Top 15 Hottest Couples in Wrestling History

Professional wrestlers all have one thing in common. Face and heel, superstar and jobber, heavyweight and high-flyer, each and every man and woman who steps into the squared circle is in incredible sh

Professional wrestlers all have one thing in common. Face and heel, superstar and jobber, heavyweight and high-flyer, each and every man and woman who steps into the squared circle is in incredible shape. Even Yokozuna had tons of muscle underneath all that tempura goodness and he’s definitely an exception rather than the rule. Most wrestlers, by contrast to the vaunted Kokina Maximus, are good looking folks. Divas have always been mainstays in magazines like Playboy, Maxim and others showcasing the most impossibly perfect female bodies in print. Buff Bagwell was a damn gigolo, for pete’s sake. The point is, when you work out and grapple for a living, two ancillary benefits are sure to follow where the opposite sex is concerned—an incredible body and, well, grappling skill.

But even among the Gods and Goddesses of pro wrestling, there are some Divas who in the ancient world would have had sculptors falling over each other for a chance to render their legs and torsos into marble. There are some pug-nosed behemoths who defy all reason by wearing a suit as well as any Hollywood star outside the ring. And given that pro wrestlers spend an incredible amount of time with one another on the road, it’s no surprise that many of the most beautiful people in the business end up together. In honor of the next generation of beautiful Divas and Superstars they’ll no doubt produce, the following 15 couples are wrestling history’s most insanely, egregiously hot twosomes. Whether they’re still together to this day or simply heated up the wrestling universe during their brief fling that was, as Frank Sinatra once said, “Too hot not to cool down,” these 29 people (Edge is on the list twice, but more on that guy later) represent the most perfect physical specimens in sports entertainment.

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15 Cesaro and Sara Del Rey 


When Cesaro is healthy, he’s one of the most electrifying stars in WWE. He’s big, he’s got a great five o’clock shadow and he’s got the confidence to rock a damn speedo on the mat. Anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of one of his European uppercuts knows that you don’t want to get in the ring with The King of Swing. But Cesaro is also (allegedly) a loyal partner to one of WWE’s finest behind-the-scenes talents, the beautiful Sara Del Rey. The first female trainer in the history of the WWE performance center, Sara Del Rey (Sara Amato) brings 10 years of in-ring experience to the job, which keeps her in ring-ready shape even after her retirement.

14 Lita and Edge 


Even before they had a bed (with black and red silk sheets, of course) put in the ring at Raw in 2006 and proceeded to get it on in front of the WWE Universe, Lita and Edge were the defining couple of the late Attitude Era. Lita was one of the 1990s and 2000s most talented in-ring performers and took special pleasure in showing off her neon undergarments (ah, the days of the whale tail—16-year-old me didn’t know how short-lived the phenomenon would be). Of course, teenage me hated Edge. Mostly because he got to go to bed with Lita on TV, but also because I couldn’t understand then that below the weird face was enough muscles to make women everywhere love him.

13 Sable and Brock Lesnar 


Before The Beast Incarnate, the most muscled, frightening creature in the universe, was taking people on long, painful trips to Suplex City, Mrs. Lesnar was dropping Sable Bombs all over the WWE Universe’s perception of what a female wrestler could be. Swinging a long blonde braid that would have qualified her for the Queenhood of a Slavic nation in the middle ages, Sable competed in some of the last six-person tag team events featuring mixed-gender competitors and was always one of the few women with the sheer upper body strength to perform a power-bomb based finisher. Plus, she’s currently a grandmother and still hot as hell.

12 Edge and Beth Phoenix 


It pains me to put Edge on this list twice (that face), but it can’t be denied that Edge knew how to attract a gorgeous Diva to his side. Beth Phoenix, The Glamazon, was a talent that the Divas division doesn’t see anymore. Today’s crop of beautiful and talented Divas—with the exception of Tamina, who lacks the in-ring appeal of Phoenix—are built more like high flying lightweights (Sasha Banks) or lithe, deadly grapplers (Charlotte). A true powerhouse who had a knockout personality and incredible looks to go with it, Beth Phoenix eventually gave up the WWE for a life as the hottest mom in her neighborhood.

11 The Miz and Maryse  

The Miz is pretty upfront about his personality and anyone who’s ever had a successful date with a woman can tell you that honesty is respected pretty much across the board. He might be arrogant and petty, but at least outside the ring Miz knows how to dress well, and he was good looking enough to be on TV before wrestling. Maryse Ouellet also got her start in the wrestling world by being absurdly good looking. A French Canadian former glamour model, Maryse was a finalist in the 2006 Diva Search competition and married The Miz in 2014.

10 Angelina Love and Davey Richards 


As I’m writing this, Angelina Love and Davey Richards are days away from welcoming their first child into the world, which means fans of TNA wrestling only have a few more months before the sexiest woman on their roster returns to the ring. After working her way up through Deep South Wrestling, she landed in TNA, where she eventually met husband and future baby-daddy Davey Richards. Her gimmick embraces the incredible looks she knows she has and, in her first stint in TNA, she was part of a faction called “The Beautiful People.”

