Top 15 Hottest GIFs Of Stacy Keibler

The world of professional wrestling will usually offer a mixed bag of talent. There are those that have a brief day in the sun and still others that go on to become Legends and Hall of Famers. Then, there are a select few that will crossover from wrestling into other areas of popular culture, like television and movies. A few names come to mind, like The Rock and John Cena, but without a doubt the most well-known woman that has crossed-over is Stacy Keibler.

Stacy started as a wrestling fan and made her mark in both WCW and the WWE. She moved-on to a prolific modeling and acting career, participating in a season of Dancing with the Stars and appearing on other shows like Punk'd, What About Brian, How I Met Your Mother and George Lopez. She finally became a household name when she struck up a relationship with actor George Clooney.

Stacy has never had trouble getting noticed for her looks. She has been recognized in the Maxim magazine Hot 100 issue three times and appeared on the cover twice. She was also include in the 2008 FHM magazine 100 Sexiest Women list. She was showcased on WWE television primarily for her gorgeous look, as in-ring skill wasn't as important of a factor at the time. The age-old adage that "sex sells" most certainly applies to her time with the company. That isn't to say that she didn't add a lot to the show. Her character was beloved by the crowd and she had plenty of unforgettable moments, many of which you'll see below.

Today, we're celebrating the roots that Stacy came from. We've compiled the 15 hottest must-see GIFs of Stacy Keibler.

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15 Sexy Stacy

There were many highlights to the times Stacy would appear on WWE television and one of those is seen here, the ring entrance. Whenever Stacy hit the ring she made a point to take her time and play to the camera, like a true pro. During the era when Keibler was a WWE Diva the women's locker room were there a lot more as eye candy than they were as wrestling talent. Thats not to say that there weren't talented athletes during that time, but it certainly wasn't the focus. Instead, Stacy would make her appearances in scantily clad attire and participating in bra and panty matches. You can see by all the camera flashes in this GIF that she was most definitely a main attraction for the WWE Universe.

14 Asset

Stacy Keibler was many things in the WWE, but shy wasn't one of them. Here we see just one of many times that she revealed her many talents to the television cameras and the live audience. The long-legged beauty may have been the tallest Diva in the history of WWE, but it wasn't just her legs that she'd show-off. The Diva used her body as a part of her in-ring psychology, often distracting or upsetting other talent in an attempt to get her way in the match. It was also one of the ways that she tried to get herself over with the crowd. Her atttemps were generally highly successful, so kudos to her. The sexy dance that we see here classic Keibler and reminiscent of an era long over in the WWE.

13 Babe of the Year

Stacy makes yet another one of her classic ring entrances, pausing for effect, while also entrancing the audience. The WWE Diva participated in a number of notable matches during her time with the company, against well known talent like Christy Hemme, Lita, Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson. She certainly wasn't the best technical wrestler, but she was still a joy to watch in the ring. Once known by the nickname “Super Stacy”, Keibler she would execute finishers like the “Keibler Kick”. Keibler participated in title matches over the years, but alas the only award she would take home from the WWE was the 2004 WWE Babe of the Year. It's not exactly a women's championship belt, but it's better than nothing right?

12 The Dance-Off

Stacy was a staple on Monday Night RAW back in 2004 and this GIF of her alluring dance was from a segment that had her engaging in an all out dance-off with Molly Holly. Keibler was challenged by Holly, who was determined to show that the WWE Diva search talent had nothing on the actual female athletes in the company. The divide between the two segments of the women's division was never so apparent as when Molly did her ballet style dance. The awkward display was then followed by a smug Keibler showing off her sexy dancing skills, to the delight of the live audience. The contest soon degenerated to Molly attacking Stacy. The fight soon went against Molly's favor thanks to outside interference and Stacy walked away the victor.

11 Keibler vs. Wilson

During this segment on an episode of Monday Night RAW back in 2002, Stacy came out to the ring in a silk robe and revealed her sexy outfit. She then tossed her robe at announcer Jerry Lawler, much to his amusement. This was during an era when Lawler was way too involved with the women in the ring. The match was set to take place between Stacy and Torrie Wilson. The two went at it in the ring, facing off in their sexy swimsuits. On this particular occasion, Stacy Keibler took home the win.

This GIF of Stacy is understandably distracting, but if you can manage keep your eyes fixed to the lower left, just before it hits the loop and check out the guy taking her picture, its good for a laugh.

10 School Girl Battle Royal

This particularly sexy moment was from a fetish-inducing Women's Championship: School Girl Divas Battle Royal that took place on Monday Night RAW back in 2004. It was billed to the fans as a "fulfill your fantasy" Battle Royal. The fans had a chance to vote for their favorite taboo theme for the Divas match. The outcome of the match, other than an excuse to get the Divas into school girl uniforms, was that Trish Stratus was actually defending the WWE Women's Championship belt. The match included talent like Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Nidia, Jazz and Victora. Stacy Keibler got the last entrance, knowing that fans would be the most excited by that one. Alas, Stacy didn't win the title, or even make it to the final two, but she looked damn good losing.

