Top 15 Hottest Pictures Of The New Era Divas

If there is one thing the WWE knows how to do better than the rest, it has to be running a catchphrase into the ground. Whether it is being forced to listen to Roman Reigns tell us what kind of man he is during every appearance for weeks on end or any number of other examples, they sure overdo it sometimes. The latest example is their overuse of the term "New Era." Taking something that many fans were overjoyed to see come to fruition, the inclusion of many of their younger stars in major storylines, and making us sick of hearing about it is an incredible feat. That’s the problem, though: it can make you forget how great it is to see so many younger talents getting a chance to make a difference on our TVs each week. In the case of some of the New Era female wrestlers who’ve been called up, we’ve enjoyed seeing them in the ring, but it's the photos we’ve seen of them that we’re paying attention to here.

In order to be considered for inclusion on this list the female wrestler had to be working in the WWE. That means someone like Renee Young, who is a gorgeous woman and a relatively new employee of the company, was, unfortunately, not eligible. Finally, we had to find a way to place a delineation point, so we chose to only include women who’ve wrestled for NXT prior to the main roster.

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29 Dana Brooke

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Principally known today as Charlotte’s protégé on Monday Night Raw, Dana Brooke has achieved an impressive amount of success considering she only joined the wrestling world in 2013. A former bodybuilder, model, and gymnast, she is a former competitor in the Arnold Classic, an event the WWE has developed a relationship with. Signed to play a part in NXT, she amazingly was brought onto their television product only three months into her tenure, which must be a record for someone with her level of experience. Seemingly indicative of how her bosses see her, she has been on the fast track ever since. Upping her game immensely when she formed a tandem with Emma, she seems poised to play a major part in the WWE going forward. Seen here in a rather revealing selfie, this shot, which she uploaded to Snapchat, gives us a great view of her bountiful chest.


27 Charlotte

via wrestlinginc.com

Speaking of Dana’s mentor, Charlotte is clearly the better of the two so we felt the need to have her one up her charge. The daughter of the nearly universally respected wrestling legend Ric Flair, Charlotte was given a chance to enter into the WWE’s developmental system despite next to no experience. However, with that opportunity came an almost insurmountable amount of expectations, as best evidenced by the career of her brother David who was never able to get out of his father’s shadow. Picking up the business faster than all but a few people ever have, Charlotte soon became talented enough to be shot in the head of the NXT women’s division. After a lengthy run with the Women’s Championship in developmental, she was called up to the main roster where she has become a huge star. Another women’s wrestler selfie, this photo of Charlotte in her bikini reveals her chiseled body possibly more than she has done so publically in the past.


25 Mandy Rose

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Hitting the WWE’s radar as part of the 2015 season of Tough Enough, Mandy Rose was a consistent figure of controversy with several of her competitors speaking out against her. Saved from elimination by one of the judges, The Miz, he left little question as to why he kept her around, saying that it was entirely due to her looks. Ultimately coming in second place among the women, Mandy has managed to be placed into a much more prevalent position than the actual winner, Sara Lee. Added to the cast of Total Divas in the last season, she quickly buddied up to fellow heat magnet Eva Marie and the pair spoke often of creating a tag team act. Having made a handful of appearances on NXT television since she made her debut in January, it seems clear that she has turned a lot of executive’s heads. Yet another wrestler who posts a lot of selfies online, in this particular photo, she is clad in a bikini and her pose gives viewers a great view of her assets.


23 Nia Jax

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A member of the famed Anoaʻi family, although some connections in that family seem more nebulous than others, Nia was said to be inspired to join the business by watching her cousin, The Rock, in action. An imposing woman whose ascension to the main roster, seems to be the fastest after a television debut, we’ve seen in years. Quickly put into NXT feuds with the biggest stars in the division, including Bayley and Asuka who she fought for the title, she never took home the belt yet she leapfrogged both women. Drafted to Raw on July 19th, she has since been seen in a series of squash matches in which she destroys a different local competitor each week. A former plus sized model who has one of the prettiest faces in all of the WWE, this shot of Nia in a bikini on a beach from those days looks like a picture taken in heaven.


