Top 15 Hottest Daughters In Wrestling

The crazy men (and women) that have the genetics, talent, and desire to become professional wrestlers are something truly unique. An athletic/showbiz profession with no guarantee of a decent wage and an absolute guarantee of suffering your fair share of injuries. They’re brave enough to slug it out, take the bumps, and crave the thrill of telling a story in front of millions (and millions!). There’s something special about these wrestlers. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised when someone with the body of an olympian, the brains of a technician, and the personality of an entertainer would pop out some seriously hot daughters. Some are not surprising. The Von Erich family all seem to have the Germanic statuesque features of a model, so Lacey’s look has a starting point But Mick Foley? His wife Collette's genes must be as resilient as Mankind in a cage match, as they powered through his “rugged” looks to produce an absolute stunner.

The great thing about these hot daughters is that many have inherited their parent’s desire to be in the limelight, meaning we get to see these beauties show off their looks and in some cases, their wrestling skills. Most if not all of the daughters on this list work as performers of some kind, many wrestle, some sing, some act. This provides us with ample coverage and makes a list like this possible. If they were all “regular” folk, it would be quite creepy indeed. We can’t possibly have a list like this made up of private citizens' Facebook pictures. No it works far better when a girl like Brooke Hogan is obviously a chip off the old block, and her face is all over the internet. Talking about her right now is probably increasing her social media net worth; you’re welcome Brooke.

I doubt you made it this far, but if you did, what are you waiting for!  Let’s check out the top 15 hottest daughters in wrestling.

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13 Beans Hart

via superluchas.com

Bret Hart seems to name his kids as if picking their wrestling gimmick. His youngest son is actually named Blade, and although it’s not his daughter’s real name, everyone calls her Beans. There you go, child-naming, excellently executed.

Beans was in the wrestling news two summers ago when it was announced she was aspiring to join the WWE. While it looks like she has been working hard and toning up, there’s still no official word of her potential employment. She does have the best family in the world to learn from and her cousin Natalya has already made it, so we could be seeing her in the future. At least she’s guaranteed to get a pop from the Canadian crowd.

12 Bianca Carelli

via panoramitalia.com

While I’m sure you have read plenty of lists detailing the hottest daughters of wrestlers, I bet you haven’t seen this beauty. Bianca is the daughter of WWE wrestler Santino Marella. At just 19, Bianca is the newest member to the hottest daughters of wrestling club, and we are all happy to have her.

Although Bianca is not a wrestler like her father, she still managed to add another title win to the family mantle. In 2013, Bianca became Miss Teen Ontario-World.

 She also gets my vote for Miss Galaxy.

11 Tamina Snuka

via wwe.com

Being the daughter of Superstar Jimmy Snuka is not her only claim to wrestling heritage. She also married into the Anoa’i family that features wrestlers such as The Rock, Rikishi, Roman Reigns, The Usos, The Wild Samoans, and Yokozuna. Tamina worked with The Usos in the WWE and feuded with another wrestling family, The Harts. Although she has yet to win a WWE Divas championship, Tamina did win a battle royal, and has been involved in some of the top Diva storylines over the past few years.

10 Alana "Baby Beefcake" Leslie

via dailywrestlingnews.com

The Daughter of Brutus the Barber, and the god-daughter of Hulk Hogan, Alana is an absolute bombshell, and the woman of my dreams. Not only is she following in her dad’s footsteps as a wrestler, but Alana is a classically trained musician, and a big hockey fan.  Talk about a fun date!

Last we heard, Alana had signed with Jersey Championship Wrestling. Whether she sticks with wrestling or follows her other passions, Alana looks to have a bright future as a seriously talented beauty.

9 The Dynamite Doll, Bronwyne Billington

via kayfabekickout.com

She’s the daughter of the extremely talented Dynamite Kid. Her father was yet another disciple from Stu Hart’s dungeon, just amazing how much talent came out of one basement in Alberta.

Bronwyne knew she had to be a part of the family business after a wrestling promoter in Calgary asked her to walk her husband down to the ring in honor of her father. After that, she was hooked, working as a valet ever since. She has aspirations of working with her husband in the WWE, but until then, will enjoy traveling the world in the wrestling business, like her father before her.

10. Ariel Teal Toombs

via twitter.com/arielteal

Rowdy Roddy Piper was a huge part of the golden era of wrestling. When the Hulkster and WrestleMania were starting to take off, Hot Rod was one of the company's biggest heels. One of the best with a mic, he transitioned his deadly promo skills very smoothly into an acting career. His comedic role as a deranged wrestler in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a favorite of mine.

His daughter didn’t fall far from the tree, as she has the same expressive features and in interest in acting herself. She even appeared alongside the old man in Legion: The Final Exorcism.

8 Natalya (Nattie Neidhart)

via sportskeeda.com

Wrestling runs deep for this third-generation wrestler. The daughter of Jim the Anvil Neidhart trained in the same Hart Dungeon as her famous uncles Bret and Owen. She used that training to forge a wrestling career of her own, signing with the same company her father found success with. She would add another belt  to the Hart-legacy when she became the WWE Divas champion. For those fans that couldn’t get enough of “Nattie”, she has also starred on the reality show Total Divas for three seasons, with the fourth season currently underway.

