Top 15 Hot Pictures Of Pro Wrestling WAGs You Need To See

Handsome, muscular guys who have fame and fortune and are world-renowned due to their feats and accomplishments in the wrestling ring unsurprisingly get plenty of attention from other guys, fans, and, of course, members of the opposite sex.

Since wrestlers are on the road pretty much non-stop throughout the year, how and where they get the time to start dating and meet someone who’d understand their lifestyle and career is tricky; that’s why a lot of the guys in the industry end up with their fellow wrestlers – women who are in the industry and have made the same career choices. A lot of the women on this list are therefore wrestlers themselves, or directly involved in the wrestling industry in some capacity.

Still, there are a few who don’t have any connections to the wrestling industry whatsoever – apart from the guys they’re with of course – but being with their fellas has thrust them into the limelight; now we can’t get enough of them.

Hot people are attracted to hot people; that’s pretty much common knowledge. That’s why a lot of wrestling WAGs are stunningly beautiful. They also love getting their picture clicked, so there is no shortage of snaps out there for people to admire.

It almost seems unfair. The guys in the wrestling industry already have the fame and the fortune, the physique and the talent, and to top it off, they have beautiful women on their arms. It gives us fans just another thing to admire about them, and another reason to be just a bit jealous.

It was tough whittling it down to 15, but I’ve selected 15 of the hottest wrestling WAGs and each of their hottest pics.

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15 Lana (Rusev)

via womenofwrestling.com

When Rusev was powerlifting and rowing in his native Bulgaria all those years ago, he couldn’t have had the foggiest clue that his life would turn out the way it has. The U.S. is a place where dreams can come true; his dream of becoming a pro wrestler became reality, as did his dream of meeting and settling down with his dream woman – everyone thinks about those things now and again, right?

Lana herself has only just got into wrestling in an in-ring capacity but has been with Rusev pretty much as soon as he came to WWE. The pair tied the knot in 2016 and Rusev must have been thanking his lucky stars that he’d come to America.

Lana just loves getting in front of the camera. She’s appeared on TV, in films and has done a ton of modeling work, most of which is readily available to anyone who knows where to look. This blonde bombshell is truly ravishing, and it’s evident she loves all the attention. She’s also not shy in front of the camera and thinks nothing of stripping down to her bare necessities to be a part of a sensuous snap, as is evident from this steamy pic.

14 Nikki Bella (John Cena)

via aminoapps.com

Nikki Bella – wow! That’s all that can be said or thought when setting eyes on this pic.

Nikki’s one of the most glamorous and beloved wrestlers on the WWE roster today. It seems as if she’s been around forever, and she has been on our screens wrestling for about ten years now – we and the fans have loved every second of it. Another guy who loves the fact that Nikki forayed into wrestling is John Cena. They’ve been dating for about five years now, hence Nikki’s on this list as a WAG – rumors state that she might be his wife pretty soon.

As a former model, Nikki still photographs extremely well. Due to wrestling, she’s gotten fitter, and perhaps bolder too, baring more skin, being more daring and showing off her hot physique for all to see. No doubt this picture’s adorning the walls of her many fans!

13 Brie Bella (Daniel Bryan)

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

I can’t mention one sister without mentioning the other. Twins come in pairs and the Bella Twins are certainly a pair of hotties. The lucky men are John Cena – with whom Nikki’s in a long-term committed relationship – and Daniel Bryan, who’s actually hitched to Brie Bella.

Bryan’s had a tumultuous last couple of years with all his health problems, but at least he’s had Brie by his side helping and nursing him through his medical issues.

Brie, like her sister, was at one point heavily involved in the modeling industry and still does the odd bit of modeling and promotional work. She hasn’t lost any of that spark, and some of the shoots she does are truly spectacular. Take this pic, for example; it's enough for any man to go weak at the knees. Bryan's a lucky man.

12 Renee Young (Dean Ambrose)

via wwe.com

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young have been dating since 2013 and are still going strong. As a wrestling personality, Renee has the looks and the screen presence to draw in a fan base, and it’s something she’s worked hard to do, honing her skills since childhood.

Born in Canada, Renee got into child modeling, something that she continued as she grew up. She then went to acting school before getting a gig as a commentator with WWE. She’s since become a popular figure, and as her popularity has increased, so has the number of photo shoots she’s been doing.

Renee portrays this kind of sweet girl next door persona, and while modeling, she’s maintained her modesty. She's not one to strip down and expose her body for all to see, but she does love getting dolled up and posing in weird and wonderful outfits.

