Top 15 Former WWE Superstars Who Look Incredible For Their Age

Time usually isn’t kind to professional wrestlers. Between the years of physical abuse and the hard living that life on the road usually encourages, there are many professional wrestlers that have a tough time keeping in top shape into their later years. The problem only gets worse once they declare retirement. When the cameras go off, the extra pounds tend to come on. The same is true of many people, but it’s somehow especially cruel in the case of professional wrestlers that all those years spent staying in peak physical condition are simply wasted away by time and life.

That’s not always the case, though. Some professional wrestlers manage to stay in ring shape long after they’ve thrown their last suplex. Attribute it to work ethic, good genetics, or maybe even a stubborn refusal to finally retire, but the ability of some of the WWE’s biggest former stars to stay in shape during their twilight years is truly astounding. Of that elite group of aging wonders, there are a few that stand out as the most impressive of them all. They are the top 15 former WWE superstars who simply look incredible for their age.

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15 Bushwhacker Luke

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The Bushwhackers weren’t exactly WWE’s greatest creation. Actually, they weren't their creation at all. The Bushwhacker gimmick was largely a carry-over from the team’s previous characters in other territories. They were a comedy act that just so happened to enter WWE at a time when the company was growing rapidly and a young audience was willing to eat up the idea of two goofballs causing havoc in the tag-team division. Luke never really stood out as a physical miracle during that time, but the guy always had a solid build.

Now at 69 years of age, Bushwhacker Luke (Luke Williams) is still stepping into the ring on occasion. Of course, that’s a lot easier to do when you’re still in just as good of shape as you were in your prime.

14 Diamond Dallas Page


People forget that Diamond Dallas didn’t even really break into the wrestling business until he was almost 40, which is an amazing feat in and of itself. By the time that he exploded in popularity, he was at an age where many wrestlers retire. Part of the reason that Page was able to make such a late run to the top has to do with the fact that the guy was a true workhorse who always managed to stay in shape. That didn’t change when he became popular and it certainly didn’t change when he retired and started his infamous DDP Yoga program.

Along with helping guys like Jake the Snake Roberts get back onto their feet, this program is likely responsible for keeping the 60-year-old Page looking young.

13 Alundra Blayze

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Alundra Blayze had an interesting WWE career. She came in at a time when Vince quite frankly couldn’t have given a damn about the drawing power of female wrestlers but seemed determined to make a go at having the best women’s division nonetheless. Alundra Blayze was at the forefront of this revolution. Despite her best efforts, however, she wasn’t really able to put women at the forefront. Even though she wasn’t as hyper-sexualized as the women of the Attitude Era, she was always in tremendous physical shape during her time as WWE Women’s Champion. Despite having stepped away from wrestling for a few years, Alundra still looks simply incredible. You could argue that she’s in almost as good of shape as she ever was.

12 Billy Gunn

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Billy Gunn was never one of those wrestlers that you thought of as a big guy or particularly well-built. Granted, that probably had something to do with the fact he hung around Triple H at a time when Triple H was built like a walking advertisement for supplements legal and otherwise, but the point remains that Billy Gunn wasn’t one of the top guys in WWE from a physical build perspective. A funny thing happened during Billy Gunn’s career, however. Even though his opportunities to shine became few and far between, he somehow kept getting in better and better shape. Due in part to a late run as a bodybuilder, Billy Gunn is looking absolutely jacked at age 53. Of course, he was busted for substance abuse, but that's still impressive.

11 Scott Steiner

via wrestlingforum.com

When Scott Steiner was first making the rounds as a professional wrestler with his brother Rick, he was immediately identified as the member of the popular tag team that could go on to have an incredible singles career. He had real skills, he had an engaging promo style, and, most importantly for our purposes, the guy looked like a million bucks. Steiner’s singles run didn’t happen back then, however, that wouldn’t come until later on in his WCW career when he decided to turn himself into a walking monument to the power of steroids.

Steiner’s intense physical growth became a matter of much speculation, but there’s no denying that the guy looked inhuman. While he’s certainly lost a little mass over the years, Steiner is still a well-built 54-year-old man.

10 Tatanka

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Tatanka (Christopher Chavis) was once a professional bodybuilder with aspirations to become a professional football player. When no NFL team would pay him enough to justify him quitting his day job, he eventually found his way into professional wrestling. Someone in WWE obviously thought quite highly of him as Tatanka enjoyed a pretty historic undefeated streak upon joining the company. It wasn’t long before the company ran out of ideas for him, however, and not long after that before Tatanka wandered out of wrestling.

Maybe it’s because he’s under a Legends contract and occasionally makes WWE television appearances, but Tatanka has remained in remarkable physical condition over the years. He’s not nearly as jacked as he used to be, but Chavis looks like he could still step into the ring at age 55.

9 Sid Vicious

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Despite the fact that the man couldn’t cut a coherent promo if his life depended on it and he was seemingly made of paper in his later years, Sid Eudy was always one of the most impressive wrestlers in the old days from a sheer physical standpoint. Some have gone so far as to say that if you could build the perfect professional wrestler from scratch, the first draft would look like Sid. You’ve probably seen the videos of some of the devastating injuries that Sid suffered late in his career that unceremoniously ended his time as a professional wrestler.

