Top 15 Hot Photos of Charlotte You NEED to See

Charlotte has been one of, if not, the hottest topic in the Diva world. One, because of how quickly she has jumped on the scene and taken over the Divas division. And two, because, well, she is really freaking hot.

Not only is she exciting to look at, but she is a real treat to watch. With her epic finishing moves that include the Natural Selection and Figure Eight, Charlotte has the WWE community going nuts.

For this article, though, we're going to focus on the way she looks as opposed to the way she wrestles. Anybody have a problem with that? I didn't think so.

Charlotte is arguably the hottest Diva in the game today and a case can be made for her being up there with the all-time knockouts in the ring. Her ridiculously fit body (which will be showcased a lot throughout this list) is absolute dynamite. Not only does she have the arms, legs, core, and booty, but she also has a killer face to go with it. To top it off, her smile will blind you with beauty. An all around stunner. Fans should be grateful that she will be around for years to come.

This list will include some Instagram pics, some muscle and fitness photoshoot shots, and more. I don't care if you've seen some already, they can be looked at multiple times.

I had a really difficult time picking the number one photo, and I'm intrigued to see what people think. If there is one missing that should have been there, feel free to share it in the comments. The more the merrier.

But it's really hard to say any of these doesn't deserve to be on here. Go ahead, see for yourself. Enjoy!

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15 Charlotte's Going to Find Out if  You've Been Naughty or Nice

Strutting in the city #WWEMSG 👑

A post shared by Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on

This naughty santa outfit leads me to believe that being on Charlotte's naughty list may be a good thing.

I'm sure anyone would be as bad as she wanted them to be in order to move up that list. This isn't the most revealing photo, but it's sexy as hell none the less. Those of you in the city on this night would be lucky to be in her presence.

And, of course, she is even showing off the belt. If she wasn't on the Christmas wish list before, she is now. That's a guarantee.

14 Two Words: Yoga Pants

Here we have a nice little post workout photo that Charlotte posted to her Instagram.

I think it's safe to say that I need to shake the hand of the man who invented yoga pants. I had to include one of these on here because they really do make her butt and legs look ridiculous.

It's a shame that we can't see a full shot. Readers would be all about that, I'm sure.

13 Making the Standard Duck Face Selfie Look Unbelievable

💋 #WWECologne #DivasChampionship #DoitwithFlair

A post shared by Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on

Quack, quack! I will say that I am against duck faces, but I'll let Charlotte get away with one here. She certainly has the lips to make it work.

The close up definitely does her long blonde hair plenty of justice here and I particularly like how it looks up top. The makeup is on point and her chest looks like it is about to pop out of that sexy red top. Her makeup makes her look like a drop dead gorgeous doll. Also, you have to dig tatted babes.

12 The Photo That Makes You Want to Wife Her Up

via fanpop.com

I have to say this pose, outfit, and setting will make a lot of men want to put a ring on that finger.

This shot has the living room feel with a television in the background while she dons a conservative yet sexy peach skirt and top. Hand on the hip and smile. Imagine coming home to that?

What guy wouldn't want to make Charlotte his wife?

11 Rocking the Hell Out of Her Winter Wardrobe

❄️ Cabin Fever #HolidayShoot

A post shared by Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on

I don't know about you, but I love a pretty girl with a cute scarf wrapped around her neck. This photo shows her in a cabin, which gives her the winter and cuddly feel, but she somehow makes it the perfect mix of cute and hot.

The combination of the tight top that has her chest bursting out, along with the ripped jeans and jacket wrapped around the waist makes me wish I had an open invitation to join her for a movie night. The star in the background gives this picture the perfect lighting too. It's also fitting because she is a star in and out of the ring. Charlotte has great teeth, but this smile is still incredibly attractive. Netflix and chill, anyone?

10 Standing Over Her Opponent Like She's Nothing

via youtube.com

Okay, not the type of photo you expected on this list. You're probably thinking, where the heck is her body? Why would this make her top 15 photos?

Maybe this it's just me, but seeing her stand over he opponent and shouting in her face with firey eyes just works. There are plenty of amazing photos that show of Charlotte's body, but this one gives you a feel for her intensity in the ring. I wouldn't mind being the one getting yelled at, and frankly, neither would you. Don't hate, appreciate the intensity.

