Top 15 Hot Photos of Sunny You NEED To See

In the eighties, when Hulkamania and Macho Madness ran wild, there was only one woman who could begin to tame the savage beasts, the first lady of wrestling, the late Miss Elizabeth. But as the WWE entered the New Generation and found some Attitude, there needed to be a different kind of woman. Instead of taming muscle–bound meatheads, she needed to stir the pot and drive men wild. Enter the first WWE Diva, as before Sable, Lita, and Trish, there was only Sunny.

Growing up in New Jersey, the first Diva would date a man who needed no gimmicks and she followed Chris Candido to Smokey Mountain Wrestling, where after meeting promoter, Jim Cornette, she was convinced to come aboard and second her man to the ring. It wasn’t long before the WWE came calling. Sunny first acted as a correspondent for the company’s syndicated shows. Obviously, that was too small a role for a blond bombshell like Sunny, so the company would call up her boyfriend and the pair would become the fitness gurus, The Bodydonnas. She might have had her ups and downs throughout her career and to this day, but Tammy Lynn Sytch is still a pioneer for Divas in the industry and a template on how to be a valet,.

Rather than dwell on her current downs, let’s get nostalgic and revisit the past with some of the hottest pics of the Hall of Famer and the original Diva. As she used to say, “viewer discretion is advised.”

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14 Smokey Mountain Wrestling

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While in school, Sunny decided to follow her boyfriend, Chris Candido to Smokey Mountain Wrestling and was introduced to the wrestling world for the first time. With her girl–next–door looks, sex appeal and passion for the business, it wasn’t long before, Jim Cornette asked her to come to work for the fledgling promotion. SMW was the first step in Sunny’s career and the first place where fans would learn all about how a Diva uses their feminine wiles to get what they want.

13 Revealing (Almost) Everything

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Even with a dry white tee on, the Hall of Famer shows off what her mama gave her. Stating she used to be shy, Sunny reportedly once turned down an offer from Playboy (the same one that Sable snatched up). Whether she has actually overcome her shyness or simply needs the money, curious fans can see Sunny with her shirt off, along with everything else. In January, she signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment to star in her own adult film. Pictures like this serve as reminder that this girl once could have had just about anything.

12 Through the Clouds

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Like the song says, life before her was filled with rain, which makes this picture actually tasteful. The sun is coming out ever so slightly glistening off the blond bombshell, who is rocking a gold bikini that matches her tan perfectly. Sunny was a master of teasing the public with pictures like this one, showing so much, but still not enough to be considered raunchy. Colloquially speaking, the guys want to greet her, the girls want to be her.

11 Who Wants to be a Button?

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As the WWE gained more Attitude, the buxom diva showed off some of hers, with every admiring fan yearned to a button or see one snap at the sight of this shot. Sunny knows exactly how to entice and ensnare her fans, with just the mere thought of the malfunctions that could go along with this outfit. The Kristy Swanson lookalike seems to be evoking her film, The Chase, in this one. Not the outfit necessarily, but the fact that chasing Sunny is exactly what fans have been doing for years. She's definitely the girl next door, but all grown up and not shy about showing off.

10 Smoking

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Sunny in cut off denims and a black bikini top with vibrant curly hair?! Yes please, sign us up! After having a falling out with The Bodydonnas, Sunny decided to quit harassing the out of shape fans and instead turn the charm on and string dimwitted Phineas along. Once he learned better and slopped her in the middle of the ring, the petite manager began hitting on Billy Gunn, leading to the eventual breakup of The Smoking Gunns. The fitness guru turned into a vivacious vixen seemingly overnight, not that the fans seemed to mind this new side to the Diva, which also led to her becoming one of the most successful managers ever.

9 Sundresses Made Hotter by Sunny

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Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother, along with hordes of other men, all love women wearing sundresses. In fact, it might be in our DNA. They show just enough to leave our tongues wagging, yet not enough to not be considered cute and classy. Then there are girls like Sunny, who, since they look good in everything, make a sundress that much hotter. It's been twenty years since she was the most downloaded woman of the year and it's pretty easy to see why.