Despite that, Sid spent years working hard in physical rehabilitation programs and managed to keep his incredible form. The 55-year-old Sid Eudy is a marvel of resiliency.

8 Ivory

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Ivory was 37 when she made her WWE debut. At the time, she was something of an alternative to the typical WWE women of the era. She was more of a classically trained wrestler than someone brought in entirely for sex appeal. Her serious characters and serious in-ring abilities were a stark contrast to the supermodel builds of some of her contemporaries. As such, some people at the time never really took the time to notice that Lisa Moretti was in tremendous shape during her WWE run. She remained in tremendous shape when she moved on to more of a managerial and trainer role, and she has kept her form well after stepping away from the spotlight. As her recent appearances on shows like Table for 3 have confirmed, the 54-year-old Moretti hasn’t aged a day.

7 Virgil

via prowrestlingnews.com

Virgil has become one of the internet’s favorite jokes since those pictures of him sitting alone at an autograph table emerged online not that long ago. As the berated assistant to the Million Dollar Man, Virgil was actually a pretty great character. As a heel, everyone hated the way he would just obey every order. As a potential face, people were just waiting for him to turn against Ted DiBiase. Regardless of his alignment, Virgil was always in excellent shape.

While the 54-year-old Virgil may slowly be losing his mind (his recent interviews have been interesting, to say the least), the man must be credited for not losing his build despite the fact that his television time has significantly decreased over the years.

6 Ricky Steamboat

via miamiherald.com

Ricky Steamboat was a model of consistency when he was in his prime. He wasn’t always the most exciting guy on the microphone or even the flashiest wrestler in the ring, but he was the guy you called on when you needed someone to go out there and have the best match of the night. Steamboat was that guy for WCW and WWE for as long as they would have him around. Years later, when Steamboat stepped into the ring against Chris Jericho during a brief WWE return, fans were shocked at how good Steamboat looked both physically and in the ring. If anything, Steamboat actually looks even better now than he did back then. At 63 years old, Ricky Steamboat shows no signs of slowing down.

5 Sabu

via wrestlinginc.com

When Sabu debuted for ECW, nobody had ever seen anything quite like him. He was carted out to the ring Hannibal Lecter style and covered in very real scars. He was a guy that didn’t always hit his moves in the ring. In fact he was infamous for botching the majority of the moves he attempted, but when he did hit that big move, it was usually something that nobody else could have done. His in-ring style forced Sabu to stay in pretty great shape throughout his WWE and ECW career. Sabu’s style meant that he had to retire from in-ring action at a fairly young age, but he’s still known to make the occasional indie appearance. Remarkably, the 51-year-old Sabu still looks pretty good considering what he’s been through.

4 Kevin Nash

via stack.com

Kevin Nash wasn’t the biggest wrestler anyone had ever seen when he debuted as Diesel in WWE, but there was something about the guy that drew all eyes towards him. He was perfectly cast as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels. Mostly, that’s because he looked like a guy that would legitimately toss you across the arena if you tried to mess with him. Nash was never exactly an in-ring miracle worker, he had notoriously bad cardio and weak quads, but at least when he was standing still, he remained one of the most physically intimidating wrestlers in America.

Nash stayed active few years which required him to stay in shape, but that still does little to explain just how the 57-year-old big man has managed to stay looking like a 25-year-old.

3 Jim Duggan

via dailyrecord.com

There was once an internet rumor that Jim Duggan got his “Hacksaw” nickname because he was able to saw a military jeep in half as part of a strongman show. It’s not true (at least so far as anyone can tell), but it speaks to just how strong Duggan was. He rarely got to show it during his time in WWE due to the fact that Duggan was largely a comedy character, but Hacksaw could go toe-to-toe with the best of his era in terms of pure strength.

What’s really remarkable, however, is how Hacksaw was able to stay in shape past his prime. In fact, we’d argue that the 62-year-old Jim Duggan looks better now than he did during his WCW run. Perhaps it's because he still wrestles occasionally on the indies.

2 Goldberg

via forbes.com

Nobody who was watching it live will ever forget that debut of Bill Goldberg. Here was a guy that got a jobber entrance (no music, already standing in the ring), received no hype, but looked like he could single-handedly tear his way through the entire locker room with enough energy left over to push-press the arena. Of course, what a lot of fans didn’t know back then was that Goldberg was something of a career athlete that had made his living off of intimidation. As arguably one of the most impressively built wrestlers in the history of wrestling, it makes sense that Goldberg would lose a little mass over the years. His recent return to Raw, however, reveals that he hasn’t lost much even at age 49.

1 Bruno Sammartino

via youtube.com

Bruno Sammartino is a one-of-a-kind wrestling legend. He was the champion at a time when holding the belt typically meant that you held it for years with the fate of the company on your back. He helped Vince McMahon Sr. keep his promotion thanks to his strongman physique and captivating persona. He’s the very definition of a classic professional wrestling champion. Bruno was widely recognized as perhaps the single strongest man in the early days of professional wrestling. His feats of strength still ring loud today. Still, the man is 81. Surely, he will have traded in those muscles for a well-earned retirement gut, right? Wrong. Bruno Sammartino is in better shape than your average 20-year-old. In this sad world where many wrestlers don’t even make it to 80, Bruno looks like he could still be the champion.

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