9 Stacy the Assistant

The Mr. McMahon character is a lot of things. He defined the Attitude Era with is crooked and often creepy ways. There's no doubt that Mr. McMahon is a dirty old man and one of the ways this manifested was when Stacy Keibler became his, er..."assistant". Only the Mr. McMahon character would pick Stacy for his assistant. This GIF features Stacy doing a sexy dance for her boss on a desk in the middle of the ring. Mr. McMahon was interviewing various candidates, when Stacy came to the ring and told him that she would make him an offer that he couldn't refuse. She did a sexy dance that literally knocked Mr. McMahon out of his chair.

8 Bash at the Beach

This phenomenal GIF comes from the early days of Stacy Keibler's career, when she was with a soon to fail WCW. She was known as Miss Hancock and was having a match at the Bash and the Beach pay-per-view in 2000 against Daffney. In those days she was paired with Ric Flair's son David. She came to the ring in a bridal outfit and proceeded to make out with Flair, until Daffney came-up behind him and gave him the low blow. Stacy would then dominate for most of the rather mutually unskilled match. Honestly, the entire match was a disorganized mess from the Russo era that had very little to do with wrestling at all, but at least Miss Hancock got a few seconds of dancing in.

7 Bikini Fun

Stacy can manage to make any outfit look good, this GIF is just one of many examples when she would hit the ring in a bikini or similar scantily clad outfit and dance for the enjoyment of the WWE Universe. The future Dancing with the Stars contestant and former WCW Nitro Girl enjoyed showing off her skills during her time as a WWE Diva. She was often used by the male WWE Superstars to distract their opponents with her looks and subsequent sexy moves. During her heyday at the company you couldn't find an arena without tons of Stacy signs and it got to the point that her dancing in the ring was good for a cheap pop from the crowd.

6 Stacy, Oh Stacy!

Here we yet again have Stacy giving the fans what they want to see with her signature sultry entrance to the squared circle. This GIF features a shot of the special guest referee's face, which is very expressive about how attractive Stacy is. She got a heavy push in her day, once the fans finally accepted her post-WCW Invasion angle. The reaction of the refs and the announce teams would often add to the perception of Stacy's good looks, selling her as a bombshell to the audience. This was fortunate for Keibler, because she wasn't brought in for her technical wrestling skills, like the women in the WWE are today. She clearly had the favor of creative and Vince McMahon himself, spending much of her career as a beloved babyface.

5 The Stacy Entrance

Stacy Keibler started with the WWE when they bought out her WCW contract. She made her debut in 2001 as part of the failed "Invasion" angle. She took part in the first ever bra and panties match and went on to be a major player in the early days of the Divas division. Her major push came during the original WWE draft era. She moved from Smackdown to Monday Night RAW. She did a lot of work with Test,who she was dating at the time in real life. The two worked as a heel duo, but eventually got over so much that they were turned face. Test and Keibler eventually worked with Scott Steiner in a disturbing angle where Stacy was their slave.

4 Classic Stacy

Stacy Keibler wows the WWE Universe again with her magnificent looks and her ability to flaunt them. This particular GIF is from a match that Stacy had against Torrie Wilson at the No Mercy pay-per-view in 2001. The ladies both came to the ring in their bedtime best, and halfway through the match Stacy paused to take off her little silk robe and reveal her full ensemble for the lucky fans in attendance. Its certainly not what kind of outfit you're used to seeing in the ring these days. She proceeded to continue her domination of Wilson in the match and even pulled out a naughty toy to spank her and the referee with. Torrie Wilson would eventually emerge victorious in the match.

3 Duchess of Dudleyville

During her early years with the WWE, Stacy aligned herself with the kings of the flaming table, The Dudley Boyz. The Dudley's were part of the ECW wing of the Invasion. Keibler was dubbed the Duchess of Dudleyville and took to wearing skimpy outfits that reflected the signature camouflage that the Dudley's wore to the ring. When WrestleMania X8 came around she accompanied the Dudley's to the ring, but soon after she would be forcefully ejected from the group, by taking a powerbomb through a table. Not a bad bump for a Diva, you have to respect that. During her time with the Dudley Boyz Stacy feuded with the likes of Torrie Wilson and soon after her time with them moved into a program with Trish Stratus.

2 Miss Hancock

Stacy began her illustrious career at the legendary southern WCW promotion. She came in as a Nitro Girl by the name of Skye, but soon graduated to valet duties on television each week. This came during a time of flux at WCW, as they scrambled to catch back up to a WWF that had far exceeded them in the ratings. The Vince Russo era found the WCW engaging in more risqué behavior and less wrestling. This was evidence by the rise of the Miss Hancock character. It gave Stacy the chance to show off her dancing skills in a short business skirt. She liked to do this on top of the announcers desk from time to time, as seen in this GIF.

1 Mick to the Rescue

The year was 2003 and as the year ended the Armageddon pay-per-view was the focus. In this GIF we see a little stitch in time from when Stacy Keibler came out to the ring to greet a thrilled Mick Foley in her cheerleader costume. Stacy danced around for a bit and then encouraged Mick to try an ill-fated cartwheel, which of course went very, very badly. Despite this, the two celebrated in the ring together until they were unceremoniously interrupted by Evolution. It wasn't uncommon to see Stacy dressed in various costumes on a rather consistent basis. The pre-PG era product was a far closer relative to the Attitude Era than what we see on television today. It's hard to imagine Charlotte and Sasha Banks engaging in a lingerie match, they're just taken far too seriously as talented athletes.

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