Top 15 Hottest Non-Blondes In WWE History

When it comes to women of wrestling, a large portion of the ladies rock the blonde hair. For some of them, it is natural and for others, not so much. But regardless of how they got the hair or why, the truth remains that the largest number of professional females in wrestling have the blonde look. It is almost the beauty standard for these ladies. However, there are some that decided not to become just another hot blonde, instead, these ladies have decided to break the mold and do their own hair color thing.

Actually, over the past few years there has been a movement towards women outside of the norm with plenty of WWE Superstars that are rocking that pink, orange, or black hair styles.

Let's take a look at the many different women in the WWE, from a long time ago until today, and give you a list of the 15 hottest non-blondes for your enjoyment as we head into this weekend's pay-per-view, Survivor Series.

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15 Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox is one of the few survivors from the worst time in WWE Divas history, the late 2000s. She was added to the roster in 2008 and has lasted through all of the terrible storylines and Divas that were thrown into the mix while celebrity guest hosts turned Raw and Smackdown into a joke.

But her talent was good enough to keep her around even when the entire Women's Division was heading into extinction. That should tell you something about her overall value to the WWE and wrestling.

Earlier this year, she was drafted to Raw and is now a part of the Raw Women's team heading into Survivor Series. Before she was announced as a member of the team, she had a feud with fellow Women's wrestler Nia Jax that didn't get the heat the WWE expected but was still good enough to last.

14 Bayley

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It takes a special type of person to be friendly, lovable, and positive at all times without coming across as annoying and lame. Bayley has turned that personality trait into her best one. It has caught on with the fans too and she has been propelled into the WWE main roster much quicker than expected.

Much like AJ Lee, Bayley's wrestling skills and personality has turned her into one of the most popular Women's wrestler in the WWE which has also sped up her career path much faster, giving her a faster route to success in the industry.

And if you ever turn on an episode of Raw these days, you might even hear the crowd take over the show with their Bayley chants. In fact, just a few weeks ago, in Glasgow, Scotland, when the Women's team for Survivor Series was being announced, it was hijacked by the crowd leaving Bayley speechless in the process.

13 Rosa Mendes

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One of the longest runs in the Women's Division belongs to Rosa Mendes who has been around since 2006 when she was one of the last wrestlers on the WWE Diva Search before being eliminated in August leading to a WWE contract.

She spent time as Beth Phoenix' biggest fan, who was also the WWE's Women Champion at the time too. She was a fake fan planted in the crowd and the entire storyline was terrible but even when the writing is terrible, a great wrestler can still emerge and that is exactly what happened with Rosa Mendes.

After spending a few times leaving the show for various reasons, she always emerged on top of her game and was one of the key personalities from the hit reality show, Total Divas. She has been out on maternity leave since February of 2016 and when she returns should get back to providing services as a WWE.com correspondent.

12 Joy Giovanni

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Of all the talented female wrestlers that the industry has seen since the explosion of the Women's Division in the early part of the 2000s, Joy Giovanni is a prime example of just how quickly you can be forgotten if you just get tossed into the wrong storyline.

Although she was never a great wrestler, she got better over time and even made a shocking return for WrestleMania XXV's Divas Battle Royal featuring 25 women fighting to become the first ever Miss WrestleMania. She ended up being one of the first women eliminated when she was taken out by both of the Bella Twins.

Joy's entire WWE experience began in 2004, where she finished third in the 2004 Diva Search, and culminated when she was named the first and only Rookie Diva of the Year before the company cut her in summer of 2005 for budget reasons. If she had only pushed a little harder during her time with the brand, she might have been given more time to shine instead of being one of the first ladies to be cut.

11 Paige

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Much like Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and AJ Lee, Paige created a brand for herself as a bad girl gone good that was ready to battle anyone she had to to get to the WWE Women's Championship. She quickly became a sensation when she arrived at WWE's NXT and is actually the only woman to hold the NXT Women's Championship belt and the WWE Diva's Championship belt at the same time.

