known as ‘Black Machismo' and is now known the greatest first generation wrestler ever. Lethal is the current ROH World Champion. He has defeated the likes of AJ Styles, Michael Elgin and Jay Briscoe. He has been on the top of the wrestling mountain for what seems the better part of two years. His natural in ring ability and growth as a performer would unquestionably be a welcome addition to the WWE roster. Could you imagine the feud possibilities?

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