Top 15 Hottest Alleged Mistresses Of Wrestlers

The men and women of wrestling have really hard lives. When you consider that members of wrestling rosters can be on the road 300 days a year, it's easy to see how they could form close bonds with the people they work with. Sometimes this takes the form of close friendships with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson coming to mind. Other times this takes the form of romantic relationships, ones that may have never happened but did due to the nature of the wrestling business.

Many wrestlers are already in relationships when they go on the road (sometimes with other wrestlers), so when romantic relationships do form accidentally it can be a crushing blow to an already fragile relationship. Today we are going to specifically look at the women who wrecked the homes of some of our favorite wrestlers. These mistresses may have done a bad thing by jumping into bed with someone who was spoken for, but in the case of some of these women, you might be able to see why some marriages were broken up. Also some of these cases turned out to be more than a fling, as some on this list are still together today.

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15 Charlotte- Alberto Del Rio

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Here is one I bet you didn’t see coming on a list of mistresses. Yes the Women’s Champion, and one of the main pillars of the women’s revolution was at one time the other woman. The man she decided to have a fling with was none other than Alberto Del Rio, as the two had a very brief relationship during the tail end of 2015. Both Charlotte and Del Rio were having extramarital affairs at the time but in the case of Charlotte, her relationship was in the final stages of divorce.

Del Rio on the other hand was on the tail end of a marriage, which produced three kids and a ton of drama. The drama would be exacerbated in Del Rio’s next out of marriage relationship, but we will cover that one later.

14 Lita - Edge

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Who doesn’t know about the Lita love triangle by now? Lita famously cheated on Matt Hardy while he was recovering from an injury in 2005. Her partner of choice was Edge, who happened to be one of Hardy’s best friends in the WWE. The infidelity had negative impacts on all involved, as Hardy was fired, Lita was stigmatized and Edge filed for divorce shortly after the affair became public knowledge. 

Edge and Hardy’s personal affairs (no pun intended) spilled onto the screen with a singles career making feud for both men. In the end Edge and Lita pursued a relationship on the road, but broke it off shortly after. There is a rumor that Lita actually retired due to the affair, citing that she wasn’t comfortable with the crowd hating her, and not her character.

13 Heather Clem - Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan made national news in 2012 when a sex tape featuring him and his best friend's wife - Heather Clem - was released without his consent. Though the tape was leaked in 2012, the actual sex act took place back in 2006. Loyal fans will recall that divorceamania didn’t run wild in the Hogan household until 2007, meaning that Hulk stepped out of his marriage when having sex with Clem. The entire situation was demoralizing for the former WWE Champion, as in one fell swoop the legend lost his credibility in the media, the support of his new wife and his best friend Bubba “The Love Sponge”.

Clem ended up being responsible for leaking the tape. Hogan got the last laugh though, as he was able to sue the website who released the tape, Gawker, for more than $100 million last year. Usually when someone cheats on their wife they get cleaned out in court but in an ironic turn of events, Hogan actually made money by going outside of his marriage.

12 Stephanie McMahon- Triple H

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The most powerful couple in the history of wrestling started out as a dirty little secret. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are over a decade into marriage so it may not matter now, but casual fans seem to forget that when the two got together Triple H was in a long term relationship with Chyna. What started as an on-screen romance between the two future WWE executives quickly blossomed into a real love story, with one loose end in the way of Chyna.

In order to tie up the loose end, it’s rumored that Stephanie McMahon used her power behind the scenes to have Chyna banished from the company. Whether that is true or not can’t be known for sure, but anyone with a pair of eyes can look at the timeline and figure out what happened.

11 Karen Jarrett - Jeff Jarrett (Rumor)

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So you may be thinking, “Well I know that Karen Jarrett cheated on Kurt Angle, but why would she be on this list as a mistress?” Well the answer comes in the form of a rumor. As the story goes, both Karen and Jeff were going through very difficult times in their marriages in 2007. Jeff Jarrett’s wife Jill was diagnosed and succumbed to breast cancer in 2007, and during the same time Karen was getting fed up with Kurt Angle’s addiction problems.

If this happened in the WWE at the same time it may not have brought them closer, but the fact that TNA didn’t travel created a scenario where the duo were together a lot more than they should have been. There are rumors that Karen kissed Jarrett at the funeral of his wife, and that the two were flirting around backstage during 2007, but either way the sexual tension had to have been building up over a few years for the two to get married in 2010.

10 Kendra Lust - John Cena (Rumor)

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So this one is a bit out there, but there is a rumor that the reason John Cena’s wife filed for divorce in 2012 was due to a sexual relationship between Cena and French-Canadian adult film star Kendra Lust. That year photos were leaked to Twitter and Facebook which featured the actress in lingerie holding onto Cena’s custom WWE Championship. This photo is allegedly the straw that broke the camel’s back for Cena's marriage, with a messy divorce to follow.

Lust denies the rumors that she actually had sexual relations with Cena, going as far as to say that she has never actually met the WWE superstar. But as the saying goes where there is smoke there is fire. We can never know what happened for sure.

9 Victoria - John Cena

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Back-to-back Cena entries?!?! Yup, in fact we have entire lists dedicated to Cena’s romantic life that you can check out here. Most of those flings are rumored, or took place during a time when Cena was single. In the case of former WWE Women’s Champion Victoria however, this wasn’t the case. A heartbroken Kenny Dykstra felt scorned by Cena (he ruined his engagement to Mickie James) and went on a Twitter in 2012 tirade claiming that Cena and Victoria were “road spouses” despite being in relationships.

