Top 15 GIFs Of The Women Of WWE That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

There are very few things better than checking out pictures of the ladies of the WWE on their social media feeds. Sometimes sprinkled between the videos of backstage antics, and pictures of their dinner from the night before you can find a GIF or two that really make your day. Heck, sometimes people on the internet just make their own GIFS from videos of the women if they are particularly enamoured by the woman. And once you start using Reddit to look at GIFs from the WWE, you better get ready to lose about four hours of your life.

It's hard to pull away from checking out these gorgeous women, who flaunt their ultra athletic bodies. I mean if they didn't want us to replay these images over and over then they wouldn't post them, right? Or maybe we just tell ourselves that to justify the four hours we just lost on Reddit.

That is why today we are going to look at 15 GIFs that will make you jaw drop. In the interest of fairness, I didn't put any woman on here twice because you deserve to see as many of these ladies as possible.

Let us know if we included your favorite GIF in the comments section.

15 Lana

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I guess when you are from the rough tundra of Russia, you enjoy just lounging in a sauna from time to time. Hey, I don't think any of Lana's Snapchat followers were complaining either when she posted this video a while back. Of course, the video was instantly seized upon by the internet and turned into a GIF showing off a great angle of the Ravishing Russian. Hey, that's the age we live in.

Even though she is talking directly into her phone, I would venture to guess that most of the people watching this weren't looking at her mouth. Maybe that is because as a viewer your eyes are instantly drawn the hot sweat that is built up all over Lana's bare chest...but hey what do I know?

14 Mandy Rose

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When Mandy Rose first appeared on the sixth season of Tough Enough, she looked like the clear-cut winner from the start. She had everything going for her to be a WWE Superstar. From the long blonde hair to the absolutely shredded body, Rose seemed like the perfect fit for the WWE's new emphasis on women. Although she lost Tough Enough, she was offered a five-year deal with the company and has since come into her own on NXT. Rose's body has stayed as sharp as ever, with the former fitness competitor often sharing GIFS like the one above on Instagram. Obviously Rose keeps in this kind of shape for the WWE, but also because she is still doing fitness photo shoots for companies not affiliated with wrestling. And with a body like that who could complain?

13 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss may be the hottest thing in women's wrestling right now. She has seemingly come out of nowhere to challenge every big name in the women's division in the WWE and has come out on top as the WWE RAW Women's Champion. Despite her small stature, Bliss is stacked from her years as a competitive bodybuilder. During her time cutting weight for competition Bliss would become extremely lean, but since joining the WWE she has gotten a little fuller.

The GIF above shows exactly where she is the most full. It almost seems like Bliss's ring gear can't contain her body, as she always has a cheek or two popping out of her shorts...and that isn't' a complaint. We sure don't want her changing anything about her character.

12 Summer Rae

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Since being drafted to RAW in the 2016 WWE draft, I have been trying to figure out where Summer Rae has been hiding. The former FCW Divas Champion has been off WWE programming since having her name drawn in the supplemental draft. It turns out that Rae wasn't hiding, she was just hanging out in the desert, spinning around in a bikini. Maybe she needed some time to reflect on things after her horrible storyline with Rusev, Lana and Dolph Ziggler last year. In all seriousness, Rae has been out of the ring nursing injuries, and because of that hasn't been on television. That hasn't stopped her, however, from remaining very active on social media. This little gem was pulled off of her Snapchat earlier this year.

11 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella has been pushing the boundaries of PG with her social media antics. Over the past few years, the former WWE Divas Champion has become more and more risque as her number of followers have grown. In fact, Bella has the third most YouTube followers among all WWE based channels, only behind the main WWE channel and their gaming channel Up Up Down Down. A few weeks ago when Bella's channel was on the cusp of hitting half a million subscribers, she promised to deliver some fan-pleasing content which can be seen above.

This GIF is pulled from a video on her channel where she along with fiance John Cena get "naked" and dance for viewers. Even though it's been confirmed that neither one was actually naked, this is still a nice little gift from Nikki Bella.

10 Becky Lynch

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I bet you didn't know that the Lass Kicker had a GIF out there that showed so much...Lass. This GIF is from a photoshoot that Becky Lynch shot back in 2006 during her first stint in wrestling. For those who don't' know, the Irish-born grappler took a few years off from the business in the late 2000s and didn't get back into it until she signed with the WWE in 2013. This GIF is just one of many that are floating out there of Becky from this photoshoot, but this is the best. Not only do we get a teasing from Lynch, but if I'm not mistaken we also get to see a tattoo that she has on her backside. I guess her tights in WWE hide it well.

9 Natalya

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A ten-year veteran with the WWE at this point, Natalya has always straddled the line of having muscles while remaining feminine. The dungeon trained daughter of Jim Neidhart has always embraced her bigger frame, but really let loose when she became a member of the Total Divas cast in 2013. During this semi-reality based show, fans got to witness the more softer side of Natalya; we also were able to see some of the softer sides of her too.

