Top 15 Hottest Former Female Wrestlers We Wish Were Still Active

Over the years, there have been a number of top females who have graced the arenas of the world’s biggest wrestling promotions. Some of these bombshells went on to taste some major success in the ring, and for others, the success came after they said goodbye to their wrestling careers. Successful or not, these wrestlers are now out of the industry – at least they no longer compete in an in-ring capacity, but they’ll always be remembered, if not for any noteworthy accomplishments, at least for being super-hot and looking stunning as they strutted their stuff in the ring.

Let’s face it, the Divas Championship was considered to be a bit of a joke. Some of the things that were expected of them were truly abhorrent – would amount to a sexual harassment lawsuit in any other industry, but wrestling gets away with it. These women knew what was expected of them and performed their roles gloriously. Some became decorated individuals, whereas others fell by the wayside a little bit.

Today’s crop of female wrestlers are taking the industry by storm, but what we wouldn’t give to have some of these former performers back in the ring. These are 15 of the hottest female wrestlers who no longer compete, though we wish we still saw them in the ring.

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15 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn just spent four years in the industry. She won a Divas Championship but then turned her attention to her clothing line and her fitness. Still, no one can deny that she was one of the hottest around. Her background in health, fitness and bodybuilding helped her, as did her smoking bod and smoldering good looks.

She was winning bodybuilding shows before she earned a developmental contract with WWE. Her fitness and athleticism were evident as she went about her business in WWE; she gave it a go, looked mightily good doing it, and was one of the few females who managed to leave on her own terms – much respect to Kaitlyn for that. Wrestling’s loss is the fitness world’s gain. We’d have loved to see a bit more of Kaitlyn in the ring and would love it if she made a return.

14 Eve Torres

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This Latina beauty melted hearts when she was in the ring, but she wasn’t just another female thrust into the limelight because of her looks. She promised so much after winning the 2007 Diva Search and thankfully for her sake and her fans, she lived up to and even surpassed many people’s expectations. Winning three Divas Championships in six years is no small feat. The fact that she was one of the hottest females on the roster just added to the allure of it all.

Torres is still kicking butt, but this time it’s MMA that’s her focus. She’s only 32, so age is on her side if she wants to make a return to wrestling one day – we all hope she does. There’s no reason Torres can’t concentrate on being an MMA trainer and her other businesses and still compete in wrestling. A few have done so and there’s no reason Torres couldn’t make a success out of it.

13 Victoria

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Victoria truly was one of the most underrated women in WWE history. While she wasn't there to simply get attention for her looks, she did actually have the goods, but she could also wrestle. She was able to help carry the Divas division as one of its top heels and she continuously carried some less talented wrestlers to good matches. Eventually the rest of the division caught up to her and she was able to have some classics with Trish Stratus and Lita. Her and Trish even competed in the first women's hardcore match in WWE history.

Nowadays, Victoria is okay with living a normal life, having even run her own pizza joint in Chicago. If she ever wanted to make a return to the WWE, now would be a great time, with the greater emphasis on in-ring action.

12 Aksana

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As a Lithuanian fitness model and bodybuilder, unsurprisingly the fans sat up and took notice when Aksana entered the wrestling industry in 2009. Her health and fitness background meant that she was super fit, and she had the looks to go with it.

She won absolutely nothing during the course of her five years in the industry, but that doesn’t matter to the fans; she had one hell of a screen presence and we’d love to see her back.

Aksana wasn’t a huge bodybuilder – didn’t possess a physique anything like Chyna’s for example. She was more of a physique competitor, which meant she was able to maintain her femininity, and as such, she was still able to maintain her subtlety in the ring.

In wrestling, she’ll be remembered for being one half of Foxana, and for challenging for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania XXX. She left in 2014 when her contract was cut, but we’d have loved to have seen a bit more of Aksana.

11 Sable

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Sable has plenty of strings to her bow: American model, actress, and retired professional wrestler to name a few. She gained widespread popularity when she joined Vince’s company in 1996, because she was super sexy and also because she was one of the first females in WWE. Today, she’s known for being Brock Lesnar’s wife, but Sable herself had a very successful wrestling career.

