Top 15 Former WWE Divas Who Look Incredible For Their Age

Every time they come out onto the stage, people roar! Heels or barefoot. Fully clothed or something a little more inappropriate for children. No matter what it is, the fans are always interested and ALWAYS going wild. They get the fans' blood pumping and hearts racing. They are none other than the WWE's women!

Over the years, the WWE Divas were tall, short, blonde, ginger, hot, and not. All shapes, sizes, and colors. No matter what it is though, people love them! What is crazy about these women, besides their looks (or at least most of them), is how they age. Most people in this world hit a point in their lives, usually around 40-50 years old, when their looks begin to fade (if they ever looked good). With some of the former WWE Divas though, it is completely different. As some of these Divas have aged, they have only gotten even better looking!

The following list is the Top 15 Former WWE Divas who look incredible for their age. Some of them may really surprise you by how well they were able to maintain their good looks, while some of them will just make you jealous for surpassing how good they looked in their prime.

Additionally keep in mind that although some of these entries are considered women wrestlers, they were all featured before the "women's revolution" and thus will be referred to as former WWE Divas.

15 Madusa/Alundra Blayze - 52

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Debrah Anne Miceli was a very attractive lady in her day, but not much has changed. While she is now an American Monster Truck Driver, which is quite the change in occupation, she is still quite the sight to see. She made a few comeback appearances recently for the WWE, but she is officially retired. She is forever in the WWE history books as she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 under the name Alundra Blayze.

Miceli also has some other accomplishments throughout her career that should be lauded. She has recorded a solo album in Japan singing entirely in Japanese, she has appeared in multiple WWE video games, and she has appeared in three different movies.

While her accomplishments are impressive, it's amazing how this now 52-year-old, is still as hot as she is. If you look at her now versus when she was first a wrestler for the WWE, it could be argued that she is even better looking now than she was then.

14 Ivory - 55

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Lisa Mary Moretti looks incredible! Sure, she is not the hottest woman in the world right now. She is not setting the world on fire, but for a 55-year-old woman? I mean she is 10 years from senior citizens! For how old she is now, all WWE fans should be wishing that she would come out of retirement.

Moretti seems to lay low these days as she has not been heard from in a little while, but that could be because she is focusing on her dog grooming and landscaping businesses. Can you imagine Ivory as a business woman surrounded by little golden retriever puppies? I am not sure about you, but I think I might just start having dreams about this exact scenario.

It's amazing looking back now, that Ivory was in her late 30s by the time she made her WWE debut.

13 Maria - 32

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Maria Kanellis is a 32-year-old former Diva who actually won the Diva of the Year Slammy Award in 2009. She made her way to the WWE by placing fifth in the 2004 RAW Diva Search. Even though she did not win, the WWE hired her as a backstage interviewer. By the next year though, Kanellis was in the ring wrestling.

For us fans, Kanellis is definitely something exciting. While she is no longer wrestling for the WWE, when she was, she was a treat to watch. She is a beautiful woman who the WWE should consider bringing back. While she is still fairly young at 32 years old, the WWE could get away with bringing her back and saying that she is somewhere in her early-to-mid 20s.

If you have been searching for Maria Kanellis, check out Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). She is still looking hot and she is playing a similar role to the one she played for the WWE, so you can still get a glimpse of the old Maria that we all loved.

12 Torrie Wilson - 41

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Holy moly! Torrie Wilson is still ridiculously attractive. Now 41 years old, she does not look a day over 25! If this were a list of WWE Divas who look better now than they did when they were wrestling, she probably would be on that list. When she debuted in 2001, people were instantly drawn to just how damn attractive she was. Wow. That is really the only word that can be uttered about Wilson. Her eventual Playboy shoot was confirmation from the mainstream world outside of wrestling that yes, Torrie really was all that.

For those of you who see Torrie like I do (HOT), she is currently single. Obviously no one reading this would have a chance with her, but those of you who are dreamers, there is still some kind of chance for you.

I wish she would come back to WWE, but she is probably better off modeling.

11 AJ Lee - 29

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AJ Lee is a bit young to be on this list at 29 years old, but she is really worth a look. I would say that she has only gotten hotter since leaving the WWE. When she was a Diva she was very attractive, do not get me wrong, but since retiring? Oh man.

Lee won the Divas Championship three-times (a record-tying feat) and amazingly, held the title for 406 combined days! She has also won the Diva of the Year Slammy Award twice and was voted Woman of the Year by the readers of Pro Wrestling Illustrated for three straight years (2012-14).

For those of you who are thinking that you have a chance with her though, you should be careful. She is currently married to CM Punk, who now is apart of UFC. Either way, no one reading this would probably have a shot with her anyway, but whatever. Be glad that the internet was invented.

10 Kelly Kelly - 29


Kelly Kelly is a tough one to beat. At 29 years old, she is in her prime. When she wrestled as a Diva for the WWE, she was very sexy, but right now she is just ridiculous. She moved on from the WWE to take up modeling, which, while disappointing for fans, was the right decision for her.

Kelly attempted to win the WWE Divas Championship on a few occasions, but was unsuccessful. The final time she tried, which was in June of 2011, Kelly finally was able to win the title. Unfortunately for her, she was stripped of her title only four months later by Beth Phoenix. After that, Kelly did not do much and then was released by WWE in September of 2012.

Even though she is no longer a Diva, Kelly is still a sight for sore eyes. She may be only no.10 on this list, but that is really only because she is still fairly young.

