Top 15 Hottest Female Wrestlers Who Have Never Been In WWE

The “Divas Revolution” is in full swing in the WWE. Some say Paige started it. Some say, “Some say Paige started it!” The roots of the current rise of women’s wrestling were in NXT, where the future wrestlers of WWE are working their way to the main roster. Paige, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch… all of these ladies are making women’s wrestling great again. The next wave of ladies wrestlers are in NXT now: Bayley, Asuka, Emma, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Dana Brooke, and Nia Jax. And more are coming with the WWE training center allowing signees such as Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan, and Aliyah a chance to learn the ropes (pun intended) before they get thrown into televised action.

However, before NXT they came from somewhere and those places currently have female wrestlers that are making a name for themselves. Maybe you know who they are, maybe you don’t, but you should. And if they keep having excellent matches, you will. Whether their goal is to make it to WWE or not, these ladies are getting noticed for their abilities and their allure.

“Hot” is subjective. What’s hot to one person is another person’s “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” Plus, I’m sure you all know someone that isn’t on this list. Please include them in the comments. The more we talk about independent ladies wrestling, the more people will know about it. Places like Shimmer, Shine, and Women’s Superstars Uncensored (WSU) can always do with more exposure. When you see these wrestlers at indy shows and then see them in NXT you can gloat about how you already knew how awesome they are.

What makes a “hot” lady wrestler? Well, since it’s my list, here are my rules: 1) Will they kick your ass? 2) Do they look good doing it?

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15 Saraya Knight 

via diva-dirt.com

That’s Paige’s mom! Wrestling since 1993, Saraya’s been a name in England for some time. And there has even been a documentary made about her family being wrestlers. Now with her daughter on the WWE roster, she has crossed the pond for some great matches. Check out any footage of her versus Allysin Kay in Shimmer to see a brutal hardcore match that might rival anything men have done in the last few years. Saraya is a fantastic heel with dirty tactics, has killer promos, and is a great in-ring brawler. Yep, that’s Paige’s mom. And she will destroy you.

14 Santana Garrett 

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Recently ranked #4 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 50 Women’s Wrestlers, you may know Santana better as Brittany from her run in TNA/Impact wrestling where she valeted for Orlando Jordan and had a rivalry with The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne, and a program with Samuel Shaw. While her record in TNA wasn’t that great, her work on the indies is shining. She has held multiple titles in multiple promotions and gets high praise for her promo abilities. She has dabbled in modeling as well. With her in-ring work getting better every show, Santana is poised to be a household name very soon.

13 KC Spinelli 

via torontosun.com

How about a lady that can kick your ass with a sense of humor? How about KC Spinelli? Taking her name from a character on the cartoon Recess, Spinelli has wrestled for Shimmer, PWA, CWF, and Smash. Recently, she won the Tag Team championship with Courtney Rush in Acclaim Pro Wrestling (defeating two men). The two call themselves “Danger Zone” and wear Archer t-shirts to the ring. Currently Spinelli is shooting a second season of Luchando TV in Paraguay where she is part of a heel stable called, “The donastia Jajaja." When she’s back in North America, look for her to be even better in and out of the ring.

12 Jessicka Havok 

via youtube.com

This 6 foot tall former TNA Knockout Champion has been everywhere. She’s done time in SHIMMER, SHINE, WSU & CZW. While in TNA she had a steel cage match with the recently retired Awesome Kong. Havok is a monster and she’s crushing her competition. She had some old, unsavory tweets surface when WWE was taking a look at her, but let those without terrible old tweets cast the first stone. Her arsenal includes outside-of-the-ring dives and a chokeslam called “The Harlot Slayer.” She is a force to be reckoned with. When Havok comes to your town, run to see her.

11 Courtney Rush 

via gerweck.net

Courtney Rush is a Canadian fan fave that has wrestled in Shimmer, Smash, and Acclaim Pro Wrestling, to name just a few. She’s got a degree in theatre that surely helped her out in her role as “Witch B***h” in the 2011 movie Monster Brawl. That role may have pushed her to her current incarnation as “The Demon Assassin,” quoting horror movies such as Evil Dead in her dark and creepy promos. As mentioned earlier, her and KC Spinelli won the Tag Team championship in Acclaim Pro Wrestling (defeating two men) and call themselves “Danger Zone,” taken from the TV show Archer. Whether in a fun-loving tag team or in her darker solo persona, Courtney Rush will take her opponents down… possibly all the way to hell.

10 Cherry Bomb 

via squaredcirclesirens.com

Cherry has worked in TNA, Smash, ROH, Shimmer, Shine, and is part of the new Global Force Wrestling. She also calls herself “the self-appointed life coach for CZW.” An excellent striker and a fast grappler, Cherry really shines on the microphone… just a few words out of her mouth and the crowd wants blood. Cherry is married to wrestler Pepper Parks and the two frequently compete in intergender tag team matches and have a mantra of “sex, weights, and protein shakes.” A recent injury set her back a bit, but she’s on the road to recovery and looking to come back stronger than ever.