All we can say is, thank goodness she got her dad's talent and not his looks.

7 Brittany Page

via ddptv.com

DDP is a hero among the wrestling community for his rehabilitation work with stars like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. Too many wrestlers have been lost too soon, and DDP’s yoga program has done some wonderful work.

DDP’s daughter Brittany Page has contributed to this great program as a DDP Yoga consultant. She inherited her father's combined love of athletics and giving back. It appears she also got her mother Kimberly's stunning looks.

The WWE has apparently been making very quiet donations to the DDP Yoga Program, helping rehabilitate and save the former stars that gave the WWE and its fans so much. So in between the Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan controversy, it looks like they’ve been doing some real good out there. Kudos to all.

7. Charlotte Flair (Ashley Fliehr)

via wwe.com

The daughter of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Ric Flair has been an important wrestler for more years than Charlotte has been alive, but she’s off to a good start herself. She is only the second woman in history to win Rookie of the Year from Pro Wrestling Illustrated, an award previously won by her pops. Charlotte is currently signed to the WWE and wrestles for their developmental division NXT. She did have a decent, if short, match on RAW, and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of this talented beauty. By all accounts, she's going to be one of the greatest divas of her generation.

6 Stephanie McMahon Levesque

via fanpop.com

Vince McMahon was successful in part because he made wrestling not only his business, but his life. Hulk Hogan once spoke of the difference between the WCW and WWE. He stated that the WCW was 9-5; any ideas you had on the weekend had to wait until Monday morning. The production staff was there because they worked for Ted Turner, not because they knew anything about producing a wrestling show. The WWE however, never stopped. Hogan could call up Vince in the middle of the night and talk shop.

Stephanie was around the business a great deal growing up and has grown to become a powerhouse at a young age. She is currently a WWE minority owner, the Chief Brand Officer, owns $73 million in stock, and is poised to take over from Vince with her husband Triple H.

We've seen Stephanie grow up since coming out of college on WWE television, and she has aged quite well, like a fine wine.

5 Paige

via wrestling-edge.com

Unique on this list, as BOTH of Paige’s parents were wrestlers, and the family runs the World Association of Wrestling in England. Paige was initially scared of wrestling as a child due to the injuries her family members received, but she obviously got over that in a hurry. She got into wrestling when she was just 13, which makes her a nine-year veteran at 22!  According to Paige though (real name, Saraya-Jade Bevis) she wrestled before she was even born, as her mother wrestled, unknowing that she was pregnant with her daughter. Paige was wrestling from the womb!

Paige made it to the WWE the old-fashioned way, with a lot of hard work. She gathered experience in Europe before cracking the WWE on her second tryout. Along the way, Paige has won a staggering 14 titles at various Wrestling Promotions. Beautiful and remarkably accomplished, there are many reasons to keep your eyes on Paige as her career continues to thrive.

4 Tessa Blanchard

via wrestlingsmash.com

Another third-generation wrestler, Tessa is the granddaughter of Joe, and the daughter of Tully. Tessa appeared in the WWE for cup of coffee as an entourage member and also wrestled a match with Chastity Taylor. Outside of the WWE, Tessa has held the Women’s Championship in the ECWA and also wrestles for WSU. A legitimate star of the wrestling world and a legitimate babe. Hopefully we get to see her back in WWE some day.

3 Brooke Hogan

via nydailynews.com

Hulk Hogan lets us all know he loves his daughter very much. Sometimes he lets us know a little too much, but hey, he’s just your regular proud, tanned, wrestling icon dressed like a biker in a musical father. Hogan proved he would do anything for his daughter when he starred in a reality series to help promote her music. She turned that into a few albums and another reality series of her own, which the doting dad would also appear on. Hogan managed to stay a household name when he made internet headlines regarding some pictures and comments about his daughter that some found a tad creepy. But hey! There’s no bad publicity right?

2 Noelle Foley

via sickchirpse.com

Wow, genetics are a funny thing. Noelle’s mother Colette was quite a stunner in her day, but I really don’t understand how Mick’s contribution to the gene pool IMPROVED Noelle. Seeing the two of them together doesn’t bring father-daughter to mind. More like she’s his nurse, or perhaps a niece visiting from Sweden, or maybe the actress cast to play his daughter in a movie. I guess the only question now is if Mick can make any more? Noelle is also aspiring to be a pro wrestler herself. Do we hope to see her on WWE television some day? Yes! Yes! Yes!

1 Lacey Von Erich

via prowrestling.wikia.com

The Von Erich family is legendary in the wrestling world. Lacey herself has become a legend of the wrestling Google search. Her dad was the Texas Tornado in the WWE, and Lacey is as hot as the fourth of July in El Paso. She wrestled for a time in TNA, winning the tag team championship for her efforts. She moved on from the wrestling biz to focus on charity work and competed last year for the title of Mrs. California.

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