Top 15 Hottest Female Wrestlers Of 2016

2016 has seen the wrestling business improve for female performers looking to make an impact in the ring. WWE has a new movement with the women getting the opportunity to shine for their talent and wrestling skills. The women’s revolution has delivered loaded rosters of talent for Raw, SmackDown and NXT. WWE is hiring more women than ever before and putting them in a position to be equals to the men. TNA also has a noteworthy female roster with their Knockouts division always being an important part of their show. ROH has tried to get a women’s division going as well with the Women of Honor.

Basically, women’s wrestling has hit a new boom period with many different places to work and be taken seriously. Most of the performers are quite talented in the ring but they’re also quite stunning visually. There’s an incorrect assumption that the female performers being legitimate workers in the ring means they can’t be good looking too. That’s just not true with the women all over the wrestling industry killing it in the ring and on social media with their photos. We’ll look at the most noteworthy names in the industry this year with the fifteen hottest female wrestlers of 2016.

If we were going by just wrestling accomplishments, Charlotte Flair may be the top name on the list, though she still happens to be one of the most attractive women in the industry today. WWE has built the women’s revolution around the success of Charlotte ever since she came up from NXT. Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch all have pivotal roles but Charlotte is the true face of the division.

14 14. Summer Rae

WWE does not utilize the talent of Summer Rae very well, but she is definitely one of the hottest women in the industry. Summer rarely gets television time and when she does, it's usually as an enhancement talent. Upon realizing her standing in the company is not very strong, Rae has upped her social media game to remind the rest of the world how stunning she is as a model.

13 13. Candice LeRae

One of the top female wrestlers in the world yet to get signed by the WWE has to be Candice LeRae. Her body of work sets her apart from her peers on the independent circuit due to her matches against male wrestlers in PWG. Despite being able to hang in there with the best of them, Candice is one of the most beautiful people in the wrestling industry.

12 12. Carmella

Carmella's main roster call-up from NXT to SmackDown Live for the brand split saw struggles in the early stages. A much needed heel turn completely changed her fortunes and she's become one of the biggest stars on the women’s side of the roster. Carmella has always been among the best looking and most athletic performers in the company and she's now in the midst of showing it off to the national audience.

11 11. Alexa Bliss

Another young star to get a chance from NXT on the main roster due to the brand split is Alexa Bliss. The 25 year old is wise beyond her years in picking up the tools needed to succeed in the wrestling business. Bliss has developed an incredible heel persona that has made her the top female heel on the SmackDown Live brand.

10 10. Becky Lynch

2016 is still going on, but it's beem by far the best year of Becky Lynch’s career. The long road to the WWE finally saw the champion make her main roster debut last year and she immediately became a top star this year. Lynch had a memorable match against Charlotte and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 32 helping to set the tone for the women’s division becoming among the most entertaining things about WWE’s product.

9 9. Veda Scott

Ring of Honor is trying their best to get a relevant women’s division going. The standout star of the Women of Honor project is independent wrestling star Veda Scott. Known for her trademark look with red hair and glasses, Scott stands out for her look and personality. No woman cuts a better heel promo on the independent circuit than Veda at the moment.

8 8. Naomi

Naomi's character change from a generic heel at the beginning of the year to a face on SmackDown Live has saved her career. Naomi’s glow entrance has everyone watching in awe, causing fans to take note of her skills in the ring as well. Fans have started to get behind Naomi for good reason with her popularity growing in 2016.

7 7. Taeler Hendrix

Taeler Hendrix has seen her career rise more than anyone else in ROH’s Women of Honor. Her matches are always entertaining but her managing work in 2016 helped her cause in getting notoriety. Hendrix wore revealing outfits to show off her very impressive assets and made every heterosexual male develop a new favorite ROH wrestler.

6 6. Nikki Bella

"You don’t know what you have until it’s gone." That’s the story of Nikki Bella’s return to WWE in 2016 following a severe neck injury. Fans never appreciated Nikki and viewed her as one of the problems in the women’s division. The huge pop her return received in Brooklyn at SummerSlam showed how much things had changed with the fans excited to see Bella get back in the ring.

5 5. Brandi Rhodes

The departure of Brandi Rhodes from the WWE has already seen her career change in many ways. Brandi decided to leave the WWE around the same time her husband Cody Rhodes hit the free agent market and she appears far happier. One thing Brandi claims she strongly disliked about her time in the WWE was the company preventing her from tweeting half-naked pictures showing off her physical features.

4 4. Eva Marie

Diehard wrestling fans have a disdain for Eva Marie due to the fact that she can’t perform competently in the squared circle. The reason WWE continues to employ and market her as a top star is because she happens to be one of the most physically attractive people in the world. Eva’s looks have afforded her a spot in the WWE for over three years now.

3  3. Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is the fan’s choice for the top women’s division star in the WWE this year. The in-ring work and passion exhibited by Banks is second to none in the industry today. That sometimes makes it difficult to take note of how gorgeous she truly is. Banks has posted numerous stunning pictures over the course of 2016 and she is definitely among the best looking wrestlers in the world.

2 2. Lana

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The term wrestler would not typically be used to describe Lana, but she did make her in-ring debut. Lana trained for her first ever match at WrestleMania 32 in a ten-woman tag match as one of the leaders on the heel side. Her wrestling skills left a lot to be desired, but she still has high hopes of returning to the ring.

1 1. Maria Kanellis


Following a disappointing ending in the WWE many years ago and a long stint in Ring of Honor, Maria Kanellis entered TNA in 2016 and has completely dominated. Kanellis made her debut at the beginning of the year with her husband Mike Bennett as the big free agent signings by TNA. Her stunning beauty makes her stand out in a room full of thousands and she's been one of the top performers in the struggling company.

Maria’s heel promos have been outstanding with her reputation growing as one of the best characters in wrestling today. TNA actually made her the Knockouts Champion winning in an underhanded way to set up a big match, where she lost to Gail Kim. Her work has been great and she's looked even better doing it. There was not a single episode of Impact this year that did not feature Maria looking like a million bucks.

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