Top 15 Hottest Female Wrestlers In The World Under 30

There has been quite a successful Women's Revolution in the wrestling industry in the past few years, as women are now equal to the men in wrestling and have seen an increase in reputation because of their amazing work. Some of the women right now are definitely superior to their predecessors, as they can wrestle better than a lot of the past competitors and also look hotter than a number of stunning divas who impressed the fans because of their looks back in the day.

Many of the women right now are actually still quite young, as they have been developing their skills since their youth and have reached the top of the wrestling industry because of their hard work. While everyone has their eyes on WWE's Women's Division right now, the female wrestlers who are not in WWE are some of the hottest and most talented bunch of women in the world right now.

15 Carmella

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Carmella is not in the best of places right now in the WWE, as her career seems to be going nowhere with James Ellsworth at her side and she needs some change to spice up her chances. The Princess of Staten Island definitely has the looks of one, as she is often the hottest chick in the ring on Smackdown Live! Carmella is still only 29 so she has a long time to flourish in the WWE, and she has the looks and wrestling skills to become a top wrestler in the WWE in the upcoming years. Carmella definitely has one of the hottest figures on Smackdown Live! right now, as her perfectly toned figure and stunning looks makes her one of the sexiest women in the WWE right now and she needs to use her fabulous nature become a favorite amongst the fans and climb the ladder in the WWE soon.

14 Billie Kay

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Billie Kay has been an impressive wrestler in NXT for a year or so now, as her duo with Peyton Royce has kept them as NXT villainous duo who are also besties in real life. The Aussie is currently only 27, as she has the figure and wrestling skills to make it to the top of the WWE one day and can become something big if she works hard enough for it. Kay also looks very sexy when she wants to, as some of her wrestling costumes in NXT make her look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. She makes sure everyone will look at her because of how she shows off her tall, stunning body in the ring and outside it as Kay definitely has it all to become a prime WWE wrestler and has a bright future ahead of her if she can maintain her form in the next few years.

13 Nikki Cross

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Nikki Cross might not look the prettiest when she's acting crazy and taking down her foes as a part of Sanity on NXT, but she's a completely different person outside the ring and has quite the looks to woo anybody. Cross is currently 28 as she looks like someone who will go a long way in her career in the WWE, as her unstable character makes her seem like an evil, unattractive woman. Cross is pretty sexy in real life, as this picture of her posing in a photo shoot shows just how amazing she looks when not portraying her insane character, as she has the perfect body and the assets to show off along with it as well. Cross is flying high because of her disturbed character right now in NXT and even though she tries her best to look ugly to many, she's actually pretty damn hot in real life.

12 Sasha Banks

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"The Boss" Sasha Banks has been one of WWE's coolest women for a long time now, as her awesome gimmick and personality has made her quite a hit with the fans. Not only that, but she's also an amazing wrestler who is also drop-dead gorgeous to look at as well, as Sasha looks to be set to be WWE's top female wrestler for a long time now and she deserves all the accolades that are coming to her. Banks has worked a lot to become this hot in the past few years, as she looks absolutely stunning right now and she has developed herself into this hot diva in order to succeed in the WWE. Sasha is still only 25 and has a long way to go in the company, but if she keeps up her amazing work and sexy nature up for the long run, she'll be ruling the roost for the next decade.

11 Mandy Rose


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Mandy Rose is still an up and coming wrestler in the WWE, as she impressed in Tough Enough last year and came very close to winning. Rose was signed on by the WWE, as she definitely has the sexy looks to become a WWE wrestler. Rose has competed in NXT for some time now and is still undergoing training to become a proper wrestler, but her amazing looks are what made WWE sign her on. Rose is definitely one of the hottest divas on NXT right now, as she loves to flaunt her sensational figure on social media and in the ring as well. Rose might not be the best of wrestlers in NXT, but she can train herself to become one of "THE" divas of the future in the company as she has the means to entertain audience with her stunning looks.

10 Paige

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Paige might be going through a lot of controversy right now because of her private leaks a few months back, but she's still one of the most beautiful divas in the WWE right now. Although her WWE future is still hanging in the balance, Paige will be remembered for her immaculate work when she became the youngest Divas Champion in her debut night on the main roster and her edgy, seductive nature clicked in the WWE. Paige loved to show off her sexy body to the audience, as her stunning figure might've been "leaked" to the WWE fans, but it doesn't take away the fact that Paige is still one of the hottest female wrestlers on the planet. The 24-year-old might be down in a ditch right now, but knowing her mental strength and ability to shut her doubters up, we might see her back with her sexy nature quite soon.

9 Ivelisse

One of the brightest talents in wrestling right now, Ivelisse has shown herself to be quite the athlete as she has taken down many foes (male AND female) in Lucha Underground. The Puerto Rican was in the WWE a few years ago when she had a tryout in NXT, but failed to impress WWE's management and was released because of it. But she would prove her doubters wrong by going on to become one of Lucha Undergrounds most exciting wrestlers, as she also maintained a sexy figure in all this time. Ivelisse is definitely a stunning woman to look at as she has an amazing body. Her incredible wrestling skills displayed in Lucha Underground show why WWE was wrong about her, as she turned that disappointment into motivation by becoming one of the best and hottest female wrestlers in the world.