9 Bull Nakano - 48

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Bull Nakano is a very surprising one, but a very true former Diva that still has it. Even at 48 years old, this native of Japan is hot. When she was wrestling, she weighed in at about 201 pounds, but even being a little bit chunky, she was still beautiful. Unfortunately for fans, Nakano was fired from the company for being in possession of cocaine. She flushed a fairly successful wrestling career down the drain, but at least she never lost her good looks. I wonder if the WWE would ever allow her to make a comeback.

If you would like to catch Nakano on television today though, you most likely still can! She is currently a pro golfer. She was able to qualify for the LPGA (somehow).

8 Michelle McCool - 36

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Michelle McCool is a two-time WWE Divas Champion and a one-time Diva of the Year award winner. Not only is she a decorated former Diva though. McCool is also extremely not cool when it comes to her looks. She is smoking. Blistering. For a 36-year-old woman, she is nothing I have ever seen before. If you do not remember Michelle McCool because you are too young, get on the internet and search the name. She should become one of your new favorite former Divas. If any of you decide to become some sort of stalker though, be careful. She is married to The Undertaker, so you should definitely keep your distance. Although, if you are actually obsessed with McCool enough that you are depressed about her being married, keep in mind that The Undertaker is now on his third marriage, so anything is possible.

7 Stacy Keibler - 37

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Holy cow! Stacy Keibler was hot and still is smoking hot! The 37-year-old former WWE Diva has not let herself go one bit. She has made more than a few appearances on television after her time as a wrestler and many people have taken a liking to her. She has also gotten into modeling since her days as a professional wrestler and boy does she look great. Tall, blonde, and athletic? Could you ask for anymore when looking for a woman? She is absolutely the closest thing there is to perfect and she is close to being 40!

After leaving the WWE, Keibler has modeled, has appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and she has hosted a television show called Supermarket Superstar. Unfortunately for her, the show was canceled after one season. She is still a model, so do not worry; you will continue to see her around.

6 Eve Torres - 32

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Eve Torres is like a goddess. When she was a Diva, she was an even hotter goddess. The difference is really nothing from then to now. She is 32 years old, but could still pass for an 18-year-old college sorority girl. Torres has spent time as of late as a model and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner instructor. I would take lessons from Eve Torres any day of the week, month, or year. Anyone who has not seen footage of her from her days as a wrestler needs to look up Eve Torres on YouTube stat and watch her strut her stuff. She was truly one of the finest Divas to ever have graced the WWE stage. Wow. Probably tough to have her on this list at six, but all of these females are pretty interchangeable in their rankings.

5 Ashley Massaro - 37

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Ashley Massaro was pretty close to number one for me. It may come as a surprise to many people, but something about her just made me put her here. She is so very attractive and, somehow, already 37 years old. When you see her picture, it is hard to see her as any older than maybe 23, but somehow she is 37. Ashley actually made it into the WWE Diva roster by winning the 2005 RAW Diva Search. She won $250,000 and a one-year contract with the WWE. Massaro definitely took advantage of that as she went on to have a successful career with the WWE and as a model. I cannot get over how hot she is for a 37-year-old. I do not know if other people agree, but if you do not, go look at some pictures of her and get back to me.

4 Sable - 49

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Do you want to know why Brock Lesnar didn't mind marrying a woman older than him? Well, take one look at Sable today and you'll see why Lesnar doesn't mind the 10-plus year age gap. She is still modeling at 49 and will probably continue modeling until she is 60. Sable really has not changed much from when she made the Divas wildly popular for the WWE. It is a shame that she had to retire from professional wrestling, but she really played a huge role for herself and especially for the WWE. Without her, the WWE Divas may not have become what they did. Give this 49-year-old woman a ton of credit for helping the WWE immensely and just for keeping herself looking like she does. Wow.

3 Jacqueline Moore - 52

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Jacqueline Moore may not be the hottest girl on this list, but for a 52-year-old woman, she is extremely attractive. This beauty was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year and rightfully so. While she did just slide in for her skills, she could have easily made it on pure looks because she is hot. She was an original Diva and we love that around here, especially if she is hot, which Moore definitely is.

For all of you readers out there who are unable to remember Jacqueline Moore, she was one of the biggest stars in the WWE years ago. That is correct. She is truly an original because she made the majority of her appearances before the WWE's Attitude Era even took off. For those of you who were not into the WWE before the name change, go look up some of Moore's highlights.

2 Lita - 41

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Amy Dumas, who is better known as Lita, is a 41-year-old former Diva who could still, for sure, be a Diva, and if she wanted to be, could be a model. At 41 years old, if I am able to look as good as her (as a man), then I will throw a party and all of you will be invited. Looks like hers do not come around everyday and they sure as hell do not stick around as long as hers have. The WWE recently made a brilliant move bringing Lita back into their company by signing her as an analyst. While people will not get to see as much of Lita, at least they will get to see some. Any of Lita is better than none.

1 Trish Stratus - 40

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Trish Stratus was hot and she is still smoking. While she is beginning to show a little bit of her 40 years of age, she is still far better than the majority of 40-year-old women out there. In reality, she is better looking than most of the 30-year-old women out there in this world! It is a shame that she does not appear on WWE much at all anymore because it was always a more exciting episode when she would appear. She always got the men going and the women jealous. She is not a three-time WWE Babe of the Year for no reason.

Not only was Stratus a hottie though. Everyone reading this must remember that Trish Stratus is a SEVEN-time WWE Women's Championship winner.


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