Top 15 Hottest “PG” Divas Ever

When it comes to the WWE, some of the hottest women in the history of the wrestling industry have played a major role in grabbing the attention of the male (and female) fan base. Whether playing the role of valet or actual in-ring talent, these beautiful ladies have been an integral part of storylines for a long time.

Let's face it, despite claims that many fans have been using the women's/Divas matches as bathroom breaks or opportunity to head to the fridge/concession, many warm blooded fans are tuning in week after week to check out what these lovely ladies have to offer. Whether it be in the form of actual wrestling abilities (see the current Women's Division) or just pure eye candy (late 90s-2010), Vince McMahon has brought a lineup of some of the most beautiful women to TV screens around the world.

Sure the era of Bra & Panties matches, or Lingerie Pillow Fights or the classic water balloon match between Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle will leave an ever lasting image in every fanboy's mental Rolodex, but that time period will probably not be seen ever again, at least until Linda McMahon quits politics. What we have in place, however, is a roster of beautiful, athletic women who have proven time and again that given the opportunity, they can perform equally to their male counterparts. While more of the focus in on their in-ring talents, it doesn't mean that these following ladies aren't afraid to tease us with their lovely lady lumps and shake what their mama gave em.

*Eva Marie, Ms All Red Everything would have made the list, but due to having to wash her hair, she is not available to perform tonight.*

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15 Miss Elizabeth

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It really doesn't get any more wholesome and goody-goody than Miss Elizabeth, who was as sweet and pure as Mrs. June Cleaver, unless you consider her ringside strut in red undergarments from SummerSlam 1988 to be risque (which at that time it could have been). Although she may have doffed her dress to distract Andre the Giant and Ted Dibiase, the wholesomeness of Randy Savage's manager screamed PG.

During her run in WWE, Miss Elizabeth rode a wave of popularity for nearly seven years from 1985 to 1992 mainly as the manager of Randy Savage, who she was married to in real-life. Following Savage's departure to the WCW, Elizabeth would soon follow, despite them no longer being married. After a roller coaster career with World Championship Wrestling, Elizabeth would walk away from the squared circle in the summer of 2000. Following a three year relationship with Lex Luger, whom she became romantically involved with during her time in WCW, Elizabeth Hulette would unfortunately pass away due to acute toxicity as a result of painkillers and alcohol.

14  14. Brie Bella

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After making her debut with the WWE in 2008, the more natural looking of the Bella twins put her career on hold to raise a family with husband Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan). Although her career in the ring and with fans may not have been as successful as her sister, Brie is able to claim that she was once a Divas Champion for a run of 70 days, before losing the belt to Kelly Kelly in 2011.

While there was that one well documented peak-a-boo moment during an episode of RAW in 2013, for the most part Brie has maintained a more wholesome and clean cut image throughout her WWE career, indicative by being twice nominated for the Choice Female Athlete on the Teen Choice Awards (winning in 2016). As one of the focal members of Total Divas, fans of the younger Bella twin can still get their fill of their favorite "Brieeeeeeeeee Moooodddeee" moments (Hey, a girl has to have some fun, right!).

13 Natalya

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At 34 years old, the highly underrated and beautiful Nattie Neidhart is one of the veteran females on the WWE roster. Making her debut on a 2008 episode of SmackDown, Natalya spent her early years as a heel, despite using The Sharpshooter as her finishing move, a finisher made famous by her uncle Bret Hart. Neidhart would go on to team up with her real -life cousin David Hart Smith and boyfriend/husband Tyson Kidd to form The Hart Dynasty, a faction that would last for nearly a year.

Since that time, Nattie has seen nearly as many heel/face changes and horrible storylines as Big Show. Sandwiched between silly storylines, Natalya captured her one and only Divas title during a handicap match against Layla and Michelle McCool at the 2010 Survivor Series. Equally as sad as some of her storylines, Vince McMahon did not even have the dignity to have Natalya lose her championship via a pinfall, as Eve Torres won it in a Fatal Four Way pinning Layla.

Although fans have had to put up with some stupidity, we have also been blessed to see the Canadian tease us in a number of tight fitting outfits and swimsuits as part of her role on Total Divas and WWE's fashion photo shoots.

12 Paige

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In her first match on RAW following WrestleMania XXX, Paige would upset then champion AJ Lee and capture her first Divas Championship. Not too bad considering that she also was in possession of the NXT Women's Championship, a feat that nobody has accomplished since.

Rocking a punk rock/goth/rebel type outfit, complete with fishnet stockings, Paige was the youngest wrestler in history to hold the title, at the ripe age of 21 years old. Setting up a rivalry with Lee, the pair put together one of the best storylines in the Divas Division in a long time, far before the Revolution.

