Top 15 Hottest Divas of the Attitude Era

The Attitude Era consisted of some of the best years in WWE history. The Superstars during this time included Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Kane, The Undertaker, Mick Foley, Triple H, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. All of these wrestlers are either Hall of Famers or future Hall of Famers. In addition to individual talent, The Attitude Era also showcased tag teams such as The Dudley Boyz, The New Age Outlawz, Edge and Christian, the A.P.A., and The Hardy Boyz.

These are tag teams and individuals that change the WWE, forever. They left their mark on the wrestling world with their different styles of wrestling, promos, and personalities. These are the wrestlers that caught the attention of fans and kept them wanting more every time they entered a WWE ring. For some fans, the WWE will never be anything like The Attitude Era, which is considered by many to be the best years the WWE ever had. During this time in there were many memorable moments, like Chris Jericho debuting, Triple H marrying Stephanie McMahon in Las Vegas, the infamous "Bret screwed Bret" monologue by Vince McMahon and of course who can forget Stone Cold and the beer truck?

Although there were a lot of great moments in and outside the ring by the male roster, The Attitude Era also had a great Divas roster as well. Not only could the Divas wrestle inside of the ring but many of them looked good while doing it. These are the women of the WWE that caught the eye of the fans at first sight.

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15 Molly Holly

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Nora Benshoof was not always known as Molly Holly. When she first came to WWE, she was under the name Lady Ophelia as William Regal's manager. She then formed a faction with her on-screen cousins Bob and Crash Holly as "The Holly Cousins." Benshoof then found her inner superhero and teamed up with The Hurricane as Mighty Molly. After saving the world, she went back to single competitions where she defeated Trish Stratus for her first Women's Championship. Although she had weird gimmicks at times, Holly was great looking and actually talented in the ring.

14 Jacqueline

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Jacqueline Moore came into the WWE as the on-screen girlfriend of Marc Mero, causing a feud with Mero's estranged wife, Sable. Jacqueline went on to defeat Sable for her first Women's Championship. For a brief time, Jacqueline teamed up with Terri Runnels to form the Pretty Mean Sisters (PMS) after Runnels broke up with Goldust and Jacqueline broke up with Mero. After going back to individual competition, Jacqueline won her second Women's Championship from Harvey Wippleman, who was dressed up as a Hervina.

In 2004, Jacqueline did the unthinkable by beating Chavo Guerrero for his Cruiserweight Championship in an open challenge. Jacqueline was one of the most successful African-American women in WWE history and looked pretty good doing it.

13 Tori

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When Terri Poch first entered the WWE, she was known as a crazed fan of Sable. For weeks, she would sit ringside at her matches, including helping her win a match against Luna Vachon at the Royal Rumble in 1999. Tori wanted respect from Sable, which Sable continuously denied, causing them to face off at WrestleMania XV. Sable went on to win the match thanks to interference from her bodyguard. Tori then became the on-screen girlfriend of Kane, who she ended up leaving for X-Pac, even becoming a member of the D-Generation X. Before wrestling, Poch was a bodybuilder, which explains her cut up body.

12 Cynthia Lynch

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Recent Hall of Famer The Godfather had Cynthia Lynch as one of his many "hos." Lynch was not really noticed until she was attacked by Viscera. Lynch then went on to do the unthinkable by winning the Hardcore Championship from Crash Holly for a brief second before Holly won it back immediately. Lynch was the first of four women to ever win the Hardcore Championship. Although Lynch did not last long in the WWE, and wasn't really noticed, she actually looked good during her short time there.

11 Lilian Garcia

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Although she may not be a in-ring wrestler, Lillian Garcia catches the eye of the WWE Universe whenever she steps in the ring to announce contestants for an upcoming match. Not only does she look good, but Garcia has the perfect announcer voice, especially when it comes to big matches. In addition to that, Garcia has a beautiful singing voice as well.

Garcia was like the ring girl for boxing matches. Although everybody is there to see a fight, they don't mind seeing a pretty girl in the ring beforehand. Garcia is the most popular female ring announcer in WWE history and has given us good times throughout the years, including an on-screen relationship with Viscera.

10 Barbara "B.B." Bush

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When Katherine Dingman, or Barbara "BB" Bush, entered the WWE, she was known as an EMT, helping wrestlers out. Bush caught the crowd's eyes with her looks and her amazing body. Bush also had some runs at the Women's Championship, although she never won it. Bush had some on-screen ties with Val Venis as well, being in his corner for his matches. Bush may not have have had a successful career in the ring, but her standing at ringside looking good was nothing to complain about.