A lot of divas got on board for this shoot. This pic was taken in 2015 – a year that marked The Undertaker’s 25th WWE anniversary. In homage to the Dead Man, the divas decided to do this shoot, and Renee Young’s picture is one of the ones that stood out.

11 Catalina White (Jack Swagger)

via pwpop.com

This is one amazing bit of photography. I mentioned in the intro that most wrestlers date wrestlers, but this is one of those exceptions. Catalina White has no connections to the industry at all – apart from the fact she’s with Jack Swagger, of course. So what does Catalina do? Take a wild guess…yes, she’s a model and a super-hot and talented one at that. She’s one of those models that sends social media into meltdown whenever she posts selfies – it’s understandable why that’s the case. From this pic, we can see that Catalina has a stunning figure and likes to keep in awesome shape, but the thing that really makes this pic pop – apart from the fact Catalina’s in it of course – is the beach. Seeing a hot woman like this on the beach is something every man dreams of. Swagger's a lucky man.

10 Maryse Ouellet (The Miz)

via cmestatic.com

Ex-TV reality star, The Miz, is Hollywood to the core, and that means he’s going to have the most beautiful ladies on his arm. That was the case when he embarked on a wrestling career and was fresh out of the reality TV game, but now it’s all about one woman, and that woman’s Maryse Ouellet.

Maryse has been around in the wrestling industry for a long time – for over a decade, in fact. But she’s also got many other strings to her bow; she’s an actress, businesswoman and, of course, a glamor model. She began taking part in beauty pageants at a young age and has since become a prominent name in the modeling industry, mainly glamor modeling for some big names such as Playboy.

This picture’s one of her less revealing pics, but is still certainly one of her hottest. It was taken while she was doing a Halloween photoshoot and you can see why it makes this list.

9 Brandi Rhodes (Cody Rhodes)

via pinterest.com

Brandi Rhodes only just made her in-ring debut a few months back, but she’s been an active part of the industry as an announcer and presenter since 2011. During this time, she met Cody Rhodes, aka Stardust, and they got married, but she’s also become an instant hit with the fans and other members of the wrestling industry.

Brandi’s got this somewhat sweet and innocent look about her. She’s super cute and super fit, too, having been a figure skater for 17 years. She also loves getting in front of the camera and showing off her figure – some of her pics aren’t so innocent. Brandi looks stunning in pretty much every picture she’s in, but this is one that stands out, as she's posing on a white sandy beach with palm trees overhead and the sea in the background – and, of course, Brandi looking her sumptuous best!

8 Kimberly Kessler (Randy Orton)

via lovebirdsblog.com

After marrying in 2015, Kim Kessler has managed to tame Randy Orton’s wild ways, so she must have something about her in that respect. They’re an awesome beautiful couple that looks perfectly suited to each other, and it seems that it’s a marriage that’s going to last.

There’s also an air of mystery around Kim which adds to her persona. She’s not involved in the wrestling industry in any way, shape, or form and despite being a fan, doesn’t really have any desire to be. Not much is really known about Kim, apart from the fact she’s now a wrestling WAG and used to dabble in modeling a bit. But one thing’s for sure, although the internet’s not inundated with pics of her posing and strutting her stuff in front of the camera in very little clothing, she’s still undoubtedly one of the hottest wrestling WAGs out there, as is proven by this pic.

7 Natalya (Tyson Kidd)

via youtube.com

Tyson Kidd married fellow Canadian wrestler Natalya Neidhart in 2013. Theirs is a sweet story – childhood sweethearts and friends who grew up together and began dating, got into the wrestling game and eventually got hitched. They were kind of always destined to get married which must have made some fans mad because it meant that Natalya was never available.

She’s a member of the famous Hart wrestling family and has so far done the name justice. She also loves getting in front of the camera. She's been a staple on the reality show Total Divas, where fans have gotten to see more of the type of person she is. She's nurturing by nature and has served as a mentor to the newer female wrestlers in WWE.

6 Galina Joelle Becker (Roman Reigns)

via fabwags.com

Galina Joelle Becker is another woman on this list who’s not a part of the wrestling industry. Roman Reigns, however, is tipped to be the next big thing, hence there’s been plenty of intrigue as to who Galina actually is.

The two met while at Georgia Tech, got together and have been together ever since. They have a daughter together too, not that you’d be able to tell as Galina’s managed to maintain her stunning figure. Aside from her college exploits and the fact that she’s a wrestling WAG, not much is really known about Galina. She’s also not hugely active on social media and strikes me as someone who likes to keep stuff private.

