Top 15 Hot Photos of Noelle Foley That You NEED To See

If someone was unaware of the relation between Noelle Foley and Mick Foley, they would assume the only connection they have is being apart of the WWE. I mean, come on. Take a long look at Mick Fole

If someone was unaware of the relation between Noelle Foley and Mick Foley, they would assume the only connection they have is being apart of the WWE. I mean, come on.

Take a long look at Mick Foley. Okay? Got that in your head? Now look at Noelle Foley. Got it? Now, explain to me how something that perfect came out of that goofy looking lumberjack. It doesn't make sense. But then again, a lot of stuff in this world doesn't make sense.

Either way, I won't question it. In fact, we should be thanking Mick for bringing such a stunning woman into the world. Round of applause, please.

Noelle Folley is a dime. A 10. She has the whole package and is currently training to become a part of the WWE. What a perfect addition to the Divas she would be. Noelle has a ridiculous body with great curves, an amazing backside, an inviting smile, perfect hair, and a bust out chest. There is nothing to not like about this babe.

This list will show off Noelle Foley in a bunch of different ways. Some will be classy, some will be more on the sexy side, some even show off her entire body. What makes her a real camera stunner is the way she poses and the looks she gives off. To be quite honest, it'll send chills down your spine. You'll feel as if she is looking right at you.

So, what are you waiting for? Go see for yourself. Trust me, she WON'T disappoint. Here are 15 photos of Noelle Foley that you absolutely positively NEED to see. Do it. Go. Look, Now!

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15 Rocking The Tight Black Dress With High Heels

Let's be honest with ourselves. It really doesn't get more sexy than a gorgeous girl dressed in a tight short dress and high heels.

Sure, some guys tend to drool over the skimpy and naughty outfits, but seeing Noelle Foley all dolled up and ready for a night out while looking classy trumps that easily. The straps on the heels are a huge plus as well. Hair down, great smile, hip pushed out to the right just a bit. That is the type of girl you want around your arm when you walk into the bar. Her dress is perfectly form fitting and could not show off her curves any better. Did I forget to mention how it makes her chest look? Well, yeah, that too!

14 Yoga Pants, Front and Back


On our left we see Foley posing for a selfie looking stunning as usual. As we pan our eyes over to the right we get to see her booty shown off marvelously in her yoga pants. What makes it even better is the way her dress opens up at the back allowing us to get a nice view at her entire backside.

13 Looking Downright Sexy Modeling Calvin Klein


Woah, that outfit combined with that look will make any guy want to jump through the computer screen. Why must Foley do this to us?

That tight Calvin Klein bra holds her chest together perfectly. The bottoms look to show her other assets as well. She really does have an amazing face combined with perfect hair but that's not the thing that really caught my attention in this one. Those lips look unreal and I'm sure they taste even better. I do love the hair flowing down over one shoulder as she leans back onto the bed. She tagged the photographer in the photo. @steven_bagley007.. do you realize how terrific your job is?

12 Bikini Picture, Of Course

I had a nice day 👍🏼

A post shared by Noelle Foley (@noellefoley) on

This really wouldn't be a true list without a nice bikini picture and Noelle's body is shown off perfectly in it.

The angle of this shot is perfect, as she's sort of looking up and giving a different view of her terrific body. The beach, ocean, and gorgeous sky back drop makes it even more appeasing to look at.

11 Black Looks Good on Noelle

Foley shares a High School Musical quote with us in the caption of this picture.

It's ironic, because, this shot is music to my freaking ears! Before I continue I'll give everyone a chance to pick their jaws up off the ground.. Got them? Okay, good.

This photo really shows off Foley's terrific figure and great legs. The way she is posing is really unlike any other picture that made this list and it really allows us to see her body in a different light. She is flashing a sexy smile as a opposed to a pretty one, which is pretty fitting and very enjoyable to look at.

10 Little Black Riding Hood

Here we see Foley rocking nothing but a bra and underwear with a little black hood over her head. She calls herself little red riding hood with a black hood in her caption.

