Top 15 Hot Pictures of Kaitlyn You NEED To See

The self-professed Queen of The Side Boob, Celeste Bonin a.k.a former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn might not have spent too much time in the WWE but she managed to get quite a bit done in a short period of time.

Shortly after signing with the company in 2010, Bonin won season three of NXT (back when it was a dumb game/wrestling show hybrid) and earned a spot on the main roster. She would spend some time there before dropping down to NXT (the good version this time) and improving her skills, turning herself into more of a power wrestler, something not seen often in the Women's division.

Her time in NXT seemingly paid off as she won the Divas Championship in January 2013 in her hometown of Houston, Texas from Eve Torres. She would hold the title for five months before her real life friend AJ Lee beat her for the title at Payback 2013.

While Bonin was undoubtedly beautiful in WWE, she has seemingly transformed herself into an amazonian goddess after her WWE career ended. Seriously, how has she not been considered to play Wonder Woman on the big screen? Anyway, Bonin had a bodybuilding and fitness background prior to her wrestling career and she has now used that to jump start her Celestial Bodiez fitness clothing company.

Also, whenever she has a moment, she lights up Instagram with her absolutely sizzling photos. Out of all former or current WWE Divas, I look forward to Bonin's Instagram pictures more than any other.

I personally consider it a public service to showcase to you dear reader, the top hot 15 pictures of Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) you have to see.

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15 Gym Motivation

QUICK! Celeste Bonin walks into your gym and she looks like this! What do you do?

I mean you'll probably just stare because your potato dumpling body wouldn't impress her at all, especially being that her husband looks like The Incredible Hulk if he stayed in the sun for a while but still! Bonin's Instagram is filled with pre, post and in-progress workout videos and pics. If you needed any fitness or gym motivation at all, one pic at this should get your butt to the squat rack asap.

14 What Car?

Another unedited @justinpricephoto gem from yesterday's shoot! Never skipped a #Legday ?? #curves #fitchicks #forbodiesoutofthisworld #ferrari #legday #girlswholift #celestebraun #celestialbody #blackstonelabs

A photo posted by Celeste (@celestebonin) on

Kaitlyn has the kind of presence that can make you forget all about the car parked behind her. Rest assured, many men are picking Kaitlyn over the car. Here, Kaitlyn proudly shows off her legs and why shouldn't she? She clearly works hard on them. Here she posts a picture that is unedited, which is fine, because why would you want to mess with perfection? While many car enthusiasts have other parts of the picture to admire, you need look no further than Kaitlyn.

13  13. Hands Where We Can See Them!

Alright so this technically isn't a picture of Bonin solely, but I really hope nobody is dumb enough to care to much about criteria for a picture like this.

Surrounded by models for her Celestial Body clothing line, we get not one, two or three but FOUR gorgeous female backsides all being grabbed by one another. Even though they're wearing high heels to accentuate their generous booties, they definitely didn't need them. At least in my book anyway.

12 Beats Cena's Jean Shorts

#Humpday ... Baby got Back ...GAINZ! #backday Photo by @ohrangutang Glam by @cristinapilo #curves #sexyback #humpday #fitchicks #forbodiesoutofthisworld #celestialbodiez #blackstonelabs

A photo posted by Celeste (@celestebonin) on

While John Cena is known to wear jean shorts to the ring, there's no doubt Kaitlyn pulls it off better. With her perfectly toned legs and ample derriere, she has it all. This picture drives us crazy with the tight shorts wrapped around her and she also leaves some mystery by leaving her back to the camera.

Kaitlyn always seems to know when to leave just the right amount of mystery in her self-photo shoots.

11 Friends With Benefits?

Here's a little #tbt action for ya. Enjoy.

A post shared by Celeste (@celestebonin) on

The first but not the only picture of these two lovely ladies, AJ Lee and Celeste Bonin bonded in WWE through a bond of animals, geek culture and of course, pro wrestling.

While on-screen rivals, it seemed the two were seemingly inseparable backstage and they also enjoyed titillating fans at every turn together. While they had obvious chemistry in the ring, we may remember their matches most of all for moments like this.

10 Pretty In Pink

via instagram.com/celestebonin

No disrespect to Bret Hart but I'm sure he'll agree with me that the colours of pink and black has never looked better than it has on skin of Celeste Bonin.

