Top 15 Hottest Female Wrestlers Who Worked For Both WWE And TNA

Switching back and forth between promotions is nothing new in the world of professional wrestling. There are some wrestlers who switch for money, while others may have worn out their welcome in a certain company. In fact, back in the old wrestling territory days, performers were often encouraged to go from town to town in order to keep their characters from being overexposed in one area. However, there were also cases where grapplers were discouraged from leaving town. For example, if a wrestler was holding a championship title for your promotion, you wouldn't want them skipping town with the belt. Madusa taking the WWE Women's Championship to WCW is a modern example of such an incident taking place.

In today's wrestling landscape, most athletes work for several independent promotions in hopes of one-day getting called up to WWE or another major wrestling promotion. In the United States, TNA Wrestling is considered a viable alternative for those who can't (or don't wish to) work in WWE. TNA has struggled in certain areas since it was founded back in 2002. However, the company has had some success promoting it's all-female "Knockout's Division". They have done so, do in large part, to bringing in many talented and beautiful women who had previously worked for WWE. With that in mind let's take a look at 15 of the hottest women who worked for both TNA and WWE.

15 Victoria/Tara

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Lisa Marie Varon worked under the ring name Victoria in the WWE. During her stint with the promotion, Victoria proved that strong could be sexy. She started about portraying one of the Godfather's "hos" and would eventually go on to become WWE Women's Champion, on two separate occasions. She worked for the company for nearly nine years, before she announced her retirement from WWE. However, she would go on to sign a contract with TNA Wrestling shortly after.

She would go by the ring name Tara during her stint in TNA. Tara would go on to have an immediate impact by capturing the TNA Knockouts Championship, shortly after she arrived in the company. She would eventually go on to become to become a 5-time Knockouts Champ. Varon was released from the company in July of 2013. She is one of the few women who had a great deal of success in both WWE and TNA.

14 Mickie James

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This hottie may have bounced around between WWE and TNA more times than any other wrestler. She actually debuted in TNA back in 2002, prior to her first run in WWE. She then went on to sign with WWE in 2003, where she would become one of the top female stars in the company. After a long a successful stint in WWE, James was released by the company in 2010. She would then go on to re-sign with her former employer, TNA. She wrestled on and off for the Nashville-based promotion until 2015, before eventually departing again. From there, James would go on to sign another contract with WWE in December of 2016. She is now featured regularly on WWE's Tuesday night program SmackDown. If you would like to see more of James, here are the Top 15 Hot Photos Of Mickie James You NEED To See.

13 Gail Kim

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Between both her stints with the company, Kim had a pretty decent career in WWE. She even won the WWE Women's Championship in her debut match with the promotion. However, she was every bit as talented and beautiful as Trish Stratus and Lita but was never able to reach their level of popularity, during her first stint. That being said, she did go on to have a great deal of success in TNA.

Kim was featured prominently on Impact Wrestling and was often one of the bright spots of the show. She won the TNA Knockout's Championship 6-times. She was even the first woman to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2016. It will be interesting to see if WWE also decides to induct the former champion.

12 Christy Hemme

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The former WWE Diva Search winner is certainly an attractive woman. The highlight of her WWE career was probably a brief WrestleMania 21 match against Trish Stratus. She was also featured on the cover of Playboy magazine during her relatively short stay in WWE. Hemme was released from the promotion in 2005.

Hemme went on to manage and wrestle for a few years in TNA, after signing with the company in 2006. She eventually settled into her role as a ring announcer, a position she held with the TNA for about 6 years. It's fair to say that Christy Hemme won't go down as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all-time. However, she was able to make a living in pro wrestling for over a decade, which is no easy task.

11 Shelly Martinez

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Shelly Martinez is best remembered by her ring name Ariel, during her time in WWE. Ariel was a female vampire who accompanied wrestler Kevin Thorn to the ring. The character first appeared on the WWE's re-launch of ECW back in 2006. She was allegedly released from the company following an altercation with Dave Batista.

She debuted in TNA as a member of The Latin American Xchange, named Salina. As a member of LAX, she helped her teammates Homicide and Hernandez gain the upper hand in several matches. She also wrestled against Awesome Kong, Jackie Moore and few other women, before leaving the company to make a movie in Italy. In truth, Martinez didn't have a particularly memorable run with either company. She currently still wrestles on the independent circuit.

10 Maria Kanellis

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Kanellis is another Diva Search alumni who had a noteworthy run in WWE. She started out playing a feeble minded backstage reporter on Monday Night Raw. She is arguably best remembered for being Santino Marella's on-screen girlfriend. She would eventually go on to wrestle, but never really established herself as a solid in-ring performer in WWE.

Kanellis spent several years working for the promotion Ring of Honor, before finally debuting in TNA on January 5, 2016. She did an admirable job portraying the commissioner of the Knockout's Division. The former WWE diva even held the Knockout's Championship for a brief period. However, she announced her departure from the company on March 1st of this year.

9 Chyna

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Chyna's accomplishments in WWE could easily warrant an article of their own. She was the first woman to ever become Intercontinental Champion and the first female to enter the Royal Rumble. Moreover, Chyna was also one of the founding members of D-Generation X. Despite her list of accolades, she has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, her post-wrestling involvement in the adult entertainment industry and struggle with addiction made her a somewhat controversial figure.

Many wrestling fans may have forgotten that Chyna was in TNA for a very brief period. She wrestled one match at the TNA pay-per-view Sacrifice. Chyna teamed with Kurt Angle to face Jeff and Karen Jarrett. Sadly, this would be her last match. Chyna passed away in April of 2016.

