Top 15 Hot Photos Of Mickie James You NEED To See

Mickie James is one the most accomplished female wrestlers in recent history. She has won the WWE Women's Championship on 5 separate occasions. James also has the distinction of being the first woman to have held the WWE Divas title, WWE Women's title, and the TNA Knockout's title. In fact, if you combine all of her WWE and TNA championship runs, she is a 9-time world champion. Her natural charisma and ability to perform in the ring, have earned the Virginia native the admiration of fans across the globe. However, wrestling isn't this talented diva's only passion. The WWE star also has a budding career in country music.

James has opened for major country music acts like Rascal Flatts and Gretchen Wilson. She even performed a live version of her hit single "Hardcore Country" during a TNA television taping. It's fair to say that Mickie James is a very talented woman. However, the fact that she's one of the most beautiful women in all of pro wrestling, certainly shouldn't be overlooked. She recently returned to WWE for her second tour of duty and looks better than ever. James has always been (and still is) in excellent shape and another title run doesn't seem out of the question. However, you don't need to take my word for it. Instead, let's take at 15 of the hottest Mickie James photos on planet Earth!

15 Let It Flow

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Wow! Mickie James is so hot in this photo; she can lie down next to running water and still not get wet. To say this bikini is "figure flattering", would most certainly be an understatement. It's nice to see someone who works so hard, get a chance to relax a bit. With photos such as this one, it's easy to see how James has developed such a loyal male fan base.

Fun Fact: James is a big time animal lover. The wrestling starlet owns 3 horses and 2 dogs. She's gone on record as saying that once her wrestling career is over, she plans to buy a farm and train horses. It seem's that her country girl persona isn't just a clever wrestling gimmick. Mickie James truly is, "Hardcore Country".

14 Best Vest

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Wait... I think she may have forgotten to put something on. I got it! She forgot her hat. Seriously, this photo couldn't be any hotter. It goes to show that sometimes a vest is all you really need. It also clearly shows that Mickie James doesn't neglect her legs when she's spending time in the gym. The nasty looking door can't even diminish this sexy shot.

Fun Fact: When she first got started in the wrestling business, James struggled financially. She worked as a server for the restaurant chain, Olive Garden. It's not unusual for wrestlers to struggle with money on the independent scene. It's good to see that James was able to get through those trying times and become a star in the pro wrestling business.

13 Eye Of The Tiger

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If a tiger was actually killed to make this bathing suit, he should know that his sacrifice was not in vain (we do not condone animal hunting, FYI). There are few females on the WWE roster that can rock a bikini quite like Mickie James. Her smile is nothing short of infectious. With curves like these, it's easy to see how James made the list of 15 WWE Divas With Hotter Curves Than Kim Kardashian. If you would like to learn more about Micke James, check it out.

Fun Fact: James actually started her career out as a valet in 1999. However, back then she wasn't known as Micke James, but rather Alexis Laree. It wasn't until she debuted in WWE that she began to use her real name, Mickie James. James is one of the few women in WWE who doesn't use a stage name.

12 Lollipop Girl

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It's hard not to be a "sucker" for a photo like this. I mean who doesn't love a good lollipop?  James is demonstrating the type of playful demeanor that drives wrestling fans crazy. Her seductive gaze and cozy attire make this image, a difficult one to forget. It almost looks like she's sitting on a cloud, which would seem more than appropriate for this heavenly diva.

Fun Fact: Durning her first run in the WWE, James was engaged to Kenny Dykstra. Dykstra is probably best known for being a part of the male cheerleader faction, The Spirit Squad. However, the couple never ended up getting married. James is rumored to have had a fling with John Cena, which is allegedly what caused James and Dykstra to call it quits.

11 Cover Up

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It appears the designer who created this skirt may have run out of material. This shot definitely demonstrates Mickie James naughtier side. Despite her facial expression, something tells me that putting on this outfit wasn't an accident. From the high heels, all the way up to her pigtails, this photo highlights the former champion's massive sex appeal. This costume confirms the old saying, "sometimes, less is more".

Fun Fact: James actually appeared on TNA in 2002, prior to signing with the WWE for the first time. She was still performing under the name Alexis Laree at that point. Laree competed in a lingerie battle royal, as part of  TNA's second pay-per-view. During her first stint with TNA, she was also involved in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. This was basically a no disqualification match with weapons hanging overhead.

10 Lingerie Lounging

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In this instance, we aren't going to yell at Mickie James for putting her feet on the furniture. Is this woman a professional wrestler or a Victoria's Secret model? If James ever gets tired of wrestling, a career in lingerie modeling certainly wouldn't be out of the question. It's almost like she's looking to the side and saying to herself, "Wow! I look really good in this outfit." If that is what she's saying, I doubt anyone would argue.

Fun Fact: During her time in OVW, WWE's developmental territory, James had a feud with Beth Phoenix. Phoenix won their first matchup, back in 2005. Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez was also added to the feud and even teamed up with Phoenix. This was one of James's last feuds in OVW, before being called up to the main roster.

