Top 15 Hilarious Wrestling Promos That Made ZERO Sense

Sometimes the difference between a champion and a chump is solely based on the ability to cut a good promo. Pure wrestling prowess has so little to do with popularity that sometimes it's the ONLY thing that gets you over with the crowd. History has even been made out of promos, like Austin 3:16 and CM Punk's pipe bomb, and the moment that you hear them you just know that you're witnessing greatness.

But sometimes promos and vignettes were destined for failure from the very start. Can you imagine a scenario where Dusty Rhodes would ever have to replace your toilet? Have you ever tried to really listen to what The Ultimate Warrior has tried to say through all of his yelling? Were you as horrified by WCW's "Seven" character as everyone else was? These are all examples of times when people were left more confused than they would have been had they not even cut the promo at all.

While the argument can be made that live television plays a huge part in the amount of mistakes people make, sometimes they're so distracting that there's no turning back. Honorable mentions: Hogan's "Silverdome" gaffe at WrestleMania XXX, Jumping Jeff Farmer's ridiculously painful promo where he barely gets out full sentences, and who could forget about the majority of Scott Steiner's classic mic work. You better believe he still made the list though and for obvious reasons.

Buckle up, because these 15 promos might get a little out there. We hope you enjoy!

15 2 Cold Scorpio Makes Kids Dance to School

14 The Miz Only Had One Job

13 Lex Luger Hates Your Shirts, Billy

12 Juventud Guerrera Smells What He's Cookin'

11 Ric Flair Loses His Mind… and Clothes

10 Sid Has Half a Brain to Cut Promos

9 British Bulldog is Bizarre!

8 Jake "the Snake" Roberts Has 22 to Your 21, I guess?

7 Scott Steiner Teaches Us An Astronomy Lesson

6 Hulk Hogan Makes it Clear

5 Seven Stares at Children in the Night

4 Dusty Rhodes Loves Plumbing

3 Road Warrior Hawk Explains "Hard" To Ric Flair

2 The Ultimate Warrior Wants Hulk to Hijack a Plane

1 Of Course We Included The Iron Sheik

If you want to talk about insane promos, The Iron Sheik is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and for very good reason. Never shy on the microphone (and more recently Twitter), he cut some of the most insane promos of all time, but to this day I have absolutely no idea what any of them ever meant. In fact, if anyone wants to subtitle any of the various videos that are floating around on the internet, I'd be very interested to try and figure out exactly what he's trying to say, and that's not only because of the obvious language barrier. In this video, you can see The Shiek going on one of his classics rants that's funny and uncomfortable to watch at the same time.

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Top 15 Hilarious Wrestling Promos That Made ZERO Sense