Top 15 Hottest Divas Moments That Made NO Sense

The WWE reached its’ highest ratings in 1999 and 2000 when professional wrestling was at its’ peak. Both Raw and SmackDown were cruising through the television ratings and Raw ended 1999 with a 5.90 while SmackDown, in only its’ second year on television, reached a 4.73, both ratings are all-time highs for both shows. But on September 11, 2001, a group of terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. resulting in 2,996 American deaths. In that moment, everything began to change in this country. Americans felt vulnerable and scared. They felt like a violent attack could occur at any moment. The culture of the country started to move away from enjoying violence on television, especially from professional wrestling. As the ratings dropped, the desperation began to sink in and the WWE started doing things to bring back their audience. The went back to the Attitude Era, mid-to-late 90s, and started using the same things that worked ten years before. One of the easiest ways to increase viewership is sex appeal and the WWE decided to use it in the form of their WWE Divas by promoting the most insane ideas that hardly made much sense. The fans of wrestling were never stupid. They knew that a Lingerie match was ridiculous but why would anyone complain when you get to see WWE Divas stripping down to their bras and panties? Even though most of the hottest WWE Divas moments rarely made sense, we loved them so much that we decided to give you the 15 hottest ones to enjoy.

15 Bra and Panties Paddle on a Pole Match: Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler

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On a quiet evening in October of 2002, two lovely women showed up on Raw to wrestle in a Bra and Panties Paddle on a Poll match which requires each lady to attempt to strip the other one down to their bra and panties to win followed by a whipping at the hands of a paddle that is clipped up high atop a pole in the ring.

So it comes as no shock that the names of Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler make this list, quite often actually, for a match such as this one. As ridiculous as this one sounds, it is far easier to watch, trust us.

There was very few reasons to see two women strip down to their undies on live television let alone for professional wrestling so when these types of matches started to occur, almost weekly between 2002 and 2004, the fans became used to it. They loved it.

This match gave us one of the greatest freeze frame moments in wrestling history when Trish pulled the ultimate reversal on Stacy Keibler, rolling her over and ripping off her bottoms with her back side out for the world to enjoy.

14 Taboo Tuesday: Six-Woman Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal

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Raw got away with a lot of things before the PG Era so just imagine what the WWE could do when they were hosting a Pay-Per-View. The rules changed for the Pay-Per-Views. The WWE could get away with almost anything they wanted to because they were not being held back by the cable television censors, it was a private program and they took advantage of it.

It became increasingly obvious during the 2005 Taboo Tuesday when they hosted another Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal between six incredibly beautiful WWE Divas. Fulfill Your Fantasy gave the audience a chance to vote on what outfits the ladies would be wearing during their match. The voting was held for several weeks before the match and for this year’s match, it was Lingerie.

The PPV match featured the Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, punk rocker Ashley, voluptuous Candice Michelle, the super cute and cuddly Mickie James, the angry bad girl Victoria, and the beautiful red head Maria all competing for the WWE Women’s World title.

13 Fully Loaded: Sable Gets A Hand...

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When Sable showed up in the WWE during the mid-90’s, it wasn’t long before the term Diva was being used and by April 19, 1999 on an episode of Raw, she made it official when she started to refer to herself as a Diva without knowing what she was setting in motion.

The term was coined on Raw but the idea of having female wrestlers that also could pose for Playboy and attract an entirely new audience began at the 1998 Fully Loaded Pay-Per-View. Sable was competing against Jacqueline for a Bikini Contest when she revealed her special top, a hand-bra featuring two hands painted in black covering her breasts. It was a moment that every wrestling fan can tell you about because it happened long before all of the Bra and Panties matches.

Sable turned her time in the WWE into a career simply by using the one thing she had over most every other woman around, her beauty. That moment has stuck inside the minds of all of us wrestling fans and continues to be one of the hottest, even with today’s audience.

12 Wet 'n' Wild Match: Candice Michelle vs. Torrie Wilson

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How much more ridiculous does it get than a Wet-N-Wild match featuring Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson wearing the whitest clothes that they could find while "wrestling" in a ring full of water toys, guns, balloons, and, in case that wasn’t enough, several buckets of water.

A lot of people claimed that the match wasn’t that great technically but for each one of those critics, if they really wanted to enjoy a wrestling match for its’ technical aspect, then they should watch the rest of the show and enjoyed this for what it is, a couple of smokeshows getting wet for our pleasure.

The match gave us two of the most titillating moments in WWE history. The first was when Candice Michelle was about to crush Torrie Wilson but first decided to pop a water balloon on herself in a way that makes us all wish we had a slow motion function on our remotes. The second was when Torrie Wilson rubbed her, well, let’s just say bottom end, in the face of Candice Michelle as she was pinned up against the corner ropes. That one move nearly broke the internet that night.

Who won? Does that matter at this point?

