Top 15 Grossest Wrestlers of All Time

In today's era of professional wrestling or "sports entertainment," gimmicks are a thing of the past. Some gimmicks still slip through the cracks and are hit or miss with the fans. However, in the 1980-1990s, professional wrestling  was full of talented wrestlers. Talent alone was not enough to get by though, so these wrestlers needed a gimmick and a good one to get over with the crowd. While some gimmicks were better than others, some gimmicks resulted in some rather gross and disgusting superstars. While they were not the most handsome men to look at or had the best bodies, they were still able to get over with the crowd. Some of these wrestlers were able to make a big impact from holding championships to even ending up in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

This list of superstars from the past and present have everything from missing teeth and bad hygiene. They had moves that put an opponent's face in their "junk," as their opponent prayed they showered at some point before their match or that at least their ring gear was clean. These superstars would use their armpits as a move, lick faces of referees, other wrestlers, or even lick the faces of fans in the arena! For some, it was not their actions or moves that made them gross, for some it could just simply be their bodies and ring attire that made them gross.

15 Tommy Dreamer

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Tommy Dreamer might not seem like he belongs here, but he definitely does. Dreamer had joined WWE during the Invasion Angle in 2001 after ECW closed its doors, before disappearing for a bit and coming back in 2002. At this time, Dreamer was shown in segments doing some rather gross things from brushing his teeth and his dogs teeth with the same toothbrush or eating food off the floor. However, what truly makes Tommy Dreamer a gross superstar? In a segment with The Undertaker on Raw in 2002, Tommy Dreamer drank The Undertakers chewing tobacco spit, which goes does as one of the grossest segments in WWE history.

14 Rikishi

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Rikishi had a long career in WWE with several gimmicks, but his most notable gimmick was when he was a part of Too Cool. Rikishi was a big man with a rather large posterior and he'd use his dimpled bottom to his advantage with his move "The Stink Face." He'd whip his opponent into the turnbuckle and drop them to the floor. From here, he would hike his tights and thong up, slap his dimpled cheeks and brown nose his opponents with his big bottom. Let's hope he never farted while doing The Stink Face...

13 Sabu 

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Sabu is a great talent in the ring and always makes sure that the fans got their money's worth. Sabu does not have any moves that come off as gross, nor has he had any gimmicks that were specifically gross. Sabu has made the list for one reason and one reason only: his scars. Sabu is not a pretty boy by any means. However, over his many years in the business, Sabu had many extreme matches, including several barbed wire matches. One particular barbed wire match with Terry Funk saw Sabu gash his bicep open so bad, he tried to use duct tape so he could continue the match. These matches left Sabu with many scars all over his body, which make him a little difficult to look at...

12 Luke Harper

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Luke Harper is the most recent superstar in WWE to make the list. Luke Harper is part of the Wyatt Family but none of them compare to him in terms of grossness. Luke's untamed beard, and frizzy hair gives us the assumption that he simply does not shower. Not only does his facial appearance gross fans out but his wrestling attire does too. Dirty jeans and and a stained yellow tank top (that is supposed to be white) leaves us with one question, has Luke Harper ever changed his clothes?

11 Mankind

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Mick Foley has had many personas over the course of his length pro wrestling career. One of his grosser personas was his first in WWE, Mankind. Mankind was a deranged superstar who would be seen holding a big rat, ripping out his own hair, and. in one match while on the apron, he was stabbing his own leg. While in his most famous match as Mankind with The Undertaker at Hell In The Cell in 1998, he was been thrown off the cell, then through the cell and was seen trying to push his tongue through a hole in his lip.

While his deranged persona left fans creeped out, his finisher also managed to gross fans out. His finisher was the mandible claw. His middle and index finger were wrapped up and he jammed his fingers down his opponents throat. When the gimmick changed and Mankind became more of a comedy act, the mandible claw became Mr. Socko. Mr. Socko was a sock Mick Foley drew a face on and he'd pull the sock out of his sweatpants, put it on his fingers and stuff it down his opponents throat, making it somehow even worse than his initial finisher.

10 Viscera/Big Daddy V 

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Viscera/Big Daddy V was a VERY large man. Whether you knew him as Mable, Viscera, or Big Daddy V, you knew that his size is what made his career. It was the Viscera/Big Daddy V gimmicks that grossed people out. One of Viscera's personas saw him in pajamas and being a ladies man known as "The World's Largest Love Machine" and it was his move set that really had people grossed out. Viscera would make many sexual gestures and his finishing move had his opponent on their stomach and him...humping them from behind. As far as Big Daddy V it was his ring gear that left no imagination to how Big Daddy V looked in tights. He had a massive chest with noticeable "man boobs" and many folds from his neck, chest and stomach. When he moved, so did everything else!