8 Taryn Terrell/Tiffany

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Taryn Terrell certainly had the looks to be a star and eventually became a decent in-ring performer. While in WWE, she performed under the name Tiffany. During her time with the company, Tiffany is probably best remembered as the General Manager of ECW. She also wrestled on SmackDown for a short time, before being released in 2010.

After spending some time on the independent scene, Terrell resurfaced in TNA. Her wrestling ability noticeably improved during her time in the Impact Zone. She went on to have a memorable feud with Gail Kim and even became the longest reigning Knockout's Champion in TNA History. Her WWE career wasn't particularly noteworthy. However, she did have a nice run in TNA, before leaving the company in January of 2016.

7 Sharmell

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Sharmell not only performed in WWE and TNA, she also debuted in WCW. WCW fans may remember Sharmell as a member of the Nitro Girls. In those days she went by the name Storm. She would go on to become Queen Sharmell in WWE. Queen Sharmell was the valet for her real-life husband, Book T. At that time Booker was known as King Booker, which is how Sharmell came to be called "Queen". Following her stint as Queen Sharmell, she and her husband both requested to be released from WWE.

The two debuted in TNA on November 11, 2007. Sharmell even wrestled a few matches in TNA. Her biggest match was probably against reality television star, Jenna Morasca. She would leave the company in 2009. Sharmell and Booker T are currently still married.

6 Jackie Gayda

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Gayda debuted with WWE after winning the reality televisions series, Tough Enough. It's highly debatable as to what the high point of Gayda's WWE career was. She teamed with Stacy Keibler briefly and also served as a valet for Rico. Gayda did meet Charlie Haas during her time in WWE, the two would eventually go on to be married. They were also both released at the same time, in July of 2005.

Gayda didn't last very long in TNA. She spent most her time there involved in a feud with Jeff Jarrett, before eventually getting pregnant and leaving the company. Her career in professional wrestling never seemed to take off. This is why Gayda made the list of 15 Smoking Hot WWE Divas Who Made No Impact In The Company.

5 Katie Lea Burchill/Winter

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Katie Lea Burchill, whose real name is Katarina Waters, spent several years on the independent circuit before finally getting a shot in WWE. Waters spent most of her time in the company paired with Paul Burchill. The highlight of her WWE run was her appearance at WrestleMania XXV, where she participated in a Divas Battle Royal. She would go on to be released shortly after Paul Burchill got the ax.

Waters would then portray a character known as Winter, during her time in TNA. She was involved in a somewhat memorable feud with Angelina Love. Winter would even go on to capture the TNA Knockout's Championship. Despite receiving a decent push in TNA, she left the company in 2012. After her stint with TNA, Waters would return to the independent circuit.

4 Rosita

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Thea Trinidad, who is probably best known by her ring name Rosita, has only had a cup of coffee with WWE. She appeared on several occasions as a "Rosebud". The Rosebud's portrayed a group of party animals who followed around wrestler, Adam Rose. However, she did wrestle NXT Women's Champion Asuka in 2016. This was a one-off match and Trinidad has not yet signed with NXT.

She is probably best known for teaming with Sarita in TNA. The two women went on to win the now defunct Knockout's Tag Team Championships. They were part of a faction know as Mexican America. Trinidad left TNA in 2013 when her contract expired. She is currently engaged to current WWE star Austin Aries. It's possible that Aries may be able to pull some strings and get Trinidad signed with NXT.

3 Brandi Rhodes

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Brandi Rhodes is the current wife of former WWE star Cody Rhodes. WWE fans will likely remember her as ring announcer, Eden Stiles. She even served as the ring announcer for WrestleMania 31. However, when her husband Cody was granted his release from WWE, she also decided to leave the company.

She is now featured prominently on TNA 's flagship program, Impact Wrestling. She was recently involved in an on-screen feud with former WWE diva Mari Kanellis. Rhodes has even become an in-ring competitor since joining the company. She was teamed up with both her husband and TNA wrestler Moose. Brandi Rhodes is an attractive and seemingly intelligent woman, who may have a nice career ahead of her. It should be interesting to see how she progresses in the years to come.

2 Brooke Hogan

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Brooke Hogan is the daughter of wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan. She was first introduced to the public as a cast member on her family's reality television series, Hogan Knows Best. She has also been involved in professional wrestling. In WWE she was featured in a feud involving Randy Orton and her father.  The angle saw Orton flirting with Brooke, which ultimately led to a match between Hulk Hogan and Randy Orton at SummerSlam. This was the only significant storyline involving Brooke in WWE.

She would later go on to appear in TNA Wrestling. Brooke was part of a memorable storyline which resulted in the reality star marrying TNA wrestler Bully Ray. When her father was released from the company in 2013, Brook no longer appeared on TNA television.

1 Lacey Von Erich

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Lacey Von Erich is a part of the legendary Von Erich Wrestling Family. She is the daughter of the "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich. The 5 foot 10 bombshell was signed to a WWE developmental contract in 2007. Unfortunately, she was never promoted to the main roster and was released after several months in WWE developmental. However, she did appear at WrestleMania XXV, when her family was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

While Von Erich didn't have much luck in WWE, she did have some success in TNA. She became a member of the all-female faction, The Beautiful People. The group consisted of Von Erich, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky. Von Erich also became a TNA Knockout's Tag Team Champion. She left the company in 2010 and in no longer involved in wrestling.

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