Top 15 Funniest Wrestlers Of All Time

If you're a big fan of professional wrestling, you tend to take it a little more seriously than the casual viewer. You're fully aware of the risks these performers take when they step in a ring and you appreciate the form of art these wrestlers display. You appreciate intense storylines and crave hard hitting action.

That being said, a little comedy sprinkled into wrestling is fantastic. While the show has to be taken seriously at some points, finding a way to balance the two is important. It's a variety show of sorts, so some comic relief is required. Even the greatest dramas will have some laughs thrown in and when they are, it makes it all the more effective.

We definitely have seen some terrible attempts at comedy in wrestling. Grown men wrestling in diaper matches, Ed Ferrara trying to imitate Jim Ross via the 'Oklahoma' character and Vince McMahon performing colon surgery on a figure meant to be J.R. (Basically when you try to insult J.R. it never works, because he's amazing.)

However some wrestlers thrived on playing a purely comedic character, or by incorporating some in their promos and even their matches. A wrestler's purpose should always be to illicit a reaction from the crowd. The best ones could get a wide range of them and while some are better off not trying to be funny, there have been plenty that could get laughs at will. How hard was it not to laugh when The Rock would cut a promo? How about when Kurt Angle would take a break from being the serious Olympic hero and acting like a complete goof? How about Eddie Guerrero's cheating antics in the ring? Guerrero made cheating, usually an act meant to garner heat, so funny that fans couldn't help but cheer him when he would break the rules to win.

The purpose of this list will be to acknowledge wrestlers who gave us a ton of laughs while performing on screen. It's becoming a lost art in wrestling with the reduction of over the top characters, but even the most hardcore fans could appreciate a good laugh from these wrestlers.

15 William Regal


14 Triple H

13 Owen Hart

12 Hurricane


11 Shawn Michaels

10 Santino Marella

9 Kurt Angle

8 Edge & Christian

7 Eddie Guerrero

6 Jerry Lawler

5 Stone Cold Steve Austin

4 Chris Jericho

3 Mick Foley

2 Bobby Heenan

1 The Rock


Did you really expect anybody else? When The Rock got a hold of a microphone, nobody controlled a crowd quite like The Great One. The Rock had it all as a performer and part of what got him so popular was his humor. Whether he was the arrogant, cocky Rock of the Nation of Domination and Corporation years, The People's Champion or even his Hollywood heel persona, The Rock always found a way to get laughs. His endless catchphrases and charisma further enhanced just how funny he could be. You could watch his promos for hours and hours and never get bored.

If there was one wrestler who could make anybody, even those who aren't wrestling fans, laugh, it was (and still is) The Rock.

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Top 15 Funniest Wrestlers Of All Time