While Paige has flip-flopped between a fan favorite and a villain a number of times during her run with the WWE, she has maintained being one of the more enjoyable storylines on Total Divas. Unfortunately for fans of the 24 year old Saraya-Jade Bevis, a series of injuries and Wellness Policy related suspensions has removed the anti-Diva from TV. While it remains to be seen whether or not we have seen the last of Paige, she has left a ever lasting impression in more ways than one.

11 Naomi

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Okay, her former finishing move, The Rear View, could possibly go down in history as one of the worst in wrestling history, the odds are high that there are a number of fans that wouldn't mind losing a match to Trinity Fatu this way and would be proud to brag about it. As a former cheerleader/dancer for the Orlando Magic, Naomi made her first appearance on NXT in 2011. At the beginning of 2012, Naomi would make her first appearance on the flagship show as part of The Funkadactyls, who along with Cameron would dance and escort Brodus Clay to the ring.

After being a valet for nearly a year, Naomi would start to prove her worth in the ring as one of the most athletic female wrestlers on the roster. Like many others on this list, Naomi has seen her fair share of character changes over the years, with most of her success coming as a fan favorite rather than a villain, a role that just seemed forced. Unfortunately for Jimmy Uso's wife, despite being granted a number of title matches over her five year career, she has failed to strap a championship belt around her 32-26-36 inch frame. However, 2017 may be the year that the WWE feels the glow!

10 10 . Lillian Garcia 

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The next two entrants may not be classified as WWE wrestling talents, but both ring announcers were as popular with male fans as their wrestling counterparts. Garcia began her career introducing Monday Night Raw matches in August 1999 and would become one of the longest tenured ring announcers and female performers, staying with the company for just a shade over a decade.

She would become involved with numerous storylines, both in the ring and backstage, including one of the most popular skits involving The Rock's 'strudel'. After retiring in 2009, Garcia would return to her full time ring announcing position for another five year run before leaving the company for good in 2016 to assist with family health issues. She's 50 today which is absolutely absurd judging by how great she still looks today.

9 Brandi Rhodes

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Eden Stiles or Brandi Rhodes took over the mantel of WWE's sexiest ring announcer after signing a contract in 2011 and working her way up from Superstars to NXT to SmackDown. While she would ask for a release from her contract after only two years, Rhodes would return to her role as a ring announcer in 2013 and again working up the ladder from NXT to SmackDown to Raw and eventually WrestleMania 31.

Unfortunately for fans of the weekly Monday night episodes, Rhodes would once again walk away from her contract in 2016, mostly in support of her husband, Cody Rhodes. Whereas one door closes, another opens, as now fans get to enjoy JoJo, who may just find her way on to this list in the near future.

8 Cameron

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She may be well known for her comment on WWE Tough Enough, stating that her favorite wrestling match was one that featured Melina taking on Alicia Fox, which from an eye candy point of view may not have been that bad of a choice. After taking part in the WWE Diva Search, then her stint on Tough Enough, Ariane Andrew would sign a talent contract in 2011 and find herself teaming up with Naomi as part of The Funkadactyls.

Although she doesn't possess the same ample posterior or in-ring talent of her former teammate, Cameron was given equal opportunity to display her body clinching ring gear and Total Divas outfits. While she did have a wardrobe malfunction during the Diva Invitational Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX, Cameron gave her best effort to contain her bare top. Despite her limited wrestling abilities, Cameron still received a number of shots at the Divas Championship, coming up short every time out. Following a falling out with Naomi and a less than epic storyline, Cameron would return to the ranks of NXT for a couple of months before eventually being released from her contract in May 2016.

7 Sasha Banks

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Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, aka The Boss, aka Sasha Banks, is one of the hottest wrestlers in the ring today. How one interprets the word hot, is completely up to them. You could be talking about her well toned body or you could be talking about her ability to perform in some of the most entertaining and ground breaking women's matches in the history of the WWE, such as a pair of 30 minute Iron Woman's Matches or the first ever Women's Hell In A Cell Match that headlined the PPV event.

While there are pics of Snoop Dogg's cousin (which has been mentioned repeatedly, as if fans really care!) floating around the internet with Banks modelling swimwear or workout gear, there are very few if any scantily clad pics that would damage her image. However, that doesn't mean that Banks doesn't flaunt her assets, as each and every night in the ring, her fight gear of choice includes a pair of skin tight booty shorts and a bikini like top that combine to give the audience a view of her... assets.

