Top 15 Hottest Couples In Wrestling Today

Wrestling is definitely one of the most difficult career choices one can ever make, with the wrestlers expected to be on the road for the better part of their active years. It has been murmured that most wrestlers spend more than 300 days a year away from their homes, and it is definitely not an exaggerated number as the wrestlers are constantly on the move.

Wrestlers hardly manage to spend time with their spouses, and the distance often breeds infidelity and divorce, as evidenced by a recent article of ours. Accordingly, most of the happily married wrestlers have managed to find their spouses inside the industry as traveling together is the only alternative to being single or in an unhappy marriage.

Unsurprisingly, those who have married outside the industry have not had a happy marriage — or marriages — with John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and even Charlotte going through divorce — or divorces — at some point.

Unlike yesteryear, many talents find their significant others on the same roster, and unlike in the past, talents do not essentially use each other for intercourse, as they have lately been able to build meaningful relationships. For instance, most of the female talents' partners are also employees of the WWE, with Sasha Banks, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Maryse, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Dana Brooke, Natalya, and Carmella all either dating fellow wrestlers or are married to one.

The following article discusses 15 such wrestling couples. The list will only include couples where both are currently involved in the wrestling business, so couples like Taker and Michelle, as McCool is retired. As always, if you are unhappy about any entry, you can always let us know who you felt should have been here.

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15 Paige and Alberto del Rio

via camelclutchblog.com

Alberto del Rio and Paige’s relationship is easily the shortest of any couple listed in this article, but the attention they have mustered since the announcement has earned them a spot on this list. Although their relationship essentially ended the Mexican wrestler’s marriage to ex-wife Anglea Velkei, they now remain supportive of each other, with Paige seemingly ready to break ties with the WWE after her boyfriend’s departure.

Their age difference – Paige and Alberto del Patron are 15 years apart, with the latter turning 40 next May – has been a subject of mockery, but they don't seem to be bothered by the internet trolls. Although the chances of seeing the duo walk down the WWE aisle as a couple is now close to zero, with each wrestler proving troublesome, they will continue to dominate Lucha Underground or other independent promotions for as long as they want.

14 Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy

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Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss both signed for NXT in 2013, and love blossomed between the wrestlers while on road. Although he boasts decent wrestling skills, he finds himself in the developmental territory. On the other hand, she has been fortunate to see the 2016 Draft come at the right stage in her wrestling career as the WWE top shelves promoted her to SmackDown Live to make up for the absence of credible female talents on the main roster. She now finds herself in the SmackDown Women's Championship scene, while he only has a single NXT Tag Team Championship reign to gloat.

Their relationship was confirmed on September 15, and here is hoping that the difference in their travel schedule does not birth any cracks in their relationship. By the looks of things, though, she looks destined to become a bigger star than he can ever be.

13 Emma and Zack Ryder

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Destiny has often been credited with bringing two people with identical interests together. Destiny has managed to do the same by bringing together Zack Ryder and Emma, who can be placed in the under-utilized main roster stars category.

Despite Ryder's charisma, he finds himself teaming with Mojo Rawley to form Hype Bros, a tag team that was never designed to win major titles. Emma, on the other hand, got off to a fine start, wearing cool aviators, shoulder pads, and a tough looking wrestling costume, but WWE has chosen to make her RAW's answer to SmackDown Live's Eva Marie as they plan to transform her into Emmalina.

The talented couple does not seem to have a brilliant future with the company, but the Australian-American couple definitely deserves their spot on this list.

12 Mickie James and Magnus

via sescoops.com

After a rather controversial exit from WWE — she underwent an ugly break-up after cheating on then-boyfriend Kenny Dykstra with John Cena in the final few weeks of her contract — she took refuge in TNA. The wrestling promotion ensured she remained relevant enough to earn a return to WWE six years after departing. However, TNA did not just offer her the opportunity to revamp her career, but also to find her future husband.

