Top 15 Hottest Moments in Wrestling History

Everything on this list of the hottest moments in wrestling history could be about WWE's Attitude Era alone, but there is some extension beyond that. Even in the current PG/Modern era, the company has found a way to inject some suggestive sexiness into their storylines, albeit quite, ahem, neutered.

When I told my friends about this list, I said that I would have trouble with anything going beyond Lita and Trish Stratus, but as I started writing down my notes, I realized that the WWE has historically used sex to gain the interests of the male 18-34 demographic. It’s arguable that WWE took a page from Paul Heyman and ECW, but as Vince McMahon has said in the Rise and Fall of ECW documentary, their approach was ill fit for the mainstream audience, and the WWE were able to take the product and modify it enough to suit their needs. WWE was still met with controversy, but their network at the time, USA, saw dollar signs.

The decline of sexually provocative storylines have seen the rise of more family product (which is what the WWE wants), but it’s also left Attitude-era fans out in the cold. Before I jump into this list, I’m going to say that I am the product of that provocative time of the WWE, but I also believe in feminist dogma, so this isn’t a celebration of sexualizing the physical attributes, but rather recalling a time that would be considered the Wild West of Wrestling; a time when fans could chant swear words at Vince McMahon and it was never edited. Now, let’s take off the top of the hottest moments in wrestling history:

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15 The Godfather's "Train"

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Any situation with The Godfather could be considered a sexy moment. Post-Nation of Domination character Kama Mustafa, he came back reinvented as The Godfather. Dressed as a pimp (though it was never outwardly mentioned) sporting flamboyantly colored clothing and carrying a pimp cane, The Godfather came out with his cast of valets, collectively known as “The Ho Train.”

Following The Godfather out to the ring, the women of the Ho Train would dance in a stripper-esque fashion and then gripping on to The Godfather once they entered the ring.

One of Godfather’s signature overtures is that he would offer his opponent the services of one or two of his women (again, this was more suggestive than literal) in order to get out of the match.

This year, The Godfather is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which, to me, means that the conductor of the Ho Train will always be worthy of the ultimate gold.

14 Trish Stratus Table Sessions

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It's impossible to leave Trish Stratus off a list like this and we just couldn't make you wait to go all the way down the list to find her. When Trish's team, T&A, was going up against the Dudley Boyz, Trish did everything she could to play mind games with Bubba Ray Dudley.

One of the games Trish would play is deliver vignettes where she would describe her love of tables and seductively rub up against them, clean them, etc... After watching those vignettes, you'll probably never look at a table the same way again.

13 The Rock and Lilian Garcia’s Backstage Flirt

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The Rock would be the farthest person you would consider holding the honor of one of the sexiest moments of wrestling history, but he is. On an episode of Smackdown, Lilian Garcia interviewed The Rock and his response? Making the most obvious sexual advances toward the ring announcer.

“You dream about marrying The Rock….” says The Rock, “Admit Lilian, you get wet – with perspiration – standing this close to The Rock.

“Now Lilian, the Rock knows how you feel about pie, but how do you feel about strudel? Lilian, would you like to try some of The Rock’s strudel?”

“More than anything in the world Rock,” Lilian replies.

Rock grabs the microphone and dismisses her response. The entire back and forth between the Rock and Lilian is punctuated by him adjusting the waistband of his pants, flashing his signature smile, and using the Peoples’ Eyebrow whenever he got a little more than suggestive. When The Rock needs to play up to the backstage interviewers, he certainly knows how to fan the sexy flames.

12 The Nitro Girls

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As someone who was a teen growing up during the heyday of the so-called Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW, there was nothing better than the inclusion of the Nitro Girls.

Made up of extremely gorgeous women, the Nitro Girls were part dance troupe and part cheerleaders for WCW. Their presence on Monday Nitro made the program worth watching on its own merit.

I don’t think there’s a particular moment, per se, but as far as I can tell, EVERY Nitro Girl segment is a moment. Diamond Dallas Page’s real life wife, lead Nitro Girl, Kimberly, was involved in a stalker angle that lead to a heel/face division among the group.

The troupe also had their own home video, The Nitro Girls Calendar Special, which I suppose increases their sexiest moment/s ranking. While most of the girls have gone on to near obscurity, dancers Stacy Keibler and Sharmell went on to the WWE as valets and managers.

11 Debra and the Striptease Match

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This might be my personal bias since Debra is my second WWE Diva crush (behind to Sunny), but a Striptease Match between Goldust and Jeff Jarrett is one moment that I’ll never forget. Oh to be 13 again.