8 Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke might not be liked by a lot of WWE fans, but she has come a long way since her debut in WWE NXT and despite everything has maintained a strong position on WWE TV. Brooke might always boast of her strength and flex her muscles, but she's also quite hot in reality because of her amazing figure. Brooke can look really sexy when she wants too and has some glaring assets which make her a really stunning woman to look at when she's not being villainous in the ring. There have been rumors of her using her seductive looks to get her way in the WWE and being so frequently displayed on Monday Night Raw, as she seems to be using her stunning figure to her advantage and is wooing a lot of people in the back to be in a lavish position on WWE TV right now.

7 Sienna

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Although the Knockout's Division in TNA right now is not as good as it was a few years ago, there are still some really capable women in the division. Sienna is probably among the best of that bunch right now, as she is currently one of the top knockouts in TNA and recently won the GFW Women's Championship as well. Not only is she very capable in the ring, but she also has the looks to woo anybody as she has a stunning figure which has definitely helped her climb the ladder in TNA. She has quite the beautiful looks and the sexy assets to help her cause as well, as this gorgeous knockout is one of the hottest female wrestlers right now at the age of 29 and can go on to become something big in the near future if she can keep up her stunning work.

6 Naomi

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Naomi has been one of WWE's more hard-working divas in the past few years, as she's definitely deserved all the accolades she's been getting recently. Naomi debuted at the age of 24 and is currently one of WWE's top female competitors at 29. She was pretty hot when she entered the WWE, but has seemingly become ever sexier since as she has a stunning figure and some really noticeable assets as well. It's not only her wrestling skills but her stunning looks that have helped her get to the top of the WWE, as she has quickly become one of the hottest wrestlers in the WWE and is making everyone "feel the glow" right now.

5 Emma

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Emma has been going through a rather weird period of time in WWE, as she was about to be repackaged as "Emmalina" but that was delayed for a long, long time before it was scrapped and Emma returned to Monday night Raw. She might not be looking to be in line for the main event feuds in the Women's Division right now, but Emma has to be one of the hottest divas on the roster. At 28, she's at the prime condition of her life and looks absolutely stunning when she wants too, as this picture of her in a red dress as "Emmalina" shows just how hot of a diva she is. She definitely has the looks to woo anybody and that can help her get over and become a top star in the WWE in the next few years, as somebody as gorgeous as Emma should be kept relevant so that everyone could get charmed by her irresistible sexiness.

4 Tessa Blanchard

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The daughter of the legendary Tully Blanchard, Tessa Blanchard has inherited the wrestling genes of her family and at the age of 21 is already looking like a talent to watch out for in the future. Blanchard is still wrestling in the Independent scene and is trying out to make it in the WWE, as she definitely has the looks to please the company. Her stunning figure also got featured in a segment a few months back, when she was shown in a segment where Cesaro and Sheamus beat up a few men in a bar. Tessa is still honing her wrestling skills, but her absolutely gorgeous looks and sexy figure has given her the upper hand to become something big in the future and if she can develop herself into a complete wrestler along with her amazing looks, she'll become a prime wrestling diva in the next few years.

3 Peyton Royce

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Peyton Royce is another diva who has slowly risen as one of NXT's upcoming female wrestlers, as the Aussie has been a great heel along with her buddy Billie Kay in NXT. Royce is not only a promising wrestler but is also one of the hottest wrestlers on NXT right now as she's definitely one of the better pretty faces in wrestling right now. Royce is absolutely gorgeous to look at and she makes sure to woo the audience with her stunning figure when she comes out to the ring, as her stunning looks can take her a long way in the WWE if she improves her in-ring ability. Royce is only 24 so she has a lot of time in her hands to assert herself as a top WWE competitor, but the rate at which she's growing in the company, it'll take little time for this beautiful wrestler to gain center stage in WWE.

2 Thea Trinidad

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Thea Trinidad might not be a big star in the wrestling industry right now, but she's been doing an impressive job at climbing up the ranks in the last few years. Trinidad will be more popularly be known for her stint in TNA a few years ago as "Rosita" when she was part of the Mexican America faction and won the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Championship. She has been wrestling in the Independent field ever since leaving TNA but is trying to get into the WWE as well. Trinidad is also one of the hottest women on the Independent circuit, as her absolutely stunning figure is what made her a hit in TNA in the first place. She can get into the WWE if she can improve her in-ring ability, as she has the looks of a WWE competitor as it can be seen in this sizzling photo of her. Trinidad is someone who deserves to be recognized by WWE after her hard work over the years, and if she can keep up her good work and keep that sexy figure in check, she'll be signed on by the WWE soon enough.

1 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss may be labeled as the wicked witch of the WWE, but her looks are anything but that off a witch as Bliss has to be one of the hottest divas to embrace the WWE for a long, long time. At the age of 25, Bliss is already a superstar in the WWE and won the Smackdown Women's Championship twice in a year. She's being kept at the main event feuds because of how over she is right now, and deservedly so as she transformed herself in NXT to become the sexy bombshell she is right now. Bliss' amazing character work and sensational looks is the reason why she's so over in the WWE right now, and she is definitely the hottest female wrestler under the age of 30 right now and going by just how popular she is right now, Bliss is giving the other sexy competitors of the wrestling industry a run for their money with her smashing looks.

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