9 Flaunting the Divas Championship in Sexy Pink Two Piece Outfit

Many of you witnessed her holding up the Divas Championship belt on screen, but here's a standstill shot of the stunner raising the belt.

Few things to enjoy about this pose: 1) The "I'm the s**t lookaway," for those of you that love a confident gal. 2) That shiny blonde hair gets a nice shout out, especially given the terrific angle this was shot at. 3) Those abs and long legs look perfect in her pink two piece outfit. 4) The boots will have any guy going crazy. 5) All of the above (only because I wouldn't want to single out one reason for her stunning beauty).

8 Dropping Bodies and a Booty Shot 

Charlotte is a dominant in the ring and this picture pretty much tells the story.

Take a look at her strutting over a couple of casualties in her long sexy black boots while flaunting a booty for the ages. Here we see the "who's next" or "is that all you got?" type of look. Either works just fine.

This is a similar choice to picture #10. My, oh my.

7 When the Camera Catches Her in the Ideal Workout Pose

via wwedivadeluxex.tumblr.com

Here we see Charlotte doing a bent over dumbbell row and looking DAMN good while demonstrating it.

There are few nice shots from her Muscle and Fitness photo-shoot like this one, but in this instance the crowd gets a nice close-up. Does she need a spotter? Anyone?

6 The Backside Shot Everyone Was Waiting For

Raise your hand if the belt was the first thing you notice here. Oh, no one? Sort of figured as much.

Charlotte's tight and fit behind is showed off nicely by her diamond and purple shorts. I also love the way she is looking over her shoulder with that," You want me? Come and get me, smile." It amazes me how white her teeth are. Also, who doesn't love a chick in a sport jersey?

Only bad thing in this photo is her team, the Carolina Panthers, lost 24-10 to the Denver Broncos. Besides that, it's flawless as usual.

5 Want to Take a Bath?

via cheap-heat.com

The mind will think a ton of inappropriate thoughts after drinking this photo in. Don't worry guys and girls, we' re all guilty here. Try your best to keep it PG.

I'm sure you all would love to see her fill the tub up and jump in, but isn't it more enticing to have to look at this shot and picture what it would be like. No? Okay, fine. I can't really blame you. Regardless, she looks stunning here.

4 Holy Flexibility 


A post shared by Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on

Okay, here is a photo that gets the imagination running wild.

Charlotte is a menace in the square and this photo proves why she is able to do so many different things in the ring. She's athletic AND flexible. We see her in the table top pose here showing off that tan body and pointing at ME. I know you're thinking she's pointing at you, but it's ME.

This is the basis of one of her signature moves, the figure eight, and many people are trying to imitate it. Don't believe me, go check out her Instagram. I know I can't do it, but I enjoy seeing her flex.

3 Looking Like a Million Bucks on the Cover of Muscle and Fitness

via imgur.com

Are you the type of guy who enjoys an in shape dime? If so, this cover photo must have your jaw all the way down to the floor.

The toned arms which most men would long to have, along with the hair in a stunning ponytail. I'm going to devote a separate sentence to the abs, because let's be honest, they deserve it.

All subscribers to this magazine got a nice treat with this cover photo (and inside shots).

2 An Even Better Championship Photo

Current Mood. 😈✌🏻️ #WWESanJose

A post shared by Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on

I may have some who disagree, but my money says that this purple two piece kicks the crap out of the pink one that was earlier on the list.

Maybe it's the side angle that does this for me, but I think this shot is flawless. Okay, actually, I think it's just the outfit (but I have to be a little fair).

I also think I enjoy the fired up open mouth smile look with the hair flowing back perfectly. Abs and legs looking unreal as usual. Face looking great with that design. A ++++ in my book.

1 Girls in Sports Jerseys? YES.

Because of the target audience that this article is being directed towards, this photo is sitting at number one on the list.

A sexy and tight Cam Newton jersey that shows a perfect amount of a cleavage. The hair flowing, football in hand with a look that says "I'm ready to play." She might kick my ass, but I'll play some tackle football with her any day.

One correction, though: No we Cam't. Sorry Charlotte, but it was just too easy.

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