Top 15 Hottest All-Female Wrestling Groups

Billions of people around the world enjoy either engaging in and/or watching sports, and the reason for this is two-fold: because sports are the epitome of competition, and because sports are a great way to pass the time, as they allow us to temporarily forget about our daily grind. It should come as no surprise, then, that sports are a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and although most of the money is generated by male athletes and leagues, there are also a multitude of professional female leagues and athletes, as well. You can make the claim that professional male athletes provide the best competition and entertainment all you want, but the truth is that women in sports have the ability to be just as competitive and entertaining as their male counterparts - a statement that is true for every sport, including professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling has been around for well over sixty years now, and in all that time, there have been tons of male wrestlers who have achieved worldwide recognition for their skill or character, but for almost two decades now, there have been notable women to come and go, too. Whether these wrestlers are male or female, there are times when they find themselves teamed up with other individuals, and it is through these pairings that wrestlers end up forming their own group or stable, and although all these groups end up disbanding at some point, they all leave a lasting impression. Most groups are comprised of only male wrestlers, but there are also those that are made up of only women, and these all-female groups have one thing in common: the women are very attractive.

Here is the list of the top 15 hottest female wrestling groups.

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19 The Dollhouse

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To kick off the list, we venture to the world of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, where we have an entirely female group known as The Dollhouse which debuted in April of 2015 and disbanded this past March. In all, The Dollhouse had an overall total of five members, including Awesome Kong, Rebel, Jade, Marti Bell, and the original leader Taryn Terrell; and in case you were wondering, this was a group filled with heels. This group was fairly dominant in TNA’s Knockouts division, with Terrell even winning and holding the championship belt for a time, but everything started going south last January after Terrell announced she was leaving the company, which in turn left the group leaderless. Awesome Kong took up that mantle for a short while before being released by TNA, which left only Bell, Rebel and Jade, and those three eventually turned on each other when they were placed into a triple threat match to see who would become the new #1 contender for the title.


17 Pretty Mean Sisters

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In the late 90s, the WWE was entering into its Attitude Era, and in this period of time especially, there was an abundance of puns to go along with many of the non-PG segments and matches which were airing on television. One of these puns came with the all female group known as Pretty Mean Sisters, who were more widely referred to as P.M.S, and who managed to stay together for about nine months. In total, P.M.S consisted of three members: Terri Runnels, Jacqueline, and Ryan Shamrock, with the formation of this group occurring as a result of Jacqueline separating from her male partner Marc Mero, and joining forces with Terri who was now separated from her then husband Goldust. The group debuted in November of 1998 with both Jacqueline and Terri interrupting a match between Mero and Goldust, where they low-blowed them both, and they later added Ryan after she was rejected by the woman loving Val Venis. By August of 1999, the group separated, and although they won no titles, they were entertaining in their own right.

16 Team B.A.D.

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Anyone who calls themselves a wrestling fan knows that the WWE had a big problem regarding their women’s division, seeing as it was known as the Divas division for over a decade until just last year, while also being comprised mainly of former models rather than women with actual wrestling backgrounds. This all changed in July of 2015, thanks to the Divas Revolution which saw the three top women wrestlers from NXT get called up to the main roster, and upon this call up, they were placed into different teams, with one of those being Team B.A.D. This group was comprised of three individuals: Tamina, Naomi, and Sasha Banks, and despite losing its key member, the group managed to last until May 2016. Team B.A.D began to fall apart after Sasha Banks clearly outshone her teammates causing them to gradually turn on one another until Banks left the group, leaving only Naomi and Tamina, but after a short while, they both suffered injuries at the same time, which caused WWE to then scrap the group for good.

15 TnT


For this list entry, we once again return to TNA where we have a group made up of two individuals: Brooke Tessmacher and Tara, who went by the name TnT while competing with each other. These two first debuted in the summer of 2011, and immediately went on to compete for and win the Knockouts Tag Team Championship, which they managed to hang to until November, and they then set their eyes on winning the individual Knockouts title, which Tessmacher ended up winning twice. After Tessmacher won the title the second time, the two teammates were put in a non-title match together which Tara won, making her the new #1 contender, and when Tara lost the championship match, she immediately turned on her friend, ending the group.