11 Lingerie Pillow Fight: Christy Hemme vs. Maria w/ Guest Referee Candice Michelle

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If you watched the WWE between 2004 and 2006, you remember the countless women’s battles in lingerie, most of which, were actually great matches too. But then they decided to change things up on Raw one night in 2005 and take it a step further by doing a Lingerie Pillow Fight. That’s right, now that we know how fake wrestling is, the WWE no longer cared about changing that mindset so their women’s matches were anything but real.

Then, Candice Michelle walked out as the special guest referee and the term fake or real meant absolutely nothing. The rules changed and you just pretend that what you are watching is real, and this is exactly how things occur in real life when two women are fighting.

This match earns a spot on the list for one reason, it was the only time Christy Hemme and Maria battled one another in the ring on a one-on-one basis, ever. So not only is this a lingerie battle, it is a fight between two of the sexiest stars in the business that has never happened before and never happened again. It is a classic moment in WWE history.

10 Taboo Tuesday: Seven-Woman Schoolgirl Costume Battle Royal

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On paper, the idea of having six beautiful women, and Molly Holly, in the ring for a seven woman Battle Royal during the Pay-Per-View, Taboo Tuesday, is everything you would want in a match that is meant to provide you with, well, a ton of time to enjoy the show. But then they decided to add a caveat to the match where the fans got to vote for the costumes being worn during the match, like the 2005 Taboo Tuesday match where they had to wear lingerie for it.

The fans voted for Schoolgirl outfits, and it wasn't even a close vote either, winning the fans over by a 53% margin. The seven women scheduled to compete in it were Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Jazz, Molly Holly, Nidia, Stacy Keibler, and Victoria.

It did not take long to realize how great of a choice the outfits were because when Stacy Keibler arrived, everything else became a blur. She was the last one to come out and she had the plaid skirt, nerdy glasses, school book, and even added the pigtails for the complete package.

9 Bra and Panties Valentine's Day Special Match: Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson

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During the height of the WWE Divas popularity, it was almost hard to understand just how much power these ladies had in the industry. They had almost the entire crowd, men and women, amazed at their beauty and wrestling moves. Which was something you would not imagine a woman that looks like a Torrie Wilson or Dawn Marie to have in their skill set.

So when the WWE hosted a live Valentine's Day episode that gave us a Bra and Panties match between Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie, as relationships in real life were put to the test. How could any woman understand that a grown man would want to watch something like this on a night when they should be buying flowers and taking them to dinner?

It's an easy answer, this wasn't for them. This was for the majority of the people that were spending V-Day alone that year. This was a treat for them and even after winning the match without losing her bottoms, Torrie Wilson gave us one last tease before leaving the ring, just for good measure.

8 Eggnog Match: Stacy Keibler vs. Torrie Wilson

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Just a few months after the country was brutally attacked by terrorists on 9/11, the WWE had to start giving the fans an escape. So they came up with a feud between Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler, the two sexiest women in the world, not just in wrestling. The feud began the moment the two ladies arrived in the WWE and lasted until Stacy Keibler left the business in 2006.

It sounds ridiculous but the fans of the WWE, and the rest of the country, had already been dealing with real loss and suffering for months, and it was time to cheer up. What is a better way to do it then by sticking the two ladies in a pool of eggnog while rocking their sexiest Santa's little helper outfits?

It was sloppy, messy, and gross. But it was also the hottest thing the fans of the WWE had ever seen at that time. This was 2001 and something like this just didn't happen regularly in the WWE.

7 Mickie James' Obsession with Trish Stratus

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Before AJ Lee turned being cute into a sexy thing, Mickie James was doing it for her entire career, especially when she turned into an obsessed Trish Stratus fan. That angle was one of the craziest the WWE has ever written and if you were told about it, you would think it was a cheap ploy to lead into a million dollar moment at some future Pay-Per-View between the two ladies.

But Mickie made it her own. She made us believe it was a real obsession and that she truly would follow her home after every episode of Raw. The storyline really hit its' peak during their WrestleMania 22 match in 2006.

It was always a fun angle to watch, to say the least. But it gave us a couple of gorgeous ladies that also ended up giving us a great match at the industries biggest PPV event, WrestleMania.

6 No Mercy Lingerie Match: Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler

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Back in 2001, the WWE came up with an idea for their Divas, it was a blatant attempt to show off the ladies goodies but it worked. It was the Lingerie Match and at the 2001 No Mercy Pay-Per-View, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler squared off in the companies first ever Lingerie Match.

It was ranked as one of the best matches of the year that year and continues to remain one of the most groundbreaking matches in the WWE Divas history.

For a match that only lasted a few minutes, as most of these did back then, it gave us something different from what any of us had seen before, two of the sexiest women around dressed up in Lingerie, rolling around the ring, trying to kill each other. It was a man's dream coming true and it was happening in the middle of the WWE wrestling ring.