6 Alicia Fox

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She was born Victoria Elizabeth Crawford, but WWE fans know the stunning 30 year old Floridian as Alicia Fox. Starting her career as a backstage talent and then a manager, Fox wouldn't enter the ring as a wrestler until nearly a year later as a member of the SmackDown roster.

As with many members of the Divas or Women's Division, Fox has flipped between face and heel numerous times throughout her career, seemingly to enjoy her time as one who is slightly crazy. As the first ever African American female wrestler to win the WWE Divas Championship, Fox has proven her worth to the Women's Division over the past eight years, constantly improving her skill set both in and out of the ring.

5 Renee Young 

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At the age of 31, Renee continues to climb up the ladder in more ways than one, becoming better and better looking as the years roll along. She began down in developmental and soon enough, was working as the backstage interviewer with Raw and SmackDown. Thanks to her energetic attitude, fans were able to make a quick connection with the Canadian.

It seems like the WWE agrees as Renee continues to thrive scoring a show on the WWE Network, Unfiltered With Renee Young, along with a spot on the Total Divas cast. In addition, she's the panel host for PPV events, host of Talking Smack and recently got involved in actual storylines alongside her man Dean Ambrose. Not too shabby! Along with all these factors, her look continues to improve year after year becoming one of the most underrated lookers in the business.

4 AJ Lee

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She may be CM Punk's wife, but AJ Lee carved out a name for herself, more so than being known as Phil Brooks significant other. Unfortunately her union with the former WWE champion may have led to her decision to retire from wrestling.

Throughout most of her first year in the WWE, Lee bounced between NXT and SmackDown before being called up to the Blue Brand on a permanent basis. Playing a storyline role in which she bounced from wrestler to wrestler as an unstable crazed love interest with some of the biggest names in the wrestling business such as Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler, Lee would become a character that fans loved to hate and hated to love. Throughout her WWE career, Lee would capture the Divas Championship three-times and during her first reign, hold it for a then record 295 days.

With her passion for comic books, video games and anime, combined with her tomboyish appearance, Lee's petite 5'2", 110lb frame fit nicely into the non traditional sneakers, jean shorts and cotton half top t-shirt that made fans hungry for just a peak. Luckily for fans, a slight malfunction during a mixed tag match on SmackDown gave everyone the little tease they were hoping for, while still keeping her goods under wraps.

3 Alexa Bliss

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She may have only started her WWE career in 2013 and made her on-screen NXT debut in 2015, but despite her tiny stature little Miss Bliss has made a big impact in a short time. Whether she is sporting her Harley Quinn look or her more natural blonde, the petite 5'1", former bodybuilder has helped make the Women's Division on SmackDown worth checking out each week.

Since her first appearance on SmackDown last July, in which Bliss hinted at her domination of Becky Lynch, the 25 year old has taken over Tuesday nights in more way than one. Clad in a very eye catching pair of form fitting trunks, male fans are captivated by Bliss' tightly packed body from her legs all the way through to her sultry and seductive smile. With Alexa capturing her first ever SmackDown Women's Championship last fall at the TLC PPV, fans will be blessed to see Bliss for a long time to come.

2 Eve Torres

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After winning the 2007 Diva Search, doors aplenty opened for Torres, a former model and NBA Dance Team member (LA Clippers). Kicking off her WWE career at just 24 years old, the Boston native, started behind the curtain as a backstage interviewer before moving on to become an in-ring performer on SmackDown. A trade to Monday Night Raw in 2010 put Torres in an even greater spotlight as she would capture her first of three Divas Championships, becoming the first Diva Search winner to wear a title belt.

As one of the most underrated female wrestlers despite her championship resume, Torres found success in the various roles that she was placed in both in and out of the squared circle. While there were plenty of matches in which Eve looked amazing in her ring gear, her role as the Executive Administrator of Raw and SmackDown brought a whole new level of appreciation for authority as she rocked the pencil skirt and glasses look. Sadly, Torres career, though successful, would be short-lived as she walked away from being an active wrestler in 2013 to concentrate on other ventures.

1 Becky Lynch 

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When you think about the Divas Revolution, you think about The Four Horsewomen of the WWE. Becky Lynch was usually considered the underrated member but that all changed when she was drafted to SmackDown on her own as the other three stayed on the Raw brand. Becky proved she can hold her own as the mega babyface of the brand who continues to stride forward week after week.

Along with her obvious popularity, and tremendous in-ring skills, we often forget to discuss that she's actually nice looking to put it in a modest term. Becky dresses conservatively and appropriately to the PG era, but most fans aren't fooled as her beauty is quite obvious. Her UFC star boyfriend Luke Sanders certainly took note as the two are happily dating nowadays.

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