9 Marti Bell 

via wrestlingrevealed.com

A great mix of charm and edge, Marti Bell has competed in TNA, Shimmer, WSU and Evolve. She has even won tag team titles with legendary ECW/WWE wrestler Jazz. Since becoming part of TNA’s Dollhouse faction and having victories over Awesome Kong and Gail Kim, Marti is quickly making people take notice. Her look sets her apart from most of the other ladies on the indies, and the audience really takes to her whether she’s a villain or not. Marti is a confident talker and the more she gets to do that, the more people will notice that she’s not just a pretty face.

8 Britt Baker 

via gerweck.net

Relatively new to the scene, Britt Baker is already gaining momentum. Growing up a tomboy surrounded by male friends and cousins, she always had an interest in wrestling. Attending dental school in Pittsburgh she started training and began her foray into independent wrestling. She’s trained under Super Hentai and went to seminars with Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer. She’s also worked with Justin LaBar on Chairshot Reality. That’s a lot of homework on top of dental school! IWC and AIW have been her home for now, but soon she’ll be travelling to more places… and we’ll all be booking a trip to Brittsburgh for more than just a checkup.

7 Taylor Made 

via gerweck.net

Currently working in Shimmer and Shine, Las Vegas native Taylor Made has competed in singles matches and as part of a tag team named Made In Sin with Allysin Kay. She’s also part of a stable called Valkyrie that just kicked Allysin out (that might cause a little trouble). She recently feuded with La Rosa Negra and is managed by April Hunter. Taylor tends to carry brass knuckles around, which should tell you not to mess with her. A mean lady with a mean attitude, Taylor made is rising to the top of the list of badass women in wrestling today.

6 Vanessa Kraven 

via inspireprowrestling.com

“The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven was born in Quebec and debuted in 2004. Since then she’s wrestled for Shine, Shimmer, Smash, and has done five tours of Japan. Just this year she cracked the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 50 Female Wrestlers list. Kraven has feuded with Jessicka Havok in a very evenly matched “battle of the monsters.” Kraven has also competed in a chairs match against “The Demon Assassin” Courtney Rush. Crushing opponents with a sit-out powerbomb, she’s only begun her road to total domination. To paraphrase Game of Thrones, you’d be a bloody fool if “The Mountain” didn’t frighten you.

5 Jessica James 

via prowrestling.wikia.com

Coming in at just five feet tall, Jessica James has been described as “the little engine that could… kick your ass.” She’s wrestled in Anarchy Championship Wrestling, where she competed both as babyface Jessica James and also as her evil persona, Lady Poison, complete with a “kiss of death” (green mist). She has competed in ROH, Inspire, Shimmer, and can currently be seen in Shine Wrestling. Some of James’ ring gear is influenced by comic book cosplay and she has competed dressed as Rogue and Psylocke of the X-Men. She fights both ladies and men, so beware if you ever run into Jessica James… and run away if you bump into Lady Poison.

4 Thea Trinidad 

via pwpop.com

Thea hosts her own YouTube show & loves video games. She’s also a trained dancer in hip-hop, step, belly dancing and Zumba. She was discovered by Tommy Dreamer, which led to her singing with TNA as Rosita and she still works Tommy’s House of Hardcore shows where she manages Austin Aries. Thea was awarded the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Inspirational Wrestler of the Year award in 2011 for her support of Hispanic women and her inclusion in the critically acclaimed Children of 9/11 documentary as her father was lost in the tragedy. She has said The Rock’s acting career is something she aspires to and there is no doubt she is on the right track.

3 Evie 

via profightdb.com

Evie has been wrestling in her native New Zealand since 2007, but has competed in Shimmer, Shine, and on NXT where she lost to the debuting Nia Jax. Evie is very fast and athletic in the ring, using quick kicks to wear her opponents down. Her fans have connected with this and her #TEAMKICK shirts are available at Pro Wrestling Tees. Evie credits KENTA (currently-injured NXT star Hideo Itami) as her number one inspiration, but also lists Daniel Bryan and Finn Balor as influences. She’s making waves on the indie scene and there is no doubt that this woman from down under will end up on top.

2 Mia Yim/Jade 

via pinterest.com

You know Mia as “Jade” in TNA, but she has also worked for ROH, Shimmer, and Shine. She may look nice in and out of the ring, but she has also been part of nefarious dealings as part of The Dollhouse faction in TNA. Mia’s style is a mix of high-flying and power and she will throw out a corkscrew moonsault as fast as a package piledriver. She started training when she was 18 years old and has quickly risen to prominence on the women’s wrestling scene. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you! It’s usually a distraction for the ass-kicking to come.

1 Allysin Kay 

via 411mania.com

What you need to know about Allysin Kay? She recently fought Saraya Knight in one of the most brutal ladies hardcore matches ever, which ended in a hanging DDT from a bar onto a chair. She had an 8-month-long feud with Jessicka Havok that ended in a dog collar match. Allysin has wrestled in China, Europe, and Japan. She just had her first MMA match for Vertex Fight Night, which she won in the second round, choking out her opponent. She looks like one of the Misfits from Jem & The Holograms. Amazing mic skills and tons of charisma… just ask her. AK-47 will straight up murder you and really enjoy it.

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