Top 15 Hottest Divas of the PG Era

Nothing is better than watching WWE and seeing your favorite Diva on the show. These Divas are part of the Divas' Revolution, a new form of diva we haven’t seen in a while. These divas aren’t compe

Nothing is better than watching WWE and seeing your favorite Diva on the show. These Divas are part of the Divas' Revolution, a new form of diva we haven’t seen in a while.

These divas aren’t competing in Bra and Panties matches, these divas are competing in matches just as good as the matches the men put on. Although their talents in the ring have gotten better than past Divas, their looks are just as good.

The Divas match used to be a time the crowd would get up and go to the bathroom or go get food and drinks. Now we see a 30 minute iron women match in NXT where the divas are part of the main event.

Although there are divas that are heels and face no matter what their character is certain fans that certain diva.

The talent that WWE has in the division along with in NXT is something to be proud of. It shows you that the diva's division will be a strong division for years to come.

Looking at the division we can only wonder who everyone thinks the hottest diva is. We, are not talking about the divas of the past. What we are talking about is the new age diva. The divas that are entertaining us during the PG Era without having to stripe naked, no matter how much we want to see it.. This list is who we think the hottest of the PG Era are.

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16 Natalya


Natalya, the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, trained in the legendary Hart Dungeon. Not only is she talented, she uses a combination of her beauty and skills to fight hard in the ring to make sure her family is proud.

She has stayed true to the Hart family legacy as her theme music starts off similar to her Uncle Bret Hart’s theme and she even uses his signature move the sharpshooter. It is also no surprise that she rocks the Black and Pink in the ring.

The onetime WWE Divas champion has changed her characters look a few times, she debuted in WWE in 2007 and has had a great career so far.

15 Eden


She may not be a Diva that wrestles in the ring, however, she is still entertaining to look at. Eden knew at a young age that she wanted to work in television. She started in NXT as an announcer and seemed right at home while having the mic in her hand. Soon enough she was the ring announcer on Main Event and SmackDown as well.

She also conducts a lot of backstage interviews, superstars and divas can contest that an interview with her is like a day in paradise.

Eden also took over the WWE periscope after Todd Bridges got slapped like crazy to end RAW a few months ago.

14 Rosa Mendes


Rosa Mendes is a Slammy Award winner in the category of Best Use of Exercise Equipment. The diva started her WWE as the intern of Beth Phoenix in the 2008-2009. She had just recently had a baby which has been keeping her off WWE television.

However, the diva right now is more concerned with her time on E.!’s “Total Divas”. She also spent her time as the backstage announcer on the brand SmackDown.

Yet, before she was the reality star she is on E.!’s television show, she helped lead the team of Primo & Epico to a long reign with the WWE Tag Team Championship.

13 Alicia Fox


Alicia Fox first appeared on WWE television as a wedding planner that was hired by Edge and Vickie Guerrero the prep their wedding. However, she got caught messing around with the groom and disappeared from WWE television.

When she appeared back on NXT, SmackDown and RAW where she proved that she could dominate the divas' division.

The one-time Diva Champion is now part of Team Bella. However, with Nikki Bella on the sideline with a neck injury, it is her and Brie carry the Team Bella load.

She looks like a cute innocent Diva but don’t under estimate her determination and her to prove she belongs on the screen.

12 Layla


The one-time Divas champion and the one time, final women's champion was a Diva everyone loved. Recently retired (2015), Layla was part of the Diva Search that WWE hosted in 2007.

The Diva bounced back and forth between a face and a heel, yet she had a great career. She been parts of diva tag tams, a solo performer and had also appeared in a Timberland music video.

Now retired, the diva just recently got married to fellow wrestler Ricky Ortiz. She also has a great modeling career and she was rank 95th in Maxim’s Hot 100.

11 Kelly Kelly


Kelly Kelly made her debut in WWE's ECW brand where she would basically perform strip teases, but when the ECW brand was scrapped, she was moved up to the big shows. Kelly would become a Divas Champion on the main roster and it's easy to see why WWE pushed her, as she had the kind of looks WWE ideally wanted for the face of their Divas division. Nowadays, Kelly (Barbie Blank) is on the E! television series WAGS. Blank was released by WWE in 2012.

10 Brie Bella


The wife of Daniel Bryan finds herself at number eight on the list. Her and her twin Nikki debuted on SmackDown in 2008. Her and her sister used twin power for Brie to defeat opponent Victoria.

