Top 15 Hottest Latinas In Wrestling History

Every wrestling promotion in the world needs some Latin flavor, a little something to zest up the roster. Latinas are feisty and passionate about what they do – the vast majority are incredibly beautiful too. All of this combined make one hell of a combination – an amazing package to bring to the wrestling scene. The management staff of the various promotions know this, and we’ve therefore seen plenty of Latinas strut their stuff with some of the top promotions, and do pretty well too.

Brie and Nikki Bella and Melina Perez are just a few names to have represented Latina wrestling – they have proven that they’re not just there to be eye candy – even though that’s why they were originally brought to the WWE. They have the skills to pay the bills, but look gorgeous doing it – just what the promotions and us fans want from a wrestling female.

Many of the women on this list have been very successful in their own right, some less so, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re all stunningly beautiful – a lot of that’s down to their Latin roots. These are the 15 hottest latinas to have graced the wrestling industry.

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15 Sexy Star

via wrestlingnews.com

Sexy Star’s real name is Dulce Maria García Rivas – a true latin name. Her name might sound familiar to a lot of you but she hasn’t actually wrestled with any U.S. promotions, therefore unless you’re fans of Mexican wrestling, it’s unlikely you’re going to know much about this woman with the sultry name.

Rivas is someone who’s known as a Mexican Luchadora enmascarada – basically meaning she wears a mask in the ring. After debuting in 2006, Rivas has wrestled for Federacion Internacional de Lucha Libre, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración and Lucha Underground. She’s had a decent time of it too, winning a few championships wherever she’s gone.

Although she’s a Luchadora enmascarada, many people would love it if she scraps the mask. There’s a beautiful face under that mask, a face that the fans would love to see more often.

14 Thea Megan Trinidad

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Some people say that Thea has a hint of Trish Stratus about her – looks wise – and there is a similarity, but they couldn’t be more different in terms of their roots. Stratus is Canadian whereas Thea is of Puerto Rican descent. She was born in New York and resides in Florida with husband-to-be and fellow professional wrestler, Austin Aries.

Thea has always been a wrestling fan and made her debut back in 2010 at the tender age of 19. She got her big break when she joined TNA a year later, a stint that will be remembered for her becoming a one-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion with Sarita– Sarah Stock. She’s since gone back and forth between TNA and WWE, spending brief periods with each promotion. Thea’s still young and is still finding her feet in the wrestling world.

13 Eve Torres

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You can tell this WWE Diva – well, ex-diva – has latin roots. Her dad’s from the central American country of Nicaragua, but she’s also of German descent. She’s proud of being a Latina and has regularly contributed to Latina publications, such as Latina lifestyle magazine.

During her six-year wrestling career, she tasted a tremendous amount of success – she became a record holder after being a three-time WWE Divas Champion. That Latin fiery spirit burned within her throughout her career, and she still uses this fiery nature, this time in the world of kickboxing and MMA. She’s switched wrestling for kickboxing and now heads the Gracie Women Empowered self-defense program. Incidentally, her husband, Rener Gracie is of Latin origin – he’s a Brazilian Latino. Their son – Raeven Gracie – has some great Latin heritage!

12 Eva Marie

via planetwrestling.com

Like the Bella sisters, Eva Marie is Mexican-Italian-American, and like the Bella Twins, Marie is also sizzling hot. She’s still green in terms of her wrestling experience – she only began wrestling with WWE a few years ago – but has come on leaps and bounds since then. However, a recent hiccup has meant she’s been absent from our TV screens for quite a while.

Eva Marie hasn’t won anything of note – actually she hasn’t won anything at all during her still short wrestling career – but this list isn’t about the most successful divas of Latina origin. Marie is undoubtedly one of the hottest divas around, and hopefully she works everything out with the WWE and returns to in-ring competition and our TV screens. At the moment, fans will have to be content keeping up to date with her antics by checking out her social media pages, which she frequently keeps updating with sizzling pics.