9 Charlie Haas and Miss Jackie 


Charlie Haas is the kind of guy who, at 6’2’’ and with an undeniable fighter’s nose, still manages to have an undeniable appeal to women: Think of Charles Bronson on HGH. Jackie Haas (who goes by Miss Jackie in the ring) has no such qualifications to her hotness. She just is. She’s Zimbabwe in the summer heat, Death Valley in a drought hot. It doesn’t matter if she shows up in the ring as a blonde or a brunette, a face or a heel, an advocate or a main event. Fans just want to see her and they’re always thankful for the opportunity.

8 Cody Rhodes and Eden 


In a recent podcast interview with Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes, Xavier Woods—who went to high school near Rhodes in Marietta, Georgia—said that Rhodes was essentially a real-world version of Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid: A pretty boy who was “a d*** to everybody” in Woods’s words. While it’s all water under the bridge for the two superstars now, Woods definitely ended up with a woman beautiful enough to escort the villain of any movie. Eden is fit enough to be a wrestler, beautiful enough to be a model, and confidently poised enough to be a ring announcer. She’s an all-around catch.

7 Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth 


Randy Poffo is known for many things: His one-of-a-kind voice (the only one capable of delivering a “Brrrrother” better than Hulk Hogan), his full-to-bursting muscles, and his in-ring-personality are at the top of that list. But he’s not always known as the most handsome superstar to have ever stepped into the squared circle. As a young man playing minor league baseball, he was a much better looking fellow, but that hardly matters, because Miss Elizabeth was beautiful enough for both of them.

6 Steve Austin and Debra 

Before he lost his hair, Steve Austin was a pretty boy wrestler, a pure babyface or a snarling, entitled heel. He’s since lost something up top, but turned himself into, in his own words, “A goddamn national icon, M-F-ing American treasure,” and during the height of his Stone Cold days, Austin was married to the only Diva bombshell who could have compared to him in either personality or sheer eye-catching looks. Debra and Austin got together secretly while both were in WWE on the regular and by 2000 they were married. Unfortunately, the marriage quickly soured and both seem much happier apart.

5 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella 

In a triumph of the proverbial—and literal—little guy even bigger than his WrestleMania title win, Daniel Bryan managed to woo the impossibly lovely Brie Bella in 2014. The taller, more liberally tattooed Bella Twin is one of the most attractive and athletic Divas to ever come through WWE, and Daniel Bryan was one of the company’s fastest-rising stars before a neck injury sidelined him for good in early 2016. Brie was also trained by one of wrestling’s hottest legacy stars, Natalya, who just missed a spot on the list along with her husband Tyson Kidd. That makes Brie a triple threat—sexy, well-trained and great at being on television.

4 Naomi and Jimmy Uso 


Naomi’s finishing move is known as the Rearview and though it doesn’t seem like the most pleasant finisher to receive when her opponents are writhing in pain afterwards, I’d be willing to bet it’s worth the discomfort. It is not in disrespect, but in a spirit of the utmost adulation that I declare in print that Naomi is the owner of the absolute finest posterior to have ever graced a WWE ring. Her husband Jimmy Uso is one half of The Usos, descended from wrestling royalty along with The Rock and Roman Reigns and owners of some of the best hair on any superstars since Ric Flair’s Nature Boy hairdo.

3 Nikki Bella and John Cena 

John Cena is the absolute caricature of a musclebound meathead—and he embraces it. He even played the character to perfection in Trainwreck, poking fun at the perception of a man with quite so many muscles. But in real life, Cena looks even more at home on the red carpet than the weight room and that’s really saying something. To boot, he’s the all-time Make-A-Wish champion, having helped more kids than any other celebrity. Nikki Bella is likewise the perfect caricature of a Divas champion. Just as beautiful as she thinks she is and just as determined to win.

2 Charlotte and Bram 


Charlotte came up from NXT along with Becky Lynch to form “Team PCB” with Paige in 2015 (their original team name was The Submission Sorority, but WWE apparently realized that a great deal of its fans are 13-year-old boys who use Google) amid much pomp, circumstance, and of course, flair. Since then, she’s been wowing the WWE universe with her finisher, the Figure 8, which actually doesn’t seem all that effective and looks like its purpose is to show off Charlotte’s impeccable legs and abs. Her significant other, Bram, is one of TNA’s biggest stars. Plus, he’s got an English accent, which people love for some reason.

1 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon 


When it comes to ranking the hottest couples in wrestling, there’s really only one choice for the number one spot. Paul Levesque, The Blueblood, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, was so pretty and muscled that his first gimmick was coming out of the tunnel dressed as a French aristocrat. When his DX storyline led him to “kidnap” Stephanie McMahon and cement his place in WWE’s future, it coincided with their real-life relationship. Stephanie herself is the undisputed queen of WWE and as a very, very bad man once said, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

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Top 15 Hottest Couples in Wrestling History