9 Bear Down

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This is probably one of the few times in your life when you have been envious of a Teddy Bear. The little guy sure looks happy in this photo and understandably so. Also, if there is one thing we have learned about Mickie James, it's that she sure does like lollipops. This shot was taken during one of her more curvy phases. However, the photo proves that women with curves are still quite beautiful.

Fun Fact: Mickie James comes from a very large family. She was born in Richmond, Virginia, but actually grew up in a community called Montpelier.  Her parents split up when she was still a child. She has 3 step-siblings, a half-brother, half-sister, and a sister. She attended high school in Ashland, Virginia and graduated in 1997.

8 Racing Stripes

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What country girl doesn't like a good race? This outfit is a NASCAR fan's dream. Mickie James seems like the type of girl you could take to a NASCAR race or any other sporting event, which is part of her down-home charm. In this photo, James comes across as extremely confident and with a physique like that, what woman wouldn't be? It's always nice to see the checkered flag being put to good use.

Fun Fact: When James debuted in WWE, she competed alongside WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus. The two eventually went on to have a series of matches against each other. This is the rivalry that helped make James a star in WWE. If you interested in seeing more of Trish Stratus, check out Bombshells: Top 15 Hottest Blondes In WWE History.

7 Busting Out

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Mickie James looks like she's been working hard on her triceps in the photo. James, like many of wrestling's top females, has never been shy about displaying a little cleavage. While women's wrestling has come a long way, it still doesn't hurt have a few extra assets to bring to the table. After all, professional wrestling is still very much a cosmetic industry. This shot proves James can get your attention with just her upper half.

Fun Fact: At WrestleMania 22, Mickie James won the WWE Women's Championship for the very first time. She defeated Trish Stratus in a singles match, using her signature move, the Mick Kick. She was able to retain her title at Backlash, the following PPV, despite losing the match via disqualification.

6 Classic

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This shot goes to show you don't always need to be in lingerie or a bikini to look hot. It's a fun and flirty outfit that is sure to turn heads. Mickie James looks like she is ready to take on the world in this photo. It's hard to imagine the type of strength and conditioning training these athletes must go through, in order to maintain this level of fitness. Truthfully, it's hard to imagine James looking bad in anything.

Fun Fact: Lita's final match as a full-time wrestler in WWE, was actually against Mickie James. The two were already involved in a feud prior to the match. James would go on to win the match and the WWE Women's Championship, for the second time.

5 Hitting The Hay

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Mick James certainly does not have any difficulty pulling off the "farmer's daughter" look. This may be because she spent a great deal of time on a farm, during her youth. The jeans, Native American inspired top, and flashy boots are more than enough to get any one's attention. This outfit is perfect for either working in the barn or enjoying a night out on the town.

Fun Fact: Prior to her recent return to WWE, James made a quick stop at NXT. She challenged the current NXT Women's Champion, Asuka. However, James would go onto to lose the match at NXT TakeOver: Toronto.

4 School Girl

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I'm sure there are more than a few guys out there who wouldn't mind sharing a locker with this young lady. That being said, it would certainly be difficult to get any studying done with her around. The school girl outfit is definitely a solid look for the former TNA Knockout. This may be James's most seductive pose yet and that's saying a lot given some the images we've seen so far.

Fun Fact: Micke James wrestled for Mexican promotion Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion (AAA), in 2011. During her brief stint there, she teamed with former TNA stars Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Her final match with the promotion was an eight-way elimination match, for their version of the women's title. James would go on to be the last one eliminated.

3 Tomb Raider

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Laura Croft has nothing on this WWE diva. This photos must have driven cosplay fans wild. James was definitely doing some squats in preparation for this for this shot. If they ever do decide to make another Tomb Raider film, Mickie James could make a strong case for the lead role. If you like your women with a little extra firepower than this is right up your alley.

Fun Fact: Mickie James trained to become a pro wrestler at the Funking Conservatory, led by the head instructor and wrestling legend, Dory Funk Jr. The conservatory is located in Ocala, Florida and was established in 1999. Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Lita are a few of the other famous alumni, who also went there. James also trained at KYDA Pro Training School.

2 Cheer Up

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If you are feeling a little blue, this should help cheer you up. This photo includes former WWE Diva Victoria, who may be better known to TNA fans as Tara. I don't know if Micke James was ever a cheerleader, but she is certainly displaying some outstanding flexibility here. I'm sure there is no shortage of cheerleading squads, who would love to have these two lovely ladies on their team. The two women actually wrestled each other numerous times in both TNA and WWE.

Fun Fact: James is currently married to former TNA wrestler, Magnus. He currently wrestles for Global Force Wrestling. Magnus, whose real name is Nick Aldis, proposed in 2014. The two have a son together, who was born in September of the same year.

1 Football Babe

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Just when you thought watching football couldn't get any better, along comes Mickie. While she's clearly never been taught how to hold the ball for a kickoff, she still looks great trying. James is actually a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, which is likely why she chose this jersey to go with her Daisy Dukes. Even Giants, Redskins, and Eagles fans have to admit she looks great in this outfit. A few more photos like this may have even been able to save the XFL, but that might be pushing it.

Fun Fact: Despite making her pro wrestling debut in 1999, Mickie James never wrestled for WCW. It may be for the best since there's no telling what kind of storylines Vince Russo may have had her involved in.

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