Top 15 Hottest Pictures Of Renee Young You NEED To See

If you ask us, the hottest person in the WWE isn’t a wrestler—it’s an announcer. No, we’re not talking about Jerry Lawler. We’re talking about the beautiful Renee Young.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, her rise in the company has been nothing short of meteoric. Less than two years after signing with the WWE, she become the first full-time female commentator in more than 10 years, a role she served from July 2014 to January 2015. Since then, she has moved on to become the host of her own show, Unfiltered with Renee Young, and to co-host the sixth season of Tough Enough with WWE legend Chris Jericho, all while starring in the hit reality TV series Total Divas.

At this rate, she’s likely to take over the entire company. And as long as that means we get to see more of her beautiful face on TV, then we’re more than okay with it.

Here are the top 15 hottest pictures of Renee Young you need to see.

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Question: Is Renee Young the cutest woman in professional wrestling? Answer: This picture (i.e., yes).

Seriously, just look at that adorable smile and those Bette Davis eyes. In a world of tough, badass ladies, Young is a refreshingly sweet personality. Her upbeat disposition seems to be contagious, too, because whomever she’s with has a smile on their face, as well. She has the rare ability to turn the most rugged and angry of men into puppies. Just look at Dean Ambrose: in the ring, he’s an absolute lunatic (hence the nickname “The Lunatic Fringe”), but whenever he’s photographed outside the ring with Renee, he’s sporting a big smile.

How could you not be happy around this face?


via imgur.com

The only thing better than a beautiful woman is beautiful women. Young proves that in this picture with her WWE friends, Lana and Naomi. The three headed down to Anguilla last summer to take in the festivities at Carnival. Not the type to sit on the sidelines and watch, the Divas joined in on the fun by dancing in bedazzled bikinis. As Lana wrote on her Instagram, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

While Lana and Naomi looked incredible in their skimpy costumes, we’d still have to say that Renee looked the best. This picture makes us think that her talents are being underutilized as a commentator. She should be showing off that amazing figure in the ring.


We're taking over #MSG on the @wwe Network right meow!! 😻🙀

A post shared by Renee Paquette (@reneeyoungwwe) on

Our enthusiasm for Renee is equal to, if not greater than, her enthusiasm for the WWE. This woman loves her job, which makes her a perfect cheerleader for the company.

She told wwe.com of becoming the first full-time female commentator: “I feel there is definitely a certain amount of pressure, not only as a performer and broadcaster but representing women who may not even know this is something that they want to do. I can show other women that if you’re not a Diva and you still want to be involved in WWE, there’s so much you can do. It’s definitely really cool to be in the position to create a bit of a niche for myself and other women.”


Stay golden!! @goldsheepclothing #emeralbay #totaldivas

A post shared by Renee Paquette (@reneeyoungwwe) on

A product of Canada, Renee loves the outdoors, and we love her outdoors fashion choices. Here she is wearing a revealing leopard print outfit by Goldsheep clothing. Playing on the name of the clothing company, she captioned this photo “Stay golden!!” Unfortunately, if famed American poet Robert Frost taught us anything, it’s that nothing gold can stay:

Nature’s first green is gold,/Her hardest hue to hold./Her early leaf’s a flower;/But only so an hour./Then leaf subsides to leaf./So Eden sank to grief,/So dawn goes down to day./Nothing gold can stay.

Sorry, it’s just that Renee’s the type of woman who makes us want to climb to the top of a mountain and recite poetry.


Monday Night Raw in Omahaaaaaaa!! Let's do this! 🤘🏻 @meghanla romps all day

A post shared by Renee Paquette (@reneeyoungwwe) on

Renee showed off her best side in this backless little outfit, which she wore for a taping of Monday Night Raw. It’s hard not to look at this picture and have Chris de burgh’s obnoxious soft rock classic “Lady in Red” playing in your head.

The thing that gets us most excited about Monday Night Raw (aside from the wrestling, of course) is seeing what Renee will be wearing. Whatever it is, we know she’ll look good, because Young takes her fashion seriously. She devotes an entire section of her website, prettyfunnyblonde.com, to fashion and another to beauty (although if you ask us, the beauty section seems a bit redundant, given that she already has an “About Me” page—get it?).


Pals in good lighting☀️ @thebriebella @thelanawwe @aliceandolivia

A post shared by Renee Paquette (@reneeyoungwwe) on

Renee has the hottest friends, including Brie Bella and Lana, two of the most gorgeous women in the WWE (next only to Young, of course).

Brie and her sister Nikki are two of Renee’s closest friends in the industry. She credits them with helping her adjust to the reality television life, telling E!: “I was lucky being able to shoot with Brie and Nicole earlier on. I learned from the best. I got to see how they did it, how they handled the cameras, how they handled the way the show comes together, so I do feel lucky I was able to see that.”

Renee joined the main cast of Total Divas for the sixth season after making appearances in seasons four and five.


via lowdownblog.com

What are the four greatest words in the English language? I told you so? Nope. You’re not the father? No, and technically that’s five words. I believe in you? Not quite. We need to talk? Those might be the four worst words in the English language.

No, the four best words in the English language are: “Renee Young in bed.” Those words became a reality in a photo shoot for WWE, which also included pictures of her bending suggestively over a desk, fulfilling every guy’s workplace fantasy.