The match was predicated on the stipulation that if Jarrett won, Goldust would strip to his underwear; if Goldust won, then Debra would have to strip. Debra interfered in the match, smashing one of Double J’s guitars over Goldust’s head, costing the latter the match. The decision was reversed by Commissioner Shawn Michaels, who then demanded that Debra strip.

This was easily one of the best five-minute moments in WWE history. As Debra stripped, Jerry “The King” Lawler went on his over-sexed character exclamations, while co-announcer Michael Cole awkwardly repeated, “You go, girlfriend!” For me, this was the moment that Debra won me over…uh…in the heart.

10 Sable's Hand Prints

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I wish I didn’t have to include Jacqueline in this list, if only for the fact that I’ve seen her wrestle at house shows and she’s incredible. The Bikini Contest where Jacqueline faced off against newly Marc Mero-less Sable was used to push her character, which as history has showed us, was pretty successful.

At the In Your House pay-per-view, the Bikini Contest, appropriately hosted by The King, had Jacqueline stripped to what can be described as Xena Warrior Wrestler Swimwear. Sable, on the other hand, revealed her bikini top, which was a set of hand prints, each one over her breasts. It’s one of the defining moments of Attitude-era WWE, not only in the bold sexual act, but its place in televised wrestling history.

If you watch ANY program about the Monday Night Wars or Attitude Era on the WWE Network, there will always be an inclusion of Sable with hand prints on her boobs. In a way, it’s sad that Jacqueline has been written out of this historical, sexy moment, but then again, as a legitimate pro wrestler, maybe it was better that Sable got the eyeballs.

9 Eddie Guerrero’s Sexy Shower

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During his entire wrestling career, the late, great Eddie Guerrero will always be known for his high-flying maneuvers and stiff looking hits. Guerrero is one of the few wrestlers considered “small guys” who were able to transcend the barrier from cruiserweight to main event heavyweight champions.

In his WWE run, Eddie adopted the “Latino Heat” character. Thought to be taboo and racist, it’s a role that Eddie and nephew, Chavo Guerrero Jr. embraced wholeheartedly.

The Latino Heat run also featured a storyline that had Eddie courting a post-Degeneration-X Chyna, whose heart he won over. Chyna would be his heater and he publicly showered her with roses and affection.

The relationship eventually would break down and during a match against The Right to Censor, the mystery celebrity off-screen character GTV aired a video on the titantron that showed Eddie getting out of a shower with two women. Chyna turned her back and Guerrero got the heat beat out of him.

8 Stacy Keibler’s Corporate Cowboy Ugly

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It’s indisputable that Stacy Keibler is one of the most recognizable stars to come out of WWE. Yes, she was a Nitro Girl in WCW, but it’s her sexpot character in WWE that really cemented her place in the sexiest anything in wrestling history.

In an on-screen moment, WWE chairman, Vince McMahon, was taking applications for his assistant. Stacy showed up midway through one woman’s interview and, featuring the best legs in the business, performed a sensual dance to the chairman. It was two minutes of the most glorious TV ever.

Over the next few weeks, Stacy and Mr. McMahon would have suggested off-screen sex , but it all started with the best table dance this side of the movie, COWBOY UGLY.

7 The Kat and Terri Runnels in the real OVER THE TOP

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The Kat aka Miss Kitty started her WWE as a second fiddle assistant for Jeff Jarrett, then later Chyna. The Kat’s feud with Terri Runnels is one of the greatest arm wrestling matches of all time.

Their rivalry culminated in an arm wrestling match in pun-potential pay-per-view, Insurexxtion. The Kat and Terri Runnels, flanked by Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah respectively, and had many false starts, some of which were punctuated by Terri taking off her skirt and emerging in a thong and The King going crazy about it.

When the actual match did take place, Terri, who was already winning, spit water at The Kat. Coming to her aid, Mae Young doused Terri with bottled water that allowed a distraction for Kat to win. In the ring, Terri had her own victory when she undid The Kat’s top during her celebration, thus exposing her breasts.

In hindsight, neither The Kat or Terri Runnels were the winners, but rather the WWE Universe.

6 Trish Stratus and the Inadvertent Sexiest Hold

In her early days, Trish Stratus played manager to T&A (Test and Prince Albert). Eventually, she would transition to an in-ring performer. Trish had some incredibly famous matches with WWE Diva and Women’s Champion, Lita, but there’s always an origin story.