11 Nidia Guenard

via heartbreakers.com

Nidia Guenard may not be the most well-known diva to have graced the industry, but she’s undoubtedly one of the hottest Latina performers we’ve had the pleasure of watching in the ring. Nidia only spent four years in the industry, didn’t win anything noteworthy and was then released along with a lot of other stars due to a purge of talent. Post-WWE, she wrestled in a few matches for various promotions here and there, but quickly decided to shut the door on her in-ring career in pursuit of other ventures.

Nidia has Puerto Rican roots, can speak Spanish fluently, and is now looking to inject some Latin flavor into her cooking – literally; she’s embarked on a career in the culinary arts and is loving the freedom it provides her away from the wrestling industry.

10 Rosa Mendes

via wrestlingmedia.org

Rosa Mendes is currently on maternity leave so she’s taking a break from in-ring competition, but when she was wrestling, she was one tough cookie – that Latina fire and famous Latin spirit burned bright within her.

From early in life, Mendes loved to fight and was quite a feisty character – she once got suspended from school for fighting. She put these skills to good use when she got picked up by WWE in 2006 after entering the diva search. During her wrestling career, she’s been billed as coming from Puerto Rico and Canada – she’s actually Canadian-Costa Rican with a bit of Czech thrown in for good measure.

Aside from her wrestling accomplishments, she once had a stint in modelling and actually dropped out of university to pursue this career path full-time. She won the "Piel Dorada," one of the biggest Latin American modelling contests around, but modelling’s loss was wrestling’s gain and she gained a developmental contract with WWE a couple of years later.

9 Shelly Martinez

via wrestlingforum.com

Model, actress, professional wrestler and valet – Shelly’s led a busy life, much of which has been dedicated to becoming a wrestler. Shelly began modelling in order to increase her chances of getting noticed and picked up by a major wrestling promotion – a wise choice as she started getting more and more work with the independent promotions before WWE came calling in 2005.

Shelly went on to have stints with WWE and TNA and is perhaps best known as Ariel, or Salinas – when she was involved with The Latin American Xchange Hispanic Wrestling Stable.

Shelly’s wrestling career has taken a backseat of late as she’s putting more emphasis on life as an actress. The Mexican-American beauty has also appeared in a number of films, which she’s balanced alongside her wrestling career. Horror seems to be her favorite genre, so if she doesn’t return to the ring any time soon, watch out for Shelly in a horror flick on your TV screens.

8 Maxine

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Karlee Perez made her foray into the wrestling industry in 2009 when she gained a developmental contract with WWE. During her three-year stint with WWE, she was known to the masses as Maxine – she’s since had a brief spell with TNA and is currently with Lucha Underground, going by the name Catrina. She’s won zilch in her career to date, but she’s also juggled her wrestling with being a model and her acting pursuits – this is one diva who likes to keep herself busy.

Although she’s billed as coming from Tampa, Florida, take one look at Maxine and – even without knowing – you’ll be able to tell she has some Latin blood in her. She’s of Spanish and Cuban decent, but she’s also of Italian, Hawaiian, Irish, English, and Chinese ancestry – that’s one amazing ancestral heritage she possesses!

7 Candice Michelle

via wwe.com

We can’t be talking about the hottest divas to have graced the wrestling industry without giving Candice Michelle a mention. She was a drop dead gorgeous diva – it's a pity her wrestling career only lasted five years – and a much-loved diva too, but injuries got the better of her and she was released from her WWE contract in 2009.

What a lot of you Candice fans may not have known is that she’s actually Latina – well, half. You may not have realized that because she was always billed as being from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and her full birth name was Candice Michelle Beckman– not very Latin sounding. But yes, she’s of Costa Rican decent and actually has some German blood in her too.

Since leaving wrestling, she’s dabbled in a bit of modelling, a bit of acting, but it’s family that’s the most important thing in Candice’s life at the moment; she’s a happily married mom of three kids – family life is what’s keeping her busy today.

6 JoJo Offerman

via twitter.com

JoJo’s only been a part of the wrestling industry for a few years. During this time, she’s been a wrestler, a valet and is currently working as a ring announcer on NXT.

She’s young at 22 and prefers to use her voice rather than her wrestling skills; she’s an announcer but has also sung, and even sang the entrance theme song for Tons of Funk – a song that was later released on iTunes.