14 The Canadian NINJAs

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There are those who may consider the independent wrestling circuit to be nothing more than a collection of promotions filled with individuals who do not have what it takes to make it onto bigger promotions like WWE and TNA, but the truth is that many of these wrestlers are just as talented. With this entry, we have the group of Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez, who are known as The Canadian NINJAs, and who have spent the entirety of their careers on the independent circuit. Both of these women are in fact born and raised Canadians, who have been teamed together since their debut in 2007 for the promotion called Shimmer Women Athletes, where they won the tag titles twice. As of today, this group is still together, and they continue to perform for promotions in both North America and Japan.

13 The Divas of Doom

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The WWE’s Divas division may have mostly consisted of women who could barely wrestle, but there were still some women who were physically strong and skilled in the ring, which is how the group known as The Divas of Doom was born. This group was made up of Natalya and Beth Phoenix, and it was formed in August of 2011 after Natalya separated from the Hart Dynasty and started feuding with another group called LayCool; and when this group started attacking her after a match, Beth Phoenix, who was coming back from an injury caused by LayCool, came down to help her. When this team did debut as The Divas of Doom, they were a villainous pair who considered themselves as anti-divas who did not care for the other cute and Barbie-like women in the company; and this gimmick lasted until the two split in March of 2012.

12 Vince’s Devils

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During the Attitude Era, WWE had some really attractive women on their roster, and some of these women ended up posing for Playboy during their time with the company, and there was a group which consisted mainly of women who had their own spreads for the magazine. In August of 2005, Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle were traded from SmackDown to Monday Night Raw, and in their debut on the show, they came out to the ring and called out Ashley Massaro to congratulate her on winning that year’s Diva Search competition, but they instead turned on and started attacking her, becoming heels. The following week, they recruited fellow heel Diva Victoria to join them, thus creating the group known as Vince’s Devils who were in fact named after Vince McMahon. By March of 2006, the group was done, and the split started after Michelle was given her Playboy cover, which caused tension between her and Torrie, who had previously graced the cover. And when the feud was over, Michelle turned face, which caused Victoria to later turn on her.


10 The Beautiful Fierce Females

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NXT may be known as the developmental territory for the WWE, but as fans have seen the past few years, this territory is capable of producing matches that are at the same level of quality as those featured on the main roster. It is thanks to NXT, that the women’s division in WWE has become the best it has ever been, and two of its best competitors were a part of the same group for nearly a year. In August of 2013, Summer Rae attacked another competitor after a match, and when she was confronted by Sasha Banks, she said that doing so got her noticed, and then proceeded to tell Banks that she needed to do the same-which she did-which led to Rae proclaiming that she and Banks were The Beautiful Fierce Females, or BFFs for short. When Charlotte made a heel turn, she was made the third and final member of this group, and after she won the NXT Women’s Championship, the group began to fall apart until they split up in July of 2014.


8 The Blossom Twins

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By now, most wrestling fans know exactly who the Bella Twins of WWE are, but as it turns out, they were not the only female twin unit out in the wrestling world, as The Blossom Twins have been around professionally since 2005. These sisters were born and raised in England, and started training to be wrestlers from the age of 15, and after spending some time in several England-based promotions, they came over to North America in 2009 where they joined Ohio Valley Wrestling which served as both WWE’s and TNA’s developmental territory for a time. In 2012, they made their official debut with TNA, and ended up staying with the company until 2014 when they announced their departure to take some time off from wrestling, a break that has so far gone on for nearly two years now.

7 The Beautiful People

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With this entry we pay our final visit to TNA, which was the birthplace of our next group who happen to have a pretty fitting name considering that every single member of the group is indeed beautiful. This group was called The Beautiful People, and consisted of four women: Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, and Angelina Love, and they have appeared and briefly separated several times since their original debut in 2008. This group spent a majority of its time as heels, as they were a vain and narcissistic group, who wanted to go through the entire roster and eliminate each ugly person one at a time; but there were also incarnations of this group where they were seen as faces. Overall, The Beautiful People were quite successful, as the group won the tag team titles twice, while Angelina and Madison won the singles title a total of six times.