21 Bayley

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Arguably the most lovable person in the entire wrestling industry over the last several years, if not ever, Bayley could easily become one of the WWE’s biggest stars. Brought up to Monday Night Raw’s roster very recently, if they manage to screw up her character, there will be legions of fans that’ve already grown to love her that will be outraged. A lifelong fan that oozes passion from her every pore, she is fantastic in the ring and makes people invest into her every move. Starting out as the ultimate underdog, she would go on to wrestle Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship in a pair of matches that have become the thing of legend. Set to enter into a feud with Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship, we can’t wait to see two of the so-called four horsewomen have a series of knock down drag out matches. Also, a beautiful woman, many of her fans have found it impossible to ignore her ample backside which is on full display here.


19 Santana Garrett

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As far as we know, Santana has yet to be signed to an actual contract by the WWE but as a gorgeous woman who has made several appearances in NXT, she definitely meets our criteria. Formerly known as Brittany in TNA, a character that had a lot of potential that never got to be reached because she was let go, she has become fantastic in-ring performer. Named the fourth-best women’s wrestler in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2015, if the powers that be in NXT don’t give her a deal they are horribly missing out. Have we made it clear yet, that we think she is great at what she does? Seen here in a photo she uploaded to her social media, the shot was clearly taken in an attempt to capture how amazing her body is. Soaking wet and wearing a bikini, looking at her you’ll feel awfully jealous of those droplets of water.


17 Asuka

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The current NXT Women’s Champion who joined the company last year in a highly touted signing, Asuka has been earning a living in the wrestling business since 2004. Principally known for her work in Japan and companies like Pro Wrestling Wave, Smash Wrestling, and Reina Joshi Puroresu, she brings an aggressive striking-centric style to the ring few wrestlers can compete with. Previously known as Kana, her character in NXT has used her physicality and facials to relate to fans while also creating the type of mystique that many performers would be jealous of. Someone who is a veteran of a number of sexy photo shoots, some in the ring and some out, it seems like she is comfortable showing off her body and looking at it, we would be too if we were her. Seen laying on a couch, slipping off part of her bra and covering herself with one of her hands, the photographer captured one hell of a sexy image.


15 Alexa Bliss

via nerdamania.com

Recently added to the Smackdown Live roster (are we the only ones who are baffled as to why Raw isn’t called Raw live now?), she is a great addition to a roster that is, unfortunately, looking pretty thin so far. The former manager of Blake and Murphy in NXT, although her charges certainly had their fair share of charisma and created interesting characters for themselves, it was Alexa that earned the most attention. Quite possibly the shortest onscreen performer in the entirety of the WWE, including all three rosters, despite her diminutive size she has actually managed to become a convincing heel. Perfecting evil eyes as of late, she looks like she has recently hatched an evil plan to take over the world or at least the Smackdown women’s division. In this colorful snap of her wearing very little on a unique set of stairs, we absolutely love the look at her cleavage the angle provides us.


13 Carmella

via pwpop.com

Another recent call-up to Smackdown Live’s women’s roster, Carmella has largely had to start over again as many fans were previously unaware of her. Crafting a persona that is very similar to that of Enzo and Cass, which makes perfect sense as she was packaged with the pair in NXT, the fact that she was introduced months after the very popular pair is a huge hurdle. Although she was introduced to fans as an addition to Enzo and Cass in NXT as well, meaning that she had to overcome the impression that she was biting their style, actually coming out with them helped her gain many fans. Currently stranded to another show, where fans who were just introduced to her could easily surmise that she just ripped them off, we hope her situation is rectified soon. If she is given the proper setup, she should become a huge asset to the WWE, considering she is someone who has proven that she is capable in the ring and able to win fans over. In this eye-grabbing photo of her in lingerie, taken before she entered into the wrestling world, we get a great look at her body and her bra definitely accentuates what she is working with.


11 Lana

My 💚 will always be with the ocean & feeling free in a 👙

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If you only know Lana as the manager and real-life fiancée of Rusev, then you’ve got a lot to learn about her past. A former actress, dancer, model, singer, and multiple-time Playboy photo shoot veteran, she may not have had a wrestling career prior to the WWE but she certainly seemed to have a lot of other options. That is why, we have to see her choice to sign with WWE, at that time as part of NXT where the money isn’t nearly as good as the main roster, as a sign that she cares about the industry. Introduced as the anti-American valet of the Bulgarian Brute, despite her penchant for disrespecting whatever town or city she is performing in, her incredible looks soon had her receiving cheers. No matter where her career goes from here, she has certainly made her mark on the WWE and it seems like she is far from finished. Seen here relaxing next to the ocean in a bikini, her near perfect body will likely cause some viewers to go several moments without realizing who they are looking at.