Victoria has come out and confirmed that her and Cena did have a road relationship, but not during the time that Dysktra claims. Victoria stated that their relationship took place during 2002 while Cena was single, but she may just be covering for the WWE’s golden boy.

8 Melina - Batista

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Melina is one of the most hated women in wrestling history. Not for anything that she did in the ring, but rather for her exploits behind the scenes during her time in the WWE. One major reason Melina receives such heat is that it was widely believed that during her long-term relationship with John Morrison he loaned her out to WWE Champion Batista. During that time Batista was still married to his wife Angie, but when she found out she filed for divorce from Guardians of the Galaxy star.

Though Melina and Batista both deny the time frame and logistics regarding this story, many fans believe that Morrison’s lack of push came as of a result of staying with Melina. He was allegedly seen as having no backbone, when he didn't react to the news of Batista and Melina.

7 AJ Lee - CM Punk

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Wait you mean to tell me that Lita is involved in another love triangle? Well yes and no. This time Lita is actually the victim of being cheated on, rather than the person doing the damage. Though the timeline is a bit murky, it’s widely believed that former WWE Champion CM Punk was involved with former Divas Champion AJ Lee and WWE Hall of Famer Lita at the same time. Punk has certainly made his rounds as evidenced by his dating resume, but this seems to be the only time that his relationships have overlapped.

While with Lita, Punk was often seen talking to Lee backstage especially when his girlfriend was in another part of the building. This led to a romance, and also led to heat between Punk and Lita who apparently haven’t spoken since.

6 Paige- Alberto Del Rio

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Not to be outdone by CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio also is a guy who gets around the WWE locker room. Although in the case of Del Rio, he was apparently cheating on two women at the same time! The exodus of Paige and Alberto Del Rio from the WWE has been well documented, with Del Rio leaving the company shortly after a wellness policy violation, while Paige's WWE future is still up in the air. The couple actually got together during the tail end of Del Rio’s marriage, and his divorce was only finalized after announcing his engagement to Paige.

There are also rumors that the former WWE World Champion actually cheated on Charlotte with Paige during the same time period which led to legit heat between Charlotte and Paige until her departure for neck surgery.

5 Sunny - Bret Hart (rumor) and British Bulldog

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During the 1990s Sunny may have been the sexiest woman in entertainment, let alone in wrestling. She also was the destroyer of relationships, causing major problems in the personal lives and marriages of British Bulldog and Bret Hart. Hart and Sunny’s alleged relationship was actually mentioned by Shawn Michaels on an episode of RAW, when HBK said that Hart was having “Sunny days”. This reference alluded to the fact that Bret would share a locker room with Sunny during the late 90s.

In regards to The British Bulldog, Sunny wrote in her book that she and Davey Boy Smith had extramarital affairs during their days in the WWE.

It's best to take these allegations with a grain of salt, as Sunny has been known to lie before, while both her and Bret denied that anything was going on between them.

4 Kelly Kelly - Chris Jericho (Rumor)

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Back in 2009 photos surfaced of former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly and current best friend of Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho locking lips. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except that at the time (and currently) Jericho was married with three kids. The photo in question was taken after hours in a New York club, and to the best of the internet's knowledge didn’t take place during a Jericho and wife separation.

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis took a shot a Kelly Kelly following the pictures being released saying that "I just think that sometimes you gotta be careful what photos end up on the Internet when people are involved with other people." Maria was right, and I have a feeling that when Jericho’s wife saw these photos he made the list.

3 Brooke Tessmacher - Robbie E

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We couldn’t have this article be all WWE! In what has to be one of the scummiest scum bag moves in recent history, current TNA star(?) Robbie E cheated on his wife with former TNA Knockout Brooke Tessmacher back in 2013. Sure cheating is bad enough, but then Robbie E left his wife for Tessmacher, only to leave Tessmacher and re-propose to his former wife less than two years later. During their brief relationship, the duo participated in The Amazing Race but were eliminated during the final leg of the competition. In case you were wondering, Robbie E’s ex-wife agreed and did in fact remarry him in September of 2015.

Needless to say, the situation ended up being embarrassing for all parties involved.

2 Zahra Schreiber - Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins learned first hand that hell has no fury like a woman scorned, when in 2015 his then fiancee Leighla Schultz leaked nude pictures of the former WWE Champion and his alleged mistress. An Instagram post by Rollins’ account featured former NXT talent Zahara Schreiber posing nude in a tanning salon. Schultz claimed responsibility for the post, and followed it up by leaking pictures of Seth Rollins’ penis on her own Twitter. Needless to say it was heavily implied that Schultz confirmed that Rollins was in fact cheating, and decided to impose some of her own justice.

Rollins' engagement ended shortly after and he continued dating Schreiber. Schreiber was eventually released by WWE after pictures of Nazi symbols were found on her Instagram account. Her and Rollins broke up around the same time as well.

1 Halle Berry - Ric Flair (rumor)

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Halle Berry has been voted the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire, FHM, People Magazine and Access Hollywood respectively. Those are impressive feats for a woman who has been in the public eye for 25 years. Another thing that Berry can (allegedly) put on her resume, is that she was one of the many women to take a ride on Space Mountain. For fans who may not know what Space Mountain is, it’s what Ric Flair calls his manhood in some of the most hilarious promos of all-time.

That’s right, late last year wrestling legend Ric Flair came out and claimed that he had sex with Halle Berry in 1997. Of course Flair was still married to his ex-wife Elizabeth Harrell during this time, and Berry has denied the claims, but we have to take The Nature Boy at face value on this one. Like he said when pressed about it, “Would I have to make up a lie?” No. No he wouldn’t...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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