5 The Jumping Bomb Angels

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We continue this list with the team of Noriyo Tateno and Itsuki Yamazaki, who were an all female group known as The Jumping Bomb Angels, and this tag team originated in the pair’s native country of Japan. This team first debuted in 1981 for the all female promotion known as All Japan Women’s Wrestling and in the six years they spent with the AJW, they became one of the promotion’s most notable teams, managing to become tag team champions in the process. In 1987, the pair were signed by WWE, which was when they started going by the name Jumping Bomb Angels, and in their time there, they won big matches at the first Survivor Series and the first Royal Rumble where they captured their first and only WWF Women’s Tag Team Championship; and after leaving WWE, they appeared on the independent circuit for a time before disbanding in 1991.

4 The Glamour Girls

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The previous entry focused on the Jumping Bomb Angels, where it was said that they won the Women’s Tag Team Championship at the Royal Rumble, which means that they had to beat another team, and that team was known as The Glamour Girls. This group was comprised of Judy Martin and Leilani Kai, who both attended a school run by The Fabulous Moolah, and it was there that they were trained by the late Hall of Famer and became a tag team who appeared in tours for the AJW before joining the WWE in 1985 where they won their first tag team titles. After losing the belts, they went back to Japan and the independent circuit before returning to WWE as The Glamour Girls, where they won the titles again two more times, and they were even the last women’s tag champs as the belts retired shortly after their second win. The remainder of their time in WWE was spent helping the company determine the talent of of their younger talent, and they then moved on to WCW and the independent circuit once again before disbanding in 1992.

3 Team PCB

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Thanks to the Divas Revolution which was started by Paige last year, WWE fans have been able to finally enjoy more lengthy and quality matches between female wrestlers, and when the NXT women were called up, two of them joined Paige to form the group known as Team PCB. Paige of course started out as the leader, and she, along with Charlotte and Becky Lynch functioned as a face group, and the trio worked well together until the Divas Championship came into the picture and slowly caused the group to fall apart. After Charlotte won the title at the 2015 Night of Champions pay-per-view, Paige turned on her teammates where she claimed that Charlotte was only on the main roster because her father was Ric Flair. This left only Charlotte and Becky in the team, but in January after Becky beat her in a singles match, Charlotte turned on her and caused the group to dissolve for good.

2 The Bella Twins

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The wrestling industry has seen its fair share of siblings competing in the same promotion, but it is a truly rare thing to have twin siblings in the same company at the same time, and for a good eight years, the WWE was fortunate enough to have The Bella Twins. Brie and Nikki have been with the WWE since 2007, when they were signed to developmental contracts, and went on to make their main roster debuts a year later where they immediately began a feud with Victoria and Natalya, a feud which they emerged the victors of. After a brief absence in 2012, the twins returned to the company in 2013, and up until now, the pair has managed to win the singles title a total of three times, with Nikki going down in the record books as the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. It is true that these two split up temporarily in 2014, but that terrible storyline cannot take away from the fact that they have made a pretty good team throughout their careers.

1 LayCool

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Here we have the duo of Layla and Michelle McCool who together made up the group known as LayCool, and this group happens to be the hottest of all the wrestling groups made up of only women. These two beautiful women became a tandem in 2009 and although they were teaming up together from July, it was not until the end of the year that they finally developed a gimmick and started to go by the name LayCool, which was unsurprisingly a combination of both their names. As a group, they mainly appeared on SmackDown with the odd pop-up on Raw, and they played vain and narcissistic characters who acted like bullies by attacking other women and making fun of their looks. In 2011, the group split up, after tensions between the two became so high that they began feuding with one another, a feud which culminated in Layla defeating McCool in a loser leaves WWE match. They may have disbanded, but the two were still rather successful in their time together as both were Women's Champion during their partnership.

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