She gave birth to former TNA Heavyweight Champion Magnus' son, Donovan Patrick Aldis, in September 2014, and they exchanged vows only a few months later, on December 31. Although she is seven years older than he is, they seem delighted to be together, as evidenced by James' social media posts. Here is hoping the one-time TNA Heavyweight Champion follows in the footsteps of his significant other to the WWE.

11 Velvet Sky and Bubba Ray Dudley

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Bubba Ray Dudley has been known to be an abominable individual, who possesses sociopathic tendencies. Many fans have attested to the claim, stating he hardly even wears a smile during Meet and Greets. However, the man whom the fans come across may be a false representation of his real self as he is in a committed relationship with Velvet Sky, who is easily the hottest woman in wrestling today.

Legend has it that she ditched a much better-looking wrestler in Chris Sabin to enter a relationship with one-half of the decorated Dudley Boyz. Although they are not married as of now, the fact that they have been able to find love in each other despite a huge difference in the level of attractiveness and age makes them one of the best couples in the wrestling business today.

10 Angelina Love and Davey Richards

via dailiywrestlingnews.com

Angelina Love is easily one of the most popular female wrestlers never to have had a proper run with the McMahon Empire, although she spent three years at Deep South Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling. Davey Richards is another accomplished star on the independent scene having lifted PWG World Championship and ROH World Championship besides numerous tag team titles with NJPW and TNA. Accordingly, it seems fitting for the two to be hitched.

They married in June 2015 after dating for only a handful of months and welcomed a boy named David Vincent Richards in March 2016. At 33, he may wrestle in front of his son in a WWE ring, but her in-ring career is all but over as she turns 36 next year.

9 Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Although Mike Bennett, a well-known mid-card talent on the independent scene, and Maria Kanellis will soon lose their wrestling couple tag, with her announcing that she would retire shortly to resume her academic pursuits, they definitely rank among the top 15 couples in the business as of today. They married in October 2014 after living together for more than three years; she also stepmothers Mike Bennett’s son from his previous relationship.

Despite the couple’s mainstream popularity being minimal – when compared to most other entries in this article – because of their performing only on less popular promotions such as TNA and NJPW, the one-time TNA Knockouts Championship holder has managed to attract enough online attention, courtesy of her stunning looks and outfits that complement her body.

8 Brandi Runnels and Cody Rhodes

via f4wonline.com

Many expected Cody Rhodes to fall off the map in the wake of his departure from WWE, but he has been able to revamp his wrestling career, which was gradually going down the drain while he was wrestling as Stardust. His new valet’s work is as surprising as his own, as his wife and valet Brandi Rhodes has ditched the ring announcer’s microphone in favor of wrestling gear.

Cody and Brandi were married in September 2013, and are currently feuding with another couple who have also made this list in Bennett and Maria. Although they may now be missing out on WWE’s hefty paychecks, they should be having immense fun, touring Europe and North America and trying out adventurous stuff, as evidenced by the Maxim model’s blog.

7 Lana and Rusev

via dailymail.co.uk

Rusev and Lana, who were married in July 2016, are as matched as a body slam challenge between Hornswoggle and Andre the Giant, but the couple seems to enjoy each other’s company as much as Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens do. Signed as a main character in the sixth season of Total Divas, Lana will likely cast light on their relationship that has only been limited to their social media account so far.

Thanks to the couple’s decision to be employed by the WWE, they were embroiled in a widely criticized love pentagon angle that also featured Fandango, Summer Rae, and Dolph Ziggler. They also won the wrath of the McMahons when they elected to share pictures of their engagement ring during the storyline; however, they seem to have won over the head honchos as they find themselves in rather important segments such as the sequence that saw Goldberg break the Bulgarian Brute in half.

6 Maryse and Miz

via bleacherreport.com

After being irrelevant for many years, The Miz managed to revive his WWE career thanks to his excellent and believable microphone work and the fact that his exquisite wife Maryse accompanies him to the ring. With the Intercontinental Championship permanently residing around his waist, the couple seems an important part of SmackDown Live.

