Top 15 Hot Pictures Of Maryse You NEED To See

Maryse Ouellet has come a long way. She grew up in the small town of Edmundston, New Brunswick where she was the only girl in her high school class. At this young age, Maryse showed a flair for fashion, modelling, and business. She began modelling professionally in her teens and, at the tender age of twenty, Maryse won the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada. She was runner-up the following year in the International Miss Hawaiian Tropic and a successful modeling career was born. She bolstered her profile by appearing in Playboy’s 2007 Girls of Canada calendar.

Around the same time that she was realizing her modelling aspirations, Maryse competed in WWE's Diva Search. She caught the eye on the WWE and they didn’t hesitate to sign her. She inked a developmental contract and hasn’t looked back since. By 2008, Maryse was in the WWE, where she gained notoriety.

Her rise through the WWE was fast. She was a major player in the WWE soap opera and she capitalized on it. Music videos, television appearances, and magazine covers began to feature the beautiful femme fatale. That led to television and a string of studio movie roles.

She is gorgeous, smart, and driven to overcome any obstacles that get in her way. Let’s celebrate her beauty by checking out 15 hot pictures of Maryse you need to see.

15 Sweet Selfie

Via cdninstagram.com

Maryse’s already long resume is rapidly expanding as her career becomes more diverse. The diva, businesswoman, model, and actress is a master of self-promotion who capitalizes on social media to get herself noticed. Maryse has over 500,000 Instagram followers who like to stay up-to-date with her newest styles, witticisms, and latest adventures. Her fans can find hundreds of sexy and SFW pictures such as this one which shows some side-skin and her curvaceous profile packed into a tight outfit. She looks great in her black stilettos, short skirt, and matching handbag. She even manages to capture the eternal mirrors effect which, like her legs, seem to go on forever. Maryse has a black belt in beauty to compliment her black belt in martial arts and it isn’t hard to see why she has received more and more movie offers.

14 Bikini Bombshell


Fans of this beautiful diva are glad that Maryse is so obliging when it comes to showing off her finely toned physique. In this picture, she looks like she just arrived to some pool party in her shimmering black two-piece bikini. With her long blonde hair spiralling over her shoulder, Maryse looks absolutely fantastic. The WWE has seen it's fair share of blonde bombshells, but Maryse's mixture of talent, charm and good looks sets her apart from the rest. As we can see here, she's a natural in front of the camera. That's good news for all wrestling fans who look to find more stunning pictures like this one.

We thought that her ring-gear was skimpy. It’s got nothing on this revealing get-up.

13 Diva Champ

Via ambwallpapers.com

This is the way a lot of Maryse’s fans remember her. Dressed up in her wrestling attire, she reminds us that she one tough customer by proudly displaying her Divas Championship. Maryse portrays a look of confidence and defiance as she invites viewers to take her belt from her. Be warned. Those who dare to try will be in for the fight of their lives. Behind her seemingly carefree demeanor and pretty smile lies a ferocious lioness that won’t be tamed. Why risk being on the receiving end of a “hair-pull facebuster” when you can just sit back and soak in the scenery?

A lot of guys would love to fall victim to her “camel clutch” followed by her signature “French kiss” finishing move. Heck, even the “hair-pull mat slam” has a certain degree of appeal.

12 Casino Royale

#anteupforcfg #losangeles #sofitel #greatcause #younggeneration

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A natural on the red carpet, Maryse posed for photographers at the Tower Cancer Research Foundation’s Third Annual Ante Up For a Cancer Free Generation Poker Tournament and Casino Night. Maryse posted this photo on Instagram along with a couple of others that commemorate the star-studded night out and remind us all of how important breast cancer awareness is. She looks angelic with her platinum-blond bun and tight-fitting, yet tasteful white dress.

With Maryse at the poker table, concentrating on one’s cards would be a challenge. Aside from poker, blackjack, cocktails and fancy hor’douerves, attendees were there to honor Entertainment Tonight host Samantha Harris who is a breast cancer survivor.

