Top 15 Hottest Pics Of Divas As Special Guest Referees

The concept of referees in pro wrestling is an interesting one, as in other sports, officials are charged with upholding the rules of the contest and in combat sports; determining a winner. Given that wrestling has scripted matches, the job of the referees have nothing to do with the outcome of matches, and in much the same way, don't enforce any rules whatsoever in terms of the conventional rules of sport.

They exist to make everything seem like a conventional sporting event. Refs obviously indicate the results of matches and make it look like they enforce rules, but in reality the vast majority of their job is helping the performers carry out the matches, relaying information from backstage, and indicating injuries (real injuries or scripted, of course). While all WWE referees are male, every now and again WWE fans are treated to a diva decked out in black and white stripes as a guest referee.

Having a diva performing the duties of the ref is usually done for a change of pace and often contributes to a story line involving that diva. We all know this, but it has also served as a way of getting some eye candy into the ring as well, outside of a match involving divas or a diva playing the part of a valet. While seeing a male in the black and white stripes usually just looks like some necessary gent facilitating a sporting event, WWE divas doll up the outfit and look like hotties in charge. Here are fifteen sexy pictures of WWE divas decked out in ref gear.

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15 Candice Michelle

via wrestlenewz.com

Candice Michelle got her start with WWE on Diva Search back in 2004, and despite not actually even placing in the top five in the tournament, ultimately got a job. She held the Women's Championship back in 2007  but not for very long. She was the first former Diva Search contestant to win that belt. Outside of the Women's Championship, a few feuds with Torrie Wilson and Ashley Massaro, and her appearance in April 2006's Playboy, there isn't a ton to talk about.

She was the ref for a few matches during her time, including one between Mickie James and Torrie Wilson, and a tag team match featuring Mickie James and Victoria against Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson.

14 Stephanie McMahon

via pinterest.com

Stephanie McMahon is by no means one of the hottest women ever to work for WWE, but there are two big reasons she looks great in a ref's outfit. We'll give you a hint, not her eyes, not her lips, not her ears; she has a massive chest and we like that kind of thing. She's been in the business since before 2000, and while we'd normally say that is deserving of respect, she's not there because of her talent.

She got suited up as a ref back in 2002 for a match between Triple H and Kurt Angle. Angle won, as this was during the period when she and Triple H were temporarily not together.

13 Maria Kanellis

via wrestlenewz.com

After getting her start on Diva Search, Maria endeared herself to WWE fans as the dopey moron interviewer some of us remember her as to this day. It was a cute gimmick and she played the part well. Some may argue that she should have stayed doing that, but her career as an actual wrestler wasn't bad by any means.

She was a guest ref for a few matches in June 2009, and looked great every time. Her most memorable match reffed was likely the Divas Championship between Maryse and Michelle McCool, which ended in a McCool win and a feud between her and Maria. For a depressing bit of trivia, Kanellis is the last of the WWE divas to have posed for Playboy, but the pictures of her are very hot so that enchanting slice of WWE history went out on a pretty good note.

12 Eve Torres

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Eve's involvement with WWE is very sporadic and rare these days, but she's still technically an ambassador. She's married and has a kid now; with Rener Gracie of the legendary Gracie Jiu Jitsu family. She trains women in self defense and has a purple belt. The three-time Divas Champion has also had a few acting jobs since her retirement from the ring. Between her nasty feuds with Michelle McCool, Layla, and Natalya she had a few memorable matches and practically oozed sex appeal. While she isn't seen much these days that isn't to say that there's no demand for her. Her time as a wrestler might be nearing its end, but if this picture is any indication, then she'd do just fine as a referee every now and again.

11 Kelly Kelly

via pinimg.com

One of the hottest women ever to wrestle, but without much in the way of technical talent, Kelly Kelly entered the WWE via Ohio Valley back in 2006. She had some unmemorable feuds and some in-ring relationships before beating Brie Bella for the Divas Championship and looked great while doing it. She was a guest referee for a match back in 2010 between Layla and Natalya. She looked more or less as good as she usually did; her shorts looked like they were painted on, and the short top showed off her abs.

For those who don't know, she married retired NHL defenseman Sheldon Souray in early 2016, and we kind of hate him for it.

10 AJ Lee

via fanpop.com

Although it has been over two years since her retirement, we still remember AJ Lee fondly. It goes without saying, but no matter how badly he gets beaten in his next MMA bout, CM Punk has a great looking wife, and if you're not jealous, we don't know what to say to you. The stunning three-time Divas Champion always walked that line between cute and hot extremely well, including when she put on the black and white stripes for a match between Punk and Daniel Bryan back in mid 2012. Sadly it looks like we aren't going to be seeing any more of AJ - at least not in the near future. But hey, if she were to come back to the WWE in any sort of capacity fans would go wild.

9 Summer Rae

via heartbreakers.me

One of the most beautiful women in WWE today, we've been waiting since the middle of 2016 to see her stunning body back in the ring. She confirmed a few months ago that she has been dealing with injuries, and it is uncertain how long it will be until she is back. With that said, she's a former Legends/Lingerie Football League cornerback and is as tough as she is sexy. We eagerly await her return.

