Top 15 Former WWE Superstars We'd Love to See Return in 2016

Missing someone can be overbearing. Especially in this day-and-age where our relationships are plastered all over social media; our cell phones a shrine to the one we miss so dearly. The constant reminder of that person sitting in our pockets and the difficulty it takes to click “delete” can lead to anxiety and depression; for deleting those images indicates finality.

So, how do we cope with missing someone? One of the most common answers is the simple numbing of our senses. The inebriation provides temporary relief from the heartache until it all comes rushing back in a swift wave and drowns our loaded late-night motivation. Reality is never too far gone and no matter how friendly the bottle, the real world will soon strike again.

We hope that the hurt will subside over time and as the days, weeks, and months pass – with every changing season – we may learn to hide the hurt behind false smiles and lunatic laughter but it's always there creeping around the next corner. Just when you thought it was safe, the frantic feelings have returned to reunited you with sorrow.

Yes, missing someone can be overbearing …

This is not an article based on heartbreak or death but rather a little piece on missing those who once graced our television sets on a weekly basis. The former WWE Superstars who we miss as fans and while many remain active wrestlers, their current situation just doesn't match up to their time in WWE, where they had reached their highest high.

With the new year fast approaching, we look ahead and hope that some of our favorite wrestlers may make a return to WWE. And, we all know through years of experience that anything is possible in WWE and nobody is really ruled out in terms of a comeback.

These are the top 15 former WWE Superstars we would love to see return in 2016:

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15 Evan Bourne 

via wrestlezone.com

Evan Bourne was best known in WWE for his high-flying style and constant excitement. While this doesn't cater to every fan, it does excite those who love the Cruiserweight style of professional wrestling, a style that Bourne fit perfectly.

In WWE, Even Bourne would only capture one championship which would come as a tag team run along with partner Kofi Kingston; collectively known as Air Boom. Since his departure, Bourne has found his way back to the independent circuit.

Even if Even Bourne was not wanted in WWE per say, a wrestler with his abilities would fit in well in the current NXT system.

14 Sin Cara (Original) 

via examiner.com

Known as Mistico in Mexico, the original version of Sin Cara would prove to be the biggest wrestling star in the country. As a result, Mistico would catch the eye of WWE where he was soon signed and given a new ring name.

Due to conflicts of style (WWE attempting to adapt the wrestler's in-ring ability) and backstage disputes, Mistico was soon released from WWE while the Sin Cara character remains an on-air personality with a new man under the mask.

Mistico is an amazing in-ring talent and it's a shame he was not utilized to his full potential in WWE and we would still love to see that happen.

13 Chris Hero 

via wrestler.wrestling123.com

This is for the IWC and those who love their "indy darling" wrestlers. For those who are unaware, Chris Hero was once employed by WWE but would never see main roster action as all of Hero's time was spent in FCW/NXT.

According to CM Punk - who claims he was responsible for putting together The Shield - Chris Hero was the original choice over Roman Reigns but WWE executives decided otherwise. Imagine where Hero's career could have been today?

Chris Hero knows how to work and it would have been nice to see him spend some time in WWE but who knows, perhaps Hero will find his way back; at least to NXT.

12 MVP 

via voxcatch.fr

Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) had plenty of potential during his early stint in WWE. The whole "highest paid Superstar in SmackDown history" gimmick was solid and provided a nice backdrop for MVP.

However, things would eventually sour and soon MVP was completely void of any momentum he may have had upon his initial arrival in WWE. After leaving the company, MVP would spend time in TNA and the independent circuit.

Some may call MVP a WWE bust, while others would disagree. MVP was misused, like so many before and so many to come.

11 Shelton Benjamin 

via mikemooneyham.com

Shelton Benjamin is probably best remembered for his time in WWE as one half of The World's Greatest Tag Team, a proud member of Team Angle, and the man who ran up ladders during the Money in the Bank match.

However, Shelton Benjamin was so much more and could have been a star in WWE. Upon his first real singles push, Benjamin would even defeat Triple H, which provided hope that a new star was in the making; but it was not the case.

Whatever the reasons may be, Shelton Benjamin was stopped in his tracks. One last run with the company would be welcomed by those who remember Benjamin fondly.

10 John Morrison 

via sportskeeda.com

The strange and unusual in-ring style of John Morrison was always fun to watch. Morrison brought something different to the ring during a time when many of the Superstars were doing many of the same things.

While there was always talk about John Morrison breaking through to the main event scene, he could never quite hold the spot causing WWE to lose faith in the highly athletic Superstar.

If brought back to the company, John Morrison would not find any main event success in WWE but perhaps in NXT?