8 Viewer Discretion is Advised

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As The Attitude Era came to prominence, Sunny was asked to do quick vignettes at the beginning of each Raw, letting parents know that it might be time to put the kiddies to bed, in case they see images like this blue dental floss serving Sunny as a too tight itsy–bitsy bikini. In her hey-day, these were all the rage for ladies who wanted to showcase every single one of their alluring features without being too tawdry. Is it really any wonder why Vince McMahon dubbed her the original Diva?

7 Beyond Thunderdome

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The New Jersey bombshell is certainly very easy on everyone's eyes. She returned to the WWE at WrestleMania XIV, managing The Road Warriors. Looking like the WWE's version of Imperator Furiosa from the latest Mad Max gave Sunny another first. She was the first Diva to rock a post-apocalyptic look and maybe the only one. Unfortunately, only is the operative term here since this is her only look from this era. Perhaps the thought of Sunny in chains, whips, and studs was too much for even the Chairman to bare and he decided to stick with this now one of a kind outfit.

6 America, the Beautiful

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These days her fans are probably standing at attention saluting her new video, but back in the day, Sunny's fans were...probably doing the exact same thing. Sunny was the quintessential All-American girl, just with a touch of Jersey in her. She had girl-next-door looks, a smile that could charm anyone, and most importantly - talent to fill the Meadowlands. Her iconic video and song said it all, "I know you want me." And she was right.

5 Fast Times at WWE High

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Whether she meant to or not, the first Diva invokes Phoebe Cates everlasting image of coming out of the pool enticing Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. There aren't many more enticing images to a male teenage mind than watching a pretty girl get out of the pool, dripping wet. In her prime years, shots like this populated WWE programming, where Sunny was front and center at a SummerSlam beach party. She also was all over wrestling magazines around the globe. How else would you expect her to become the most downloaded woman in 1996?

4 On the Boardwalk

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When you are arguably one of the most attractive people in the world, people would wage war just for the chance to vie for your affections. Ok, not war, but men would all be jackpot lucky just to be with you. Ever the Jersey girl, long before the Shore became a thing, Sunny lying out on the Boardwalk is enough to send flocks of muscle-bound meatheads towards a life of GTL. The name Sunny was apropos for Tammy, as she was a ray of sunshine in just about every picture she was captured in. But this one proves that while she does have one of the best bodies in wrestling, her smile might just be one of her best kept hidden weapons of mass seduction.

3 Hall of Famer

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From the instant her speech began, it was apparent that Sunny hadn't lost a step when she gazed upon the bevy of beauties that inducted her and proclaimed "look at what I started." The Queen Diva took us on a journey of her career and joked about how everything was thrown in her face from Godwinn slop to HBK's birthday cake. Sunny appeared at the show in this red number, reminding all of the fans that Sunny has the power to turn every head in the room. Despite the overconfidence of her character, Sunny humbly thanked everyone that helped make her the legendary Diva that she is. On this night, the Hall of Famer was as charming as she ever was in front of the WWE Universe.

2 Like Madonna on the Rocks

via bleacherreport.com

Da Vinci couldn’t have painted it better himself. While every WWE Diva is strong, sexy, and charismatic, it all had to start somewhere. She is the still the measuring stick for what a Diva should be. Every women in wrestling since has tried to emulate her while putting their own stamp on what a Diva is. But Sunny still encompasses everything that's great about a Diva in this picture. No man can tame a WWE Diva, she is fiercely independent; no women can stand as their equal, they're too powerful. It all started with Sunny.

2. Bodydonna

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There weren't many others like Sunny before she came to WWE. Wearing a short skirt and sports bra, Sunny was a unique beauty. Her classic Bodydonna outfit said it all. Sunny was too good looking for you, too good looking to be real and yet she was. Being the arm candy of her guy, Chris Candido, just made her the perfect heel manager, as every guy wanted to hurt Candido for being with her and every girl hated her for looking so perfect. She might have changed her look many times over the years, but the classic Bodydonna outfit is still one of Sunny’s best.

1 One of the Hottest Pictures in the World

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Here it is fans – the hottest picture of the WWE's first ever Diva! More or less any time you google Sunny and some derivation of the word "hot," you'll find this picture. The visage is all over the Hall of Famer's "I Know You Want Me" video. Columns like this are usually subjective, but here, there aren't much hotter pictures of Sunny online or on the WWE Network. For a time, she was one of, if not, the hottest women in the world. Maybe one day, she'll somehow reclaim that title, but shots like this always keep her fans minds and hearts forever.

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