Top 15 Hottest Ex-Wives Of Wrestlers

Professional wrestling is one of the toughest jobs in the world of sports entertainment. It is one of the few industries that can wear a person down, regardless of how tough they appear on television.

In the WWE, for example, a wrestler might be facing a busy workload that could send him to four or five different sports arenas in multiple states across the country in one week. That is not including the appearances, interviews, and training that each wrestler has to go through daily. Not to mention the mental stress of having to be far away from home for months at a time, sometimes even longer.

Then they have the issue of steroid usage among professional wrestlers. It isn't tolerated and there isn't a single faction that will admit that they allow steroid usage without the threat of being fired. But in an industry that requires wrestlers to be in top form at all times, the pressure can lead to devastatingly poor decisions.

Imagine living in this world and being married too. It can't be easy, especially with all of the groupies that worship the ground they walk on, everywhere they go. They are rock stars in a fictional world where they can be fired at a moment's notice with no health benefits or long term planning.

All of this pressure can lead to infidelity, resentment, or just plain depression. It isn't hard to understand that a lot of these professional wrestlers get divorced pretty regularly.

To save you some time from having to go out and Google them, we put together this list of the 15 Hottest Ex-Wives of Wrestlers.

15 Dany Garcia (Ex-Wife of The Rock)

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When Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson became the biggest name in sports entertainment, he turned into a Superstar both in the ring and out of it. From Hollywood to clothing lines, The Rock has established himself as one of the most likable A-list personalities in the world.

But during the rise to fame, something happened between The Rock and Dany Garcia and by 2008, they ended up getting divorced after 10 years of marriage. Obviously something went wrong in this relationship.

The rumors were that he was unfaithful in 2007 when he started dating Lauren Hashian. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. The truth never fully came out as to why they split and it is possibly because the two remain co-parents to their 16-year old daughter Simone.

14 Samantha Speno (Ex-Wife of Randy Orton)

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Just like The Rock, this is a divorce that wasn't ugly or stressful to both parties.

Back in July of 2013, Samantha Orton, who filed for the divorce, claimed in the divorce paperwork that their marriage was "irretrievably broken." (Which can mean just about anything) No other details about infidelity, drugs, or anything of that nature came out, it was just simply no longer working for either parties.

TMZ obtained divorce documents that showed how the couple was handling it. It even showed that Randy Orton was allowed to keep most of his vehicles, money, and gun collection while Samantha got to keep her jewelry, a house, and a nice sum of cash plus $4,500/month in child support for their daughter.

Although Samantha has sole custody, Randy was granted visitations.

13 The Kat (Ex-Wife of Jerry Lawler)

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When Stacy Carter, former professional wrestling valet known as The Kat, married Jerry "The King" Lawler in 2000, wrestling fans could tell it wasn't going to last. (Given the age difference and lifestyle of Lawler.)

Jerry Lawler spoke about his divorce in his book, "It's Good to Be the King..." and about Stacy's difficulty staying faithful to him. Now there are always two sides to every story, but Stacy has never said anything about The King cheating on her.

So regardless of who did what, Jerry Lawler was an icon in the WWE and a legendary ringside announcer before quitting the show on the same day they fired his then wife, Stacy Carter. It didn't take long for the marriage to end and Lawler to return to the WWE.

12 Elizabeth Huberdeau (Ex-Wife of John Cena)

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John Cena started dating Elizabeth Huberdeau when they were both in high school in the mid-90s. The high school sweethearts didn't get engaged until 2009 when John Cena was already a big name in the WWE (on his way to legendary status).

John Cena had a reputation as a cheating husband and back in 2012, another WWE wrestler Kris Katera tweeted out that the rumors were true. But TMZ added to the mess with a story that told a different story.

Apparently, during their marriage, the couple was having their house remodeled causing them all kinds of stress. The stress led to fighting and arguing constantly until it became too much for Cena and he filed for divorce not long after. Cena now cals Nikki Bella his girlfriend.

