Top 15 Hottest Pro Wrestling Women That Have Never Stepped Foot In A WWE Ring

You would think every beautiful bombshell that has stepped foot inside a wrestling ring has one time or another been called by the WWE. Women outside the WWE like Taryn Terrell, Maria Kanellis, and even Velvet Sky have appeared in a WWE ring, on television, during their careers. Wrestlers Su Yung, Ivelisse, Jade, and Tessa Blanchard have worked in a WWE ring in their developmental promotions. Taeler Hendrix and Mandy Leon may not have been on a WWE television program, however, both of these divine women have stepped foot inside a WWE ring for a tryout.

We didn’t want to make this an easy list, so we decided to search for the sexiest women that literally have never stepped foot in a ring owned by the WWE. It wasn’t easy searching for the sultriest female wrestlers on the planet and we had to replace a monitor twice due to melting from the sheer hotness of these beauties, but we got the job done. These ladies either still work on the independent scene waiting to get a phone call from the WWE or are part of a top promotion such as TNA. We also added a few throwbacks that are still hot to this day. We hope you enjoy the journey.

15 Barbi Hayden

A smoking talent that can back it up in the ring, Barbi Hayden is one of the most athletic wrestlers on this list. She started her career in 2010 and has gone on to be an important member in the promotion NWA. She has traveled the world and even wrestled in China on television, something most, if not all female wrestlers can’t say.

There’s no questioning why she’s called Barbi, as her long blonde hair, beautiful body, and tan skin makes us want to call the cops because she can’t be legal. If you think WWE’s Dana Brooke is hot, wait until you watch Hayden. She made her debut in TNA this year and we think the WWE dropped the ball by not signing her. We hope nothing but the best for Hayden.

14 Daffney

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Before Paige became the fair skinned maiden with straight jet black hair that the WWE Universe grew to love, there was Daffney in WCW. Not only do Paige and Daffney have similar looks, but they also share the same psychotic characteristic traits when working in the ring. She debuted in the wrestling industry as the unhinged girlfriend of David Flair in 1999 and had a fairly successful run in WCW. We’re shocked the WWE didn’t give Daffney the chance to become a star in the WWE when they bought WCW in 2001.

She has been working on the independent circuit ever since, however, the former WCW World Cruiserweight Champion has also appeared in TNA during her career. Since 2012, Daffney has been working with the all-female promotion Shine Wrestling. Whether the look comes off as gothic, punk, or emo, Daffney is one incredibly beauty.

13 Jennifer Blake

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She started off as a ring announcer in 2004, but couldn’t resist the urge to bash some skulls in the ring. Blake made her in-ring wrestling debut for Shimmer Women Athletes in 2008 and has been working the independent circuit ever since. She has made stops at Jimmy Hart’s Wrestlicious, Absolute Intense Wrestling, and Great Canadian Wrestling before becoming a mainstay in Mexico’s AAA promotion until 2014.

Since her stop in Mexico, she has been back in the United States, working for various indie promotions. She has the in-ring ability to pull off a decent match, can turn heads, and tweets out videos of her shooting off guns, what more can you want? Even though Blake is in her early thirties, there is still time for a call from the WWE to perform down in NXT.

12 Amanda Rodriguez

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At 26 years young, Amanda Rodriguez is still finding her way on the independent circuit. Even though she’s still honing her technical skills in the ring, Rodriguez’s looks are more than worthy. She made her wrestling debut for the Queens of Combat in March of 2014, before she was given an opportunity to work for SHINE several months later and she's been with the promotion ever since.

She goes by the name Peruvian Princess and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Latina women are as beautiful as a shooting star, but don’t get on their bad side. You may be faced with a DDT from Rodriguez one day. All this to say, we hope to see Rodriguez in a WWE ring sooner than later.

11 Shanna

Her nickname is Portugal’s Perfect Athlete and we believe her. Sorry, Cristiano Ronaldo. Her 5’5” petite frame makes men everywhere drool and her curves are intoxicating. She knows she’s hot and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. How can you not love Portuguese women?

She made her wrestling debut at the end of 2012 and worked two TNA matches in 2014, however, Shanna still hasn’t gotten her big break. Her work around the world includes Japan’s World Wonder Ring Stardom and the German Wrestling Federation. Even though she started her career later than most, Shanna still has a chance to make it into a WWE ring at 34 years old. Her looks and athletic features are comparable to the best in the industry, so why not give her a shot on the grandest stage of them all?

10 Candice LeRae

This fiery sparkplug from Canada has made a big name for herself on the independent circuit. It’s not just because she’s married to NXT’s Johnny Gargano or that she’s one-half of The World’s Cutest Tag Team, with Joey Ryan, but because she puts her body on the line every time she's in the ring. Not only has LeRae made a name for herself wrestling women, but she also has been involved in some epic matches against men as well.

She started her career wrestling in minor promotions such as Empire Wrestling Federation and All-Pro Wrestling, but has become a main stay celebrity in arguably the best indie promotion on the west coast, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. LaRae’s hard work earned her a match in TNA in 2013, though she has yet to set a foot inside a WWE ring. We think it'll happen sooner than later.

9 Lana Star

When we look back at the type of women Vince McMahon has hired, there's no doubt that he has a preference for beautiful bombshell blondes with great assets. Sable, Trish Stratus, and Torrie Wilson are just some examples of the hottest women to ever grace a WWE ring. We don’t know why WWE didn’t immediately sign Star when she made her debut for Women of Wrestling in 2000, as she is one stunning beauty in the mold of a prototypical WWE Diva.

