Top 15 Former WWE Divas Who Are Even Hotter Now

WWE Divas can be like a fine wine. Some of them only get nicer with age. Typically, a Diva is young, with the company enjoying pushing youthful and attractive women to the forefront of their women’s division. It’s quite surprising when you check up on an old Diva you used to love to find that they’ve actually gotten hotter since leaving the brand.

It’s not always a case of age. Sometimes people just go on to new things and end up becoming more attractive as a result. Whether it’s a change in style or attitude, some people just got more visually appealing after they quit or were let go. Just because the WWE aims to push the sex appeal of their female athletes, doesn’t mean they always do it to the best of each girl's attributes.

That’s not to say the girls in this list weren’t hot during their time on screen. They were all great physical specimens, but after they left something about them just got better, and you find you yourself wishing they looked like they do now while they were participating in the ring.

As the end of the year approaches, it’s definitely a time for reflection. A chance to look back at the past, and how we can improve ourselves for the future. What mistakes will you vow to never make again? What chances do you wish you’d have taken? And most importantly, which Diva got hotter after they left WWE?

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15 Trish Stratus

via pwpop.com

Sneaking in at 15 is Trish Stratus. To be honest, she was one of the hottest divas of all time while at the company, and it would be hard for her to look any better. But she still deserves a spot on this list because I wouldn’t say she looks any worse. Sure, her age is beginning to show, but her beauty is a lot more natural now, relying less on flattering camera angles and make-up. Maybe she isn’t the bombshell she once was, but she can still make you hot under the collar.

14 Ivory

via wikimedia.org

I always thought Ivory had a bit of a weird face. She had a hot body sure, but I never felt myself fully drawn to her. However, when the three-Time Women’s Champion showed up on the WWE Network’s Table for 3, I found myself completely infatuated. No longer trying to compete with fellow young Divas, she now looks a bit like a friend's mum. Not a specific mother I know, but she looks like the type of person you’d find yourself staring at while your friend is beating you at WWF No Mercy on the N64 after school.

13 Gabi

It's tough keeping a flawless complexion. @toughgabi shows us how it's done. #gabicastrovinci #toughenough

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Gabi on Tough Enough was unremarkable. She wasn’t an out-and-out bombshell like Amanda, she didn’t appeal to an alternative audience like Sara Lee, and she suffered for it during the reality show. However, after she unceremoniously left the show, she started to…adjust her social media strategy. She captured the fans she had lost during Tough Enough by showcasing her body, and suddenly the girl you barely noticed becomes very much the forefront of your attention. The rumors that later came out that she was a stripper and escort only made her more alluring, in a certain way.

12 Maryse

via hawtcelebs.com

Mrs. Maryse Mizanin (try saying that three times) is a two-time Divas Champion, also known for managing Ted DiBiase Jr in the last few years of her career. While at the company she always seemed to get hotter and hotter with each passing show, and that trajectory has only continued after she’s left. What’s also remarkable is that her skin is free of stress lines and wrinkles, which is truly impressive considering her husband is WWE’s resident annoyance The Miz.

11 Torrie Wilson


  Me. Captured by @leelhgfx #HippieAtHeart ✌?️#PeaceLoveHappiness #ObsessedWithThatFringe? #MakesMeDanceAllDay #IdahoGirl #MountainMamasDoItRight #FeelingHomesickToday   A photo posted by Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson) on

Torrie Wilson, no matter her age, will always look stunning. When she debuted in 2001 people were instantly drawn to just how damn attractive she was. Her eventual Playboy shoot was confirmation from the mainstream world outside of wrestling that yes, Torrie really was all that. Now, at 40, she is still being given magazine shoots and still setting the world’s hearts on fire with her dynamite looks and alluring smile. Torrie Wilson really is like a fine wine, and I can only imagine she’ll get better for a few years yet.

10 Kaitlyn


If you like a fit body with curves, then Kaitlyn is just... wow. Kaitlyn was obviously quite fit while in WWE but since her departure a couple of years ago, she's dedicated her whole life to fitness and her clothing line, Celestial Bodiez. Kaitlyn quite often posts on Instagram and is never shy about showing off her vivacious curves. Kaitlyn proves that being hot doesn't mean being skinny, but rather comfortable in your own skin and embracing what you have. She has no problem doing that.

9 Mickie James

via sportskeeda.com

Mickie James was always a great character, and one I did enjoy, but when she was surrounded by some of the women she was it’s hard to stand out. In terms of attractiveness, I never felt like she quite found her groove until she turned up in the Impact Zone on TNA.