Fans can admire Maryse for something other than her fabulous looks. Her involvement with worthwhile causes shows her fans that she has a good heart. Maryse has also been involved with anti-bullying campaigns and supports our furry friends.

11 Basic Instinct

Bon Vendredi Soir !!!!! 🍷

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Maryse takes us back in time as she channels her inner Sharon Stone. In this recent Instagram posting, she makes us think about the interrogation scene in the movie Basic Instinct while she poses in a near-identical white dress to the one worn by Stone’s famously seductive character. Her dark eyes catch the viewer’s attention with their sharp contrast to the bright white motif in which she glows. Her oversized rings and long dangling earrings add a touch of elegance to the ever-stylish diva’s movie star image.

With a burgeoning film career, Maryse would suit the role of Catherine Tramell quite well if there ever was a Basic Instinct remake. Fans of Maryse cross their fingers that they might one day see her cross her legs.

10 Black and Blonde

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Maryse wished her followers a happy Wednesday in another one of the Quebecois queen’s latest Instagram updates. For fans of delicate lace, fishnet stockings, and plunging neck-lines, Maryse certainly made it a very happy day. She looks like a sexy superhero ready to deliver one of her famous spinning backbreakers to anyone who gets out of line. Her charming grin and prominent cheeks project a look of confidence as she deliberately intimidates by making eye contact with her admirers. This photograph clearly goes to show how fantastic Maryse looks in dark colors. Of course, Maryse looks ravishing in pretty much anything she chooses to wear. As long as she keeps on sharing pictures like this one, Maryse’s fan base and followers will grow. She is also getting more exposure by being a regular cast member on the upcoming season of Total Divas.

9 Pose in the Powder Room


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Maryse sure likes her selfies and we don’t mind that she does. If she is given a cell phone and a mirror, she could keep the internet buzzing for years to come. While this picture is crooked, she is straight up stunning. We can appreciate her photogenic features such as her long blonde hair and angelic face. Her pink fingernails and matching lips compliment her curve-hugging white patterned dress and satin skin.

Aside from the sexy images and words of wisdom, one of the other entertaining aspects of Instagram is the comments and the back-and-forth that occurs between opinionated commenters. This particular picture spawned a pretty entertaining thread. Although she might want to think about moderating her page a little more, Maryse’s army of fans are more than happy to help her deal with those nasty trolls.

8 Rock Solid

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With solid stature, smooth contours, and a rounded protruding top, this rock face makes a fitting backdrop for the delightful diva’s next shot. Maryse seems like she is having fun during this photo shoot as her toothy smile shines like a lighthouse beacon. She towers over us, but she doesn’t look down upon us. Instead, Maryse seems amused by something off in the distance. If you hear the song “I Came to Play” by Downstait start to play, you might want to consider running to safety. It's The Miz's entrance song which means he might be coming to lay a beat down on you. Even if fans love to mock the current Intercontinental Champion, it's likely that they wouldn't be able to contend with him!

7 Laid Back Lolita

Via fanpop.com

Let’s see if we can keep our minds out of the gutter as we take a gander at this overtly provocative pic. At first glance, it is obvious that Maryse’s  black and white two-piece bikini is an ideal match her fair skin and dark beaming eyes. She casually reclines in her seat and projects a hint of vulnerability while her sultry stare and luscious pink lips invite us to break eye contact. This gives us a chance to appreciate the rest of her bodacious body. As usual, the photographer used a bright background that captured her radiant features.

Are there any poses that the former WWE Divas Champion doesn't look good in? If they exist, we'd love to see them because we just can't believe that they do.