Let's break this one down, though. First off, we're huge fans of the bright red lipstick, which she pulls off well. Foley's smile makes that possible, as she has some incredible pearly whites. The way one side of her hair pops out while the other side is held down by the hood actually works and looks really freaking cute. The look away makes gives her that innocent type of look, but the outfit suggests otherwise. A great clash of two different things.

9 Mirror Selfie

When your outfit's 25 bucks but you're feeling like 26 😏😎😏

A post shared by Noelle Foley (@noellefoley) on

My only concern with this picture is that those buttons are going to pop right off at any point. Actually, that's more of Foley's concern and less of mine.

Regardless, that unbelievably tight top makes for a great selfie shot. Her hair is perfectly straight and her makeup is just right. Noelle has great teeth, but she doesn't even need to show them off in order to look great. This picture also gives a nice look at just how thin her waist is, my God!

8 So Seductive

There is a gigantic tower in the background, but it took me a while to notice. Noelle has a way of encapsulating every inch of the picture so all the attention is drawn to her.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but what makes Noelle so good at taking pictures is the way she poses and looks at the camera. And don't even get me started with this outfit. The black and white back drop might even make this more sexy, actually.

7 Wet T-Shirt Beach Contest Goes to....Noelle Foley


Not many things are hotter than a gorgeous girl in a wet white t-shirt. Combine that with a bikini bottom on the beach with gorgeous wet hair flowing back, and it's honestly not even fair.

The way the t-shirt is tied, her smile, the hands on her thighs, the pose... Shall I continue? The shot with the ocean in the background makes this even better. Her sexiness is so perfectly captured here and I think the wet t-shirt over the bikini top is even better than it not being there it all.

6 This Stance with That Dress, It's Just Not fair


It's hard to find any flaws in Noelle Foley and this picture is a perfect example of why.

In this photo we get to see Foley perched up with her knee lifted up against the wall and her hands gripping the side of the door. She flaunts her great body as she smiles over her shoulder with her beautiful blonde hair flowing back. What makes this picture so sexy, though, is just how ridiculously great her legs look. It should be a rule that Foley can only wear tight things.

5 Not Your Ordinary Fishing Partner

Fishing is typically one of those things you either love to do or get pretty bored with fast. Not much of an in-between.

I find myself getting bored pretty easily. However, if my fishing partner was Noelle Foley, and she joined me on the trip looking like that, I would change my opinion in a hurry.

This picture shows her throwing out her reel and looking back with that lovely smile. It also captures the wind blowing her dress upwards which makes for an incredibly sexy shot. Foley's hair could not look better.

4 Those Jean Shorts

When I first saw this picture, I was legitimately speechless. I imagine many of you are currently feeling the same way.

Those jean shorts hugged tightly against her body is just ridiculous and the way she is posing will send anyone into a frenzy. But it is the way her hand is pushing her hair back that makes this photo as jaw dropping as it is. Damn.

3 Here Comes The Bride, Looking Like A 10

Picture for a second, Noelle Foley walking down the aisle looking like that in her white dress.

Okay, how was that? You're stuck in fantasy land now, aren't you? Because she looks like the wife guys literally dream of right here.

Pretty much everything Foley wears makes her look amazing, but I don't think anything makes her look quite as beautiful as she looks right here. Beautiful, drop dead gorgeous, stunning. Those are the words that come to mind when you see this photo.

2 Professionally Sexy. Nothing Better

For my money, nothing is better than a really hot woman dressed professionally. This might teeter on the side of professionally naughty, but it still works just as well. This is the hot teacher look done to perfection and I can't imagine how hard it would be to focus if she was standing at the front of the classroom.

1 Red Dress? Yes, Please

You know what day it is 🐪🐫🐪 Photo by: @maxgoodrich

A post shared by Noelle Foley (@noellefoley) on

This picture proves that red is her color. If I had one night to take her out around the town, THIS is the dress I would want her to be rocking. The dress looks basically painted onto her great body. It also does her sexy long legs the justice they deserve. The icing on the cake? Those high black heels with the silver thin platforms.

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Top 15 Hot Photos of Noelle Foley That You NEED To See