They were married in February 2014 after being together for several years. Their marriage should look bizarre to the long-term fans of the product as The Miz was initially booked to stalk then-active wrestler Maryse not so long ago.

Although their private life has remained private so far, the couple’s decision to be on Total Divas will excite those who love to learn about the behind-the-scenes aspect of the business and the wrestlers.

5 Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan is a living proof that success, money, and beautiful women automatically knock at your door with a ridiculous amount of hard work. Making his way through the demanding indie wrestling circuit, he is easily the most beloved figure in the whole of the WWE today.

The American Dragon met Brie Bella in 2011 after signing with WWE and proceeded to marry her in April 2014. Despite his premature end to his wrestling career, he finds himself comforted by the one-time Divas Champion, with a picture that reveals a compassionate Brie consoling a teary-eyed Bryan after his retirement speech bearing testimony to the claim. The couple is currently expecting their first child, with motherhood expected to limit her to only Total Divas or Total Bellas appearances. However, thanks to the fans’ penchant for the duo, they can remain WWE employees with lucrative deals for as long as they want.

4 Renee Young and Dean Ambrose

via youtube.com

Although fans complain that Dean Ambrose portrays his persona poorly, his real life persona has a few similarities to it as he allegedly does not even know how to handle Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, his real life girlfriend Renee Young has often stated that Jonathan Good — Ambrose's real name — is completely different from the Lunatic Fringe he portrays on the television screen.

Unlike Lana and Rusev, Miz and Maryse, or Nikki Bella and John Cena, very little is known about their relationship, with his wanting to keep things private. Total Divas season six is certain to expose how the 31-year-old interviewer deals with the 30-year-old wrestler, with Renee being a part of the main cast in the show. With the former WWE World Champion seemingly unhappy about their participation in the reality show, their segments could be either entertaining or painfully awkward.

3 Nikki Bella and John Cena

via foxsports.com

John Cena has been married before, with his marriage to an outsider allegedly ending after she became aware of Cena’s infidelities. However, the 15-time world champion now seems incredibly happy with colleague and long-term girlfriend Nikki Bella.

The former Divas Champion has often brought up the topic of marriage – as evidenced by the numerous Total Divas and Total Bellas segments about the same – but he seems uninterested in binding himself to her legally, stating he was unsure if he could be a good husband or father.

Besides, our number two entry is easily the most popular wrestling couple, with every move of theirs monitored by the mainstream media and paparazzi. Their prominence reflects inside the ring as well, as they both are involved in main-event feuds more often than not.

2 Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

via huffingtonpost.com

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon easily form the most powerful couple in the wrestling business today. After entering a relationship in a rather controversial fashion – it is believed that Hunter cheated on his girlfriend Chyna with McMahon – the couple spent three years together before getting married in October 2003.

They have three kids together named Aurora Rose, Murphy Claire, and Vaughn Evelyn, who are aged 10, eight and six, respectively. The former Women’s Champion even chose to put on the wrestling attire a couple of years ago for a match against Brie Bella at SummerSlam just for her kids; she picked up a win after using her husband's finisher, the Pedigree. By the looks of things, the couple seems ready to enjoy as many years of marriage as Vince and Linda McMahon.

1 Reby Sky and Matt Hardy

via dailywrestlingnews.com

While Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have control over the WWE and John Cena and Nikki Bella remain the poster couple for casual fans, one couple that hardcore fans adore and never get tired of is Matt Hardy and Reby Sky. While most other entries on this list have chosen to keep their kids as far away from the cameras as possible, the Hardys have made their son Maxel Hardy a crucial part of the hottest thing in wrestling today. They are so awesome that fans have been thanking Lita for cheating on the Broken Genius with Edge.

Total Deletion and the Hardys’ bouts with The Decay did not only elevate professional wrestling to a different level, but also kept TNA relevant during some the hardest times in the promotion’s history. It would not be long before Reby and Matt surpassed the previous two entries as the most notable wrestling couple.

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