Top 15 Hot Photos Of Gail Kim You NEED To See

Gail Kim is one of the hottest female athletes to ever come out of Canada.

Gail Kim is one of the hottest female athletes to ever come out of Canada. She is of Korean descent and was born in the city of Toronto. Her stunning beauty and undeniable ability to perform in the ring have made her an international star. Kim came up through the independent scene and has wrestled for both major U.S. wrestling promotions, WWE and TNA. She has appeared in movies, reality television shows, and even video games. Besides being beautiful and athletic, Kim is also well-educated.

Kim attended Ryerson University in her hometown of Toronto. During her time at the university, she majored in nutrition. WWE recognized Kim's intellectual ability when they selected her to represent the company on the hit game show Brainsurge. She even dabbled in kinesiology at one point, which may have helped her with her outstanding movement in the ring. While Gail Kim is clearly a pretty smart woman, it was probably her stunning good looks that first caught the attention of wrestling promoters.

Kim is 5 foot 4 and billed as weighing 120 pounds. The Asian stunner was named on Forbes magazine's list of "America's Most Eligible Bachelorettes." However, she would eventually go on to marry celebrity chef, Robert Irvine. Now that we know her background, let's take a look at 15 photos of this gorgeous star.



There is nothing quite like a beautiful woman with cupcakes, is there? This photo is every hungry wrestling fans dream. If she's going to maintain a figure like that, it seems highly unlikely that Kim will be eating too many of those tasty looking treats. Also, it's always a good idea to have a cupcake themed apron around to keep your white bikini from getting messed up. Besides being sexy, this photo can also make you a little hungry.

Fun Fact: Nora Greenwald, who is better known the wrestling fans as Molly Holly, helped get Gail Kim into the WWE. When Kim was introduced to Holly, she was encouraged to send tapes of her matches to WWE. She eventually signed with the company for the first time in 2002.



How come I never get any Christmas cards that look like this? If this is what women in the North Pole looked like, I'm sure more people would be willing to tolerate the cold weather. There is little doubt that Gail Kim is capable of making anyone's holiday season brighter. In fact, there isn't any season Kim's presence wouldn't likely improve. The sexy Santa outfit never looked better!

Fun Fact: Kim's wedding was actually featured on the television program, Restaurant Impossible. Her husband, Robert Irvine, is actually the star of the show. In fact, the couple even met on the show's set. The program featured Irvine attempting to help save failing restaurants. Restaurant Impossible lasted for 13 seasons, before being canceled in 2016. The two have been married since May of 2012.



In honor of the late great WWE legend and 2017 Hall of Famer, Gail Kim appears to be doing her best Rick Rude impersonation. This bathing suit features an incredibly innovative design and looks nothing short of amazing on her. It would not be difficult for the six-time Knockouts Champion to find work as a swimsuit model. The starfish bracelet also helps to complete the look.

Fun Fact: In June of 2016, Gail Kim became the first female to inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. TNA's version of the hall was founded on May 31, 2012. She was the 7th and most recent person to be inducted. She joins fellow wrestling legends such as; Sting, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Jarrett. Is is possible we may one day she her inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as well?



This all-red outfit highlights Kim's devilish side. The black and red boots only add to her allure. The female grappler's "who me" look suggests that she may be trying to get away with something in the photo. With looks like that, it would be hard to stay angry at this Canadian beauty. Images like this one remind us of one of the many reasons Gail Kim has crawled into the hearts of wrestling fans around the world.

Fun Fact: Kim was once involved in a tag team with fellow TNA Knockout Madison Rayne. The two would go on to defeat Tara and Brooke Tessmacher, winning the TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles in the process. That same month Kim would defeat Velvet Sky for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Kim was only the 2nd woman in the company's history to hold both belts at the same time.



This photo makes it clear that Gail Kim takes her workout routines seriously. The wrestling star is in outstanding shape! Her seductive gaze combined with her long straight hair makes this an image wrestling fans aren't likely to soon forget. Kim certainly knows how to pose for the camera.

Fun Fact: When Gail Kim first debuted on the Canadian independent circuit, she was known as La Felina. She referred to herself as "The Queen of the Cats." Kim even wore a mask when she portrayed this character. I'm not sure who the promoter was at the time, but having a wrestler that looks like Kim wear a mask seems like a bad idea. She would eventually go on to lose the mask as part of a match stipulation.



This photo shows Kim enjoying a little fun in the sun. Who wouldn't want to go longboarding with this Ryerson University graduate? Despite her no-nonsense attitude in the ring, it appears Gail Kim has a bit of a fun side. Her warm smile suggests that she is really enjoying her time relaxing in the sand. She truly looks amazing in this bikini shot!

Fun Fact: Gail Kim was featured in a movie called Royal Kill. The film is about an assassin that comes to America to kill a high school girl...who is actually a princess. Unfortunately, for Kim, the film didn't receive great reviews. Film critic Dan Zak said it was "deliriously bad filmmaking." The movie was also the last film to feature Pat Morita, who played Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid movies.



Here is a group of women who know how to look good in all black bathing suits. The image features; Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell, Brooke Adams, and last but not least ODB. All four women look stunning in this picture, which was likely taken when they were all in TNA. Kim looks especially stunning in her revealing one-piece suit. Who wouldn't love to take a vacation with these four super-hot ladies?