What’s great about this picture (and Renee Young in general) is that it doesn’t require nudity or near nudity in order to be sexy, because the hottest thing about Renee is Renee herself. She doesn’t need to stoop to cheap thrills in order to get our attention.


via gotceleb.com

Renee might not be involved in the physical side of the wrestling industry, but she certainly has the body of an athlete.

During an interview for Booker T’s Heated Conversations podcast, she revealed that she likes to keep in shape just in case she should one day be called upon to enter the ring: “With anything with WWE, you've got to be prepared for anything. How do I know Vince isn't going to call me and go, ‘Hey, PS, you're going to be in the eight-woman tag match - you'd better know how to throw a dropkick’? Do I have any training under my belt? Absolutely not... it's more so being open to the idea of doing something like that just in case.”

We’d love to see her enter the ring one day, but even if she doesn’t, all that hard work in the gym’s been worth it.


via wrestlingfigs.com

Renee’s photo shoot for WWE was all about making men’s fantasies come true. First she fulfilled our workplace fantasy with her sexy desk pictures, and then she fulfilled our more lustful fantasies by rolling around on the bed. Now she’s fulfilling our sexy nerd fantasies by posing with a book while wearing knee-high socks, a tight dress, and a fuzzy purple sweater. They say knowledge is sexy, but we didn’t believe it until we saw this picture.

Seriously though, where were girls like this when we were in college? Had we known beautiful women were into reading, we might have spent more time in the library.

If this isn’t the most effective advertisement to get young men to read more, we don’t know what is.


via wwebulletin.com

Renee showed off her patriotic side (and her toned midsection) in this picture for a Fourth of July photo shoot for WWE called “Patriotic Divas.” The only problem is, Renee’s not American—she’s Canadian.

Until the age of 19, when she moved to LA in the hopes of becoming a comedy actress, Young lived in Toronto, Ontario, the hometown of fellow WWE hottie Trish Stratus.

After LA, Young—who went by her real last name, Paquette, at the time—returned to Toronto and soon got a job covering wrestling for The Score, a sports news channel. Although she still strongly identifies with her Canadian roots, she has now lived in the States for several years and calls Las Vegas her home.


via thecoli.com

Given her lack of a beer belly (and the fact that she doesn’t appear to be drinking beer in this picture), we’re skeptical of her self-professed title of “Queen of Beers.” Although, to be fair, she is Canadian, and those Canucks are known for their ability to knock back Molsons, so who knows, maybe there’s some truth to it after all.

One thing’s for sure, though: Renee’s the hottest beer drinker in the WWE.

What could be sexier than a gorgeous woman who likes to drink while wearing American flag bikini bottoms? In fact, this picture is more patriotic (and covers her dual citizenship more effectively) than her Fourth of July WWE photo shoot. All that’s needed to complete the Canadian-American theme is an eagle perched atop a hockey stick.


Young reveals the secret to her flat tummy in this Instagram post: Flat Tummy tea, the drink of choice for all hot Instagram celebrities (does anybody else find it strange that all the women who claim to have seen results from drinking this tea already had flat stomachs before drinking it?).

Of course, tea alone isn’t responsible for her svelte physique. Renee regularly posts sweaty post-workout pictures on her Instagram. Chances are she also hits up the gym with her wrestler boyfriend Dean Ambrose, who, at 6’4”, 225 pounds, was named one of the fittest wrestlers in the WWE by Men’s Journal. He trains with the goal of “outlasting the heavier guys,” which means lots of running and biking to increase his stamina.


Nikki Bella is considered one of the hottest WWE Divas of all time, yet in this picture, Renee clearly outshines her. Wearing a teeny bikini that shows off her toned body, Young steals the spotlight from Bella and makes a strong case for being the hottest woman in wrestling at the moment, even if she doesn’t wrestle.

Before entering the world of sports and sports entertainment, Renee was a young model, which should come as no surprise to anyone. The only surprising part about it is that she isn’t still a model. With that body and that face, she could be walking down the runway at a fashion show (we’re thinking Victoria’s Secret).

Oh well. The modeling world’s loss is the wrestling world’s gain.


via flashofthestars.com

Renee was an absolute knockout in this rare beach pic, wearing matching red lipstick and bikini. This photo was taken as part of a promotional shoot for the WWE reality show Total Divas. Joining her on the beach was Nikki and Brie Bella, Lana, and Paige, but we only have eyes for Renee, who stole the show with her curvy-in-all-the-right-places body.

Miami Herald called Young a “natural,” referring to the effortless way in which she interviews WWE superstars, but they might as well have been talking about her looks. Unlike some of the women of the WWE who’ve gone the way of plastic surgery, colorful hair extensions, and layers of makeup, Young’s beauty is a natural one.


via reddit.com

You know how you can tell when a woman’s really gorgeous? When she’s wearing a revealing outfit yet your eyes are still drawn to her face. That said, the revealing outfit doesn’t hurt.

It’s rare that Renee shows off a bit of skin, so when she does, it’s that much better. Unlike many of the women in the wrestling industry, you’re not going to see Young strutting around the ring in tiny outfits or posing for raunchy men’s magazines (we’re looking at you, Eva Marie—but please don’t stop doing that). Instead, Young likes to leave something to the imagination, and that’s part of her appeal. As the old saying goes: “The brain is the most erotic organ.”

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