5 Bra and Panties Match: Lita vs. Trish Stratus

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The WWE Women's Championship had become a very respectable belt and by 2000 when the high-flying daredevil, Lita, was the champion. She showed up to Raw one night in 2000 to face off against Trish Stratus in the first ever Bra and Panties match for the title belt.

It started right off the bat when Trish Stratus dropped down to her panties from the start and wrestled the entire match in her panties before quickly ripping off Lita's top. This was groundbreaking for one reason, Lita wasn't seen as a sex symbol yet. This match showed her from a different perspective. It showed off her "puppies" in all their glorious goldness before she was able to rip off Trish's bottoms to reveal an even smaller pair of panties underneath.

4 Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson's 2002 Hotel Video

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Dawn Marie was going to marry Torrie Wilson's father, Al. That was an actual storyline used during the WWE's sexy Era. But Torrie didn't want it to happen and she would do just about anything, or anyone, she had to in order to prevent it from happening.

It all came to a peak when the two women met up in a hotel room, live, during an episode of SmackDown in 2002. As the clip of the ladies aired, it began with enough sexuality and teasing to make even the most prude man shuffle in his seat.

But then it ended before the good stuff happened. Not to worry, however, because at the 2002 Armageddon Pay-Per-View, Dawn Marie showed the entire tape during the PPV while also revealing she had no intentions of canceling the wedding.

Al ended up stopping the tape right after the fans were given one of the most sensual and erotic moments in WWE Divas history, a kiss between the two women. Sure, we had seen action like this before but not once was it ever presented in a way that was so sensual and seductive. It was almost like watching the beginning of an adult film. Well, um, at least that's what everyone told us.

3 Lita Performs in a Live Sex Celebration w/ Edge

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Is there truly a better way to celebrate winning your first ever WWE Championship than with a beauty like Lita, in the bedroom, naked, in front of 25,000 screaming fans, and millions watching at home?

That is exactly what happened when Edge won the WWE Championship at New Year's Revolution over John Cena, shortly after he retained the belt in an Elimination Chamber match earlier in the Pay-Per-View. Edge was cashing in on his Money in the Bank contract, which gave him the right to face the WWE Champion at any time he wanted to.

Back to the Live Sex Celebration for a minute. The couple undressed all the way down to their underwear, in a seductive and sexy manner, before getting into the bed located front and center of the ring. As they continued on, they got under the sheets and began to remove what was left of their clothes and if Ric Flair didn't show up, who knows how far that would have gone.

It was the dumbest thing the WWE had ever done but it was still great and it even gave RAW a 5.2 rating, the highest ratings the show had received in over a year.

2 Judgement Day Bikini Contest: Sable vs. Torrie Wilson

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Sable was the first WWE Diva that self-proclaimed to be one and coined the term. But within a few years of that term being coined, the WWE was starting to add more and more beautiful women, weekly.

Torrie Wilson showed up in 2001 along with Stacy Keibler to face Lita and Trish Stratus in a Tag Team Bra and Panties match at the InVasion Pay-Per-View and the rest was history. It’s like being hit in the face by a slap instead of someone rubbing your arm. That introduction showed the audience what was really going on with the WWE these days and, although it didn’t make much sense to have this stuff in wrestling, we were not complaining. Who would?

So with Sable being the veteran Diva and Torrie Wilson earning her stripes, their 2003 Bikini Contest at the Judgement Day PPV was the perfect one-on-one matchup the WWE Divas have ever seen. Both ladies were hitting their peak in popularity and instead of giving us a solid performance, they both went overboard and completely destroyed any ideas of what we all assumed would happen by raising the bar with an ending that any teenage boy would be locking the door to watch.

1 The Practically Perfect AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is the most stunningly gorgeous and incredibly popular comic book reading, video game playing, animal loving Diva that the WWE has ever seen. She is one of the few WWE Divas that did not have to be someone else or even get those fake augmentations on her body. She is the same person we have seen for many years in the ring as she is on the outside of it. She portrayed a cute, cuddly, gal pal that everyone, men or women, would love to hang out with on a daily basis.

She also gave the WWE some of the hottest moments just about every single time she walked into the arena. She had a fun time personating Nikki Bella, and so did the audience. How much better can it get? Not only is AJ Lee a smokeshow on her own but now she is pretending to be one of the hottest twins in the industry. The feud between Brie Bella and AJ Lee gave us so many hottest moments it was hard to fit them all in, we only had 15 slots to work with.

AJ was also the sexiest kisser in the world. She might have kissed a few more people than should have but she landed smacks on the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, John Cena (She won Best Kiss of the Year for that one), Hornswoggle, CM Punk, and even, Kane. The WWE could ask her to do anything, even the most ridiculous, and she could make it sexy.

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