She won the Divas Championship, but was also at the center of plenty of memorable story lines. Her feuds with Luna Vachon and Jacqueline will live long in the memory, as will her feud with Torrie Wilson. Vince thought so highly of her, he wanted to get up close and personal with Sable, and concocted a storyline in which she could be his mistress – not one of Sable’s best moments. She left the industry a year later for family reasons, but getting up close with Vince was probably a contributing factor!

Sable’s 49 now so there’s pretty much no chance of her coming back, but we wish that the sassy, sultry Sable spent more than her eight years in the ring.

10 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly – real name Barbara Jean Blank – may be known as Barbie Blank, but she certainly doesn’t live up to the stereotype of the dumb, ditzy blonde. She’s an educated woman, studied journalism, and got into wrestling simply because she’s always been a fan of wrestling entertainment. She got into modelling, then made her wrestling dream happen, becoming one of the hottest females on the roster from 2006-2012. Her biggest accomplishment in those six years was winning the Divas Championship, so she certainly proved to be more than just a bit of eye candy.

It won’t surprise many of you to know that Kelly Kelly was once and still is a model; it’s one of the reasons she left wrestling – to get back into modelling. She did just that and has posed numerous times for various different magazines. Upon leaving wrestling in 2012, she posed for Maxim and was voted 38 in Maxim's Hot 100 – it’s easy to see why.

Kelly is still young at 29 and has expressed an interest in returning to the ring at some point; we wish she still competed and she might just do so again in the future.

9 Christy Hemme

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Again, hers was a short-lived career, not one filled with a great deal of accomplishments, but nevertheless, one that we would like to see rekindled.

After winning the 2004 edition of the Diva Search, she was thrust straight into the action and joined WWE and the RAW roster. The initial stages of her career were memorable for her feud with Trish Stratus; they had a number of catty encounters before Christy moved on to Victoria and Melina.

Christy was super-hot during her time in the ring with WWE and then TNA as a wrestler, ring announcer and interviewer. This biker chick has a wild side to her personality, which we would love to have seen for longer than her short five years in the ring.

8 Candice Michelle

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Ex-adult film actress, model and all-round raunchy femme fatale Candice Michelle was an instant hit in the ring. Beautiful beyond belief, Michelle had the looks, the body and the skills to match – the ultimate, complete package. It’s a shame we only got to see her do her thing for five years in the ring.

Michelle is a one-time winner of the Women’s Championship, and will be remembered despite only winning one title. It’s a shame injuries had a part to play in her leaving SmackDown in 2009, but that’s the way wrestling works; an influx of new talent means out with the old, in with the new, and unfortunately, Michelle was one of those who was released.

Michelle’s still in her 30s, still has the looks and the body, despite having three kids post-wrestling. Family life seems to be the only thing on her agenda at the moment, but we’d love to see her make a return to the ring.

7 Michelle McCool

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She’s in her mid-30s but it seems as if Michelle McCool’s been around forever. We’re used to seeing her, hearing about her, even now because she’s The Undertaker’s wife – we’re certainly not complaining.

Michelle actually had a pretty decent stint in the wrestling industry. She didn’t just do her few years and then call it quits – which seems to have been the case for most of the female wrestlers in the 2000s. She put in a seven-year stint with WWE and gained a lot of success during that period too. Michelle initially gained popularity after becoming the inaugural WWE Divas Champion; she won this coveted championship twice and went on to win the Women’s Championship two times. She's certainly one of the most accomplished divas in WWE history.

We wish she still competed, in part because she’s hot, but it would just be awesome to see someone of Michelle’s pedigree back in the ring, schooling some of the young bucks with her iconic Wings of Love and MADT moves.

6 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie’s another one who actually had a pretty long stint in the wrestling industry – long for a female anyway. After being painfully shy as a kid, Torrie blossomed and came out of her shell, becoming one raunchy, sultry woman. She’s such a well-known name in wrestling circles, so it’s amazing looking back at it all that she didn’t win a thing – aside from the Golden Thong Award – during her nine years in the industry.