Although JoJo’s steering towards a career away from in-ring ring competition, she’s got sports in her blood. Her dad is retired baseball player José Offerman. Incidentally she’s dating NXT wrestler Jesse White.

JoJo’s Latina through her Mexican and Dominican roots, and she’s also of German and Swiss decent – another exotic mix, which obviously works.

5 The Bella Twins

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We’re talking about hot Latinas, so obviously, The Bella Twins have to feature on this list. Twin sisters Brie and Nikki Bella made waves in the industry when they first started out with WWE, wrestling with their developmental territory - Florida Championship Wrestling – back in 2007. Since then, their careers have been on an upwards curve; the sexy sisters have won three Divas Championships between them, and they’ve both found love within the industry, breaking a lot of hearts around the world. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why John Cena and Daniel Bryan are attracted to the twins.

I’m sure both the twins have amazing personalities and all that, but they also have both Mexican and Italian heritage – that’s one amazing combination, and the end result is The Bella Twins.

4 Melina Perez

via wwe.com

Mexican American Melina Perez is still around wrestling on the independent circuit in the UK, but WWE fans were distraught to see her leave the promotion in 2011. She was a feisty character with the promotion and was involved in a number of notable story lines – her long-running feud with Trish Stratus is one that all Melina and Stratus fans will be able to recall.

Melina gained a couple of Divas Championships and three Women’s Championship titles with the promotion and was a firm fan favorite, despite her turning villainous and attacking a lot of prominent stars. Fans appreciate what she brought to the table; she had the skills, could play to the camera and certainly had the looks.

This Latin beauty has used her looks throughout her career, as a diva, but also to get modelling gigs. She started out as a model, winning the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Anaheim beauty pageant before making the leap into the world of wrestling. We’re all thankful she did!

3 Layla El

via womenofwrestling.com

Layla El retired from in-ring competition last year after having a nine-year stint with WWE. Layla certainly had something to her, and during this period, she won the Women’s Championship - she was the final original Women’s Champion before it merged with the Divas title – and she’s also a one-time winner of the Divas Championship.

Aside from these accomplishments, Layla was perhaps best known for teaming up with Michelle McCool, forming the aptly named LayCool tag team.

You may be thinking, Layla isn’t Latina; she was born and raised in the UK and was billed as being from Miami, Florida. But she’s actually of Moroccan-Latin decent and was one stunning diva. In 2012, she was voted in Maxim’s Hot 100. She’s also had numerous modelling gigs – you can see why.

2 AJ Lee

via wwe.com

Puerto Rican AJ Lee is still relatively young at the age of 29, but has already exited from the world of wrestling. During her in-ring days, she was a highly coveted performer. She’s a record-tying three-time WWE Divas Champion – not a bad record in a career that only lasted eight years. Her championship pursuits came to an end in 2015, after Lee voiced her distaste at the way female talent was being utilized in WWE. She decided to retire from in-ring competition – following in the footsteps of hubby CM Punk, who called it quits on his time in wrestling one year prior.

AJ Lee – real name April Jeanette Mendez – was a stunning diva in the ring; it was a real bummer for the fans when she decided to walk away from wrestling. She’s keeping herself busy by writing a memoir, Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules, which is scheduled to be published next year – should be the perfect read for all of you AJ Lee fans who want a bit more of an insight into this ex-diva’s life.

1 Kaitlyn

via tumblr.com

From a young age Kaitlyn – birth name Celeste Bonin – was into health fitness, looking and feeling good. At the age of 19, she started competing in body fitness shows, and placed well in numerous bodybuilding contests. She did a bit of modelling during this time too before she was signed to WWE on a developmental contract. But she had the fitness bug and four years after debuting with Florida Championship Wrestling, she decided to call it quits on her blossoming career to focus her attentions on other business ventures. She’s since come out with a fitness clothing line, has opened a smoothie bar, and contributes to fitness magazines and companies.

Judging from her name, you may not have realized that Kaitlyn is actually Latina; she's half Mexican.

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