She comes from a long line of wrestlers and was even a wrestler when she was just 13 years old because her family owned their owned wrestling promotion over in Norwich, England. She spent six years on the European Independent circuit before eventually getting her big break with the WWE in 2011.

If you haven't seen her recently it is because she has been injured and had surgery earlier this year on her neck which has caused her severe pain and suffering for quite some time. She was suspended by the WWE for painkillers and that has caused a backlash of negative attention towards the company because she was only using them before her surgery following severe neck trauma. She claims it was not abuse, simply normal use of the medication to help her manage the pain.

10 Gail Kim

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Way back in 2002, Gail Kim began a career with the WWE's developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling before moving up onto the main roster after only eight months of fighting in OVW. She was an instant fan favorite and even won her first match on Raw to claim the WWE Women's Championship after defeating six other women in a Seven-Woman Battle Royal.

After turning into a heel just a month after winning the title, she really started to become a Superstar until an unfortunate incident caused her to break her collarbone which put her on the sidelines until the following April, almost seven months. A lot of the heat that turned her into a star was gone and she had to get it back but she was having a difficult time with all of the other talent that passed her up while she was out with the injury. That led to her controversial release by the WWE.

She wouldn't return to the WWE until 2008, when the Women's Division was about to take a nose dive into near extinction and she only lasted until 2011. But she left the WWE and went back to TNA where she has become a legend and was announced as a Hall of Famer earlier this year.

9 Eva Marie

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If a female wrestler were to make the same mistakes as Eva Marie in the ring, they would have been cut a long time ago. But for some reason, most likely the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous, the WWE continues to put her in their shows and allow her to compete in matches where she ends up proving just how difficult the business is.

Hate her or love her, Eva Marie has not relied on her beauty to become a Superstar with the WWE and she works on her wrestling every single day trying to overcome the disrespect from the fans that garner from her lack of talent.

Most importantly, and thanks to her time on the reality television show, Total Divas, the fans of wrestling have decided to hate her more than any other wrestler on the WWE roster, even Roman Reigns. Even so, she has stuck it out and is now actually starting to become a wrestler worth watching each week as she continues to improve.

8 Candice Michelle

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If you ever wanted to talk about a female wrestlers from the WWE's long history of Divas, then you cannot forget about Candice Michelle, one of their legendary Superstars that began her career as nothing more than eye candy before eventually turning into a Women's World Champion.

The former Go Daddy spokesman, who we all remember as the big chested beauty that lost her top during that Super Bowl commercial, became a Superstar in the WWE after entering the 2004 WWE Raw Diva Search. Her beauty was one of her biggest assets and it turned her into a fan favorite. It basically bought her enough time to become a star in wrestling.

She used her beauty to her advantage and continued to work on her wrestling while being forced to fight in lingerie, bikini, and white t-shirt matches against Torrie Wilson mostly. She ended up dealing with an injury and eventually being released from the WWE.

7 Maria Kanellis

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Before the revolution in the WWE's Women's Division occurred in 2011, things were getting out of hand and women were being thrown into the ring with almost no talent, expected to perform like a Lita or Trish Stratus. However, what they didn't expect was a women like Maria Kanellis to become such a star in WWE that she ended up lasting from 2004 until 2011.

Although she never was the best of wrestlers in the WWE, her time in the company lead her to a career in wrestling that has landed her a gig with TNA, where she continues to wrestle today.

So even with her best wrestling not happening until after she was released by WWE in 2011, Maria Kanellis has turned into one of the better women wrestlers of her time and has proved so winning the TNA Knockouts Championship belt just a few months ago. She held it for 50 days but proved that you should never give up on something you love.

6 Eve Torres

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Eve Torres is one of the WWE's sexiest female wrestler of all time. She got her start as a USC Fly Girls dance squad member followed by a little time as a member of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers dance team before finally moving on to professional wrestling when she entered the 2007 WWE Diva Search. She eventually won the entire contest.