Despite not being one of the most decorated divas of all time, she was certainly one of the hottest, putting her modelling and fitness background to good use in the ring. She also had some memorable storylines; she was part of The Invasion, Vince’s Devils, and is yet another female with whom the boss got up close and personal.

5 Ivory

via thedailyknockout.com

Ivory was well ahead of her time. Sure she had the looks, but she wasn't that blonde bombshell that seemed to be the flavor of the time in WWE. The Attitude Era was all about women flaunting their bodies and in that sense, Ivory seemed to be the anti-diva of her time, as her character often emphasized she was a wrestler.

Ivory didn't have many capable wrestlers to work with in her day, but she would have plenty of suitable opponents today.

She's led a very quiet life post-wrestling, working in landscaping and working with animal shelters since 2000. She now owns her own business, Downtown Dog, which is an animal daycare center and grooming salon. She seems to be comfortable where she is, but it'd be cool to see her in the ring one last time and get a good farewell match.

4 AJ Lee

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Former WWE wrestler AJ Lee was undoubtedly one of the hottest on the roster, and was one of the best. It’s amazing to think that she’s still only 29 years old; she’s been there and done it for eight years and has now moved on to the next phase of her life.

In eight years, she managed to achieve plenty and establish herself as one of the most decorated wrestlers of all time. With three Divas Championships under her belt, she must have walked away in 2015 fulfilled, but could also have potentially achieved so much more. However, AJ Lee wasn’t prepared to put up with how she and her fellow female wrestlers were being treated by WWE; she had made up her mind and called it quits on her wrestling career. Did that whole CM Punk-WWE fiasco have something to do with it? Who knows? Perhaps if Punk was still with the company, Lee might be too.

3 Stacy Keibler

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“The Legs of Wrestling,” the “Weapon of Mass Seduction” – these tags that Keibler’s been given  are certainly justified, and anyone who watched Stacy in the ring would certainly agree.

Who wouldn’t want to see a prominent actress competing in the ring today? That’s what Stacy is – an actress since 1998. Remarkably she managed to balance acting and wrestling for seven years. Her two careers pretty much ran simultaneously until she called it quits on her wrestling career in 2006.

In wrestling, she was Babe of the Year in 2004 – her only achievement of any note in wrestling – but forget that. She’s an actress, a decent wrestler, and she’s smoking hot. If she ever announces her interest in wrestling again, promotions will be chomping at the bit to sign her, as they should.

2 Lita

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For seven years, Amy Christine Dumas, aka Lita, was a force which was to be reckoned in the wrestling industry. She came, she saw, she conquered; she was at the helm of the women’s division in WWE from 2000-2006, winning four Women’s Championships and etching her name into the record books as a Hall of Famer.

Amy spent seven years in the industry, but she’s a punk rock chick at heart. Music’s always been her passion, and after leaving WWE, she formed the band The Luchagors. Rock ‘n’ roll and wrestling – that’s one hell of a combination that just served to enhance the Lita persona. The sexy, tattooed rock chick made waves in the ring; she still makes occasional appearances at events, but we’d love to see her back in an in-ring capacity.

1 Trish Stratus

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Trish is undoubtedly one of the most decorated – not to mention most adored – wrestlers in wrestling history. She’s one of the hottest of all time. Trish has the complete package, which is why fans were distraught to see her wave goodbye to the industry in 2006. Post-retirement, she’s appeared now and again in the ring – special appearances – but it’s not the same as seeing her week in/week out doing what she does best.

As a seven-time winner of the WWE Women’s Championship – a remarkable feat accomplished in just a six-year period – Stratus is certainly a deserved Hall of Famer. We wish she was still in the ring performing that Chick Kick and the Air Canada, but what’s left for Stratus to achieve in the industry? She’s done all there is to be done in wrestling; we wish her well with her yoga and acting career.

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