Back in 2015 she and Rusev were in a feud after he turned down a proposal. She was a guest referee in a match between him and Dolph Ziggler. She helped Ziggler to a win and looked downright phenomenal while doing it.

8 Sable

via youtube.com

One of the hottest women in wrestling from the late 1990's and early 2000's, Sable has been married to Brock Lesnar for about ten years now, proving that the guy knows how to make a good life for himself. He's an icon in wrestling, a former UFC Heavyweight champ and got a brief spot on the Minnesota Vikings practice squad. Forget all those things, he comes home to this.

One of the icons of the Attitude Era, Sable posed for Playboy, so you've already seen all you need to, but the pictures of her decked out in referee gear back in 2003 for a match between Nidia and Torrie Wilson are pretty wonderful too.

7 Eva Marie

via cattieswomenswrestling.wordpress.com

Recently there have been some rumors of Eva Marie leaving WWE (she could announce something any day now). While she is gorgeous, with a sexy look that includes a near-perfect body and bright red hair, she kept having mishaps, including a wardrobe malfunction and an injury that kept her from actually wrestling throughout 2016. It was entertaining, but it had many fans wondering what was going on. Regardless of her status, her uniform from when she was the referee for a match between Natalya and Nikki Bella showed off her body in all the right ways. She probably won't be with the WWE for much longer, and while fans don't have many fond memories of her - this is certainly among the best.

6 Taryn Terrell

via youtube.com

We'll admit that Taryn Terrell did not do any guest referee work when she was with WWE. Her time with TNA as a knockout is better known than her days as a diva, and we decided to include her anyway because...well...look at her.

She signed a developmental contract with WWE in 2007 after an unsuccessful stint on Diva Search but worked just briefly for SmackDown after three years with Florida Championship Wrestling and some time managing ECW in the late 2000's. Her move to TNA first saw her as a guest ref for a few matches in Ohio Valley Wrestling, followed by a couple of years as the official ref for the Knockouts division. Rarely does black and white stripes look so fine.

5 Paige

via pinterest.com

English beauty Paige is one of the most popular ladies in the wrestling world right now and with good reason. Her amazing look and natural talent for wrestling are both contributing factors. She comes from a family of wrestlers and has been competing since she was just thirteen years old. In late December of 2014, she was a special guest referee for a match in which Becky Lynch and Charlotte took on Brie Bella and Alicia Fox in Dublin, Ireland. We thought of using a picture of her in the ring, but none were as hot as this one. Sadly, it looks as though Paige's days in the WWE are numbered.

4 Nikki Bella

via pinterest.com

The longest reigning Divas Champion (currently a total of over 300 days between two separate times holding the belt) is also one of the most beautiful women to ever bear the title of "diva". Back in July 2014, she was the guest referee during a match between Eva Marie and Alicia Fox. After about a minute of what can loosely be called wrestling, Eva started giving Nikki an earful over a poor count, and then Alicia dropped her with a kick. The two then wailed on Bella while she was on the ground. Here she is during the aftermath recovering in a sexy pose that may have been intentional.

3 Torrie Wilson

via pinterest.com

Of course Torrie Wilson is on this list. The former fitness model who started out with WCW before joining WWE in the early 2000's is one of the most memorable divas of all time. However, for many fans, it isn't her feuds with Stacy Keibler, Jackie Gayda or Nidia, but her Playboy appearances. This was back when WWE was having all the fun it could and treating fans to nudity. They were magical times. Of course, if you've seen those magazines or the pictures of her online, this is nothing special, but between the short skirt, pigtails and low-cut top, this is a great look for her.

2 Trish Stratus

via pinterest.com

Many fans out there consider Trish Stratus is one of the greatest Divas of all time. We certainly can't disagree. She's had an influence on many of the women in the sport today, and was the Women's Champion more times than anyone else, a total of seven (also one reign as the Hardcore Champion). A beautiful face, amazing body and some very respectable talent in the ring comprised more than enough to make her a timeless legend. These days she's a yoga instructor and owns her own studio, and her body looks about as sensational as it always has. Still, it's nice to remember a time when we could turn on the TV and have this stunner waiting for us on live television.

1 Stacy Keibler

via funkyworldofstacy.blogspot.com

This shouldn't come as a shock to anybody. Stacy Keibler is one of the most beautiful women ever to work for WWE. Of course, she was the epitome of the eye candy diva: the girl who was there because she was beautiful to look at but had no business being in wrestling because of her athletic ability. But whether or not she belonged there, we can't argue with the results.

From her time in WCW to her WWE days, those legs looked like something from out of this world, and they were brilliantly shown off when she guest-reffed a match between D'Lo Brown and Test back in December 2002. Who won the match? The fans, because of this sexy ref. But more accurately, Test won. That'll happen when your in-ring girlfriend is the ref.

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