Her storylines were much better than a lot of the other women in the entire division during the 2009 season which eventually turned her into a WWE Women's Champion in 2010, her first time holding the belt. That was her shortest reign, 69 days, but it led to two more times winning the belt. The second time she held it for 71 days after winning it at the Royal Rumble in 2011 and then her longest reign came in 2012 when she held it for 120 days.

By 2010, she was earning much respect for her skill level and was even named Pro Wrestling Illustrated's fifth ranked female singles wrestler in the world that year.

5 Becky Lynch

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The WWE Women's Division has taken on a whole new look over the past two to three years and it is all thanks to the unbelievable talent that rose from NXT. Wrestlers like Charlotte, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Sasha Banks, Paige, Bayley, and Becky Lynch were part of the revolution that has transformed the Women's Division from a joke into a legitimate division in the WWE that fan's want to watch every week.

The Irish accent isn't an act, she is as real as it gets. She grew up in Dublin, Ireland and even went to school at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Her wrestling abilities can be traced back to her early days in the sport when she started training under the man you know of now as Finn Balor.

She almost didn't even make it as a wrestler following a terrible head injury in Germany back in 2006 which could have caused severe brain damage and ended up sidelining her for a few years before she popped back up at a random event to the excitement of the fans.

4 Sasha Banks

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From fan to Superstar, Sasha Banks is one of the most likeable characters in the WWE today. She rocks a hair color we can only assume is a mixture of purple, pink, and red. Whatever the color is, and however she maintains it, is pointless because it works.

After winning the WWE Women's Championship on an episode of Raw back in October, she ended up battling Charlotte several times before their Hell in a Cell match where she lost the belt and has not been able to win it back. The powers that be keep giving her chance after chance to win it back but Charlotte Flair just does not let up.

Meanwhile, her stock continues to climb and she has become one of the most likeable characters in the WWE, not just the Women's Division. It did not hurt her that she has become best friends with another lovable character, Bayley.

3 Brie Bella

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Of the two Bella Twins, the one we love the most is Brie Bella because she understands that she is not the greatest wrestler and that maybe her time in the sport was over so she stepped back and decided to concentrate on her personal life with husband Daniel Bryan.

She is now a big part of the rise in reality television shows related to wrestling and has even started her own show called Total Bellas. The show stars Brie and her husband Daniel living with her twin sister Nikki at her boyfriend, John Cena's house. We won't try and lie to you about it, we love the show. As fake as it is, it is still entertaining as hell.

But how can we rank Brie behind Nikki if they are identical sisters? Easy, because we are in control of this list and not anyone else.

2 Nikki Bella

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Nikki has come a very long way in her career. She began as a part of the Bella Twins and remained one half of that duo for many years until recently when Brie stepped back from wrestling and Nikki got more and more time in the ring. Her game has gotten better and she has improved to become one of the most likeable and talented stars in the Women's Division today.

But she is starting to become another former wrestler thanks to her real life aspirations to start a family and be with her man, John Cena. He has been taking more and more time away from WWE to pursue other goals, and we're not sure just how long he has left in the business.

Maybe we will eventually see Nikki leave the sport and retire to start a family before coming back during a Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. Until then, she remains an active member of Smackdown Live and is one of their top stars on the roster.

1 AJ Lee

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Give me an A! Give me a J! What does it spell? AJ!

If there was ever a perfect WWE Diva that had it all, it would be AJ Lee. She was as close to perfect as they come in the Women's Division of the WWE. She was an amazing wrestler and became an internet sensation once the fanboys of the WWE, us included, realized that she was a comic book nerd that loved to play video games. Are you kidding us?

As if she needed more reasons to be loved by the fans, when they saw how much she was just like all of them, it turned her into a fan favorite. It worked out perfectly for her because she was actually eliminated from the third season of NXT but still wound up making it to the top of the company once the fans stepped in and demanded that she become a Superstar.

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