9 Billy Kidman

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Billy Kidman makes this list for when he joined Raven's Flock while in World Championship Wrestling. Prior to being part of Raven's Flock, Billy Kidman was somewhat of a jobber in the Cruiserweight division in WCW. Kidman went from a clean cut wrestler to a wrestler who wrestled in jean shorts and a shirt with holes in it. What set Billy Kidman off from the rest of Raven's Flock was the fact that his hair looked so greasy, as if he hadn't showered in weeks. On top of that, to add to his grossness, he was always itching his face or his shoulders.

8 Abdullah The Butcher 

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Abdullah The Butcher by all means does not have the body you would expect to see in professional wrestling. On top of that, Abdullah is known for having some of the bloodiest matches of all time.  Of all the weapons to use in a match, Abdullah used a fork, yes, a fork! He would take the fork and dig it into his opponents forehead.  Speaking of foreheads, as you can see in any photo of Abdullah, he's  heavily scarred due to cutting during his matches.  While seeing him with a shirt off is gross, it is seeing the deep scars in his forehead that makes him really gross.

7 Yokozuna

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Yokozuna may never have had any gross moments, but his finishing move couldn't have been enjoyable. Also, since he wrestled barefoot, receiving a superkick to the face from someone who probably could not touch his feet is just gross enough.

In terms of his finishing move, he used the Banzai Drop. Yokozuna would climb the middle rope with his opponent down looking at a huge rear end coming crushing down on their chest with his "package" literally right in their face. That doesn't seem ideal...

6 T.L. Hopper 

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T.L. Hopper was given a plumber gimmick and was a low mid carder during the era of worker gimmicks in the WWE during the 1990s. He always walked to the ring with a plunger and what made him so gross was that, while walking to the ring, he would put the plunger right into the camera, leaving those at home wonder just how dirty the plunger was. Not only did he carry the plunger to the ring, but prior to entering the ring he would hold it close to his face. It was not only his plunger, but his ring attire. He would wear a white tank top that always seemed to have brown stains on the front of it, which led you to assume what might be on his shirt...

5 The Boogeyman

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The Boogeyman would wear eerie red face-paint and contacts and leave a good amount of the fans  freaked out. However, what made The Boogeyman gross and grotesque was one of two things. For starters, he had a really creepy smile which showed off his missing teeth. Secondly, The Boogeyman would eat worms and, after beating an opponent, he'd stuff those worms in his opponents mouths. Now that is truly gross!

4 The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags)

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Nasty is in their name, so it is only fitting that Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags make this list. If you think it's because of their appearance that they made this list, you'd be wrong as it was not the fact that Sags was missing a front tooth that made this duo gross. It was a maneuver they used known as The Pitstop that was truly gross. The move involved Sags grabbing their opponent and stuffing his face into Knobbs' armpit. Now that is NASTY.

3 Vince McMahon 

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This might come as a shock to some, but Vince McMahon makes the list for many reasons. Over the years, he's done some pretty insane things. Firstly, he pitched an incest angle that his daughter luckily turned down. He's also made out with Trish Stratus in front of his own wife, which is more weird than gross. The grossest happens to be the third reason, which is his "Kiss My Ass Club," where he made a handful of superstars kiss his ass (yes, which included seeing his bare bottom) to keep their jobs. If that's not gross, I don't know what is.

2 Bastion Booger 

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Bastion Booger never had the body of a professional wrestler and his ring gear showed that. On top of that, in most of his vignettes and promos, he would be seen eating mass amounts of food and even rubbing it on himself. There was even one time on commentary that Bastion Booger was eating dog treats, DOG TREATS! To make matters even worse, he was also missing his front teeth but what was most disturbing about this big man was his finishing move. If you thought the Banzai Drop was bad, Bastion Booger's finishing was somehow even worse. While his opponent was laying on his back, Bastion Booger would then place his feet by his opponent's neck, do a little dance and then drop his "junk" right on their face.

1 The Bushwhackers 

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The Bushwhackers were by far the grossest superstars of all time. These two would come to the ring in dirty ring gear and with missing teeth but what really sets them apart is that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, was safe from being licked by The Bushwhackers. While walking down to the ring, they would lick fans' faces on the way to the ring. Not only were fans victims of their face licking but the referees were victims too. If there is one thing people hate, it's having their face licked by gross looking men.

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