11 Jackie Beems (Ex-Wife of Ric Flair)

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There is more drama in Ric Flair's life than every other professional wrestler not named Hulk Hogan. So it comes as no surprise that when Jackie Beems filed for divorce in 2012, that would not end peacefully.

The couple were married in 2009 and it did not take long before the police got involved in the middle of their fighting. Although charges were later dropped, Jackie Beems was arrested for an alleged assault incident where she assaulted Flair by punching him in the face, biting him, and kicking him until he was covered in bruises.

After their divorce, TMZ got involved and ran a story that made allegations of Ric Flair cheating throughout the marriage which he very quickly responded with the same accusation about Jackie. It wasn't a peaceful ending for either party and chances are if they ran into each other today, it could be a Pay-Per-Viw style match.

10 Angela Velkei (Ex-Wife of Alberto Del Rio)

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Like many others on this list, the cause of the divorce between the two parties can be tied back to infidelity.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheer, Anglea Velkei claims Alberto Del Rio was the unfaithful adulterer in the relationship and then had her attorneys request a restraining order to prevent future contact from Del Rio. The article further discusses how the relationship between Alberto Del Rio and WWE Superstar Paige went public just two weeks prior to the divorce filings.

His divorce was a messy situation but the former WWE Champion and WWE World Heavyweight Champion has some other issues to focus on as well like how he was recently suspended by the WWE causing him to be released on September 9th of this year.

9 Denise Hartmann (Ex-Wife of Christian)

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After former WWE superstar Christian parted ways with the biggest company in the industry, he found himself searching for an answer and wound up back in the WWE but this time, fighting for the ECW promotion back in 2009, which is a toned down version of the original Extreme Championship Wrestling.

He was once part of a killer-duo, with his friend Edge, before becoming just another lifelong wrestler that never truly reached the top of his game, mainly due to Vince McMahon never being high on the wrestler.

For the majority of his time in the spotlight, he was married to German professional model Denise Hartmann. They got married in 2001 and lasted nine years, until their divorce in 2009. Christian now contributes to the WWE Network as the co-host of his own show.

8 Terri (Ex-Wife of Goldust)

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Terri  went by many names during her wrestling career including Terri Runnels (legal name), Marlena, and her most famous title, Terri.

Before she became a on-air personality in the wrestling industry, she started dating and eventually married, Dustin Runnels, who you better know as Goldust. The two were married for almost six years before Terri just got up and walked out on him one day, never to return.

The '90s is when wrestling exploded into the gigantic enterprise it has become today so needless to say, the two had their own dramatic storyline that carried on for many years.

In the end, however, they decided to be adults and raise their daughter as co-parents, for her benefit, proving that placing the children ahead of petty relationship problems should always come first.

7 Debra McMichael (Ex-Wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin)

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The only thing worse than hearing about the divorce of two of wrestling's favorite personalities is finding out that one of them was abusive the entire time.

In 2002, Steve Austin filed for divorce from Debra Marshall after just two years of marriage. But five years later, after keeping her mouth shut for way too long, she opened up to Fox News about the abusive relationship and how he beat her three times. To  make things worse, she claims the WWE put a gag order on her about this situation.

Imagine being abused by a professional wrestler, loved by millions, only to be told by the company he works for that she is not allowed to talk about the abuse? Really? Is that how the WWE allegedly wants to handle situations like theirs?

6 Sable (Ex-Wife of Marc Mero)

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If there was ever a mismatch in professional wrestling, it would be Sable's marriage to Marc Mero. That was one of the most shocking revelations wrestling fans ever came across once it went public that they were a legal couple and not just a fictional team.

Marc Mero went on Jim Ross' podcast to talk about the details of the divorce, which the two spent years saying was a mutual decision and neither side held a grudge over the other. Mero also discussed his reaction to hearing that she left him for Brock Lesnar.