I don’t know what it was about her entrance on TNA. She came out looking hotter than ever, looking the other members of the roster in the eye and saying confidentially “Well, aren’t you pleasantly surprised?” It’ll always be a memorable moment for me, and I’m happy she found a groove (even if it was on…TNA.)

8 AJ Lee


A photo posted by AJ Lee (@a.j.wwe) on

AJ Lee will always be the most strangely attractive woman on the planet to me. The only comfort I hold is that her husband is someone I truly love and respect in CM Punk, or else I would be forever heartbroken.

The one thing holding her back throughout her WWE career, in my eyes, was the constant role she had to play as a “crazy” girlfriend, and it made for some real uncomfortable viewing. Now she’s free to be herself outside of the business, she’s truly shining bright.

7 Gail Kim

via impactwrestling.com

Gail Kim has always been an incredibly gifted athlete, and despite her incredible debut in the WWE, she never reached the heights she should have. A beautiful woman as well, it was always going to end up with her going to WWE’s biggest rivals (by default), TNA.

In TNA, they call their Divas division the “Knockouts”, and Gail Kim has certainly lived up to that name, becoming one of the most alluring girls in wrestling while working for the brand.

6 Brooke

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

Brooke's WWE run was mostly known for her being one third of the "new" ECW dance trio, Exposé. She never really had a chance to shine as an in-ring competitor though and soon became an afterthought.

Brooke was eventually released and returned to modelling where she would win several contests, including Miss Hawaiian Tropic Texas 2008. She eventually joined TNA in 2010 as Ms. Tessmacher. Her in-ring work improved tremendously and she became even hotter than her WWE days. She departed from the company last month, but has kept herself busy. She was also a recent contestant on the Amazing Race.

5 Kelly Kelly

via wrestlingnews.com

There is a major difference between a young, immature sexiness and a more refined sexiness. Few can achieve both in their lives, but Kelly Kelly is one of those who have.

During her wonderful time at the company which included a single Divas Championship reign and a Slammy Award, she wowed audiences with a look that was reminiscent of earlier Divas like Torrie Wilson. Since then, she’s gone on to wow readers of Maxim and watchers of WAGS with her wonderful look.

4 Bull Nakano

via photobucket.com

Honestly, I don’t even know if she looks any better now than she did then. But Bull Nakano, a one-time holder of the Women’s Championship, always came to the ring with grotesque make-up and strange hair. A great wrestler to watch, but as far as attractiveness goes, it was only after she left the company and started being photographed more often as herself that you can really start to appreciate just how beautiful of a woman she is.

In a way, it’s slightly weird seeing someone who was once so feared and destructive in the WWE turn out to be a sweet-looking beautiful woman, but I won’t complain I got the chance to see it.

3 Alundra Blayze

via gerweck.com

Alundra Blayze is one of my favorite female wrestlers of all time. I adore her in-ring work and her general ethic when it comes to performing, but I’d be the first to say she was never the prettiest girl on the roster. But again, sometimes attitude can do a lot for you.

It was when she famously left WWE and showed up on WCW Nitro, wearing a black leather vest and binning the Women’s Championship that I began to see Alundra in a whole new way. Edgy and naughty, she became instantly hotter in one infamous segment. Amazingly, she still looks hot today at 51.

2 Michelle McCool

via examiner.com

Michelle McCool, or Mrs. Undertaker, is insanely attractive. You’d have thought that once she hung up her wrestling boots for good in 2011, you’d have thought she’d let herself go a small amount without the constant pressures for TV. But being married to the unbreakable Mark Calaway probably has a lot do with her constantly improving how gorgeous she is. After years out the business and after giving birth, she has come out even hotter and would give most of the Divas on the current roster a run for their money.

1 Stacy Keibler

via BigStockPhoto.com

Gosh, I remember Stacy Keibler being my favorite woman on the planet when I was a teenager. She was beautiful, dangerous and had legs for days. When she left the WWE, I eventually forgot about her, her name being only something tenuously attached to that pubescent time.

Then news came out that she was dating George Clooney, and pictures of her began to circle again. My God, I don’t know how, but she looked even better than she did during her wrestling run. An instant jaw-dropper, George Clooney is perhaps the only man alive who could still look good next her, as anyone else just pales to her hotness. Stacy still looks as great as ever today and is now a mother.


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