Top 15 Hot WWE Divas You Completely Forgot About

The wrestling business is not always fair to the female performers in the industry. There are less jobs, less leverage and shorter shelf lives for female wrestling stars. If you have a favorite women’s wrestler right now, appreciate her while you can. Female wrestlers tend to leave the business by choice or get fired before they hit their mid-thirties. The shallow and weird stigma that only younger women should be featured on television has been a WWE staple for years and led to many gals getting cut unexpectedly. A lot of the talent will leave by choice knowing how short the time is and look to get a head start on their future.

Brie Bella is rumored to be on the way out of WWE soon because she wants to start a family with recently retired husband Daniel Bryan. Considering the popularity of the reality show Total Divas and the Bellas merchandise making great money, her departure shows how different things can be for women in the business as they may be forced to leave if wanting to have children. For the wrestlers that look to continue a career in the wrestling business after leaving WWE, there are slim pickings. You can make a living in the right situation but the outreach between WWE and any other promotion is staggering.

The brand of a female star is likely to suffer after WWE. TNA has been irrelevant for a few years and the move there will likely not be seen by most of the former audience a performer is used to in WWE. ROH and the rest of the independents offer the underground appeal but just don’t have the funds to market a product in the same way. It’s easy for the average fan to forget about a performer once they leave WWE. There are many female wrestlers that have had great stories in their post-WWE stories and are just as attractive, if not more today. We’ll look at those as we break down the top fifteen hottest divas you forgot about.

15 15. Mickie James 

14 14. Serena Deeb 


13 13. Shelly Martinez 

12 12. Kelly Kelly 

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11 11. Kaitlyn 

10 10. Eve Torres 

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9 9. Christy Hemme 


8 8. Victoria 

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7 7. Ashley Massaro 

6 6. Maryse 

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5 5. Brooke Adams 

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4 4. Gail Kim 

3 3. Katie Lea Burchill 


2 2. Maxine 

1 1. Maria Kanellis 

Maria Kanellis was a very successful WWE diva. Between working as interviewer, wrestler, model and appearing on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, you’d have assumed her career peaked after WWE released her. Kanellis has completely reinvented herself and is doing the best work of her career. Maria became a star for Ring of Honor and New Japan before making the recent move to TNA as one of the bigger names the company hopes to rebuild around. WWE just showed us a microcosm of what Maria could do. Today, she stands as the sexiest woman in the wrestling business and the most successful female performer outside of the WWE. Any fan that hasn’t followed her since she stepped outside of the mainstream spotlight should find her work as soon as possible.

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Top 15 Hot WWE Divas You Completely Forgot About