Galina has done some fitness modeling and it’s not surprising. She’s a stunningly attractive woman and she, Roman and their daughter have formed quite the perfect little family.

5 Matt Hardy - Reby Sky

via pinterest.com

Matt’s dated a lot of co-workers, but perhaps the best suited – and hottest – is Reby Sky. As I’m sure you’ll know, Reby herself is a wrestler and has been an active part of the industry since 2010. She’s been with a number of different promotions, but she was actually pretty famous before she embarked on a wrestling career. She was a prominent dancer, appearing in Broadway shows and on TV, but her modeling work’s the bit we’re interested in. She’s posed in the nude for Playboy as a glamor model and can be accredited for getting tons of people interested in the NFL.

Reby’s an NFL fanatic and a crazed New York Giants fans and has done a lot for the franchise and for football in general. If you weren’t already a fan, take a look at this pic and it’ll surely be enough to convert you into loving NFL – and Reby Sky!!

4 Karina Steen (Kevin Owens)

via downtownfeed.com

Karina’s certainly one of the sweetest wrestling WAGs out there. She and hubby Kevin Owens seem to be inseparable. She’s his number one fan, and it’s sweet how she always shows her support by posting messages to Kevin on social media, wishing him well and success.

Because she’s not a wrestler, not much is really known about Karina. But since getting with Kevin many years ago, her occupation seems to be a housewife and full-time mother. It’s her dedication to her family that makes her so sweet. From her social media posts, it’s evident that she dotes on her family hand and foot – she doesn’t really post sensuous selfies like a lot of the other WAGs out there, instead posting mostly family pics. But that doesn’t mean Karina’s any less hot. In fact, the fact she’s so dedicated to taking care of her family makes her hotter – or cuter might be the right word – some might say.

Look at that sweet smile and those flawless looks and tell me Karina Steen doesn’t deserve a place on this list!

3 Sarah Backman (Bo Dallas)

via prowrestling.wikia.com

Sarah Backman being on this list is sure to split opinions. I, myself – and I’m certain many others – think she’s super-hot – and is one of the hottest wrestling WAGs around. But I’m equally certain that many others don’t like that big bulky look and would feel a tad intimidated by her size – she’s probably bigger and more muscular than a lot of guys out there! That type of physique isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly Bo Dallas’ cup of tea.

Some of you might recognize Sarah. She was at one point part of WWE’s NXT under the ring name Shara, but her wrestling career was short-lived and she was out and done with wrestling about a year later. Wrestling aside, this Swedish beauty is one of the most decorated women's arm wrestlers in the world. She’s also heavily into bodybuilding and working out – as is evident from her muscular physique. At the moment, she earns her corn as a real estate broker but still finds time to pound those muscles to perfection and do the occasional modeling shoot.

Her physique is an acquired taste, there’s no doubt about that. Some would be put off by those rippling muscles, but others think she’s one of the hottest women around. One thing’s for sure, she’s certainly hot property, knows it and isn’t afraid to flaunt it!

2 Naomi (Jimmy Uso)

via wwe.com

Jimmy Uso and Naomi tied the knot in 2014, making her yet another member of the famous Anoaʻi family. She’s a gorgeous wrestler, actress, singer, dancer and model too, and we were thrilled when she became part of NXT in 2010.

Due to her very active lifestyle and background, unsurprisingly Naomi’s incredibly fit. She possesses a lean, muscular, toned, yet beautifully svelte physique – making her the envy of the other women on the roster.

This pic is from her Diva Day Off: Funking with Naomi photoshoot. She posed for a ton of fun, super cute photos during the shoot, but it’s this one that makes the grade. Playing cards and having fun in that lounging-about outfit, she still looks stunning – it’s not all about skimpy outfits and showing lots of skin!

1 Alberto Del Rio - Paige

via pwmania.com

The 39-year-old Alberto Del Rio has done well for himself. He’s renowned as a bit of a playboy in the wrestling world, but Saraya-Jade Bevis, aka, Paige, seems to have made an honest man out of him.

Paige is still a kid in the wrestling industry, as she is only 24 years old. She may be 24 but she’s been around for a long time and has accomplished more than most have in their entire careers.

As the hot new girl on the block, a ton of attention came her way when she joined WWE, and she just lapped it up. Paige has been a part of some stunning photo shoots, but I’ve picked this one because it’s a natural pic – just her hanging out and chilling in her bedroom, all dressed up and ready to go out and have a good time. It’s a nice pic and because it seems so unforced, it’s just a really hot selfie.

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