6 Hi Honey, I’m Home.

Via blogspot.com

Well, this is exactly what most guys would love to come home to. What a dream it would be to arrive home after a hard day at work to find Maryse anxiously waiting for you on the couch? In one of her more candid shoots, we find the French-Canadian stunner dressed - or barely dressed - in a tasteful assortment of lingerie and jewelry. Whether she's wearing her ring gear or her leisurewear at home, Maryse always gets a second glance, without question. Normally, you'd have flip through a Victoria's Secret catalog to get this level of beauty but Maryse provides it to the denizens of the WWE Universe regularly. And we definitely appreciate it!

5 Red Alert!

Via findwallpapershd.com

If Maryse’s tiny red bikini was any more revealing it might make this steamy picture NSFW. Those may very well be the skimpiest bikini bottoms she has ever worn and her serpentine figure is the perfect fit. Whoever invented the string bikini is deserving of a Nobel Prize. Viewers might find themselves craving a glass of eggnog and humming “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” to themselves after seeing this image. It might even prompt them to watch the movie Santa’s Little Helper in which she appears alongside her husband, The Miz.

Once again, a glossy white background creates optimum lighting that allows us to appreciate her flawless skin. Also, like in many of her photos, her eyes are looking off into the distance making her seem preoccupied. As a licensed realtor, she might be thinking about her next real estate deal. She might also be thinking about any of her other business ventures.

4 Concrete Blonde

Via dailybackgrounds.com

She may look helpless, but this two-time WWE Divas Champion has shown that she is capable of delivering a punishing smack down. Fans of this feisty firecracker should also know that Maryse can have a bit of a temper. She has been the center of many a fracas and doesn’t always play by the rules.

In her recent return to Raw, Maryse was ringside during a match between her husband and Zack Ryder. She slapped Ryder’s father in the face which caused Zack to become distracted. This ploy allowed The Miz to take advantage and win the match along with the Intercontinental Championship. Maryse and The Miz are one heck of a team. She has proven that she will reach her goals at any cost, even if it means being the villain.

3 The Diva Always Rings Twice

Via fanpop.com

Maryse is all business in this photo shoot. We’re just not sure what kind of business. Reminiscent of a vixen out of an '80s Motley Crue video, she gives viewers a quick but noticeable glance as she tips her hat at them. She’s got the looks that kill and while she’s never been in a Motley Crue video, she appeared with several other sexy WWE Divas in the Timbaland “Throw It On Me” music video.

Maryse uses this moment to show off her eye-popping profile while she tugs at our hearts with her sultry half-pout. It is a good opportunity to appreciate the results of her dedication to fitness and healthy eating. Kickboxing, hiking, yoga, and intense cardio workouts are just some of her routines. With many businesses, managing her husband, and her movie roles, we are grateful that she still finds the time to pose for pictures like this one.

2 Reflections

Hey @snapsstudio lets shoot again soon 💋💋 missing my @amandagift 🤗

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The sun’s intense rays bounce off of the sparkling blue water, Maryse’s long wavy locks, and her luminous bikini top in this hot beach photo that is on Maryse’s Instagram page. Her pose pleased her audience judging by the likes it’s received. And what’s not to like about this stunning shot? Everything from the crystal clear water to her flowing platinum mane is warm and inviting. We know that Maryse needed to cool down with a dip in the water but her fans will also need to cool down after a peek at this pic. The beach is busy today but there’s still plenty of room for you. It’s recommended to bring a mask and snorkel to best take advantage of the underwater scenery.

1 The String Section

Via fanpop.com

Saving the best until last, this saucy snapshot will burn a permanent vision into your mind. The photographer has given us a modern-day Vargas Girl to daydream about. A delicate combination of dental floss and wee bits of pink fabric holds everything loosely in place as Maryse playfully poses for her legions of fans. It looks like she’s saying something but we are hypnotized and can’t hear a word. Let’s hope that it’s nothing important because we won’t be waking from this trance any time soon. The allure of her salacious leer and her platform heels are simply too powerful to resist. It’s best to just give in.

Once you have snapped out of it and regained composure, you might want to wipe the drool from your chin. Then check out some more of her modelling work that is available for viewing at her various social media sites and personal website. Enjoy.

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