Top 15 Former WWE Divas Who Aged Terribly

No matter who you are in show business, there is the necessity to look good or be slammed all over the media if you let yourself go (don't worry, we'll get to that). For instance, Keith Richards looks

No matter who you are in show business, there is the necessity to look good or be slammed all over the media if you let yourself go (don't worry, we'll get to that). For instance, Keith Richards looks like seven pounds of human waste in a metaphorical five pound bag, and the same can be said of Lindsay Lohan, Val Kilmer and Pam Anderson, to name just a few examples.

Coming from the other direction, Jennifer Aniston doesn't look like she's aged a day since Friends, supermodel Christie Brinkley is still stunning (and now over 60) and Monica Bellucci, at 51, played the oldest Bond girl in Spectre just last year and looks like she could pass for thirty years younger. While it's not quite as simple as "drink some water and make sure you move around most days" those two pieces of advice are important.

The same can be said of wrestlers. Just because one used to do flips off the top rope, doesn't mean one can pound beers and eat burgers when one is retired. Some guys did not get that last memo and have ended up looking like garbage.

Looking at the women who have graced the ring over the years, there are quite a few former babes who have stayed sexy in retirement. A few of the first who come to mind are Torrie Wilson, who still models and does fitness competitions, Sable, who married Brock Lesnar and apparently doesn't want to lose him, Maria Kanellis, and of course Trish Stratus who is a yoga guru, and most definitely looks like one. But far more interesting than looking at a beautiful work of art is the opposite side of the spectrum. Here are fifteen women who do not look as good after leaving WWE and have certainly not aged well.

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15 Stacy Carter


The ex-wife of "The King," Jerry Lawler, is our first lady on the list for a reason. She's showing her age and can no longer see her youth in the rear-view mirror, but she doesn't look as different as some of the ladies that we're going to see on this list, as we'll see as we make our way through the article.

Starting out as Miss Kitty, her career was a brief, but memorable one and she fit the bill for Divas of her time, being a great looking blonde who didn't mind showing off her skin. Like we said, her look has changed a little, but she's at least mostly recognizable. She married TNA/WWE star Nick Cvjetkovich (Sinn Bodhi) in 2010, but it's been rumored that they've since divorced.

14 Dawn Marie


Probably best known for her lengthy feud with Torrie Wilson in the 2000s prior to her release in 2005, Dawn Marie was one of the hottest ladies in the promotion. Her termination from WWE in 2005 was rumored to have been because she got knocked up; a matter for which she took WWE to court. She did not return, but did continue to wrestle in smaller promotions such as Dragon Gate USA and Women Superstars Uncensored until 2010, before retiring from the business.

She got married in 2005 and now has two kids. At age 45, she doesn't look terrible, but definitely is showing her age. It may be that she stopped working out or it may be too much time on tanning beds or some magical combination of the two, but either way, Dawn Marie really is not what she used to be.

13 Jacqueline Moore


With over two and a half decades in the industry, Jacqueline Moore is a legend and the two-time WWE women's champion was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year. While the highlights of her career mainly occurred during her three stints with WWE, she also worked in WCW, had a lengthy time with TNA and a few smaller organizations.

Among her most memorable storylines were her feuds with Sable and Victoria. That feud with Sable saw her briefly become the first African American woman to hold the WWE Women's Championship. Part of what made her a success for over a decade in wrestling was her looks, but these days she's in her early 50s and they are starting to fade. We'll still see plenty of ladies who are looking worse for wear, but Jacqueline's good looks are going fast.

12 Nicole Bass


This is a hard case to make because to be aging poorly one usually has to have been hot at one point and it's hard to see that Nicole Bass was every particularly attractive. But there was a point in the late 1990s when she was Sable's bodyguard and was probably the apple of a fan's eye. She was toned, very muscular, and, by no means, drop dead gorgeous, but that doesn't mean it can't necessarily get worse. She was only in the WWE for about a year, where she didn't do much of note, but that makes her a Diva regardless.

Her husband died a few years ago and that sucks so we'll take it easy on her. Sadly, he has really let herself go in the last decade.

11 Vickie Guerrero


The widow of wrestling legend Eddie Guerrero, Vickie made a name for herself as one of the greatest female heels in the history of the sport. After Eddie's 2005 death from acute heart failure, she started to work in the WWE and found success on her own rather than with him and Rey Mysterio. She had a relationship with Edge in the late 2000s and managed Dolph Ziggler and LayCool later on. She continued with the company until 2014, before taking a couple of years off. She returned briefly back in July, but it remains unclear whether she'll be back.

She's creeping up on fifty years old and has started to show it. Don't get us wrong, she still makes a heck of a villain, but a bit of noticeable weight gain and some age in the face have diminished her sex appeal quite a bit.

10 Alundra Blayze


Italian-American Debra Miceli, who fans know as Alundra Blayze or Masusa, is a WWE Hall of Fame inductee and remains one of the most memorable women in wrestling from the late 80s and 90s, winning the WWE Women's Championship three times and the WCW Cruiserweight Championship once. She also has one of the most awesome side-projects out there, as she has been active in the world of monster trucks for over fifteen years.

She looked pretty good in the 1990s. She wasn't the hottest woman on the roster when she was with WWE, but we doubt there were any fans hiding their eyes when she was in the ring. Seeing her at her Hall of Fame acceptance speech last year, however, she almost looked like a different person.

9 Wendi Richter


Texan Wendi Richter, who is now a Hall of Fame inductee and won the WWE Women's Championship twice in the mid 1980s, retired from the sport a little over ten years ago, but remains one of the most memorable ladies of her era. She left the WWF back in the late 80s but remained involved in wrestling with other organizations until her 2005 retirement. A critic of WWE for many years, she graciously accepted her spot in the Hall of Fame back in 2010, in spite of her earlier qualms with the promotion. She now works in real estate.