The one-time Divas Champion continues to wrestle at a high level in the Divas Division she is also a big star on E!’s “Total Divas” along with her sister Nikki.

However, while her sister Nikki is rehabbing her neck surgery, Brie and Alicia Fox have been fighting as Team Bella, a team formed during the Divas Revolution last summer.

9 Sasha Banks


The Boss. A fitting nickname for this woman and she has controlled her faith in the Diva Division. The 24-year-old comes out of Boston.

Banks worked her way through different independent wrestling promotions until landing in NXT. She is one of the Four Horsewoman that has helped usher in a new era of wrestling for the Divas. Making her debut on RAW also helped to start the Divas Revolution.

Sasha was a part of Team B.A.D., for a while, until she recently spilt from them.

The diva is a fan favorite and has a good chance to walk out of WrestleMania as the Divas Champion.

8 Becky Lynch


Joining NXT in 2014, the redhead from Dublin, Ireland, Becky Lynch is living the Dream as a WWE Diva. However, it was not an easy path to the WWE. The self-proclaimed Lasskicker left home and training for the WWE at the age of 15.

She made her RAW debut in the summer of 2015 during the revolution as part of team P.C.B., after the team folded Becky continued her climb to the top as a singles competitor.

Lynch is super talented in the ring, yet, that isn’t the only reason fans love her. Her fiery red hair and her charming looks make liking this diva so easy.

7 Paige


The fair skinned diva turned heads when she debuted on Raw the day after WrestleMania XXX, winning the Divas Championship over AJ Lee. Paige was the first ever diva to hold the NXT Women’s Championship and the Divas Championship in her first night.

If you are in the ring with Paige you better bring your a game. Wrestling since the age of 13, in heated rivals against her mom.

The pale diva is a fan favorite because of her looks and her skills. It was even noted that the fans loved her when she heel turned on team P.C.B. and the crowd still cheered her.

6 Summer Rae


When she broke on the scene alongside Fandango, Summer Rae was someone all fans didn’t mind staring at. However, she was a diva up-and-coming villains would have by their side.

She helped get Fandango on the map, Rusev come back from an ankle injury and helped Tyler Breeze make a threat to the main roster upon his call up.

One thing Summer has going for her, her legs. They are long. You can compare them to the legs of former WWE Diva Stacy Keilber.

Rae has now wrestled in the ring again using her looks and her in ring skill to grab the attention of the WWE universe.

5 Eve Torres


Eve Torres began her WWE career just as the Ruthless Aggression era was coming to an end. By the time she began to compete more regularly in matches, she had improved her craft and thus was able to be a multiple time Divas Champion.

She was thrust into more storylines as her WWE career began to wind down, including the awful John Cena/Kane/Zack Ryder feud in 2012, in which Eve eventually turned heel. She would retire from WWE in 2013.


3 AJ Lee


This diva is undefeated at WrestleMania (2-0) defeating the whole roster in a battle royal at WrestleMania XXX and won a tag team match with Paige at WrestleMania 31 over the Bella Twins. However, as a manager at WrestleMania she is far from perfect (0-2).

Now, the former WWE diva is married to former WWE star CM Punk an it is safe to say a lot of fans wish they have married her.

Lee is a 3-time Diva Champion who put her heart and soul into her matches. However, even though she dressed as a tomboy, the WWE universe loved her looks.

2 Nikki Bella


The second of The Bella Twins comes in at second on the list. The Diva that is the longest raining Divas champion in WWE and has the pleasure of being in a relationship with John Cena or should we say Cena has the pleasure to be dating her.

Nikki is a self-admitted “tomboy” which is very hard to believe, but her skills in the ring are just as good as her looks on the camera. However, her mic skills could use some work.

Along with her sister and Alicia Fox she formed team Bella until a neck injury has sidelined her. Nonetheless, Nikki is also one of the main stars of E!’s “Total Divas” with her sister Brie.

We are wishing Nikki a speedy recovery!

1 Lana


The Ravishing Russian has had the crowd go from booing her, to chanting, “We want Lana”, and back to partial boos.

Fans love looking at her, yet, they also want to see her wrestle and it seems like come WrestleMania this could happen.

If her in ring skills are anything like her looks, she will without a doubt be a hit. That being said, I don’t think you could stress how gorgeous this diva is. So it is very understandable to say the WWE universe is left scratching their head when she announced that her and Rusev are engaged.

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Top 15 Hottest Divas of the PG Era