9 The Kat/Miss Kitty

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Stacy Carter, better known as "The Kat" or "Miss Kitty," started her WWE career as the assistant of Debra. After Jeff Jarrett, who Debra managed, lost the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna, Miss Kitty started managing Chyna, even dressing up exactly like her at times. In 1999, Miss Kitty won her first and only Women's Championship in a Four Corners Evening Gown Pool match against Jacqueline, Ivory, and Barbara Bush. After the match in celebration, Miss Kitty ripped off her dress and flashed the crowd, in the first nudity scene in WWE history. This is when the fans noticed how sexy Miss Kitty was in full form. Following that, she started a feud with Terri Runnels. Eventually, Miss Kitty left due to alleged bad attitude backstage and that WWE had no more storylines for her.

8 Ivory

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The Godfather had many "hos" accompany him to the ring and Ivory was one of those women for a while. When she found a love interest in Mark Henry, she was introduced to the WWE world as Ivory and became a fan favorite right away. Ivory won her first Women's Championship by defeating Debra. Ivory then turned heel once she started beefing with Tori. This battle led to the first ever Women's Hardcore match. Ivory was not only sexy, but she was also a great in-ring wrestler.

7 Debra

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Debra Marshall came into the WWE as a businesswoman and the girlfriend of Jeff Jarrett. Debra started to show her sex appeal as she distracted Jarrett's opponents by teasing them by undressing herself at ringside, showing her "puppies" as Jerry Lawler would say. In 1999, Debra went from outside the ring to inside the ring to win her first Women's Championship from Sable. Later on down the road, Debra left Jarrett (on screen) to marry Stone Cold Steve Austin (in real life). That marriage carried over to the big screen, as the two participated in mixed tag team matches together. Any woman that takes off her clothes to distract wrestlers will always be a fan favorite.

6 Lita

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When you're dating Matt Hardy, it's only right that you wrestle like him too. Lita was the first Diva to show that women could do high-flying moves just like the men of the WWE. Lita, along with Matt and Jeff Hardy, formed the sable "Team Xtreme."  Lita started dressing like the Hardy brothers too, with her baggy pants and tomboy style, although she did wear underwear that was exposed to the crowd. Lita started feuding with Stephanie McMahon, who was the Women's Champion at the time. In 2000, Lita beat McMahon with her infamous moonsault to win her first Women's Championship.

Lita has had many famous moments and storylines, including teaming with Trish Stratus during The Invasion and the infamous storyline involving Edge and Matt Hardy. Lita is known for in-ring ability and looking good while doing it.

5 Stephanie McMahon

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What other way for the WWE Chairman's daughter to debut then as herself. Stephanie McMahon came into the WWE when her father was feuding with The Undertaker.  McMahon then started dating Triple H on-screen. Triple H was the WWE Championship and McMahon won the Women's Championship from Jacqueline, making them a power couple. McMahon is now part of The Authority and hated by most, but she sure does look good doing it. As much as most people hate Steph, they can not deny her good looks, whether it's in a suit or ring attire.

4 Chyna

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Joan Laurer, known to everybody as Chyna, was one of the most successful Divas in history. Chyna was dominant during her time in the WWE because of her size compared to other Divas. Chyna was almost known as a bully as she would help Triple H by being ringside at his matches and went on to become part of D-Generation X. In 1999, Chyna became the first woman ever to enter the Royal Rumble match. Later on that same year, Chyna became the first woman to qualify for the King of the Ring tournament. Chyna went on to beat Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Championship, becoming the first woman to win that championship as well. Chyna obviously was dominant in the ring and actually was pretty sexy.

3 Sable

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Sable made her WWE debut at the "grandest stage of them all" at WrestleMania XII, escorting Triple H to the ring for his match against The Ultimate Warrior. After that, Sable started managing her real-life husband Marc Mero. In 1998, Sable defeated Jacqueline for her first Women's Championship at Survivor Series. Although Sable was a good wrestler and was extremely sexy, she did not have a good off-screen relationships with the WWE, causing her departure. She returned later and then left on good terms, as she wanted to spend more time with her family. Brock Lesnar knew how beautiful Sable was as her married her in real life. The Beast is winning inside and outside the ring.

2 Terri Runnels 

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Terri Runnels was one a unique female manager that you couldn't help but love. Runnels managed her then-real life husband Goldust. Following Goldust, Runnels then moved on to Val Venis. After breaking it off with Venis, Runnels became partners with Jacqueline, who had just broke it off with Marc Mero, forming the faction Pretty Mean Sisters (PMS). Although Runnels never won a Women's Championship, she surprisingly won the Hardcore Championship for a brief second, but lost it immediately. Runnels was known more for her managing skills and looks than her in-ring ability.

1 Trish Stratus 

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Trish Stratus is one of the most popular Divas in WWE history. With her sexy looks, voice, and wrestling ability, Stratus was a fan favorite from the start. Stratus actually started her career as manager, managing the tag team of Test and Albert (T&A). Stratus then started managing Val Venis, but left him to join singles competition. At Survivor Series 2001, Stratus won her first of seven Women's Championships. In 2013, Stratus became the youngest wrestler ever to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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