9 Sasha Banks

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We already briefly addressed Sasha’s amazing pair of matches against Bayley in that entry so we won’t go over that ground again but these combatants have a lot more than a few matches in common. Also, a lifelong fan who communicates how much wrestling and her fans mean to her with ease, Sasha’s fan base is so rabid that she has had her name chanted several times on shows she is absent from. Currently on the shelf due to a back injury that hopefully won’t hold her back for too long, whenever she steps in between those ropes, we can feel at ease that we are about to see something great. Whether it is a great match, against those like Charlotte and Becky Lynch as well, or an entertaining promo, including her recent interaction with Enzo Amore, the only thing we want out of Sasha is more. Speaking of more, this photo may leave some wanting to see more of her skin but the hint of her cleavage and the skin tight clothing is perfect for us.


7 Paige

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Another wrestler who is unfortunately on the shelf, in Paige’s case because of a suspension, she had found herself sitting in the backseat for the last several months. An absolute waste of someone who should be used as one of the biggest stars in any company lucky enough to have her, Paige’s unique and alluring look, paired with ferocious work is awe inspiring. Included in several seasons of Total Divas, where she stands out among much her more image obsessed peers, she seems to pick up more and more fans whenever she is given television time. The first ever NXT Women’s Champion, who also won the WWE Diva’s Championship in her main roster debut, there was a time where the division revolved around her, something many viewers would be happy to see return. Seen here in a selfie taken backstage at a show, her wrestling trunks as well as midriff and cleavage-baring shirt make a fantastic duo.


5 Eva Marie

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Perhaps the most hateable person in a lot of fans' eyes, Eva started her WWE tenure as a part of Total Divas’ first season cast. Introduced as a rookie who is just trying to make her way in the company, she has remained a fixture of that “reality show” ever since. Perceived by many as someone who was handed a plum gig and did little to take advantage of her position, the fact that she was so atrocious in the ring for several years is seen as proof that she did little to improve. Turning that perception into an instantly loathable heel character, she garners hatred from wrestling fans with relative ease. Added to the Smackdown Live women’s roster, she has yet to actually wrestle on television, a pitch-perfect character for her and won’t anytime soon since she has been suspended too. Pictured in front of a body of water, her dripping wet body accentuates her enticing curves in all the right ways.


3 Becky Lynch

via allwrestling.com

The so-called lass kicker of the WWE, Becky Lynch is the final part of a trio of women’s wrestlers, alongside Bayley and Sasha, who wear their enthusiasm on their faces. Trained in part by the man known as Finn Bálor today, she is quite adept at telling a story in the ring and on the mic which makes people want to see more of her. Sporting a heavy Irish accent and bright orange hair, it is safe to say that the WWE hasn’t seen anyone quite like her before and that is one of her greatest strengths. A veteran of wrestling promotions in North America, Japan, and Europe prior to signing with NXT, one interesting factoid the WWE hasn’t focused on yet is that she was once the manager of Paige. Seen here in a far sexier photo shoot than any that the WWE is likely to set up for her in the current PG era, we get the best look we’ve ever had at her glistening body.


1 Emma

via Twitter.com

Some may think that Emma was a dark horse to take our top spot but if you haven’t been paying attention to just how photogenic she is you’ve been missing out. Routinely putting up hot photos of herself on Instagram, including this one, she can be found at @emmalution and we suggest to you that she is definitely worthy of a follow. Unfortunately, on the shelf due an ill-timed injury, Emma was arguably as popular in NXT as Bayley is today at one time in the past. A dancing fiend who would joyously strut her stuff on the way to the ring, including rather odd arm movements, fans organically took to her. Then she was brought up to the main roster, with nary an introduction, paired with Santino in an unexplained and doomed story before being demoted to NXT again.

Although many might be destroyed by such a failure, Emma picked herself up by her bootstraps, created a great heel character and before too long was bought back up. Poised to finally get the type of run her skills should have required, she went down with a back injury. Hopefully, when she is healthy she finally is pushed to the top without being handicapped by poor writing or injury. Sporting a come-hither look and a skimpy bikini, there was no photo of a new era women’s wrestler we felt looked any hotter than this one.

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