Fun Fact: All four women shown above were at one time affiliated with WWE. Out of the four women pictured, only ODB didn't appear on WWE television. However, only one of these women made the list of 15 Smoking Hot WWE Divas Who Made No Impact In The Company. Can you guess which one?



This photo proves that Gail Kim has a bit of a naughty side...or maybe her air conditioner wasn't working. Regardless of the temperature when this image was taken, Kim looks smoking hot. Her eyes are quite captivating in this extremely provocative picture. In an industry full of beautiful women, she is still able to stand out from the pack.

Fun Fact: Gail Kim was a six-time Knockouts Champion in TNA Wrestling. Angelina Love is the only other woman in the company's history to have held the title 6 times. Kim and Love were actually on-screen rivals during their time together in the promotion. She would go on to defeat Love when the two met at the pay-per-view Victory Road, in 2008. The two women would go on to continue their feud during Kim's second stint in TNA.



Gail Kim certainly didn't have trouble turning heads during her initial run with the WWE. The ripped top looks outstanding draped on Kim's chiseled physique. You can tell she spent countless hours training, prior to her debut in the world's most well-known professional wrestling organization. Kim looks bound and determined to cut a promo for the ages in this particular photograph.

Fun Fact: Gail Kim actually won the WWE Women's Championship in her debut match with the company. She won the title by participating in a battle royal and eliminating Victoria to become the champ. She would eventually go on to lose the title to Molly Holly, after holding it for a little less than a month. This would be the only time she held the strap in WWE.



Yeah, this sports bra definitely has its work cut out for it. It's hard not to smile when you're in that good of shape. Studying nutrition in college seems to have really paid off for the former Women's Champion. Her level of fitness would appear to be very high indeed. One has to imagine, it might be difficult to concentrate on your workout with Kim jogging next to you in that outfit. Moreover, her teeth look amazing in this shot.

Fun Fact: Near the end of her 2nd stint in WWE, Gail Kim actually played the role of Daniel Bryan's girlfriend, back in 2011. Interestingly enough, the storyline involved Kim being attacked by Bryan's future real-life wife, Brie Bella. In fact, she actually feuded with both Bella Twins.



When it comes to looking good in a pro wrestling ring, Gail Kim definitely "knows the ropes." The long black boots in this photo help to accentuate some of her finer points. There are certainly more than a few folks out there who would love to step into the squared circle with this knockout. Images like this remind us why Gail Kim is considered one of the best looking women in wrestling.

Fun Fact: Gail Kim actually debuted as a manager during her first run in TNA. She managed America's Most Wanted. The team was made up of Chris Harris and James Storm. She also managed Jeff Jarrett for a brief period of time. She would eventually go on to become an in-ring competitor in TNA.



Wow! It must be really cold in there, the way these three women are huddled together. In this photo, Gail Kim is joined by fellow TNA wrestling stars Traci Brooks and Christy Hemme. This is an instance where three is definitely "not" a crowd. This photo highlights some of the most beautiful women to ever set foot in a TNA ring. Just as the Kenny Chesney song says; "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem."

Fun Fact: Traci Brooks is actually married to former TNA wrestler Frankie Kazarian. The couple were wed in 2010 and welcomed their first child in 2013. Hemme was also married in 2010 to a man named Charley Patterson. Interestingly enough, both Brooks and Hemme have posed for Playboy magazine, which probably isn't much of a surprise.

3 V.I.P.


Even when she's trying to look mean, Gail Kim still looks really good. She appears to be strutting her way into the arena and getting the "blue" carpet treatment. Judging by the outfit, it looks like she may be getting ready for a match. For many female wrestlers, their wrestling gear can be every bit as sexy as any bikini or lingerie piece. This outfit is certainly "figure flattering."

Fun Fact: Gail Kim's first WrestleMania appearance was at WrestleMania XXV, which took place in Houston, Texas. She competed in the Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal and would be eliminated by Jillian Hall. Santino Marella would go on to win the match, despite not being a female. Honestly, despite having an amazing career, her WrestleMania debut was relatively forgettable.



Whoever makes Gail Kim's wrestling attire definitely deserves a raise. From the boots to the pink top, this outfit is smoking hot. You can't help but be a little jealous of whoever she's blowing a kiss to in this photograph. While Kim looks great in this shot, Mickie James looks like she's taken a bit of a beating. That being said, it was always a treat for wrestling fans when those two ladies stepped into the ring.

Fun Fact: Gail Kim wrestled against current WWE star Mickie James in both WWE and TNA. She even unsuccessfully challenged James for the WWE Women's Championship on Monday Night Raw. If you would like to learn more about recent WWE returnee Mickie, check out Top 15 Hot Photos Of Mickie James You NEED To See. You will be glad you did.



Gail Kim looks quite relaxed lying out in front of this very zen-looking rock garden. The image highlights Kim's toned legs and signature belly button ring. She looks ready to spend a quiet afternoon in the backyard soaking in some rays. This image shows the former WWE standouts softer side.

Fun Fact: Gail Kim eliminated herself during a number one contenders battle royal. Toward the end of her 2nd run in WWE, it would appear that Kim wasn't getting along very well with management. She was told that she was supposed to be eliminated from the battle royal within the first 60 seconds. In an act of frustration, Kim decided to just go ahead and eliminate herself. She would part ways with the company soon after this incident occurred.

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Top 15 Hot Photos Of Gail Kim You NEED To See