She left the wrestling industry for over a decade but went back to WOW in 2013. Even though she has aged, her looks are still to die for. She says she’s the self-proclaimed star of the show and we would never disagree. It’s still not too late Vince, pull the trigger and sign this magnificent and divine goddess.

8 Marti Belle

If you’re trained by the great Johnny Rodz, you have a pretty good shot at making a living in the wrestling industry. Born and raised in New York City, Belle was a student of Rodz and it shows in her matches. She debuted in 2008 but didn’t start making a name for herself until 2010 when she worked for promotions like Shimmer, EVOLVE, and Shine Wrestling.

Her talented skills earned her a spot in TNA in 2014 and she became a member of The Dollhouse stable a year later. After the stable disbanded, Belle has been working in singles competition since. She was ranked 37th of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 edition in 2015. At the age of 28, Belle hasn’t even reached the pinnacle of her career and may still make her way to the WWE.

7 Seleziya Sparx

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Known as The Sass Queen, Seleziya Sparx made her wrestling debut in 2010 at the age of 18. A Toronto native, she has only dipped her toes in Canadian promotions such as Pure Wrestling Association, Maximum Pro Wrestling, Great Canadian Wrestling and Magnificent Championship Wrestling. With the experience she already has, this blossom is bound to travel around the world sooner or later.

All you have to do is take one look at her and, surely, you'd think she has the beauty to make it in the larger promotions. If that isn't enough, she's also solid in the ring. If you like her looks, but don’t think she has the chops to make it in the ring, you can check out her matches against males and females online. Her finishing move is called The Bedazzler and believe us, she can bedazzle the toughest critics.

6 Sexy Star

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Dulce Maria Garcia Rivas is possibly the best female wrestler to never step foot inside a WWE ring to date. Her aggressive Lucha Libre style has made her a high-flying highlight reel. She made her wrestling debut in 2006 and quickly earned a spot in Mexico’s hottest promotion, Asistencia Asesoria y Administración. In 2014, she was moved to AAA’s United States affiliate promotion, Lucha Underground.

Sexy Star has shined since coming to Lucha Underground, even becoming the first female to hold the Lucha Underground Championship. Her wrestling skills are impeccable and she looks as if God has been showing off what he created. She rocks a mask in her matches, but don’t let that fool you, what’s underneath is breathtaking.

5 Veda Scott

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It’s Veda time here at TheSportster and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t know who Scott is? She’s only the sexiest, and best, thing going on in Ring of Honor right now. She’s a valet, manager, backstage talent, and wrestler all rolled into one and that gives her an edge over many wannabe wrestlers. Being multi-talented doesn’t hurt and her career has prospered significantly in the last few years.

She started her wrestling career in 2011, working for companies like Absolute Intense Wrestling, Shine Wrestling, and Shimmer. Scott got her break in ROH not too long after she began her career and has been progressing well ever since. She can work both as a heel or babyface and has a combination of intelligence and beauty not always seen in wrestling.

4 Reby Sky

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The wife of “Broken” Matt Hardy has become a well-known commodity in TNA due to the success of Hardy’s character. She stopped wrestling in the ring in 2014, but made her way back to TNA this year. Before wrestling, Reby was being a beautiful bombshell with her modeling career. She was involved with Playboy magazine in 2007 and 2010, so do we need to say anything more about how hot she is?

She began wrestling in 2010 for MTV2’s Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors television program. By 2012, she was working for Shine Wrestling and two years later, she signed with TNA. She has the chops and looks to compete inside a WWE ring. With rumors swirling around about WWE interested in Matt Hardy and his new character, it’s possible we may see Reby in a WWE ring with him.

3 Rebel

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Tanea "Rebel" Brooks became a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader at the age of 18, so, naturally she's an incredible beauty. If you’re a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader before you’re legally allowed to drink, you must be one smoking hot human being. She’s not a blonde like most would think a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader would be, but the brunette is still a hottie and one of the hottest women to never step in a WWE ring.

After leaving cheerleading, Brooks began her career at Ohio Valley Wrestling, a former devolvement promotion for the WWE. With less than a year of training under her belt, she was quickly signed by TNA. The sassy and exquisite beauty from Kentucky left the promotion in September and there’s a chance WWE gives her a call. Fingers crossed.

2 Scarlett Bordeaux

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Scarlett Bordeaux has worked for the WWE, but not in a way that you would think. She’s been on WWE television programming more than Big Show in the past year. Still wondering who she is? She was a Rosebud 15 times for the now-defunct character, Adam Rose. Her striking red hair and beautiful smile had us believing she was a magician because every time we look at her, everything else disappears.

Hailing from wrestling mad Chicago and being only 25 years old, Bordeaux will definitely make it into a WWE ring sooner than later. She was so close as a Rosebud to entering the ring, it’s hard for us to believe she won’t enter one as a wrestler. She’s made her way from OVW to ROH and TNA, so who says NXT isn’t around the corner?

1 Melissa Santos

If you’ve been watching Lucha Underground then you’ve heard of Santos, if not, we’re glad we brought your attention to her. Santos has been more of a backstage talent and announcer, but she's had a few matches during her career in the wrestling business. We may be cheating a bit because she hasn't wrestled a lot, but even though she hasn't been in a single match that aired on television this year, we think Santos has what it takes to be in a WWE ring.

The Nicaragua goddess is one of the sexiest things going on in the business right now and we are dumbfounded as to why indie wrestler Brian Cage would cheat on her. After her contract is up with Lucha Underground, we hope she makes a move to the WWE.

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