9 Chyna 

via 411mania.com

Chyna? ... Why not Chyna? ... Think about it: you would love to see her back in WWE, if anything for the dramatic effect an appearance from Chyna would entail. Yeah, it's never going to happen but there's always wishful thinking.

It has been abundantly clear that Chyna is not going to the WWE Hall of Fame. where she feels she rightly belongs. The past between Triple H and Chyna still lingers - at least in her world - and has played a factor.

Despite her troubles, we can still acknowledge Chyna's accomplishments in WWE as she helped paved the way for the women we watch today.

8 Matt Hardy 

via sescoops.com

While Matt Hardy is good in his own right, he has always been considered the lesser Hardy brother; through no fault of his own. Matt is simply the less colourful of the pair but was still loved by WWE fans.

If it wasn't for the fans pushing for Matt Hardy to return to WWE in 2005 - during the Lita/Edge scandal - he may have never found his way back to the company. Unfortunately, Matt no longer works for WWE.

However, Matt Hardy remains a solid worker and one must believe that Matt could still produce in WWE.

7 AJ Lee 

via fightnetwork.com

While the Divas division is definitely better than it was when AJ Lee abruptly retired from in-ring action at a young age, it could still use improvement as it continues to move forward.

Charlotte is serving well as Divas Champion while Paige is actually providing the most controversy of all on WWE programming. Meanwhile, fans remain hopeful that Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch are not lost in the mix.

If AJ Lee should return to WWE, she will no doubt be tossed directly into the Divas fire pit to help increase the blaze.

6 Rey Mysterio 

via pwmania.com

When all is said and done and professional wrestling can longer function in the ever-changing world, there will be those from the past who are labelled with certain distinctions.

Rey Mysterio just may find the distinction of "most exiting performer of all time." Sure, injuries and age have slowed down Mysterio but the masked marvel still has something exciting to offer.

Rey Mysterio made his name in WCW but excelled in WWE where hopefully we will see him back performing at least for a little while.

5 Jim Ross 

via wrestlingnewspost.com

While Jim Ross is not a past WWE Superstar, the true voice of WWE is sorely missed by the fans. Nobody could call a match quite like Good Ol' J.R. The glory days of WWE were accompanied by the legendary announcer.

For some reason, ridicule was often associated with Jim Ross for no apparent reason but such situations would never deter from Ross' performance at the announce table, where he became the greatest play-by-play man in wrestling history.

Michael Cole does his best out there but there are those who long to see and hear Jim Ross at that table once again.

4 Rob Van Dam 

via sportskeeda.com

Rob Van Dam is one of those unique talents who - no matter the situation or angle - is almost impossible to hate. The people love RVD and that love certainly has not faded within the WWE Universe.

Rob Van Dam has always provided the audience with moments they can take home and discuss for years to come. The "One of a Kind" entrance music used by RVD is fitting for a man who stood out from the crowd.

Despite years of hardcore wrestling, Rob Van Dam can still go in the ring and it would be great to see him back in WWE.

3 Kurt Angle 

via globelwrestling.blogspot.com

According to their record books, Kurt Angle is going to go down as a TNA "legend." However, we all know where Angle achieved his legendary status: in WWE where he is regarded as one of the greatest Superstars of all time.

Kurt Angle has recently retired from TNA and is certainly in the twilight of his active wrestling career. However, Angle cannot hang up his boots without a proper send off match in WWE.

Kurt Angle coming home for one last match at WrestleMania would make for a fitting end to an outstanding career.

2 Jeff Hardy 

via wrestlingnews.co

Fans who support Jeff Hardy are Jeff Hardy fans until the very end; through all his hardships and legal troubles, Jeff's fans have remained firmly behind the former WWE Champion.

Internet rumours have been swirling as of late in regards to Jeff Hardy and a potential return to WWE. While there are those who disagree with bringing back the enigmatic Superstar, long time Hardy fans want Jeff back.

Will Jeff Hardy keep his nose clean this time around? The only way to find out is by giving Jeff another chance.

1 CM Punk 

via bleacherreport.com

As we approach the two-year anniversary of CM Punk's surprising disappearance from WWE, the controversial Superstar remains in the wrestling atmosphere as the stench of Punk is hard to ignore.

The final image of CM Punk in WWE is a screwjob elimination from the Royal Rumble followed by a Choke Slam through the announce table. One must believe that Punk cares too much about his wrestling career to leave it at that.

CM Punk grew up loving wrestling and at one time was considered to be the "best wrestler in the world." There is reason to believe that somehow CM Punk and WWE can once again get along.

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