In epic Marc Mero fashion, he told JR simply, "When I found out it was Brock Lesnar, it gives forgiveness a whole new meaning." Sable and Lesnar, despite a ten year age gap, have remained together ever since.

5 Kimberly Page (Ex-Wife of Diamond Dallas Page)

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During the glory days of WCW Nitro, one of the most popular segments of the show were the few minutes when the Nitro Girls would dance between commercials. They could be argued as the reason the WWE began using Divas.

The most popular Nitro Girl of all-time remains Kimberly Page, ex-wife to former WCW superstar Diamond Dallas Page.

The two were married for nearly 14 years before parting ways in 2005. The divorce was one of the easiest ones you will come across in the wrestling world as the two remain close and neither of them ever caused any problems for the other. They remain supportive of each other to this day.

The former Playboy Playmate has kept out of the spotlight since her divorce but if you still want to get your fix of Kimberly, she showed off the goods in the movie 40-Year-Old Virgin.

4 Karen Jarrett (Ex-Wife of Kurt Angle)

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Do you have enough time to read about the epic love triangle with Jeff Jarrett that caused the divorce of Karen and Kurt Angle?

As is the case with a lot of these divorces, the information is heresay, coming from either Kurt or Karen, both sides accusing the other of wrongdoing.

Kurt Angle was married to Karen from 1998 to 2008 while also finding time to hang out with his best friend Jeff Jarrett. However, the friendship between Kurt and Jeff slowly started to fall apart and TNA took advantage of it by turning their love triangle into an on-air storyline.

The story is as messy as this one but it ends with Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett no longer speaking and Karen Jarrett marrying Jeff.

3 Leighla Schultz (Ex-Fiance to Seth Rollins)

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We decided to let this one make the cut for one reason, Leighla Schultz is one of the sexiest women Seth Rollins is ever going to be next to, trust us.

So maybe they never made it to the alter to make it official, but they were still heading in that direction when they got engaged so she definitely belongs here.

According to E! Online, Leighla, who denied the incident at first, leaked nude pics of Seth in retaliation to a nude selfie of NXT Diva Zahra Screiber appeared on the WWE Superstar's social media accounts. The photo also got accidentally put on the WWE website because of their automatic connection with Seth's social media accounts.

In case you don't follow, let's break it down. The only way Zahra Screiber's naked selfie could have appeared on Seth Rollins' profile would be it was sent to him. As it turns out, social media is the easiest way to uncover unfaithful partners.

2 Torrie Wilson (Ex-Wife of Billy Kidman)

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When a man marries a beautiful woman as talented as Torrie Wilson, it is easy to understand that when she divorced Billy Kidman, it was tougher on him then it was on her.

Wrestling fans know the story of Torrie Wilson's rise to fame and how popular she was around the beginning of the 21st century. She was a wrestling valet before becoming a WWE Diva, one of the most popular Divas ever, and is now best known as the beautiful fitness model that dated Alex Rodriguez.

Her marriage to Billy Kidman is another one that made little sense at the time now that we know what she was capable of becoming. Torrie Wilson has been away from WWE for a while now but here's hoping we can at least see her one more time on WWE television.

1 Taryn Terrell (Ex-Wife of Drew McIntyre)

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As beautiful as Taryn Terrell is, she has an apparent temper that is hard to control and in 2010, an altercation at a hotel with Drew McIntyre ended up getting her suspended by the WWE.

The beautiful WWE star announced her divorce on Twitter and is now married to professional motorcyclist Joseph Dryden. Taryn's career highlights included posing for Playboy magazine more than once, being named the General Manager of the ECW, and having a chance to wrestle for the WWE Women's Championship.

Taryn Terrell will never be recognized as the best female performer in WWE history, not even in the top 10. As a matter of fact, not even in the top 20. However, we can at least provide her with the distinction of "hottest ex-wife in wrestling."

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