Once one of the fittest women entering the ring on a regular basis, along with having a great face, Wendi is showing some rust these days. On one hand, she's in her fifties now, but on the other hand she's clearly stopped hitting the gym and who can blame her, it gets boring.

8 Leilani Kai


Much of what we said of Wendi Richter can be said of WWE Women's icon Leilani Kai. She was one of the key names in Rock N' Wrestling of the 1980s. Also like Richter, she was trained by The Fabulous Moolah and she actually won won the Women's title off Richter in 1985, after Richter had defeated Moolah for it the previous year. She was a member of The Glamour Girls tag team with Judy Martin, but ended up leaving WEF in the late 1980s. She remains involved with wrestling in other promotions to this day and has wrestled with TNA and WCW but primarily works as a trainer and behind the scenes these days. Much like Wendi Richter, she's in her mid fifties and it really starting to look it.

7 Ashley Massaro


One of the younger members of this list, we're likely to take some hate for this, but Ashley Massaro didn't look all that great during her three year WWE career and is rapidly going downhill in the looks department these days. Our first complaint is a boob job that doesn't really look that great. We imagine that underneath the enhancements, there is a beautiful, natural woman, but she is nowhere to be found at the moment, as she clearly had too much work done to her face and it is starting to show now that she is in her late 30s. She's still in decent shape, but between her unnatural looking chest enhancement and the face that shows the marks of surgery and modification, this is one girl who should have just been thankful for what she had.

6 Debra


While she did go on to make a name for herself on her own merit, Debra Marshall was introduced to the sport of wrestling by her first husband Steve McMichael. Outside of wrestling, "Mongo" was originally a football player, playing on the Texas Longhorns' defensive line for four years before launching a successful NFL career with the New England Patriots, Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, with two Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl win with the Bears standing out as highlights. To most zealous wrestling fans this, along with her later marriage to and divorce from Stone Cold Steve Austin, is not new information.

What may be news, however, is that Debra, known throughout her career for her other-worldly chest (referred to as puppies), isn't looking so fantastic anymore. While her body actually looks alright, her face is showing signs of a past that involved a lot of cosmetic surgery and what gets held up, must one day fall down.

5 Missy Hyatt


A thirty year veteran of the wrestling world, Missy Hyatt announced her retirement just a few months ago. Her time with WWE took place in the late 1980s and early to mid 90s, but the memorable parts of her career were with WCW and ECW. While she was absolutely stunning in the 80s, she has not aged gracefully. In part, her current aesthetic state looks like it is the result of an explosive amount of plastic surgery that is not withstanding the test of time (a theme on this list). This isn't the nicest thing to say by any means, but sometimes the truth hurts and Missy Hyatt now looks like what Ke$ha would look like if she lived like Lindsay Lohan for ten years.

She was arrested last year for grand theft (between $300 and $5,000) and as her mugshot shows, the years are not treating her well. Obviously a mug shot isn't meant to be flattering, but regardless of the circumstances, she's seen better days.

4 Jillian Hall


Remember what we said about how "plastic surgery doesn't last forever?" Well that obvious statement strikes again all over Jillian Hall. She left the WWE in 2010, but continued her career after that, retiring in 2014. The former Divas Champ had an eventful five years with the promotion and has earned her place in its history. The blond bombshell was absolutely stunning in the early 2000s, but unfortunately nothing lasts forever.

While she definitely looks better than many of the ladies on this list, she's far younger and is starting to show her age much sooner. Nothing about that picture of her says "this woman is 36 years old." She's packed on some weight and the layers of makeup can't do anything about the fact that her enhanced face is starting to show the effects of her years.

3 Sunny


A WWE Hall of Famer with a career that spanned from the early 1990s until around 2011 (although she isn't officially retired), Sunny's life outside of the ring has been almost as entertaining as her time inside. It has been a few eventful but rough years for the aging diva, as she has been arrested a half-dozen times for offenses ranging from burglary to a DUI in the past five years. More recently, however, she had to enter rehab for a few months, having struggled with substance addiction for several years.

Upon her release, she signed a film contract with the adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment and they featured her in her own film Sunny Side Up: In through the Backdoor, which is possibly the least subtle title in an industry not known for subtlety. This film deal was obviously about star power and a big name, and not the fact that she still looks great; because she does not. The years of hard living have caught up with Tammy Lynn "Sunny" Sytch, who is in her early forties but looks far older.

2 Jazz


A newcomer to WWE in the early 2000s, Jazz was thrust into the mix and quickly started a feud with Trish Sratus that would last for a few years. A two-time WWE Women's Champion, she was released from WWE in 2007 for the second time and has not returned. Instead she has been competing in Women Superstars Uncensored since shortly after her release. She was selected to their Hall of Fame in 2010.

While the talent and charisma are still there for Jazz, the looks definitely are not, as she is most definitely looking older than forty-three. In the early 2000s she had an awesome build, was about as fit as they came, and was genuinely pretty, but the last decade and half has taken its toll.

1 Terri Runnels


This choice for our number one on this list may attract some hate, but Terri Runnels, who used to be stunning, now looks like her previous cosmetic surgeries have caught up to her. American comedian Bill Burr made a brilliant comment on plastic surgery several years ago, asking his audience whether they'd rather look fifty, or like a twenty-eight year old lizard. Terri, who will be fifty very soon, chose the latter and it shows.

Don't get us wrong, there were times in the past when she was absolutely one of the most beautiful women in the sport, but as we've said up and down in this list, surgical enhancements are temporary and, in many cases, do not look natural, especially after a few years and too much time in the sun/on tanning beds.

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