The show frequently shows Natalya showing off skin, or bursting out of her outfits. At first it seemed odd that Natalya would agree to do the show, but after seeing her on Total Divas, we're not complaining. This GIF shows her disrobing, giving the world a good look at her black lingerie.

8 Renee Young

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Ever since joining the cast of Total Divas, the world has gotten to see a side of Renee Young that would have otherwise stayed hidden. The reality show is somewhat scripted so we can't necessarily take what Young says at face value. What we can take at face value, however, is Young's ridiculously smoking hot bikini body. Two years ago the only way fans would have gotten a chance to see Renee wearing a teeny bikini like in the GIF above would have been creeping through her social media. Now as a full-fledged member of the Total Divas cast, seeing Young half naked is sort of a regular occurrence. Now I can see why Dean Ambrose thinks that Young is too good for him.

7 Eva Marie

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So would you have known who was featured in this GIF if it wasn't in big bold letters above it? Maybe a better question is do you even care? I mean this is the GIF that keeps on giving, as Eva Marie will seemingly never be able to push that sled far enough. We don't want it to stop. Sure she's not really known for her ability in the ring, but there is no denying that Eva Marie is one of the best looking women in the WWE. Even if you are a body purist and don't like the look of her enhancements, you can't deny that Marie's legs, stomach and backside are some of the best in the business. I am eternally grateful to the inventor of yoga pants.

6 Maryse

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Let me break the fourth wall here a bit by saying that Maryse is without a doubt my favorite woman in the WWE. With this new crop of women coming in she may have some competition, but for now, that title belongs to her. It's not only her looks that make her top notch, although that doesn't hurt, but her swagger is what really takes her to the next level. There is just something about the way she carries herself in and out of the ring on WWE programming that makes her same unattainable, which in turn makes most fans want her more. This GIF may not be the most revealing but it leaves something to the imagination watching Maryse hit the ropes and then give it a little bounce back and forth. I'll let you decide what she is doing in your imagination.

5 Naomi

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Feel the...wooooahhhh. Sheesh, looking at Naomi's full bodysuit ring gear you wouldn't know that she is packing all of that! Once again Total Divas has blessed us with a GIF that makes us do a double take. Here we see Naomi adjusting her top and almost letting loose the real stars of the show. Seeing as how this was filmed before her big push on SmackDown, I wonder if Vince got a look at this footage and decided it was time for Namoi to win the strap.

In any case, Naomi's star is on the rise, with the former Orlando Magic dancer being prominently featured on WWE programming, as well as in the WWE Studios production The Marine 5: Battleground. Hopefully her push doesn't end soon.

4 Bayley

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People really love Bayley, and it's easy to see why. With her never give up attitude and her bubbly personality, the former WWE RAW Women's Champion is kind of hard not to like. Funny enough, despite never showing a shred of sexuality on WWE programming there are a ton of people out there that believe that Bayley is the sexiest woman on the WWE roster. Taking that into serious consideration, I couldn't just leave her off of this list, but it's hard to find a great GIF of The Hugger. The GIF above is one of the better ones that show that Bayley has got some jiggle in her wiggle. I think that there is a huge segment of the WWE Universe that hopes Bayley eventually turns heel so that we can see her show just a little more skin than she has in the past.

3 Carmella

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Carmella is definitely one of the leaders of the new generation of WWE women who were trained at the Performance Center. Breaking into the business in 2013, this former Los Angles Lakers cheerleader instantly found her place as the valet to Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Since being called up to the main roster in 2016, this second generation wrestler has really found her own style in a stacked SmackDown division. Maybe she honed her skills from watching her dad wrestle as a jobber in the '90s, or maybe her athletic ability comes from her years as a personal trainer. Either way, I could watch her moonwalk her way into the camera any day of the week. When looking at this GIF, you only think of one word: F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

2 Noelle Foley

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Noelle Foley counts as a woman of WWE right? I mean the second generation star has been the subject of her own reality show on the WWE Network and is training to become a wrestler in the near (we hope extremely near) future. Standing at nearly six feet tall and completely stacked in every way imaginable, it's hard not to put Noelle on this list. She was already Instagram famous before even joining the WWE formally, frequently posting pictures of herself in sexy clothes or sometimes just wearing lingerie. The GIF above is from one of those posts, where Noelle is wearing the hell out of some Calvin Klien underwear. How in the world did someone who looks like Mick Foley make someone who looks like Noelle?

1 Sasha Banks

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No list is complete without The Boss. Sasha Banks does a pretty good job keeping her personal life under wraps. She is old school in many ways when it comes to protecting her character in that respect.  That means we don't have Total Divas to rely on for a great GIF, heck we barely have her social media to rely on in this case. Sasha's Instagram is full of pictures of her wearing at least ring gear, never any less. That's why I had to go to the old WWE vault to find this GIF of Sasha posing in a bikini. Sure it's not as revealing as some of the other things on this list, but it's still more than you've ever seen from the former Women's Champion.

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