In one of the best backstage segments, Triple H, attempting to heal his failing marriage with Stephanie McMahon, was showing Trish some wrestling holds, innocently and with the best intentions.

As Triple H positioned himself with Trish Stratus’ backside facing his man parts, Stephanie walks in and goes crazy and trashes the room. I think this is one of the few moments where we’ve seen Triple H in a sexy moment, even if it is by accident. Aside from getting a good view of Trish’s top heavy front, this will probably be more known for the surprised O-face on Triple H as Stephanie walks in.

5 Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson Kiss

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In a titillating (sorry, not sorry for the pun) storyline, ECW-WWE transplant, Dawn Marie, makes advances to Diva, Torrie Wilson. During this angle, Dawn Marie had a kayfabe relationship with Al Wilson, Torrie’s father. The story would eventually end with Dawn Marie marrying Al, which resulted in the groom dying after a marathon sex session.

The story, however, is probably best known for a scene in which Torrie, with unease, goes to Dawn Marie’s hotel room, where the latter strips the former and they share a reluctant, but eventually, reciprocal kiss.

This is something that is spiritually lifted from an ECW angle (which we’ll get into momentarily), but in the paramount time of the anything-goes attitude of WWE, it was found to be quite the fit.

4 Terri Runnels’ Trip to Venis

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Terri Runnels as Goldust’s on screen manager/valet (as well as his real life wife) didn’t have to say much as a giant cigar placed within her lips always did most of the talking.

When Goldust abandoned his flamboyant gold statue gimmick, he went back to his every man Dustin Runnels persona. He feuded with wrestling porn star, Val Venis. This story really went off the rails when Dustin cut a promo in the ring and Val Venis came out (haha) to the top of the ramp to show his latest movie: a scene where he his smoking a cigar and then Terri Runnels emerging from beneath the sheets where she cut her own, albeit brief, promo on Dustin before going back under the sheets, which was suggesting fellatio.

From under the titantron, Val Venis laughed with the video emasculating Dustin Runnels and falling to his knees. It quickly went from a sexy moment to easily one of the saddest in WWE history.

3 Tommy Dreamer’s Come True

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It’s difficult to dispute Paul Heyman’s claim that stories from ECW went on to be co-opted by WWE, including one such involvement featuring, of all people, Tommy Dreamer.

In angle that saw Tommy’s valet and on-screen girlfriend, Beulah McGillicuty, coming clean about her infidelities, Tommy Dreamer became incensed demanding to know who her additional suitor was. An all-too giddy Shane Douglas revealed that it was female wrestler, Kimona.

As Dreamer looked on, Beulah and Kimona kissed and then he steps up, kissing each separately, and then going in with both of them.

According to Tommy Dreamer, the first “lesbian” kiss saw ECW get removed from several syndicated networks, but this moment will always live on the Rise and Fall of ECW documentary, as well as My Name is Paul Heyman.

2 Sable Potato Sack

Another Sable moment? We could fill this list with Sable moments, but this is one that sticks in my mind.

As kayfabe boxer Marc Mero’s valet, Sable slowly began to win the audience over with her sexualized look and persona. Mero became publicly jealous, often humiliating and demeaning Sable in the ring and cutting some pretty harsh (and often sexist) promos. The WWE Universe often saw Sable giving into Mero’s demands.

The moment where she freed herself was when she accompanied Marc to a match while wearing a potato sack. As Mero extended his arms, waiting for Sable to disrobe him, she, instead, removed the potato sack and revealed a bikini that very, very little to the imagination. Mero freaked out and we finally got our first glimpse into the wildly sexualized character that would define Sable for years to come.

1 The Live Sex Celebration

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I can’t imagine John Cena being part of this list and yet, here we are. To be fair, Cena does not partake in the sexy act, but rather interrupt it…because he’s John Cena and appears on cereal boxes.

The entry of the Edge and Lita Live Sex Celebration on RAW shouldn’t be a surprise. It far surpasses any other moment that we’ve reviewed. Even as a storyline, Edge and Lita stripping down and in several suggestive sex maneuvers could be conceived as softcore.

In the case that it’s NSFW, let me say that it’s Edge and Lita about to have sex on a giant bed, in the ring. Lita embraces it by even going topless at one point and then performs suggested fellatio on Edge.

Then Cena comes out and ruins said celebration. If there ever were a moment that the WWE Universe collectively turned on John Cena, this is the moment. In revisionist history, Edge and Lita are still the heels, but to young men everywhere, so is John Cena.

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