Not only are Bonin's colour choices just perfect for this picture, but the amount of side boob here is just TOO DAMN HIGH for me to handle. Yes I know she has implants but you know what, I couldn't really care less. None of us are gonna get near them anyway so just enjoy the view from very very afar.

9 Cougar Alert?

Naa Celeste Bonin isn't a cougar (damnit!), but at the very least we get a nice pic on Bonin's feed of her rocking a leopard-print swimsuit.

While most of Bonin's photo shoots on Instagram are usually fitness related, she will also do some more standard (is that the word I'm looking for? I think...) pictorials all glammed up. Make up or not, Bonin always looks out of this world! He he, I punned, my intelligence is off the chains.

8 The Ultimate Diva


A post shared by Celeste (@celestebonin) on

For most wrestling fans who grew up in the 80s, The Ultimate Warrior is an icon of their childhoods and one of the most memorable characters in WWE history. In 2014, a gender bend of Warrior from Bonin permanently changed the image of the Warrior for grown-up fans.

Originally taken for a WWE Magazine photo shoot, Bonin took the image of The Ultimate Warrior and gave it a brand new sexy spin. We usually don't see Bonin rocking such loud colors, but she makes it work. Duh.

7 No Filter? No Problem.

Bonin makes it a point in this post that she wouldn't dare put a filter on this picture and I definitely thank her for this.

Not only is her body just bananas, but this picture also shows that Bonin has an astonishing face to match her celestial body (there's a plug for ya). Full lips and eyes that would bring anyone to their knees, Bonin can make us all perform tricks on command for her amusement with any part of her body.

6 Side Boob Mania Is Running Wild

What happens when you combine the fusion of a fantastic booty with copious amounts of side boob? You get a visual which may cause sudden faintness, eyes to pop out of your skull and thoughts that would earn you a trip to hell.

You really have to give it up for the French for inventing high heels, as they make Bonin's butt just look all that more lovely and gold around her neck with the leopard clothing draped across the chair complete the perfect scene on display.

5 Evolution Is A Beautiful Mystery

via instagram.com/celestebonin

Where to start with this one... Not only is double Celeste Bonin never a bad thing, but this pic is also demonstrative of just how far Bonin has come since leaving WWE.

The picture on the left, while beautiful, just pales in comparison to breath-taking nature of the 2016 Celeste Bonin. Everything from her arms, legs, back and of course her butt have gained enough muscle to shoot her into the stratosphere. Great, now I want to see a photo shoot with Trish Stratus and Celeste Bonin.

4 With Friends Like These...

I fall for it every time.. #mainevent

A post shared by Celeste (@celestebonin) on

As promised, here is the second picture of this lovely fan-fiction couple err I mean BFFs AJ Lee and Celeste Bonin that I promised earlier on. You are paying attention right?

This pic took place during Bonin's final match in the company at a taping of WWE Main Event. While it may have sucked a little bit that her last match took place on a C-show, we at least got this last visual of AJ wrapping her legs around Bonin and giving her a big ole hug. It's worth noting that in the moment Bonin went for a kiss before AJ pulled away. NO! NO! NO!

3 Can't Get Enough Of That Side Boob

via instagram.com/pjbraunfitness

If Peter Griffin still had his "Side Boob Hour" on PTV,  you can bet your bottom dollar that Celeste Bonin would be on that show more often than TV networks put reruns of Seinfeld on.

Not only does the onesie(?) look like it's painted on Bonin, it seems that someone is using is telekinesis in order to pull her chest outwards for all of our viewing pleasure. Unnamed superhuman who's doing that, I thank your mutated DNA.

2 Bedtime

via instagram.com/celestebonin

... Sorry fell of my chair for a second there. What was I supposed to be doing? Ohh yeah, writing some text to distract you all from the perfect picture above.

Believe it or not, this is one of the few pics on Bonin's Instagram where she is in lingerie. Sure, there's plenty with swimsuits  but stockings and all that good stuff? This is rare. One is all she needs to nail it however with her ridiculous curves and beautiful face making us all weak to her will. How could it get any better than this? Well...

1 Strong. Smart. Sexy.

via instagram.com/celestebonin

Alright so I'm a sucker for the ESPN The Body style of photography but could you really blame me or anyone for being one? Not when you have pictures like this you can't.

The plain white background in the shot keeps us free of distractions as we can admire the full side shot of Bonin. Not only is she seemingly flexing every muscle she can, she's performing a Muay Thai knee which will always earn points from me. If you have to show one picture of Celeste Bonin to your friends, this would be the one.

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